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Aveda Sap Moss Styling Spray with Iceland Moss

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Brand: Aveda / Type: Hair Spray / Subcategory: Hair Treatment

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    1 Review
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      02.03.2009 03:41
      Very helpful



      Look at Aveda's other Styling Products Instead of this One Please,....You will be Disapointed

      The name of this product alone just dares you to try it. Sap Moss AND Iceland Moss? Really? That's a lot of moss. Moss must be a good ingrediant in hair styling sprays. Well well, you learn something every day. Only wait a second....it might not be as great as it sounds.

      I'll break down the (few) Pro's and (many) Con's of this "Should be Awesome but Isn't", product.

      ===== Pro's =====

      * Smell is.....Uniquely Good:

      It's not a smell you'd want on your person everyday, but it is a nice every OTHER day smell. I guess in a way, it DOES smell like "moss". It has some earthy notes in it's fragrance , maybe some Patchuli??? It's hard to describe, but it is "Bi-sexual". Ha, a man or woman could work with this scent.

      It also lasts a long time (which helps, I hate products that smell good on the first spray, but as soon as your out the door, it already has gone away). Whenever you brush your hair in front of your face you'll smell this. If your out jogging , you'll even catch the scent with your hair in a ponytail.

      If they bottled up this fragrance and sold it, I would probably buy it. (As long as it wasn't crazy expensive=)

      ===== Con's =====

      * Um, everything else?? Lets start with "The Sprayer"

      Call me nutso, but I've always been under the impression that a spray bottle it supposed to , well....spray. Most working spray bottles don't get clogged on every other spray attempt. It's almost like the tube connected to the spray button isn't thick enough? Who knows, but it's extreeeeemly annoying.

      *The stickiness

      I understand that some hair products will weigh your hair down a bit, or even make it feel a little stiff or greasy. There is no excuse though for sticky hair. After you spray this a few times in your hair it may not feel sticky right away but just wait until it dries. You'll know what i'm talking about then. And it's an almost 'dirty sticky" feel, which is even worse.

      *It doesn't style much

      When your in the market for a "styling spray", you usually want it to, well.....Style your hair. After you finally get some of the thick spray out of the bottom and apply the sticky product to your hair, the one thing you at the very LEAST to do is style your hair nicely. Let's say your curling your hair? Or Scrunching it? Or straightening it? Or just want to give your roots some volume?

      Well this will do none of these things, Which, I can't really think of anything you could use this for. Maybe to spray on wet hair before you get into a pool? It might help stop the Chlorine from getting soaked into your hair. I bet you anything though, that this even wouldn't work to keep the Chlorine out.

      ***** In Conclusion*****

      It is a shame this doesn't even work even a "little" bit because, it really does smell amazing. Normally I love almost anything Aveda makes, but in respect to this product, they have failed miserably.


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