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Avon Advance Techniques Professional Hair Colour

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Brand: Avon / Type: Hair Colour / Product line: Avon Advance Techniques

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    3 Reviews
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      23.05.2013 15:40
      Very helpful



      A great hair dye

      I have been dying my hair since I was 15 when I went behind my Mams back and dyed it black! Now i'm 30 and grey hairs mean that I need to dye my hair so have an even colour so I have used many different hair dyes by now. I noticed when Avon brought these hair dyes out but wasn't overly confident in buying them although i'm not actually sure why. We have an Avon representative at work who is also a trained hairdresser and she advised me that they work well and that loads of her customers were buying them time after time so I decided to give them a try.


      The dyes are from Advance Techniques which is Avon's own brand so you can only buy them from an Avon representative or on their online store, if you buy online then there is delivery charges. The hair dyes are £6 each but I have seen offers for buy 1 get 1 free which was what I bought and also they are often on offer at 2 for £8 so I would never pay full price for them.

      The Colour

      My hair is naturally what I call dirty brown, there is no life to it at all and it just constantly looks mucky in my opinion, I like my hair to be brown but have a little bit of something about it so I chose colour 6.3 which is called Light Golden Brown. The picture on the front shows a model with lovely brown hair of course to convince you that is what your hair will look like but I personally would call the brown that her hair is a mid colour and certainly not light which is ideal for me.

      Inside the Box

      In the box you get 6 different items, you get a sachet of pre treatment, the colour crème tube, colour developer bottle, sachet of post treatment, pair of rubber gloves and a set of instructions.

      sachets of both treatments are easy to open when your hands are dry and simply tear across the top although I would advise opening your post treatment before starting to wash off your hair dye as it is not so easy to open once you have wet hands.

      The gloves are great quality and I am pleased with this as this is a bug bear of mine when you buy a hair colorant and find those horrible plastic gloves that are far too big and fall off your hands, these gloves fit perfectly and are made of soft plastic, I have quite large hands for a woman and they fit me and also fit my sister who has smaller hands too.

      The instructions are really easy to follow, you have step by step instructions and there are also little diagrams to help make sure you mix the colour correctly, the instructions are in 8 different languages.

      Treating your Hair

      You are advised not to wash your hair for at least 24 hours before using this hair dye, personally it was 25 hours since I had washed my hair when I use the dye so I only just had the recommended time although usually I tend to let my hair go greasy before dying it as I was advised by a hairdresser that this is the bet time to dye your hair.

      Before you use the treatment you are advised as always that you should do a sensitivity test 48 hours before colouring your hair however I never do this and of course it would be completely my own fault if it went wrong however considering you are supposed to mix the colour and then apply immediately I am not willing to waste a full hair dye every time I colour my hair just to check if i'm sensitive to it.

      To use the kit you have to first apply the pre treatment sachet to the length of your hair but not to your roots, it states on the box that "this coats porous areas of your hair to ensure protection and even application" this is the first hair dye I have know to have a pre treatment in it but I found it very pleasant just like a conditioner and it smelled quite fruity.

      Once your pre treatment is on it is time to mix your dye, you have to pierce the colour tube and squeeze it all into the applicator bottle before replacing the lid of the applicator bottle and shaking to mix the 2nproducts together. We found it was easy to mix the products together however some of the colour got stuck in the nozzle of the applicator bottle and no matter how much shaking we did it would not mix so we ended up squeezing the first part of the solution out onto a piece of tissue. The colour when mixed had a green look to it which I will admit was a little worrying however my sisters attitude was as normal "it'll be fine" as she started to apply it to my hair for me.

      The hair dye was easy to apply and my sister had never actually dyed hair with a home kit (she did start training to be a hairdresser so was used to a tinting brush) she said she was surprised at how easy it was to apply. You are advised in the instructions to section your hair off in 1/2cm sections to apply the hair dye which there is no way I would have managed to do myself looking in a mirror. The hair dye smelt of ammonia but not too strongly so it was bearable and the dye was quite thick so it didn't run or drip at all which is great.

      You have to leave the hair dye on for 30 minutes, my sister dyed all my roots first so this was the area that would have the dye on the longest and then did all the ends of my hair. It took about 20 minutes to apply to my hair which goes half way down my back and we just to say had to open a second bottle for one half of the lengths so I think 1 bottle provides quite a lot of coverage and if my hair was just an inch or so shorter 1 bottle of dye would have done the whole job.

      Since it had taken 20 minutes to apply the hair dye to my hair I left it on for a further 25 minutes before washing it off, to wash the dye off you are supposed to apply a little warm water and then massage into the roots to get a light lather and then rinse from the whole of your hair. I found that the dye didn't really lather at all on my hair but found that it took about 3-4 minutes before it started to run clear so than I applied the post treatment which is a really thick white product with the same fruity smell as the pre treatment. You have to leave the post treatment on your hair for 2 minutes and then rinse away and make sure the water runs clear, I was really pleased with how clear I got the water to run from my hair as with other hair dyes I have still had colour coming off after 3 or 4 washes.


      As usual there are a couple of warnings that should be taken into account,
      Do not colour if you have a rash on your face or sensitive, damaged or irritated scalp.
      Do not colour if you have had a reaction to hair colour before.
      Do not colour if you have experienced a reaction to black henna before.
      Do not colour if you have used any sort of relaxing product in the last 7-14 days.

      My Thoughts

      The hair dye was easy to use and there was very little mess on the bottle or on my work surfaces as it didn't drip which was great, there were areas where the dye was on my skin and I wiped the thick away with a baby wipe once the dye was applied and then of course gave another rub in the shower. I would say that about 90% of the dye washed away from my skin and there was a slight mark still left on my forehead the following day but not very obviously but I knew it was there.

      My husband hates it when I dye my hair as he says it stinks but he had no complaints after dying my hair with this dye and I felt that afterwards my hair just smelt quite fresh and fruity so that was a great improvement on other dyes.

      The colour on my hair is fantastic, it is a really rich brown with loads of shine on it and when the sun shines on it there are little tints of red in it too. My hair felt silky soft after dying it however I found that it did tangle a lot until I washed it the following day which was a shame as usually I find the conditioning treatments that come with hair dyes leave my hair feeling great. The hair dye covered all my grey perfectly and gave me a really even colour, I even found that the roots and the length was the same colour which some hair dyes don't seem to be able to achieve so I presume this is from the pre treatment that was put on beforehand.

      I would give this hair dye 5 stars from 5, it's conditioning post treatment lets it down a little but not enough to remove a full star as the rest of the product is so good. I will be buying these hair dyes again they are a decent price especially when on offer, they are easy to use and best of all leave my hair looking fantastic and lively again.


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      13.03.2013 21:09
      Very helpful



      Great hair dye!

      If you've read my previous review you'll know that in the last year or so I started to get grey hair, which was rather annoying as I was only in my late 20's. I therefore started to colour my hair to cover up these annoying greys. One of my mum's colleagues is also an Avon rep and my mum decided to try some of the hair colours that Avon had to offer. We have been really impressed and haven't looked back since!

      My natural hair colour is dark brown and I usually choose a dye colour that closely matches this. In the Avon Advance Techniques range this is the 'Chocolate Brown' colour, also known by the number 6.7. The hair colour is a permanent one and according to the packaging is designed to protect hair before, during and after colouring. This is something that is really important requirement for me as I know that dying hair can be quite harsh and I am wary of the chemicals in dyes leaving my hair brittle and damaged.

      The box contains 5 separate items along with a clear and comprehensive instruction sheet, written in a number of different languages. These items are a sachet containing a pre-treatment, a bottle containing developer lotion, a tube containing the crème colourant and a sachet containing a post-treatment cream. There is also a small plastic ball (rather like those found in a kinder surprise) which contains a pair of plastic gloves.

      The colouring process is made up of 4 easy steps, which are clearly explained and illustrated in the instruction sheet. The instructions advise that this should be applied to hair that has not been washed for at least 24 hours. If you've had your hair permed or relaxed you are also advised tha you should wait 7-14 days before using this dye kit.

      Dying hair can be a bit of a messy process so before applying the dye I made sure to wear some old clothes and wrapped an old towel over my shoulders. To ensure that the dye did not colour my skin I applied some Vaseline around my hairline, forehead and ears.

      The first step in the process was to apply the contents of the pre-treatment sachet to my hair, which was dry and unwashed. I followed the instructions and only applied this to the length and ends of my hair, massaging gently into each hair strand and making sure that this was not applied to the roots.

      The next step was to prepare the hair colour. I put on my gloves and then unscrewed the lid from the tube and then used the end of this to pierce the tube to release the contents. Next I unscrewed the developer bottle and squeezed the entire contents of the tube into the bottle. The colourant had a cream colour, with a tinge of brown and a soft consistency allowing it to be squeezed out easily. I put the lid back on the bottle and then shook the bottle vigorously for a couple of minutes to ensure the developer solution and crème colourant were mixed thoroughly. During this process the cream coloured cream and solution went a bit of a strange blue colour, which I must admit I did find slightly alarming! Having double checked the colour on the box I proceeded to the next stage in the process.

      The third step is to apply the hair colour. The developer bottle has a nozzle through which the hair colour solution is dispensed. I applied the hair colour to small sections of hair at a time, ensuring the entire length of hair was covered. I have mid length hair and there was plenty of hair colour solution to cover all my hair and more beside. I should point out that this hair colour does contain ammonia so the dying process was a little smelly and I found the ammonia catching the back of my throat. I was a bit disappointed in this regard as I prefer to use dyes that do not contain ammonia. Once the hair colour was applied I waited for 30 minutes before applying some warm water to the hair and massaging the colour mixture into a light lather. I then rinsed my hair thoroughly until the water ran clear, indicating all the hair colour had been removed.

      The final step was to apply the post-treatment conditioner. This proved a little tricky as the sachet was quite difficult to open and the fact that I was in the shower with wet hands didn't help either! After much struggling I managed to tear off the top and squeeze the white coloured cream out. I applied this to my hair and waited for 2 minutes, before rinsing off with warm water.

      Once washed my hair was very soft and manageable, with absolutely no knots, which was a promising start. As my hair began to dry I could see that the colour had covered up all my greys, leaving my hair looking shiny, vibrant and healthy and not at all dry. Luckily the colour was brown and not blue! I have used this hair colour several times before and found the colour to be quite long-lasting and it's usually around 3-4 months before I need to apply again. Overall I am really quite impressed with this hair dye. The only downside would be that I would prefer this not to have any ammonia in it but as it doesn't have any adverse effects on my hair I can't complain too much, although it does make the process quite smelly! This hair dye retails for a very reasonable £6.00 and comes highly recommended from me.


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        19.10.2011 18:21
        Very helpful



        The product affords a natural, shiny and excellent coverage of graying hair at a reasonable price.

        The Product ~ 'Middle age is when you choose your cereal for the fiber.....not the toy'! :~)

        I was thrilled to see Avon is now manufacturing hair dyes. When my local Avon rep left me the company's campaign brochure number 15, I looked over the several pages of the hair dyes on offer. The pages are laid out so professionally, with pictures of all the colours available. The company also gives advice alongside on which shades would be best for the consumers natural hair colour. As a child I had very light brown hair. These days, my hair is a mixture of chestnut brown with wild splashing of gray! I attempted to grow it out the first time I came across Dooyoo member Graygirl's profile pic, as I love the beautiful hair colour she has, but alas, it just came out looking like Worzel Gummidge!

        I regularly dye my hair, choosing the range most fitted to my natural colour but a brand that promised 'perfect gray coverage' as this product does. I ordered the medium copper brown which was delivered in a very professionally designed box. The front of the package has a woman with the aforementioned hair colour. In large bold silver lettering is the brand name.

        On the sides and reverse of the box is detailed all the relevant information the majority of popular brands of hair dye notes on. Such advice as allergic reaction warnings and lengthy listing of ingredients with pictures of the items enclosed in the package too. Inside the box are two sachets, one for pre-treating the hair and post-treatment, along with the developing lotion, cream colourant and gloves. A large sheet of instructions is also enclosed with the dye items. The leaflet shows excellent images complete with very simple to understand instructions, along with everything the consumer needs to know regarding the hair dying process.

        Usage Experience ~ 'Tie Dye'

        When I first received my Avon order, I eagerly took out the leaflet of instructions and noticed that the solution was not to be applied to hair recently washed hair. In fact, under the sub-heading 'getting ready to colour', the directions note that the consumer should 'avoid washing hair for at least 24 hours before applying the hair colour'. As eager as I was to use the colour, I waited until the next day to dye my hair. I have an old t-shirt that I wear to protect my shoulders from dyes as towels tend to slip off when I'm trying to apply dye treatments.

        1) Firstly, I applied the contents of the pre-treatment sachet to 'the length and ends' of my dry hair, ensuring that I massaged the thin lotion into the strands well. The pre-treatment is not to be applied to the roots. I found that using this serum on my shoulder length hair covered the areas well. The lotion feels like a cheap version of hair conditioner, thin and lacking richness in texture, yet it has a quality effect on my hair.

        2) Without washing this product out, next I had to apply the dye. In a small transparent tube shaped like the Kinder egg product, are the gloves to protect hands whilst performing the hair colouring process. I am very please to confirm that these protective gloves are very similar to the clinical ones used by healthcare professionals, a pair of white vinyl gloves but they do not feel as if they contain latex. This is probably a prudent move by Avon considering that there are consumers that may suffer an allergy towards this component. I found the gloves a little difficult to pop on, so I sprinkled some talcum powder on to my hands, and they then covered my hands very easily.

        3) I unscrewed the lid off from the application container and carefully placed the tub and lid onto a wide flat surface in the bathroom. I then took the tiny lid off from the crème colourant, reversed the lid to pierce the thick foil cover. Next I carefully squeezed the entire contents into the developing lotion. The lotion is very thick and the container needs a little shake now and then to disperse the cream more. The contents have a potent chemical smell so a well ventilated area to perform the task is crucial. Placing the cap firmly onto the bottle, I shook well until thoroughly mixed. Next, I unscrewed the small tip from the cap to begin the process of dying my hair.

        4) I applied this mixture onto my hair, beginning at the sections near my temples where grey strands are particularly noticeable. I continued covering my hair, dividing into small sections as I covered the hair to ensure good coverage. At first, the colour is a rather disconcerting muddy mixture of bland browns but soon changes to a very rich and darkened chocolate brown. As I have pretty resistant grey strands, I left the product on my hair for 35 minutes, but counting from the time I began the task of covering my hair with the formula. During the time, I wipe away and small runs of the dye to prevent discolouration of the skin.

        5) After thirty five minutes, I ran a little warm water onto my scalp, and massaged my hair to promote a light lather. I then rinsed my hair until the water ran clear of signs of the dye. I then applied the post treatment conditioner onto my hair and waited two minutes before removing the lightly scented and thick luxurious white cream. After rinsing the solution off with warm water and combing my hair through with a wide toothed comb, I gently towel dried my hair and then allowed my hair to dry naturally.

        6) The results are excellent. I am left with gorgeous rich brown and lightened copper tones. My hair looks conditioned and far healthier than prior to usage of the product. My hair also has a very soft and silky feel that adds to the overall effect. There is a complete coverage of all grey strands. In sunlight, the copper tones are particularly vibrant but natural looking.

        Recommend ~ 'I'm entering the "metallic years"...silver in my hair, gold in my teeth and lead in my bottom'! :~)

        I would certainly recommend this brand to other consumers who are looking for a natural looking hair dye and 100% coverage of grey hair. Though, it is vital to choose a colour very similar to one's own to furnish a look that will compliment. Added to this, one may need two dyes, as for me, this product covered my shoulder length hair well, but and longer and/or thicker hair, would need twice as much dying products!
        I purchased the product for £4.50 via my local Avon rep but it can also be purchased online through the company's website, Avonshop.co.uk, currently available for £6 with a 'free Styling Comb when you buy any Advance Techniques Professional Hair Colour'.

        Thank you for taking the time to read my review on Avon Advance Techniques Professional Hair Colour. I hope it was beneficial :~) xXx


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