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Avon Advance Techniques Colour Protection Conditioner

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2 Reviews
  • It is easy to put into the hair
  • It does not make my hair soft
  • It is very runny
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    2 Reviews
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      23.11.2014 15:26
      Very helpful


      • "It is easy to put into the hair"


      • "It is very runny "
      • "It does not make my hair soft"
      • "It does not make my hair conditioned"

      Avon advance techniques colour protect conditioner

      WHAT IS IT?

      This is hair conditioner that says it will protect your hair colour if you dye your hair. It is from Avon and my bottle was given to me for free by my sister who sells Avon produce.


      I do not like this conditioner at all and I will not use it for long enough to know if it is protecting my colour, I have looked at the ingredients of the conditioner and I do not think there is any ingredient in it to help with making your hair stop fading and I would not rely on this to keep my hair looking like it is bright and natural in the colour.

      It does not make my hair soft and I think it is a little bit dry when I have used this conditioner and my hair sticks together alot so that it is hard to brush. The reason I do not think it helps to condition my hair is because when I style it I can feel the hair is not soft and it is very easy to stay in the style, I complain when some conditioners make my hair so soft that I cannot style it but at least that means they are doing a good job and my hair does not feel like it has had conditioner on when I use this.

      It is quite runny so it is easy to apply but it does not feel like luxury and even though it is thin the conditioner is quite hard to rinse out of my hair.


      This conditioner is on special price promotion alot and now it costs only £1.60 for a bottle. I would not buy it because it is not very good for my hair and makes it look and feel worse than before I used it.

      1 Dooyoo Heart.


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      07.04.2013 10:53
      Very helpful



      A reasonable colour protection conditioner product from Avon...

      I work part time as an Avon Representative when my poor health allows, which means I have great access to the huge assortment of products available from the Avon brand. As I am generally unable to resist a bargain, I have accumulated a huge stockpile of Avon products as a result of various promotions, which I am currently trying to use up.

      One product that I recently unearthed in my vast range was the "Avon Advance Techniques Colour Protection Conditioner" with this review outlining my experiences of using the product.

      The normal price for the bottle is £2.80, I believe, but I managed to purchase it for around £1, making the generously-sized, 250ml bottle feel very economical. It may be worth noting that the Avon hair care range, known as 'Advance Techniques' also carries a 'Colour Protection Shampoo' product that matches the conditioner, of course, if you prefer to use co-ordinating hair care products. I had an opened bottle of 'colour protection' shampoo from the 'L'Oreal' range open at the time, so opted to use the Avon conditioner product alongside the L'Oreal shampoo.

      The packaging for the Avon Conditioner is in keeping with most other products from the Advance Techniques range that I have tried before, with it being the perfect addition to the range, in terms of appearance at least. Comprising of a tall, slender bottle made of silver-coloured plastic, there is a flip-up cap on the bottom made of robust plastic. I admit that I have never encountered any problems with the product's packaging, and even though I suffer with mobility problems and weakness in my hands, I am able to use the flip up lid easily, in addition to dispense the conditioner product from the plastic bottle.

      The conditioner itself is pretty nondescript in its appearance, with it looking quite 'average' in terms of a product like this one. There is nothing particularly innovative or 'different' to be observed, but I do think the conditioner has a pleasant consistency, which has proven to be thick enough to 'coat' the hair lengths quickly and easily, without being overly thin so that it spills or drips during use. I find there is quite a pleasant aroma evident during the application of the conditioner, although to be honest this is fairy synthetic in its perfume. The conditioner's scent is not over-powering, to be fair, and it is without the familiar 'sickly' trace that many hair care products seem to contain these days, with its aroma feeling 'lighter' than this instead. I am able to detect the product's aroma on my hair during the application process, with it becoming more noticeable as the conditioner is rinsed off. After I have applied my styling products and dried my hair, I find the scent has faded significantly, with only a faint whiff of it being detectable.

      I tend to leave most conditioner products on my hair for a few minutes after application, to allow them to really 'settle' on the hair, and I have found this easy to do with the Avon Colour Protection Conditioner, with it refusing to spill or drip from my locks during this time. I find that the conditioner rinses fairly easily too, and certainly as easily as my most recent product from a rival brand. In just a couple of minutes, the conditioner is completely rinsed from my hair, leaving it softened and free from knots or tangles. I find there is no residue or 'build up' left behind on my hair either, which is something I have found is often present from some other conditioner products, particularly those that are quite cheap, or of inferior quality. These results have allowed me to come to the conclusion that the Avon Colour Protection Conditioner is actually a product of a fairly high quality.

      Once my hair has been dried, I can see there is a pleasant shine evident to my dark hair, particularly on the top of my head. I find too that the lengths of my hair - which is currently quite long, sitting beyond my shoulder, feel quietly softened and conditioned, with any split ends looking neat and tidy. The lengths of my hair are without any knots, with my hair being completely conditioned, and surprisingly softened, but not so much that the appearance of 'flyaways' is more than usual. By this stage, the product's aroma is completely diminished, having been over-taken by that of my styling products, but this is only an observation on my part, rather than being a criticism. I find that the appearance - and texture - of my hair after the use of the Avon Conditioner is on a par with the results obtained from most other good quality hair care products that I use regularly.

      The Avon Advance Techniques Colour Protection Conditioner is designed, of course, to protect my hair colour, by protecting it against any 'stripping' or fading that would harm the colouring. I have found that the conditioner works fairly well in this regard, with it causing nothing in the way of damage to either my 'DIY' home dye kit colouring, or the more expensive, permanent colour treatment that is carried out in my local salon. The colouring remains as bright and vibrant as it did previously, with no tell-tale signs of stripping being evident. I find too that the home dye colour will last for several weeks without showing any signs of fading, with this result being on a par with that obtained from most other colour protection conditioner products that I have used in the past.

      Taking everything into account, I do feel that the Avon Advance Techniques Colour Protection Conditioner is a rather worthwhile product, and whilst it is not the nicest I have ever used, I do feel that the results obtained are quite good, especially when the product's low purchase price is considered. I feel that the product is therefore deserving of full marks in the product rating score, and I would probably buy it again in the future.


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