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Aubrey Organics Primrose Tangle Go Hair Conditioner

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Brand: Aubrey Organics / Spray / Type: Conditioner / Subcategory: Tan / What it does: Tans,

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    1 Review
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      24.08.2011 15:54
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      Not one I can recommend.

      I wish I could have been blessed with hair like my daughters have- they can wash and leave, and the result is long straight locks which look neat and tidy. Not me- unless I straighten mine it looks wild and messy, and so I have to purchase products all the time to keep it under control. I have my favourites, and then I will venture out into the unknown to try new items from time to time. One such venture took me to a company called Aubrey Organics and to a product called Primrose Tangle-Go. This is the story of my purchase and my opinion.

      I had seen products by this company in America when I went over to see my son, and so on my return to England I decided to look at their website. They are an ethical company who make products which are natural and free from chemicals, and have a high regard in their field and are sold in health food stores and online. I was attracted to their Primrose Tangle-Go conditioner as it described itself as a lusterizer and styling spray, and I think the name primrose was rather lovely in itself. I made my first purchase online, actually from Ebay, where a Channel Island health food store was selling it cheaply as it was approaching its use by date. I think I paid less than £4 but the retail price is actually £8.98 on their website at:


      You can also read about the company and their story on this website, which details their long history and origins from a small company to what they have become today.

      The product claims to smooth away tangles adding body and shine, and to protect the hair from the damage from heated tools- dryers and straighteners in particular. I was interested in this as I use GHDs daily to keep my hair straight and under control. The product contains evening primrose oil, witch hazel, lavender oil and vitamin b5 and it has a very strong perfumed aroma when you spray it. As the product contains lanolin it is one of the few products they make which are not vegan friendly. It is intended to be used just prior to drying or straightening, and or after styling to impart added shine. It can also be used between shampoos to control frizz and to add shine. All sounds good doesn't it? Well here is my opinion which isn't quite so complementary.

      I feel the scent of this product although derived from natural ingredients is far too overpowering and lingering. It is highly floral - almost choking on application, and it isn't especially appealing. I did check on the Cosmetic Safety Database Online, which I often consult, to make sure that products I use are at least in the low risk category for health concerns, and this is, although one ingredient that it contains- PABA carries a high allergic risk. I must say this did leave me wondering about the product as I was not as convinced as I had been about its entirely "natural" claims. The fragrance really is overwhelming and certainly does not suggest primroses as the name suggests.

      I always try to ensure that if I try a natural or organic product that it must at least live up to the performance of the mainstream alternative. Although I try, wherever I can, to purchase ethically and from organic and fair trade items, if the product doesn't work it represents a waste of money, and these products often carry a high price tag. I was expecting a lot from this product as it wasn't cheap.

      I sprayed the product onto my hair before drying and straightening, and yes it did remove the odd tangle which remained after conditioning. As for ensuring a smooth frizz free style this failed to deliver at all, I was disappointed with the final result. There was no added shine or lustre and it felt weighted down and far too fragrant. I persevered over several weeks, testing it out in all weathers, but each time I was disappointed with the results.

      I had two excellent products in my possession for comparison- first a mainstream Trevor Sorbie straightening spray, which always works beautifully and never lets me down, and my precious natural newcomer from Daniel Field (thanks to dawnymarie's wonderful introduction to this make)- a superb product which out performs the Aubrey version by miles. It is true to say that both alternatives are substantially cheaper.

      I can't recommend this product, which is sad, as I have many items from this company now that I love, but this isn't one of them. At best it provides a fair result, but the fragrance is too strong and the lasting attributes of the created style are poor. The price tag is so high for such a small amount -only 118ml for just short of £9. I will not be repurchasing this, but I do value Aubrey Organics as a company that operates ethically and does not test on animals. I have no hesitation in trying other products they make, and will continue to use others in my possession already that are excellent alternatives to mainstream and natural cosmetics and toiletries.

      This product has a lovely name but it really isn't anything to do with primroses - it doesn't shine and sadly neither will your hair. Two stars from me- one for being ethical and one for a fair performance.


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