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Avon Kids Haircare Range

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18 Reviews

Brand: Avon / Type: Shampoo / Suitable for: Children

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    18 Reviews
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      31.08.2013 08:54
      Very helpful



      Clean soft shiny hair

      We normally use L'Oreal kids, however since I started my new job a friend is an Avon rep so I decided to try their range instead.

      The first products we bought was the 'Amazing Apple' 2 in 1 shampoo and coniditoner and the 'Juicy Mango' shampoo and conditioner. The usual price is £2.50 but I frequently see it on offer in the brochure for £1.50.

      The shampoo's come in yellow bottles containing 250ml of shampoo. The bottles are degined with little feet at the bottom. Each scent of shampoo has a different picture so in our case the picture is of an apple which has big eyes and has his head covered in soap lather.

      The formula of the shampoo is not more tears. The shampoo is designed to leave your childs hair soft, shiny and a lot more managable.

      The two shampoo's that we have tried have lovely scents, apple is my favourite, my daughter likes it too. The shampoo's have a gel like consistency and are plae green in colour, you only need a small amount to get a really good lather. My daughter is 2 but she has a lot of hair (she was born with a full head of long black hair) normally even though we tie it back for nursery it gets dirty, as with all kids she gets paint in it and various food stuffs which can leave her hair feeling a little crispy and sticky. These shampoo's help to remove this in a gentle way without the need for excessive scrubbing. The shampoo also rinses away easily this is important as my daughter hates having her hair washed.

      As my daughter has a lot of hair in the past I have had to buy a separate conditioner from the L'Oreal kids range to make it managable and to remove tangles, in the Avon range they have a leave in conditioning tangle remover spray, this is ideal as they have fragrances to compliment the shampoo's. We have 'Amazing Apple' at the moment. Once yu have towel dried you childs hair you simply spray the product from a distance of about 15cm evenly over your childs head you then comb or brush through gently before styling as normal.

      The detangling spray is a godsend as my daughter hates having her hair brushed and tied up so anything that can make it easier is a great help, a 150ml bottle of spray retails for around £3.50 but I managed to get it for a £1. The spray also leaves a lovely scent on the hair which lingers all day.

      Overall the Avon kids range is good, there is plenty of choice I have noticed there is also a 'Wacky Watermelon' shampoo and conditioner in the range with a matching spray.

      My daughter also suffers from sensitive skin she has eczema and some products irritate her, I can safely say that these products don't irritate her skin.

      I would give these products 5 out of 5, they are long lasting and the packaging is appealing to kids.


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      05.07.2013 11:15
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Great on all hair types.

      For this review I'm writing about Avon's naturals kids amazing apple shampoo and conditioner as they have recently had a face lift on their children's bath range.

      I've used a lot of Avon toiletries and make up and the children's bath range is one of my favourites. For those of you who don't know, Avon is a catalogue company where a catalogue full of goodies gets delivered through your door. You then order from an Avon representative (or Avon lady) and it then gets delivered to your door, FREE OF CHARGE!

      The Avon children's bath range good value for money and is quite often on a 2 for 1 or BOGOF offers. On this occasion I paid £1.50 for the shampoo, so cheaper than most children's hair shampoos sold in shops. The bottle is yellow and orange in colour with a picture of a winking apple on the front. It also looks like it has legs and is very child friendly looking.

      I buy this quite often and always stock up when we run out as I find it to be a very good product. I have 2 boys who both have very different hair types. My oldest has thick and quite curly blonde hair where as my youngest has fine (but lots of it), straight brown hair and this shampoo and conditioner works wonders on both hair types.

      The shampoo claims to be amazing apple flavour but it doesn't really smell much like apples, is does however have a very nice fruity sent to it and is green in colour. The smell also stays on my boys hair usually until the next day after washing it which is great when living with 2 smelly boys.

      When using the shampoo I wet the boys hair as much as possible and pour it out onto my hand first. It has a flip top lid and comes out very easily. It is quite thick and gloopy and lathers up really well on their hair. It is also very easy to rinse out and comes out of the hair with a few jug full's of water and doesn't leave a residue on the hair either.

      I've never had any complaints for the boys about the shampoo and its also very kind on my oldest eczema as a lot of products do cause it to flare up but this isn't one of them. It keeps their hair looking soft and clean and smelling great too.

      A great children's shampoo and conditioner at a very good price.


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        22.04.2013 09:23
        Very helpful



        A great range

        I used to be an Avon rep when my eldest was a baby and so ended up buying some of their products to try on here and we have used them ever since. The products are on their 3rd different bottle design whilst I have been using them and there have been a number of different scents available. You can buy the products from Avon directly on their website or for a representative, if you only place a small order online you also have to factor in the delivery charge.

        Currently the bottles are all a yellow-orange in colour and apart from the tangle tamer the bottles are made to look like they have 2 feet at the bottom and have a flip top lid for easy use. The tangle tamer has a push down top with a little plastic cap that fits over it which we are forever loosing and only really needed if you were wanting to pack the product to travel. All the bottles have little fruity characters on them all of which are brightly coloured and look friendly too which makes them attractive to children, my eldest always notices when the next lot of products are on the bench.

        Currently in the range you have apple detangling spray, apple shampoo and conditioner, mango hair tamer and watermelon shampoo and conditioner there are also body washes and bubble baths to go with them which are in green bottles so it is easy to spot what you are looking for on your shelves.

        We swear by the detangling spray in our house and Sophie won't have her hair brushed without it, the shampoo and conditioners have always been great however we are having to use extra conditioner now on Sophie's hair as her hair is so thick and long the 2 in 1 cannot cope with it anymore. The products all smell great and the smell lingers on the hair for ages which is lovely and makes the hair smell really fresh, the products are thick and lather up well and they are easy to rinse from the hair too.

        The products are all £2.50 each however they are often on offer and only a few weeks ago I got 4 for £5 and currently they are £1.25 each which is even better as it means you don't have to buy 4 to get the price. These are great value and we will keep using them as they are really gentle and they don't sting the eyes just be aware you may need an extra conditioner depending on the thickness and length of the hair.


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        25.03.2013 23:05
        Very helpful




        ~*~*~ Avon Kids Haircare Range ~*~*~

        ~ The Products ~

        Avon sell a lot of products and included in these products is a range of bath & shower products especially for kids!

        The range includes ~

        Naturals Kids Apple Shampoo and Conditioner
        Naturals Kids Wacky Watermelon Shampoo and Conditioner
        Naturals Kids Crazy Coconut Shampoo and Conditioner
        Naturals Kids Mango Crazy Hair Tamer

        There are also numerous body washes and the like.

        In my bathroom you will find one of every product available! My 5yr old likes to have his own stuff to use and when these products from Avon are on offer they are a great deal.

        * Apple, Wacky Watermelon & Crazy Coconut Shampoo & Conditioner *

        The shampoos come in a yellow plastic bottle with an orange flip top lid. The bottle holds 250ml of shampoo. The flip top lids are nice and easy to open which I think is an important thing when it comes to kids products as they will often like to use the product themselves. My 5yr old finds it easy enough to open the cap and to squeeze a little of the shampoo out onto his hand.
        The bottom of the bottle is shaped like two stumpy legs, it's very sturdy and safe when on the bathroom shelf.

        My son tends to alternate between the shampoos and will use which ever one he fancies buut my favourite is the Crazy Coconut as it has a delicious smell!

        They all smell very nice and pour out of the bottle in the same easy fashion, the shampoo is of a nice consistancy and is easy to work into the hair.

        After rinsing the shampoo from my sons hair it feels clean and fresh and smells great. When it dries it looks healthy and shiny and is easy to manage.

        The scent seems to linger on the hair for quite some time and after a bedtime bath I can detect the scent of which ever shampoo he used the morning after, so it does have quite good staying power.

        * Mango Crazy Hair Tamer *

        This is something I have only recently started using. My 20 month old son has a mop of fine hair and whilst it may be fine, he has loads of it! It gets quite knotty at the back after sleeping and rather than give him a bath in the morning and night, I simply bath him in the evening before bed as this is what he is used to. I do use a quick spray of this hair tamer on his hair to try and control the back and also make it easier to get a brush through.

        It comes in a rounded yellow plastic bottle with an orange coloured push down spray lid.
        The bottle holds 200ml of liquid.

        The scent is a nice fruity scent and it is quick and easy to use. It leaves my sons hair nice, soft and smooth and more importantly easy to brush.

        At the moment Avon have a 4 for £5 offer on these products and they can either be bought through a local rep or online at www.avonshop.co.uk.

        I do think these are good value for money, I would definately take advantage of any offers though.

        Thanks for reading :o) x


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        23.11.2009 15:34
        Very helpful



        would recommend

        Why I bought this product?
        I bought this product because my daughter has very thick wavy hair and what with this product being no more tears I thought I would give it a try.

        What does this product promise?
        All bubbles no troubles, no more tears.

        Where can I get this product?
        You can buy this product from your local AVON representive or log online to the AVON website to order.

        At the moment you are paying £2.50 each for these shampoo and detangler. You can sometimes buy them for £1.50 each or any two for £4.
        I would advice that if you do have an AVON rep to ask them if they could check there other brochure e.g. the one before or after the book they have given you and ask if they could order the cheapest for you. If like me you're representive would want to get their customers the best price for the product. Ask nicely and you could bag yourself a bargain.

        My opinion:
        Buying through AVON is a cheap and easy way for buying things. However if you are wanting something quickly then it's not right for you to buy from them.

        I liked the fact that AVON does have different shampoos for different hair type which I will state below at the bottom for the page for those what are interested in the product. My daughter had very thick wavy hair that tangles in knots very easily and bath times are always a nightmare. I was please that these products are no more tears it is great for a no trouble bath time exactly what the bottle says.
        The kids love these products as they are designed to look interesting so the kids recognise the product and see the fun side to bath time.
        I would recommend this product to anyone with children or even if you want to use it yourself you can. I would give this product a 10/10.
        If you have already purchased this product and you do not like you can ask you're representive to send it back even if it has been opened. You will be fully refunded as long as it is less than 30 days since you ordered it.

        There are different types of shampoo that is different for different hair types so I have listed the fallowing below along with the smell of the shampoos and also included the detangling spray which I also recommend for children with thick easily tangled hair. The bottles come in 250mls.
        2 in 1 super gentle shampoo for normal hair ~ watermelon and kiwi
        2 in 1 super gentle shampoo for fine hair ~ apple
        2 in 1 super shampoo for thick, wavy, hair ~ raspberry
        Super Gentle conditioner ~ coconut
        Detangling spray ~ watermelon
        Mild and gentle body wash ~ strawberry

        Hope my review was helpful to all those that are interested and those that read my review. Thank you.


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          08.10.2009 11:15
          Very helpful



          A Range Of Hair Care Items Especially For Children

          I've tried every single product in the Avon Kids haircare range so thought I would tell you all about them because it's a nice range that does what it says and they all smell lovely. I've used the shampoos, conditioners and detangling spray on myself and also my 2 year old sister so I can give you both points of view because we've both got proper different hair but have found products in this range to suit both of us.

          All of them come in 250ml bottles and the proper price is £2.50 but you should wait because in every other Avon book they are half price so unless you're desperate then wait because even though it's a good range I don't think it's worth that money because L'Oreal Kids is a bit better and cheaper as well.

          I don't like the detangling spray at all because I think it leaves your hair too wet and isn't that good at getting tangles out anyway. It smells nice of watermelon but is a rip off at £2.50 for something that doesn't work all that well.


          This has got a sweet coconut smell and it's not much good for my thicker hair but my sister has got proper baby fine hair but it's a lot longer than most kids of her age so it gets tangled easily. When I use this I wash her hair as normal with kids shampoo and then smooth a little bit of this all over her hair and when it's rinsed out her hair is super soft and completely free of tangles. It leaves her hair lovely and shiny but totally unmanageable and its a nightmare to get her hair into a bobble after she's used this, not that that matters for a 2 year old but if you use it on yourself just remember you might have to leave the house with your hair looking like a toddlers that day!


          This smells of melon but the book says it's got kiwi in it as well but I can't smell that. It's the one I use on my hair most often because it gives a good clean but I do have to use conditioner after because it makes my hair tangled up and makes it proper dry. I always have to use the conditioner on my sisters hair as well because even though it doesn't make it go dry it does cause a lot of tangles and she hates having her hair brushed anyway.


          The only difference between this one and the shampoo for normal hair is that it smells of apple because it too leaves our hairs dry and tangled. It lathers up nice and the smell of apple stays on your hair all day. The shampoo cleans my hair well and makes it feel nice and soft after but it's a pain having to use a seperate conditioner when this is supposed to be a 2 in 1 product.


          I'm not mad keen on this one because it's got a proper thick and sticky texture and that makes it hard to lather up when I wash my hair. It works wicked on my sister though even though I'm the one with thick hair and hers is thin! I love the raspberry smell because it's sweet and fruity and lasts for ages on my hair. This is the only one that I don't have to use a seperate conditioner on my sisters hair because it gets rid of all the tangles like a 2 in 1 product should.


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          14.07.2009 12:26
          Very helpful



          will buy this time after time

          Avon do a range of hair care products aimed at young children including this fabulous shampoo that I am reviewing today.
          Although there are several different shampoos to choose from my boys seem to like this two in one apple shampoo (for fine hair). I think the smell is the main reason but also the bottle attracts them too, but I will cover that in a moment.

          The shampoo~
          The product comes in an oval type of shape that has a flat part underneath so it stands, and has a flip lid at the top (which I find a little hard to open- but this is good in the aspect the boys can't empty it out or it doesn't leak if knocked over).
          The fun design of the bottle is what my boys like best; this particular one is all green with a smiley face and little feet at the bottom. The lid is yellow and gives the impression the bottle has 'hair'.
          On the front is the Avon Kids logo and '2 in 1 shampoo' in various languages, and the words 'awesome Apple' at the bottom.

          So is the product any good?~
          The shampoo is a transparent green colour and the consistency seems just right- not too thick and not too thin. You only need a small amount as it lathers up quite well too. On opening the bottle you are greeted with a lovely sweet smelling apple scent which several hours after washing my boys hair I could still smell it and even the day after there was a faint aroma. My boys only have short hair but they still manage to get a few knots sometimes, but this makes short work of them, whilst leaving hair and scalps nice and clean.

          The price~
          It is an Avon product so is only available through them and the normal selling price for this 250ml bottle seems to be £2.50- however Avon tend to have offers on nearly every campaign for either half price or 3 for £5 which is when I tend to stock up.

          I like this product and have sneakily used it myself (Sshhh..don't tell my boys!) though as my hair can be on the dry side it doesn't really work for me but it did leave it smelling good enough to eat!
          For young children this is ideal as a little goes a long way.

          Five stars from me.


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            30.04.2009 13:15
            Very helpful
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            Here I am, a grown up and buying products from Avon's Kids range. I can't even use this excuse that I bought it for Kids, as there are none in my house! I have to say I was impressed and would buy from this range again

            There are a few products in the Kids range. The range covers shampoo, conditioner, body wash and detangling spray. The items are Coconut conditioner, 2in1 Gentle Shampoo for Fine Hair in Apple, 2in1 Gentle Shampoo for Thick, Wavy Hair in Raspberry Sorbet, 2in1 Gentle Shampoo for Normal Hair in Watermelon and Kiwi, Detangling Spray in Watermelon and Kiwi, and Blueberry Body Wash.

            The packaging for this is alright. The bottles are 250ml and they are different colours, but they all have a happy face on them. They are shaped a bit funny, they are quite a flat bottle, and kind of squiggly at the sides. The spray is just a pump action spray and is 200ml.

            These normally cost £2.50 per product, but they are often on offer for half price at £1.25, which makes it even better on the purse.

            The smell of the products are lovely. I have used the Raspberry sorbet Shampoo, as I have thick hair and it cleaned it well and scented it a bit. The Shampoo is a little runny, but you normally find Kids Shampoos are like that. I followed it up with the Coconut Conditioner and I only needed a little blob to work through my hair. I loved the smell of this one, as it was nice and Coconut-ty.

            I highly recommend you to try this, as it's not just suitable for children and you may find yourself onto a winner.


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              14.01.2009 00:02
              Very helpful



              This range has clearly been designed by someone who knwos children very well

              I have been a customer of Avon for many years and love their huge range and great prices so when my little girl Megan and little boy Brandon came along it was only natural that they joined in with mum.

              I don't think there is a product in the Avon kids range that I havn't tried as this is in the haircare section I'll stick to reviewing hair products but I want to add that there bath range is fantastic too.

              Avon produce many hair products specifically aimed at children, you can get products for all hair types in a variety of nice scents and the best part is that they are packaged to appeal to children. All the bottles have fun faces on them and they are all brightly coloured.

              The range is all very well priced and you often find them on a 3 for £5 offer which means that you can really pick up a bargain.
              I use nothing else for my children as this really is the best.

              I'll got through the products individually and tell you a little about what's available.


              There are 3 different shampoo's available in the Avon kids range in 3 fruity smells. Normal hair (watermelon and kiwi) Fine hair (Apple) and Thick, wavy hair (Raspberry sorbet). There is something to suit whatever ahir type your child has. The shampoo's are very delicate to hair and are suitable to be used every day. They do not sting if accidently got into eyes and they leave hair clean and fresh.


              There is currently only one conditioner available but they have been known to do more. The one available at present is a lovely coconut smell. Its very gentle and leaves hair unbelievably soft and manageable.

              Styling Products-

              The detangling spray is without a doubt the best styling product they have. it's so good I gave it a review all of its own. I also use the styling gel in my sons hair to spike it up and it leaves his hair looking great without making it sticky.

              In short this is a good quality range designed with children in mind and it's really really good.


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              04.11.2008 12:54
              Very helpful



              An absolute must try.

              There are a few products in the Kids range that are for haircare use including Super Gentle Conditioner in Coconut, 2in1 Super Gentle Shampoo for Fine Hair in Apple, 2in1 Super Gentle Shampoo for Thick, Wavy Hair in Raspberry Sorbet, 2in1 Super Gentle Shampoo for Normal Hair in Watermelon and Kiwi and Detangling Spray in Watermelon and Kiwi. The 2in1s and the conditioner are all 250ml bottles and the detangling spray is 200ml, all cost £2.50 each and are regularly on offer for half price or 3 for £5 which is excellent value.

              We use the Apple 2in1 for our grandson as he has very fine blonde hair that can get a little bit fly away and static without using products specifically designed for his hair type. Whenever I wash his hair with this I am always amazed by how far this product goes. I use just a tiny blob of this product and find it lathers in really quickly and easily leaving his hair clean in just a minute or two. It rinses out easily and smells really lovely. Best of all, the happy face on the bottle and the bright green colour (which is the colour of apples of course) mean that my grandson actually thinks it is good fun to wash his hair with the "smiley apples".

              After drying his hair with a towel I spritz in the detangling spray just once as the nozzle has a nice wide aim that covers his whole head in one go. I do this as a kind of leave-in conditioner to ensure that his hair stays smooth and static-free, which it does.

              I highly recommend giving this products a go. I am not a huge fan of the some of the adult haircare range from Avon but the Kids products are truly outstanding.


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              09.09.2008 19:47
              Very helpful



              Great product, smells delicious

              The Avon kids range has been specially formulated to care for all children's needs, making there products mild and gentle and suitable for all skin types, making bathtime fun again with all bubbles and no troubles.

              The bright and funky packaging is fun for kids and they smell delicious too some of the products available in the kids range are:

              Mild and Gentle Body wash with strawberry scent

              Mild and Gentle Bubble Bath with Blueberry scent

              Super Gentle Conditioner with coconut scent

              2 in 1 Super Gentle Shampoo for Fine Hair with apple scent

              2 in 1 Super Gentle Shampoo For Thick And Wavy Hair with raspberry sorbet scent

              Detangling Spray with Watermelon and Kiwi Scent

              2 in 1 Super Gentle Shampoo for Normal Hair with Watermelon and Kiwi Scent

              All products are 250ml apart from the Deatangling spay which comes in a 200ml size

              Prices are £2.50 for all of the above items.

              I particularly liked the strawberry body wash, it's a thick gel that is easily lathered and it leaves the skin smelling gorgeous even after the bath.

              I also liked the watermelon and kiwi shampoo, my daughter is not very keen when it comes to washing her hair but luckily for me the shampoo is easily lathered and makes hair washing a little easier, again the watermelon scent stays in the hair.


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                10.03.2007 11:34
                Very helpful



                ideal for children who have tangles , and hate having there hair done.

                Heres a bit about avon first .........
                I am a big fan of avon products you can buy them from there web site which is avon.uk.com.
                Or you can buy them from a representative, which you normally find in your local area.

                Avon sells all kinds of products including make up, perfume, jewellery, aftershave, lingerie,haircare, footcare,gifts, etc.

                They also do a kids range called avon kids which includes shampoos, body wash, conditioner and a detangling spray.
                The bottles are all in bright colours with avon kids in big letters on the bottle, and they have got smiley faces on them.

                I am doing a review about the detangling spray today , as i had to write in and tell you what an excellent product i think it is.

                I have two daughters and they both suffer badly with excema , and it is especially bad at times on their scalps.
                As soon as i would start brushing their hair before there would be a lot of tears and screaming , as there scalps as very sensitive.
                Brushing their hair would be a complete nightmare for the girls and me .
                I would hate doing their hair as i know how much it was hurting them , even though i was being as gentle as i could it would still hurt.
                The doctor had prescribed different types of shampoo etc for their scalps but nothing stopped the tangles , until i came across avon kids tangling spray .

                i saw it in the avon book and thought i would give it a go, and ever since i haven,t looked back.

                The detangling spray is 2.50 for a 200ml botle ,
                You will find though avon have offers on a lot so it will sometimes be buy one get one free or half price.
                Its got avon kids on the front and a big smiley face , its suitable for all hair types .
                It smells of watermelon and kiwi , but its not an over powering smell like some other hair products are.
                Its a nice smell and one my girls like so that helps too.

                The ingredients in the bottle are .......
                Benzyl alcohol
                Cetearyl alcohol
                Methyl gluceth-10
                Peg-75 lanolin
                imidazonlidinyl urea
                Behentrimonium chloride
                Cetrimonium chloride

                The product is really good i spray it on leave it for a few seconds then brush their hair , its like a miracle the brush just goes through no tangles no tears, and no guilt from me.

                It leaves their hair shiny and manageable, and you can apply it to wet or dry hair i use it on both , works excellent.

                If you have a child though which does suffer from excema on their scalp make sure they have no open wounds or infections before you spray , as it will sting their heads otherwise.


                I would advise trying this product especially if brush time is normally a nightmare for you .

                I hope it works for you too.
                Thanks for reading !


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                20.08.2006 02:39
                Very helpful



                Very good conditioner for children that makes long hair more managable

                As the product I am reviewing today is one that belongs to Avon's bath-time range for children, namely the Avon Kids Super Gentle Conditioner, you might guess, that I am not the sole beneficiary of the product's merits and I'd like to introduce you to my little daughters :
                Anna (5) and Melis (4)

                They both have very long hair for their age, Anna's hair, when wet, reaches the back of her knees and Melis' reaches her buttock. While Anna has very thin and fine hair that is slightly curled at the end, Melis' hair is thick and totally straight.
                Every single day - and especially after washing their hair - the same drama unfolds in our household: As soon as it is time to comb their hair our little one is in tears and by the time I am finished with detangling it, the neighbours are wondering if it isn't about high time to alert social services.
                Anna is not only the older one but also the brave one, as her hair gets much more tangled up an knotty, but every now and then - on especially bad days - she too is left in tears and begs for me to stop.
                Not nice for mummy either and daddy, who always veto's my feeble attempts to suggest a haircut, is somehow always very busy when it is time to comb his daughters hairs.

                Over the years we have tried several conditioners for the girls hair - all brought some relief but didn't exactly knock me over - and it was in the end my older one, who convinced me to give the Avon Super Gentle Conditioner a try. She had spotted it in one of my brochures - it was on offer for representatives to buy two items from the range and get a fishing game for free.
                Well, you can probably guess what she was really after, but it was a good offer and so why not ?

                The packaging :

                Avon Kids Super Gentle Conditioner comes in a bright blue bottle with a yellow flip top. The top is very easy to open and I would recommend to keep it out of reach for the little ones, as I don't think that children that are older than maybe 1 1/2 would have too many difficulties opening it.

                To make the bottle more appealing for children Avon have given it a face with big eyes, smiley expression and feet. My girls quite liked this design and found it to be "cool".

                The bottle contains 250 ml.

                The product

                After washing the girls hair and rinsing it thoroughly I opened our cheerful bottle. What hit me straight away was the smell of coconut that evaporated into our bathroom. The scent of a product is certainly the one point everybody has their personal preferences - coconut is about at the bottom of the list of mine ! It is much to sweet for my taste but the kids found it "yummy " (makes mental note - reduce intake of Bounties for the kids)

                The conditioner is very thick and creamy and totally white, which the kids found a bit disappointing as they had hoped it would be as blue as the bottle. Well, it was fine with me though.

                I have applied an amount of about the size of a 50 p coin to Melis hair, somewhat more on Anna's. I was a bit surprised that this seemed to be enough as I had needed much more than this with our old product. I always keep the children's conditioner on for about 5 minutes until I rinse their hair and have done so with this one as well. The fishing game came in handy to keep them busy in the meantime...

                When it was time to rinse it of it came out very easily and didn't leave any residues, as some other conditioners do which can make the hair look flat and greasy.
                After drying their hair with a towel I couldn't see any difference in their hair, it was the same tangled up mass as usual after washing it, but it did feel a bit softer than it used to and the smell of coconut was clearly around.

                The result :

                Both girls are dry again and dressed in their pyjamas and the moment we all hate has come : I take the comb, the kids go quiet (tearful look in the little ones eyes) and my husband remembers that he wanted to hoover the car...

                As usual I start with Anna, the older one, as Melis is just too scared and wants to see, if here sister gets over the ordeal unharmed.

                As soon as I start to comb her hair I can feel the difference, the comb seems to glide through her hair without many problems, the tangles and knots dissolve without any pulling and the her hair is straight and tidy within 3 minutes. Now this is certainly a record for us and I am amazed.
                Even more so is my daughter whom I am trying to send of to play. First she didn't want to move, insisted that I " do the job properly " (thanks for the trust sweetheart ) and only after a quick look in the mirror she is convinced that she doesn't look like Spot from Bob the builder.
                " That was quick today mummy !" was her last comment before she ran of to her dolls - which pretty much sums it up.

                I didn't have any problems with my younger daughters hair either and I didn't expect any, as her hair is always easier to detangle. She did cry a bit, but I suspect that was because she always used to do so while I combed her hair and after some more washes with Avon's conditioner she totally stopped that now.

                After their hair had dried totally it had a lovely shine to it, didn't look dull or tired at all, something we had encountered with other products, especially the ones that are hard to wash out and seem to leave residues in the hair.

                The next morning, when I had to comb their hair to get them ready for school we were all pleasantly surprised that I still was able to detangle their hair - which had become all mixed up over the night again - without much effort again. All in all the time I spend to tidy their hair up has been reduced by more than half - forget about the tantrums and the tears at the sheer sight of the comb...

                The conditioner does state that it is a "no tears" product if the kids should get it into their eyes while washing their hair. I cannot comment if this is true as we never had that problem and you might understand that I didn't really want to make the test just to be able to do so ....

                All in all I can recommend this highly to anyone who has a small child and is facing similar problems as we did. I wish I had tried it before as it would have saved me a lot of nerves and my girls a hell lot of discomfort.
                My only little complaint is the sweetish smell of coconut, which I am really not too keen on, but this disappears fairly quick and one day after the wash is only detectable if you really press your nose into your little ones hair.

                Apart from that, our car could do with a good cleaning again, as my husband has been robbed of his chance to disappear and do it undisturbed now.

                Other products in the Avon Kids Bathtime range:

                Mild & Gentle Body Wash
                Mild & Gentle Bubble Bath
                2-in-1 Gentle Shampoo for Fine Hair
                2-in1 Gentle Shampoo for Thick Hair
                Detangling Spray
                2-in-1 Super Gentle Shampoo for Normal Hair

                Price and Availability :

                Only at Avon, either through their catalogue/representative or their website:


                Item no: 21881

                Price at the time of writing is £2.50 for a bottle of 250ml. This seems a bit steep to me, but Avon being Avon there is always a deal on such as buy-one-get-one-free or everything half price, so it is worth to look out for those offers and stock up.

                Thanks for reading this, Sandra


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                  25.06.2006 11:14
                  Very helpful



                  Great products at an affordable price. Live by the detangling spray.

                  Avon Kiddies shampoo is now found in many colours sents and is available in all shapes of sizes, all in funky coloured bottles.

                  Avon does a range of shampoos bubble baths and roll on soaps for kids with many diffrents fragrances and colours. Avon kids range is also tear free wich is a benifit to kids and to myself as I can wash their hair and have no trouble with tears.

                  I have three girls with thick blonde hair so when I buy Avon shampoo for kids I tend to buy the 2-in-1 super gentle shampoo for thick and wavy hair. This has a raspberry sent all three of my girls like it.

                  The bottle is a purple colour with eyes and a smile I think it is meant to look like a penguin, although this is somewhat open to interpretation.

                  The shampoo is applied on wet hair and it leaves the kids hair soft and managable and with a nice shine to it. In fact, I am quite impressed with the overall perofrmance of the product as compared to others, it gets the job done without costing me a fortune.

                  Avon also has another four kinds of kids shampoo/conditioners they are all made with the funny face on the bottle and come in all sents and colours ;

                  I have not used the others, although can explain a little about each as I know people who have (my mum being the Avon lady).

                  *The 2-in-1 super gentle shampoo for fine hair is in a green bottle and has an apple fragrance to it .

                  *The 2-in-1shampoo for normal hair is in a pink bottle and has a watermelon and kiwi sent.

                  *The Super gentle conditioner comes in a turquoise colour bottle and has a lovley sent of coconuts

                  In the same range you get the kids detangling spray. The detangling spray comes in a different shape bottle, but with the same eyes and smile on it. To use the detangling spray you spray on and leave in. Thankfully, the smell isn't that strong as it is supposed to smell of watermelons!

                  I use this detangling spray as when kids get up in the morning for school. When the mad dash is on to get them out the door in time, a little spray saves a whole load of screams. It smells nice (that might be watermelon?) and makes the hair so much more managable for both the parent and the child. My kids like to do their own hair but be warned they dont need to use a lot of this, just a light spray from about a foot away from the hair. If you use to much it could make your childs hair look greasy. To me this is the only disadvantage of this Avon product.

                  All the shampoos come in a 250ml bottle.and cost £2.50 a bottle. The price may look a little steep for what it is but a little drop goes a long way and if you can hold on for a deal from Avon you will benefit. One such deal in this months brochour is buy 2 bottles for £3 or 3 bottle for £4.

                  Sadly, the Avon goods are often forced upon us by a relative or friend who is trying to get you to buy something. So happily, I have never had a cause to return any of these products as my mother would probably scorn. But next time you get asked to buy something from the Avon, buy this and make use of it rather than some weird cream that sits on the shelf until you move house.


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                    23.04.2006 02:50
                    Very helpful
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                    Bye bye tangles, hello lovely easy-to-brush hair!

                    Avon is a widely known range of skincare and make up products that are widely available through a local representative or to purchase online (www.avon.uk.com). We've all heard the old saying "ding dong its the avon lady calling"!

                    Personally i prefer to buy from my local rep but thats because in my area we have difficulties receiving mail order products. When i have ordered online from avon, there has never been any problems with my order and they have all been despatched in good time and have arrived in pristine condition but this review isnt about that!

                    As well as the normal skincare, make-up and fragrances for adults, they also have a range of childrens bath products, aptly named Avon Kids. This review is for their Kids Detangling Spray. The vibrant red bottle (with the smily face) states "this no tears, leave-in formula instantly detangles hair leaving it shiny and manageable".

                    And it does the job admirably!

                    Well i first bought this almost three years ago for my oldest daughter as, although she has very fine hair, she has lots of it and it gets really tangled easily and i didnt like the fact that she was crying every time i tried to brush her hair. I noticed it in the Avon catalogue and thought i would give it a try as hairbrushing time was getting upsetting for both of us.

                    The bottle itself is a recyclable 200ml bottle in red with a yellow top and complete with a smiley face on the front (just to let you know its for kids!).

                    Ingredients -

                    Benzyl Alcohol
                    Cetearyl Alcohol
                    Peg-75 Lanolin
                    Methyl Gluceth-10
                    Imidazolidinyl Urea
                    Behentrimonium Chloride
                    Cetrimonium Chloride

                    (Dont ask me what all of these are but thats whats in this bottle!)

                    The fragrance itself is Watermelon and Kiwi, which sounds like it smells, nice and fruity. It is just the right smell and not overpowering in the least. The spray is a pump action, which makes sure that you can spray the areas which require doing and you dont soak the hair too much.

                    And it certainly is "no tears"! When i use it on my daughter, the odd time it has got near her eyes by mistake there has been no irritation in anyway. Just to be on the safe side i have always wiped her face with a damp cloth but thats just me>

                    They say a little goes a long way and that is certainly the case with this spray. Because it is in a pump action bottle, you can limit the amount you spray on the hair, meaning you dont use the whole bottle in one go! I found when i first started using this product, a 200ml bottle would last about 3 months, but now that my daughter's hair is half way down her back now - a bottle lasts about 1 month to 6 weeks, depending on how tangled her hair gets. This to me is excellent value as a 200ml bottle costs on £2.50. It also works on adult hair too - trust me i've used in on myself at times!

                    This can be used on wet or dry hair, it doesnt matter. I personally use it on both, but more often its on dry hair that its used. Like i said, it sprays easily and doesn't go everywhere like some sprays do. Once in it is very easy to brush the tangles out of hair.

                    I find that if i brush my daughter's hair from the ends to the roots gradually it works much easier, although it does work the other way round, but then my daughter starts whinging so i do it from the ends to the roots - makes my life a little less stressful!

                    Hairbrush time in my family has been made so much easier since i bought this. My daughter is now happy to let me brush her hair and this has led to a much calmer child and a happier mum. Before it was war when the brush came out. It was a complete nightmare trying to brush her hair with her screaming and crying all the time. Now she sits beautifully and lets me brush her hair any time of day. As soon as she sees the bright red bottle she knows and sits down rather than running away like she used to.

                    I love the fragrance and the fact that when you spray dry hair with it, it makes the hair so easy to brush and style that i use it every time i brush her hair. Even though you are effectively wetting the childs hair, it dries in about 5 minutes, leaving the hair shiny and sweet smelling. Theres no residue and it doesn't make the hair greasy like some products do.

                    Personally i cannot rate this high enough to anyone with kids or long hair. It works wonders for me and i absolutely love it! This has made my life so much easier and more stress free. My daughter loves it as well because its easier to brush her hair. She calls it her magic hairspray!

                    I hope its magic for you too! (and thanks for reading!)


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