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Aubrey Organics Rosa Mosqueta Nourishing Shampoo

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Brand: Aubrey Organics / Type: Hair Shampoo / Hair type: all types / What it does: Nourishes, Nourishes, Protects

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    2 Reviews
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      25.10.2010 12:13
      Very helpful
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      Adventure away with Aubrey today!

      I discovered this shampoo when it came with another item that I had ordered through Aubrey Organics. The reason that I had purchased from Aubrey in the first place is because of the companys philosophy and ethics and because they provide cruelty free and natural products. This is especially appealing to me as well as a product being of a high standard and actually working - performance is essential isn't it, it is no use being all of the great things that I mentioned and then not being of any use.


      www.aubreyorganics.co.uk www.aubreyorganics.com

      This company have been around since the 1960's and it was their mission to make cosmetics and beauty products that did not contain harmful chemicals and synthetic ingredients. These guys have not just appeared recently and tagged along on the 'natural' beauty train - no they have been pioneering this approach for a long time and their passion is just as strong as ever. The majority of their products are suitable for vegans and all of them suitable for vegetarians - all products are cruelty free. This is nice to know and is what attracted me to this company in the first instance.

      When you order from Aubrey you will receive an ingredients dictionary which lists all harmful chemicals to try and avoid when making purchases which is handy to have with you when out and about.

      Aubrey carry the following logo's that they have been accredited by:

      Quality Assurance International
      This is tells you that the products are certified 'organic'

      BDIH - Certified Natural Cosmetics
      This tells you that the cosmetics are totally natural

      This tells you the product is vegan friendly and nearly all items are

      The Leaping Bunny
      Ahh the little bunny that gives you reassurance that these products are cruelty free

      USDA Organic
      US Department of Agriculture standards or organic products

      Natural Products Association Seal
      You know these products are totally natural

      Woah - I think this list is pretty impressive and puts my mind at ease when buy from these guys, they are obviously committed to making high quality, cruelty free, organic and natural products - good stuff!


      Customer service via email to the USA branch and via email/telephone to the UK official distributor at aubreyorganics.co.uk has been absolutely spot on to perfection. I have contacted them on a few occasions to ask questions and the last time I was telephoned in response to an email that I sent as the lady said she felt she could help me better over the phone, we were on for ages while she very carefully and sympathetically asked about my needs and problem solved with attention to detail. I received a very satisfatory solution and the experience was very pleasant. Fabulous customer service - any queries of any kind and they will help you out as best they can.


      In all honesty I would advise and will direct you to the website which is super, really easy to navigate and very interesting. In a nutshell here is what you can expect to discover on your Aubrey adventure _

      Anti aging creams
      Baby care
      Bath stuff
      Hair Care
      Body stuff
      Make up
      Lip stuff
      Mens stock
      Pet care
      and more! including special offers!

      Go browse!


      So then lets take a look at what we can expect from this shampoo. The packaging is the first thing you get to see, so what are the first impressions. The bottle is 325ml and is good quality, it is aesthetically pleasing and looks a 'natural' product. The information is visible and clear, instructions are also visible and clear to follow. The shampoo is easy to dispense and the top easy to close/open.

      The stuff inside this bottles smells gorgeous and no wonder as it does include lavender, bergamot and ylang ylang - mmm divine! Of course there are lots more natural ingredients such as organic aloe vera and shea butter, this stuff is bliss for your hair and you senses!

      Nearly forgot to mention the named ingredient of Rosehip! yes you get some rosehip in here too! good stuff!

      Now be ready for a bit of a revolutionary difference here - bubbles that we are all used to with our regular shampoos are not going to happen here. This stuff don't contain Sodium Laureth Sulphate (bubbly making gear). So you need to get used to that concept - you don't need all those bubbles to clean your hair; and even though you get some bubbles with this shampoo it is not a great lather. You will notice and may wonder if you put enough shampoo on. You only need a small amount of this stuff - massage lovingly into your hair, sniff in the beautiful aroma (great therapy) and then repeat if you need to, or don't if you are happy with the results of one wash.

      This shampoo is moisturising as it is rich in vitamins, it is safe to use on colour treated hair and can help to restore dryness and brittleness caused by colouring or swimming etc. This is a treat, a luxury!


      I am going to cut to the chase - for a 325ml bottle £8.99

      I can here you shouting 'what' but yes that is the price. This stuff is expensive and that is why I say this is a real treat. I think it is worth the money because it lasts ages as you don't need to use as much and you are getting high quality ingredients here - no nasty chemicals in this stuff! I wish it where cheaper though.


      The bottle is very easy to handle and the shampoo is dispensed very easily. A small amount on my palm is massaged into my shoulder length hair for a nice long time as I just love the smell! It is my time and I am worth it - say it often enough and you believe it - just pure bliss! One shampoo is sufficient for me and then I condition with the Rosa Mosquita conditioner which is the little sister of this shampoo and also a beautiful experience. Rinses off easily and I am off and away to dry - results are smooth, silky, glossy (what shall I call it...mmm..yeah) MANE I have an impressive shiny MANE!


      Oh yeah, without a doubt I recommend this shampoo. I can honestly say that I have faith in the very high standards of this company and have no problem in recommending them to others and this shampoo in particular - expensive but lasts and lasts and is divine!

      Thank you for reading.


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        22.06.2009 11:34
        Very helpful



        Great chemical-free shampoo, especially good on coloured hair

        Having done some considerable research into the ingredients in so-called 'natural' products, I found Aubrey Organics came out on top for excluding all unnecessary and potentially harmful chemicals, including sodium laureth sulphate and parabens.

        It is important to note, however, that the lack of these chemicals will mean a change in the way that you use this shampoo. Firstly, sodium laureth sulphate is used to produce a foamy effect, which psychologically makes us feel like our hair is being cleaned. The foam effect has nothing to do with cleaning ability however, so don't be alarmed by the lack of foam when using this product. It doesn't mean that it's not working.

        Secondly, chemicals used to mix the ingredients in the shampoo have also been excluded, so always remember to shake the bottle well before each use.

        When I first started using this shampoo, I went through a period where my hair looked worse instead of better. This lasted for about a month. But I persevered, and now my hair looks and feels great. I think the initial period was a result of having to process my old shampoo ingredients out of my hair. Many shampoos rid the hair of it's natural oils and coat the hair with a synthetic material that makes it look like a natural shine. It takes a few weeks to eliminate all of this, and for the hair to start reproducing the natural oil. So don't be dismayed if you don't get the result you want on Day 1. It is worth persevering because the final results are worth it.

        I colour my hair at home, and I always use this shampoo afterwards. It calms my scalp down if it's feeling a bit tingly, and brings out the colour very nicely. The other thing I've noticed since I switched to Aubrey Organics is that I no longer get spots on my forehead where my fringe falls over it. It sounds corny to say it, but I love touching my hair because it feels so soft and silky! My hair is naturally coarse, so I follow with a conditioner from the same range.

        One disadvantage of this range is that there do not seem to be many places that stock it. I'm lucky enough to have a chemist near me that sells it, but that's the only place I know of (other than the internet) that has it.


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      • Product Details

        Suitable for all hair types, great for colour treated hair / Keep your true colour shining through / Enhance your hair's natural beauty with this vitamin-rich moisturising shampoo / Gentle formula helps remove chlorine and impurities that can cause dryness, brittleness and fading / Vital nutrients help protect natural and color-treated hair for increased vitality and shine /