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Avon Advance Techniques Curl Defining Liquid Gel

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Brand: Avon / Type: Shampoo / Working for: curly hair / Product line: Avon Advance Techniques

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    1 Review
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      01.02.2009 22:04
      Very helpful



      Waste of £2.50!

      I have very odd hair indeed! When it's wet I have ringlets but if I let it dry naturally or just simply blow dry it and let it be quite natural it's wavy and frizzy which is of course the reason that I blow dry my hair and straighten it as it's uncontrollable and a complete mess without styling. Sometimes though I do dabble with products to try 'hold' my curls and banish my frizz as much as possible. I would to be able to have wearable wavy or curly hair for a less severe look!

      Personally I prefer products that I can use with hot rollers or tongs or whatever as my curls are quite loose and that's why they don't hold well and give way to frizz and I find heated appliances to really help curl and define my hair.

      I bought this by mistake to be honest with you. I saw it in the Avon book and believed it to be a spray in treatment and thought I could spray it section by section and curl it and use it that way! It isn't that kind of treatment though as I found out when it was delivered much to my disappointment! lol

      The Packaging...

      White, plastic recyclable bottle with red plastic, slim dispenser button situated to the top of it with a clear plastic safety lid that sits on the top protecting the nozzle of course. On the front all in black and red writing I'm told it's Avon Techniques, Professional Hair Care, 'Power Styling', Curl-Defining Liquid-Gel (then told all that information in a foreign language I don't understand), then there's like a red line scribble pattern drew on and finally at the bottom I'm once again told it's Avon and the size is stated (150ml). On the back there is a white sticky label on there where once again I'm told what it is, the recycle symbol is shown and lots of information is given once again in foreign languages. Nice enough bottle, easy to handle and use but once again thanks Avon no directions for use, good job I have half a brain eh?!

      Using It....

      Well I apply it to damp, freshly washed and conditioned hair. I comb through my hair first and then dispense some of this very runny, clear coconut smelling liquid into my hair. Although runny it does contain a little body to it, it still feels a little greasy but isn't sticky or anything either in the hands or on the hair but you do only need a small amount and that amount is up to you to work out but me I use about 5 small pumps for full hair coverage.

      Because it it quite a runny product a little goes a very long way and it easily spreads in and onto the hair. Personally I sort of scrunch my hair gently with my hands and cup it to try to get the gel to lightly coat my curls which it visible does slightly.

      I dry my hair slowly, on a low heat with a scrunch attachment with hair drier. If I want a bit of volume I tip my head upside down and do the same thing. I can feel where I've applied it to onto hair when drying it cos as I said it has a slight greasy feel but when completely dry that feeling is gone, the smell is light, fresh but still fragrant and my hair feels soft and not like it's got a product in at all.

      The Results....

      Sounds promising doesn't it?.Well it isn't. It didn't hold, curl or define my hair in any way shape or form. It looked exactly the same as simply drying my hair with no product in it. The same amount of frizz existed for me and no extra appeared at all. My natural curls didn't shape up either.

      I was given no control, no extra shine nothing at all I may as well not have bought the product!

      Does It Work?....

      If you have very curly or permed hair I bet it does work yes. If you don't like me it won't do it's jack..ahem lol


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      Get more control over curly hair and leave your locks shiny, defined and full of bounce /

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