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Avon Advance Techniques CelloShine Treatment

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Brand: Avon / Rinse out in-shower hair treatment. / Type: Hair Treatment / Product line: Avon Advance Techniques

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    2 Reviews
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      01.12.2009 08:11
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      I bought this about a year and a half ago when it first came out in Avon. I only use it now and again and as a result I have about 1/3rd of the Bottle left. I guess you could use this everytime you want to Condition your Hair, but it's just how I choose to use it.

      This is part of Avon's Haircare range which is called Advanced Techniques. Not too sure of the current price of this product, but I think I paid £1.75 and I think that was a half price offer, so I think it was £3.50 when it first came out.

      The Bottle is a 250ml bottle and it is see through so you can see the creamy coloured cream through the bottle. The lid is a flip top plastic lid and the colourings on the bottle is a lime green colour. The label on this is a wrap arounf sticky one, which just gives you the instructions for use.

      You just use this in place of Conditioner. Apply to wet Hair after Shampooing, leave on for up to 3 minutes and rinse off. The Cream is quite thick, but also quite light when you spread onto your hair. It gives a light coating easily enough.

      This is meant to work with the heat of the Shower and give you a nice shine on your Hair while conditioning it. I don't think I noticed a great deal of shine on my Hair after using this, but having blonde Hair I find a good shine hard to get anyway. I felt my Hair was a lot softer after using this though, and although I have thick heavy Hair it was like it was that bit lighter with a bit more swing to it.

      The smell is lovely. I think this smells a little like Coconut, and although not a heavy Perfume scent, just a nice Moisturising smell.

      I'll continue to use this now and again, and if you get an Avon book I would recommend you try this.


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        16.09.2009 16:37
        Very helpful



        Brilliant offering from Avon!

        When it comes to caring for my hair I'm a real fuss pot I have to admit! I love my hair to look and feel clean, smell wonderful and have a great shine like most people reading this! I'm at a point though nowadays I know what I like and I know what works for my hair, hence I don't do alot of hair care product reviews anymore just the odd one lol. I tend to stick with the mighty Lee Stafford range for optimum results (please see all the reviews way back that I did on what I normally purchase if your interested).

        However from time to time of course I do like to freshen up my hair beauty regime and that is why I decided to try this out and at £2.50 it was just the right price for my purse!

        The Packaging:

        250ml see through bottle which is plastic and cylinder in shape and has a light green flip top lid to the top of it concealing a small hole. On the front in black and green writing I'm told it is Avon Techniques Professional Hair Care Daily Results Celloshine Treatment For All Hair Types and that it is 250ml in size of course and there is light green swishy pattern on the front. Other information on the back of the bottle includes directions for use and ingredients and loads of information in foreign languages given too. Nice enough, simple bottle and it's simple enough to use until you get to the bottom of it and at that point it's hard to get the dregs of product out of but then again most products are when you get to that point lol.

        Directions For Use:

        Apply to wet hair after shampooing. Leave on for up to 3 minutes. Rinse and style.

        Me Using It:

        Well I use it as directed it's that simple really. I wash my hair with any shampoo I choose to (twice) and make sure my hair is well rinsed. I then personally squeeze out some excess moisture and splodge out about the size of a 10p coin into the palm my hand but of course the amount you need to use depends on the length and thickness of your hair but I've got a fair amount of hair it has to be said and it's shoulder length and I find the amount I describe to be well enough to get the whole lot nicely and evenly covered.

        So the liquid is like a really thin, light conditioner. It's quite runny though does have a bit of body to it and it isn't difficult to handle. It has a none distinctive light fruity smell that smells clean and fresh and in my view unisex and all you do is gently rub this over and into the hair, coating the lot as you go which is simple to achieve.

        The first time I used this i thought it was a lilttle odd to say the least. It didn't feel like a conditioner as such. By that I mean it didn't feel like it was penetrating into my hair but more over it and with it on my hair didn't suddenly go soft and although it distributes over the hair well you can't make it go further as such.

        When on the hair you can leave it for as long as you like. I've left it on my hair for as little as a minute when in a hurry but also left it on my hair a good hour whilst in the bath and result wise I've seen nor felt no difference at all. It rinses out easily, leaves hair feeling slightly coated in something and hair smells great.

        So when I go to brush/comb my hair although knots are gone and hair is smooth enough it has a slight clammy feeling untill you comb/brush it through. The first time I noticed this I was slightly concerned about the feeling! However I brushed it through and blow dried my hair and was amazed...and in all honesty I have continued to be so ever since! Yes that clammy feeling does vanish once it gets styled!

        This stuff is fabulous on my hair. It gives me a little added body though not overly so and my hair looks defined, less fluffy and shines like a diamond to the point I get comments about it alot of the time.

        This is not a conditioner as such though does give a few of those type of benefits you would expect from one. This as I am going to great pains to point out coats the hair in a light film making hair look, well hairy, with body and definition!

        The smell lasts ages once you've used this as does shine and freshness stay put and of course you get on with your usual styling routine. I simply find my hair to be really shiny and I have used this for a long time now and feel that my hair is even generally stronger and I'm not getting so many split ends as I did prior to purchasing and using this gem of a product.


        This is a brilliant product from Avon (for once lol) and me, well I'm quite addicted to it and have found no negative points to using it at all. It really is an economical product too and I've had about 40 applications out of mine and I've still got over a quarter of a bottle left. It's great, try it!

        Only available from Avon priced £2.50 a bottle and do look out for this on offer.... I'm of to order another bottle now....ta ra!


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