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Avon Advance Techniques Keep Clear Oxygenating Scalp Treatment

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2 Reviews

Brand: Avon / Treatment for Dandruff. / Type: Hair Treatment / Helps against: Anti-Dandruff / Product line: Avon Advance Techniques

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    2 Reviews
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      12.03.2010 15:22
      Very helpful



      Try something else.Maybe head and shoulders?

      Itch..itch..itch...If you have eczema like me, you know what that itching is hell and scratching is heaven! Argggh! Writing about it is making me even MORE itchy!

      A side effect of itchy eczema is flaky skin, and whilst contolling dry skin is relatively easy, using moisturisers, it is harder to control a flaky, itchy scalp. Well, it's not like you can bung a load of greasy cream on your head now, is it? Unless you are bald (might look into that!).

      That is why Avon advance techniques oxygenating scalp treatment looked so appealing. It was available, with a host of other products, in a multibuy offer last year, and I bought it, hoping it would relieve my itchy scalp. After all, the marketing says it has been specially formulated to combat dandruff, flaking and absorb excess oil! Sounds great!

      The product comes in a white 150 ml bottle with a pump nozzle on the top. The AVON logo is tiny, maybe that is a bad sign! The instructions are on the back, behind one of those annoying peel-off labels:

      Shake well before use. After shampooing, towel dry hair, part hair into sections, apply foam and massage into scalp. Do not rinse.

      This might sound easy, but it isn't. The foam is easy topump out, and smells nice enough, but all this parting hair and massaging into scalp is really fiddly. I have long hair, and getting the product past the hair and onto the scalp is really difficult, because it tends to melt and more goes on the hair than the actual skin. I suppose it may be useful for someone with very short hair, but not me.

      As for effectiveness, well, I didn't notice any improvement at all. In fact, when I look at the massive ingredients list, it seems that there are so many chemicals in the product, it would be more likely to irritate sensitive scalps than soothe them. There is also a warning on the bottle that the product is flammable. Great.

      I bought this product last year, used it a few times and it has been on the shelf ever since. I used it the other day as a styling product on my son, who had "bed hair". It was quite good for that-but not at what is was designed to do. Stop the itch!


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      31.05.2008 10:04
      Very helpful



      Fabulously horrible!

      I have dry skin, and this includes on my scalp, where my head gets very itchy, resulting in me scratching and getting flakes in my hair - yuk. I also have suffered with eczema on the back of my neck for quite a while, and whilst I use a prescribed steroid cream which does calm it quite a bit, it has now moved up so it is underneath my hair, and again, I can't resist the temptation to scratch, leaving me with flakes - yuk again!

      I saw this Oxygenating scalp treatment in an Avon brochure. It's a relatively new addition to the Avon range, and I thought that it could be just what I am looking for. They describe it as an all in one scalp treatment, which is specially formulated to combat dandruff, flaking and absorb excess oil.


      The product comes in a white bottle, with a blue pump to dispense the product. The packaging is pretty plain and simple, but it's OK.

      ~Using it~

      To use this, your hair first needs to be washed and towel dried. You then need to part the hair into sections, before applying the foam to the scalp. You do not need to rinse it away.

      You need to shake the bottle well before dispensing the product. On pressing the pump down, you get a sort of watery foam. It's hard to describe, it's not quite like hair mousse, it's a lot runnier with lots of bubbles in it. The foam has the same smell as other Advance Techniques products, I have used quite a few now and find them all to smell identical - a sort of flowery, chemical smell, which is not really all that nice.

      The difficulty with this product is applying it. I have long hair, so to apply it to my entire scalp is quite difficult. I find that most of it gets in the roots of my hair, and makes it look wet and stands up as if I had applied a mousse to it.


      After applying this, I find that it makes the roots of my hair look very dull and lank. It says on the bottle that after applying this you should style as normal. I don't really find that to be a possibility, as it gives such a horrible sticky feeling to my hair, and even my straighteners don't seem to be able to get rid of it.

      As for actually clearing my scalp, I think this has made things worse. After applying it, my scalp feels hot and tingly, and all I want to do is scratch my head, which obviously would just make the problem worse. I persevered and have been using it every couple of days for the past two weeks, but I'm now giving up and chucking it out, as I don't think it is doing anything to keep my scalp clear, and I hate the feel of it on my hair.


      A 150ml bottle will cost you £3.50 and can be ordered from your local Avon rep or online via www.avonshop.com


      Well, I can honestly say that this was a total waste of money, I wont be buying it again and wouldn't advise other people to buy it either. I didn't like the smell, I didn't like the way that it made my hair look or feel and it did nothing to keep my scalp clear as promised. One to avoid!


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    • Product Details

      A scalp treatment designed to target dandruff, flaking, excess oil, itchiness and clogged hair follicles /

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