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Avon Naturals Cherry Blossom Daily Refreshing Hair Mask

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Brand: Avon / Texture: Fluid / Type: Hair Mask / What it does: Refreshes,

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    5 Reviews
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      24.03.2013 23:19
      Very helpful



      I do not think this is a very good hair mask because it is very weak

      WHAT IS IT?

      A hair mask from Avon that you leave on your hair for a few minutes after you have washed it.


      You wash your hair as normal and then apply the hair mask when you have rinsed your shampoo off.  You must put it over all of the hair and get to as close to the roots as you can without letting too much of the mask touch your scalp to avoid making your hair look greasy.  When you have left it for a few minutes you rinse it off and then dry your hair like you normally would.


      I like this hair mask but I think it is more like a conditioner because it does not do as much for my hair as a hair mask should.  I like that it is gentle and creamy because that makes me be able to use it every day without making my hair go oily but I would like it to penetrate my hair more deep so that it would work stronger.  The smell is not very strong and that is a pity because all I can smell in it is the creamy smell with a little bit of a flowery smell on top of it.  It does not last in my hair and I am glad because it does not have a very good fragrance.

      It does not make my hair look very shiny and I do not think it conditions it very well either.  My hair does not feel very much different after I have used it and I think that is because it is so weak.  Even though it is creamy it does not sink into my hair very well and so does not do a very good job.  It feels very nice when I am using it though because of how creamy it is and I like how well it spreads through my hair so that I do not have to use very much.  I think my hair feels a bit softer after I have used it but not very much and I think if I used another conditioner I could get the same results without having to wait with this mask on my hair.

      The bottle is only small and holds 200ml of hair mask and I think it should be bigger because it only lasts for about 5 or 6 washes even though you only have to use a little bit and that makes it expensive because it is from Avon so it is not cheap.


      The 200ml bottle costs £2.50 but it is on special promotion price very often.

      3 Dooyoo Stars.


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      22.12.2012 18:40
      Very helpful



      I won't buy this again simply because it does not do enough for my hair

      My friend's teenage daughter is currently paying her way through college with a variety of small money making schemes, including being an Avon representative. To encourage her I've been placing a small order during each campaign, one such order including a bottle of this Cherry Blossom Daily Refreshing Hair Mask which was (then) priced at around £3 but is now included in a fabulous offer where you can purchase five similarly priced products for just £4.99.

      I tend to use hair masks regularly; my hair is long (although shorter than it was) and has the horrible tendency to knot up badly during washing, or whenever it gets just a tiny bit damp - conditioner (even the best of the best) isn't always enough to prevent this, so I've taken to using a hair mask at least three times a week in order to stop this appalling knotting and make brush time easier, less painful and kinder to my hair.

      I wasn't completely taken with the fragrance of this Avon Naturals mask, the Cherry Blossom can barely be smelled at all and instead I found it to be more of a generalised creamy scent with just the lightest floral fragrance running through it. The hair mask has a nice small, don't get me wrong, but it's absolutely not what I was expecting and really would be a disappointment to anyone who was expecting a Cherry Blossom fragrance. This is sniffed out of the bottle, once applied to my hair there's barely and discernible fragrance at all and after rinsing - nothing!

      I remember the day I bought this mask, I tried it out within an hour as I wanted to see whether it lived up to the claims it made (Hair mask revitalises hair to leave it full of body and shine - Avon book). I was, and still am, surprised at how thin the mask is as I squeeze it out of the bottle. It has more of a conditioner texture than a hair mask in my opinion and it's for that purpose which I now use it after discovering that it's pretty useless as a mask and simply doesn't have enough 'oomph' to do very much for my hair. It's not all that brilliant as a conditioner either to be honest, but at least I'm not wasting it!

      The mask spreads nicely through my hair and I do think it's lovely to use, the fragrance is pleasant as I apply it and the product itself has a really nice creamy consistency. If you have long hair you'll find you use a fair bit per application but as rinsing is no problem at all this doesn't really matter, although the 200ml bottle is very small and using it daily as suggested by Avon you could find yourself using a bottle every week. It's recommended that you leave the mask on for a few minutes, which is something I always do even when using a plain conditioner, and then rinse. The period in which you're wearing the mask is fine; the mask doesn't weigh your hair down uncomfortably and even those of you with very long hair should be able to scoop and twist it onto the top of your head to prevent the mess of mask-smears every time your hair goes near anything.

      After rinsing I can never really understand why I bothered using it. My hair is always as tangled as ever, it feels slightly dried out and doesn't have anything like the soft and silky feel it should be sporting after I've applied a hair mask. My hair most definitely does not feel 'refreshed' - it feels stuck together, knotted and extremely unhealthy. After brushing (and losing umpteen hairs in the unknotting process) I can see that although my hair looks smoother, this is no better than when I use any other conditioner plus my hair doesn't have the shine I've come to expect from a decent hair mask. But then this is most definitely not a decent hair mask.

      I towel dry my hair and allow to dry naturally after brushing and undertaking the tiniest bit of styling, very occasionally using a hairdryer and even more occasionally going to the bother of getting the GHDs out. When dry my hair looks absolutely no different after using this Avon hair mask. It hasn't got shine, the extra body I was promised is non-existent and it feels slightly rougher to the touch (not a visible issue) than if I use a simple conditioner - in a word, disappointing.

      I'm not going to recommend this based on my experience; maybe people with shorter hair have had more luck but I actually think hair length wouldn't really make much difference to the results gained from this product, it just feels to me like it's not fit for purpose and there are far better products available at a similar price or cheaper.


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        16.10.2012 14:50
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A very poor product in my opinion

        Avon Naturals Cherry Blossom Daily Hair Mask

        I bought this product months ago along with the large 750ml bottle of the shampoo and the shampoo of this scent is just fantastic - one of the very best cheap shampoos I have ever tried but this product is just very average and disappointing unfortunately.

        - About the product

        This product is a hair mask and I use it in place of my regular conditioner as in my opinion and for my hair type (dry) it is not hydrating/conditioning enough to be a hair mask. I use this product every time I wash my hair and as I have now used up the 200ml bottle I thought it was time to review it. The bottle is simple and fairly cheap looking and it only come in the 200ml size. The scent is cherry blossom and it is stated to be suitable for all hair types.

        - Scent

        I like the scent of this hair mask to an extent; it smells the same as the shampoo of this scent too which I have also tried. The scent is not what I thought it was going to be as the scent I was expecting was similar to the L'Occitane cherry blossom range - sweet, floral and gorgeous but the scent of this is sweet and floral to an extent but it mainly has a plastic scent. Overall, the scent is ok but it is a bit disappointing and not what I expected/wanted.

        - Using the hair mask and results

        As stated previously, I have not been using this product as a hair mask as for my dry hair it is nowhere near as conditioning/hydrating enough to be a hair mask. I have been using this in place of my normal conditioner and overall it is ok. I think people will either really like the scent or hate it, I personally like the scent but it is quite plastic smelling which isn't very nice and the scent isn't what I expected. The hair mask is really thick in consistency as you would expect and it applies nicely to wet hair. I apply this product mostly on the ends and midlengths of my hair but I do put whatever is left on my hands to my roots as I can get frizz there too. Once applied I leave it on my hair for a couple of minutes while I comb through my hair with my fingers to help detangle my hair. I then rinse out the hair mask which doesn't take long and the hair mask overall washes out fairly well/quickly. Overall, the scent and application of this product is good - although I do have to use a lot of product each time I use it.

        The results of this product were not very good, although there are some positives. For example, even though I did have to apply a lot of product each time I use it, it did not weigh my hair down which is great as my hair is naturally wavy/curly which I don't what to be weighed down. Unfortunately this is where the positives results ended as I found the results of this product overall to be very average and disappointing. This product did not leave my hair particularly conditioned or hydrated and it only hair my hair feeling fairly smooth/soft. This product only left my hair fairly detangled even after using a lot of the mask. The scent didn't really last in my hair (when it was dry) which may be a good thing as I don't think anyone would like their hair to smell like plastic! Overall, one positive results but the rest of the results were very average.

        - Price and availability

        I bought this product when it was on offer (as Avon products usually are) and it is currently priced at £2.50 for 200ml on the Avon shop website, which is quite cheap but there are product on the market that are of a similar price but perform much better (eg: the Dove Intensive Repair Express Treatment Conditioner or the Aussie Mega Instant Conditioner).


        *Cheap and usually on offer
        *Scent is fairly nice (apart from the unmistakeable scent of plastic!)
        *Doesn't weigh my hair down and doesn't irritate my skin

        *Some people may not like the scent as it does have a scent of plastic in the mix of sweet floral scents
        *Nowhere near as conditioning/hydrating as I need it to be
        *I need to use a lot of product each time I use it
        *Scent doesn't transfer (a positive point or negative point)
        *Only fairly detangling/smoothing/softening

        Thank you for reading my review


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          08.02.2012 16:00
          Very helpful




          This product has been out for a few Avon books now. The range first came out with the Hair Refreshing spray which I just had to buy, and this product as well as a Shampoo. I have tried them all as I like to try new products and like when things are on special offer.

          The bottle looks alright. It is quite a dumpy looking bottle and reminds me a bit of a Yakult shaped bottle (but a lot wider and taller too). The pink colouring of the label is nice enough and although it doesn't look fancy or expensive it looks a fun looking bottle.

          This product is meant to refresh your Hair and leave it radiant and Manageable. Sounds alright doesn't it. I tend to use a Hair Mask or Deep treatment now and again since I have long thick Hair which I straighten a few times a week so I am keen to try and treat my Hair a bit.

          This Cream was a bit more runny that I was expecting it to be. Any other product I have used which was the same kind of product has been quite a thick Cream but I had to hurry up and apply this before it ran off my Hand.

          The scent of this is nice. It isn't the strongest scented product that I have used but it is just a nice strenght. I do think that this smells like Cherry Blossom but a friend said it doesn't smell like it. I feel it does as does the other products in the range. Again a light Cherry Blossom scent but lovely in my view.

          Just apply this to clean, wet Hair and leave on for a few minutes. I probably leave mine on for about 3-5 minutes and this rinses off easy as well. I found that my Hair felt nice and glossy when I was rinsing this out and once my Hair had been towel dried and Combed then I felt that my Hair seemed to be Soft and tangle free.

          Once dried and straightened I felt that my Hair looked nice and had a nice sheen to it, and it was soft as well. The scent lingered in my Hair and I found that this was a great product.

          This normally costs £2.50 for the 250ml bottle but this has been on offer for £1.50.

          Worth a try in my view and try the rest of the range while you are at it as well.


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          08.08.2011 11:21
          Very helpful



          Not great for me

          I am a huge fan of Cherry Blossom scented products, especially the L'Occitane range. Unfortunately L'Occitane products don't come cheap, therefore when I noticed that Avon are now making a very reasonably priced range of Cherry Blossom products, I couldn't resist trying it out. The product I purchased was the Daily Refreshing Hair Mask.

          The mask comes in a rather plain bottle. The shape reminds me of one of pro-biotic yogurts, and on the whole I do not like the packaging at all. The creamy colour of the bottle actually makes it look grubby if you ask me and the multiple shades of pink on the label make it look dated and faded. As they say though, don't judge a book by its cover, so I was hoping the product would be better than the bottle it came in.

          The product is described as a 'daily refreshing hair mask' which is suitable for all hair types. They say it will leave hair 'radiant, healthy and manageable' which sounded good to me. I have long, thick hair which is quite damaged from overuse of straighteners, so I do like to use a hair mask every now and then to keep it looking in a reasonable condition.

          The conditioner is white in colour (well I say white, I sometimes think it has a pink tint to it, but if it does it's so subtle I can't tell) and what shocked me was the consistency. For a hair mask I would expect something quite thick, however this was quite a thin consistency. It actually felt slightly runnier than my usual conditioner and that did worry me somewhat, as I suppose psychologically something tells me the thicker the conditioner, the better job it will do.

          The smell was another thing I was quite let down by. It's actually an OK scent, it's just the fact that it's nothing like Cherry Blossom which disappointed me, as in all honesty that was my sole reason for purchasing. Like I say though, it's not the worst scent ever, it reminds me very much of suntan lotion with a slightly fruity twist.

          To use, you simply run this through the hair after shampooing, then rinse. It's quite easy to apply given the thin consistency of the product. I only apply to the lengths and ends of my hair, as I often find that my roots will become greasy if using a mask or intensive product too close to my scalp. Rather strangely, it is not specified on the bottle how long this should be left on the hair for, if any time at all, so I usually leave it somewhere between 2 and 5 minutes before rinsing.

          The first noticeable difference to my hair was that it was smoother and detangled when rinsing. As it's long it can often become tangled or knotty after washing, but it was knot free straight away. So far so good...

          The second thing I noticed was that my hair was very soft after using this. Of course I like my hair to be soft, but if it's too soft it goes 'fluffy' for want of a better word and I get lots of annoying, soft downy frizz around the top of my head. I must admit that after using this, there was a little bit of frizz, but it wasn't as bad as it has been with other products.

          At first one of the things I really liked about this was that it made my hair feel very light and swishy. I found however that this light feeling was quickly replaced by another feeling...greasiness. Usually I can go 48 hours between hair washes, but after using this product, I would only last 24 before my hair would become incredibly greasy and lank, meaning I had to wash it.

          It does say on the bottle that this is a daily hair mask and in my opinion you have to use this daily or your hair will look like it's been dipped in chip fat.

          A 200ml bottle of this costs £2.50 from Avon, but in the last few brochures has been on special offer of just £1.25.

          On the whole I have been very disappointed with this product. The scent wasn't what I expected, the packaging is ugly, the results were OK, but my hair became greasy too quickly after use. I would not recommend this product unless you wash your hair daily anyway.

          *Also posted on Ciao under username pink_champagne


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