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Avon Advance Techniques Volumising Conditioning Foam

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3 Reviews

Brand: Avon / Volume / Type: Hair Foam / What it does: volumizeses / Product line: Avon Advance Techniques

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    3 Reviews
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      27.08.2012 10:34
      Very helpful



      I love this product

      At times my hair really gets me down, it's so flat and lifeless and I'm cursed with thin straight hair that wont stay curled even if I spray it solid in that position. It was getting unbearable and I needed a product that would bring my hair back to life. I decided to take a quick peek in the avon sale booklet like I usually do in a crisis like this, and to my luck a volumising foam was in there for just £1.50 reduced from around £4 if I remember correctly. I didn't hesitate to order it for that price and I was eager to test the results.

      The foam comes in a dispensing bottle and pumps out in a very fluffly and light form. The bottle advises to apply the foam when your hair is wet and the blow dry it for the effects to take place. I was hesitant at first because I hate using hair dryers, but at this point I was willing to do anything. Once I massaged the foam into my roots I got the hair dryer and followed the instructions on the bottle.

      The process was easy enough to follow and do and I was done in a matter fo 10 minutes. I was so please to look in the mirror after drying my hair to see the difference. My hair was raised considerably more than it normally is giving the illusion that I had a fuller head of hair and adding life to it! Everythng I wanted for just £1.50, I just couldn't believe it.

      It was also great that the product doesn't leave any residue or a sticky feeling to your hair once it's dry, the product just seems to dissapear and transform into volume. The product's effects tend to last about half a day before dropping and returning to my hair's usual form. Preferably I'd like a product that would last until I went to sleep but half a day is more than enough time seeing as I;'ll be coming home when my hair starts to drop.

      I've been using this product failry regularly for about 3 months now and there is still a little bit left, I'm very pleased that my £1.50 has spread this far and has given me these results.

      -It adds more volume than you would probably expect.
      -Affordable even at the RRP price.
      -Lasts a fair bit of time.
      -Easy to apply.

      -I don't like the smell it reminds me a bit of milkd kitchen cleaners!
      -I'd perfer it if I didn't have to use a hair dryer.
      I would recommend this to anyone who needs a bit of life added to their hair, you wont be dissapointed!


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      19.10.2010 21:16




      At the moment i really like volumised hair , I like to straighten my hair but lift my roots so that my hair doesnt hang like a pair of curtains , but instead looks straight on the ends but volumised on the roots .

      Its difficult to find a product that really adds volume to hair that is stubbornly straight like mine . My hair is very very straight so to create any kind of volume is a mission . I firstly tried Tigi Catwalk Fashionista Big & Bigger volumising foam which in all honestly did nothing to my hair at all . The Tigi volumising foam actaully made my hair look greasy .

      I then went on to try Avons Advance Techniques Volumising Conditioning Foam which I instatntly thought was brilliant . If I am honest I was very suprised because I do not like any of Avons Shampoo and Conditioners and so I wasnt really expecting the volumising and conditioning foam to be any good.

      A hint is to use one of those large barrell brushes when blowdrying as this will help increase the volume further , but this foam did lift my roots and help me achieve my desired look.

      One negative about this product is that there was no instructions on how to apply the product , which I thought was very odd , as they are normally printed on the back of the bottle. I rang up Avon and they advised that this was an error with a batch of this product and I had to apply a small amount to damp hair and massage in.

      The foam smells really nice, its quite a sweet , fruity smell , which for me personally is a big bonus because I love my hair to smell nice , and I often go around the supermarket smelling haircare products before I buy (Im quite sad :-) ) .

      If you are looking for a decent volumising haircare product that doesnt break the bank then this is worth a shot . It costs less than £2.00 and sometimes Avon have offers on , Like 3 for 2.

      Lyd xx


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      14.08.2009 10:43
      Very helpful



      I can not recommend this product enough - I ca not wait for the 'ding dong, Avon calling!'

      **MY HAIR**
      My hair can be a nightmare at times. It is naturally curling and does have a tendency to frizz if the product I have used does not suit my hair. I am always swapping and changing the products I use for both shampooing and conditioning and styling. I like to wear my hair loose. It is mid-back length at present - I had a load hacked off because it was so hard to manage. I find most sytling products I have used are sticky and just don't manage my hair well. I often end up tying my hair up because of lack of control, when I would rather not. My hair is in good condition most of the time and I have just been for a trim to get rid of a few deadies that were lurking about. I like to show my hair off, not hide it away.

      I ordered the Advance Techniques Volumising Conditioning Foam from Avon a little while back, as it was a product I had not tried before and was on a multibuy offer at a reasonable price. The regular selling price is £3.25 for a 150ml bottle. Currently Avon have it priced at £2.00 at www.avonshop.co.uk and when I purchased it, it was on one of the many 3 for £5 offers, making my bottle £1.66. I have paid less and I have paid more for many other products that just don't work!

      The Volumising Conditioning Foam is packaged in a tall, white plastic recyclable bottle (HDPE) which also bears 'The Green Dot', complying with the Germany Packaging Ordinance (see www.valpack.co.uk/green dot for more information on this) The dispenser is a bright red pump action nozzle and the lid is clear plastic. The front of the bottle displays the product name and size and a little 'squiggle'. The back of the bottle is were all the legal stuff is; product contents, shelf life and where to write to if you have a complaint. The product is made in Poland. There is also a description of the product and how to use it in no less than 14 different languages.

      That's easy, it smells just like bubble gum when it is in your palm. However, once applied to the hair and it has settled in, I find that there is no smell at all, which is good as I would not want to be attracting all the insects with my sweet smelling hair.

      **EASE OF USE**
      The foam dispensese very easily from the pump action nozzle into your palm. I usually give two pumps to get a reasonable amount in my palm, applying that and then go back for a bit more. It is easy to spread evenly through my tresses. It is such a light formula with zero sticky residue.

      **THE RESULTS**
      Shiny Curly Locks with volume!! I get so fed up of blow-drying my hair and I actually did not need to with this. I apply the foam to my hair whilst still damp - towel dry - and combed it through then 'rouch it with my hands' I find that I can just get on with things while i am letting my hair dry after applying this - I tend to hand out the washing if it is a nice day, just to speed up the drying process as it can take what seems an age with my hair. Each time, without the need for blow-drying I have had perfect results. My hair had bounce and volume, my curls are defined - without being separated into sticky clumps and it has a great shine and feel to it. I can actually run my fingers through my hair without encountering a heap of knots.

      **MY OPINION**
      My opinion is that this is an absolutely top product. I will definitely use it again and would 100% receommend it to people with similar hair to mine. It really does add volume so may also suit people whose hair lacks volume and needs a boost. It also seems to have a great conditioning agents and my hair always looks in great condition and shiny after using this product.

      It may sound a little expensive at full price and I would probably hesistate first before placing the order and just take one bottle while waiting for the next multibuy offer to come round. At 3 for £5 I would be stumbling over the keyboard to get an online order in or over my pen to place an order with my rep if she is quick enough to my door.

      An amazing product as far as I am concerned!


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  • Product Details

    Leaves hair shiny and volumised to the max!

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