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Avon Naturals Raspberry & Hibiscus Conditioner

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3 Reviews

Brand: Avon / Type: Conditioner

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    3 Reviews
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      04.06.2013 17:50
      Very helpful



      average conditioner

      My hair could never be described as voluminous..which as a 22 year old woman is upsetting. I constantly reach for volumising hair products. When i saw this, along with the shampoo, on offer for 99p in the Avon brochure - i had nothing to lose.

      As using the shampoo alone didn't add anything to the body of my hair, i decided to team it up with the matching conditioner.

      The packaging is identical to the shampoo, except the conditioner is "upside down" (why do they do this?!). I've used the wrong bottle many a time either way.
      The scent of this conditioner is the same as the shampoo, very fruity and fresh but not overly hibiscussy (thats a word right?). It has quite a watery consistancy which usually results in me dropping half of it when reaching to put the bottle back! And it rnses easily.

      This as a bog standard conditioner, is average. My hair is softer, shinier, smells lovely and makes brushing much easier.

      My hair however, still lacks volume. Whether used in conjunction with the shampoo or with a different shampoo.

      Overall it's an alright conditioner, i'd repurchase it just to keep in the shower for days when i want raspberry scented hair but i could use any normal conditioner from the supermarket and get the same result. Don't be expecting to come out of the shower with hair like Cheryl Cole and you won't be too disappointed!


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      22.10.2012 15:37
      Very helpful



      Won't be buying it again

      I always buy matching conditioners to go with shampoos so when I saw the shampoo from this range on an introductory offer in the Avon book I bought both the shampoo and conditioner to match.

      The product is part of the Avon Naturals range which is a range which I do tend to like the products from. You can buy the product from an Avon representative or on their website although if you don't spend over £20 you have to pay a delivery charge.

      The conditioner comes in a cream coloured plastic bottle which has a flip top lid but the bottle sits on the lid rather than it opening at the top like the shampoo does. The front of the bottle has a sticker on it with deep pink hues and a picture of some raspberries and little orange flowers. The conditioner is for limp, fine or oily hair as stated on the bottle and is supposed to have a volumising effect on your hair.

      The bottle holds 250mls of product and the product is a thick creamy consistency in pale pink, the product smells of sweet raspberries which I love. After using the shampoo I applied this to my wet hair and found that it was easy to smooth through my hair and also to rinse out again.

      After using both this product and the matching shampoo I found that my hair was left feeling soft and it was manageable too which to me with long thick hair is pretty important and the smell remained on my hair well. The drawback of this product is it actually didn't volumise my hair in the slightest so therefore I can only give it 3 stars as it is a good conditioner but not for volumising.


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      27.08.2012 18:26
      Very helpful



      Nice raspberry smell but not really volumising.

      ===Why I Bought This===

      Seeing the Avon catalogue regularly I notice that they are always bringing out new shampoos and conditioners into their ranges.
      Personally I do not believe all the claims made about shampoos and conditioners but as these were reasonably priced and sounded very nice - being with raspberry and hibiscus, plus the fact that my hair was looking decidedly ' limp and fine' I thought I would give them a try.

      ===The Brand===

      Avon is a long established direct selling network which used to sell just door-to-door but you can order directly from their website these days if you do not have a local representative handy.
      Avon Naturals is a range of products which Avon has which includes plant and fruit extracts.

      ===The Product===

      Avon state 'A lightweight conditioner to restore softness, without weighing hair down' (Consumer Study, 59 people).
      Cream coloured top down flip top bottle.
      250 mls.
      Conditioner designed for 'fine, limp or oily hair'.
      Image of raspberry and yellow hibiscus flower on the front.
      Made in Poland and use within 12 months.
      2 labels on the reverse - one on top of the other.
      'Volumising conditioner, helps maintain body and fullness without weighing hair down.''
      To use - massage into hair and work through evenly - rinse.thoroughly.
      Long list of ingredients including hibiscus sabdariffa extract and rubus idaeus extract.


      £2 each but currently on offer as 2 for £3.

      ===My Opinion===

      This is a thick and creamy pink conditioner which I bought to go along with the matching shampoo.
      It has a good raspberry smell. I particularly like fruity items so this was a nice addition to by showering and bathing routine.
      I have always had fine hair and with the passing of the years it has got a little worse so anything that can help at all would be a bonus.
      Being quite creamy and thick this conditioner needed ait of rinsing - but after use did leave my hair feeling soft and not at all greasy. Whist it left my hair soft I would not say it actually did anything on the volumising front - not that I ever expect it to work miracles. So while I like the shampoo and conditioner for its smell and texture - they are not ones I would be desperate to have again.
      This conditioner, ulike the shampoo, did not get used up very quickly, as I tended to prefer Avon's Quick Touch Leave In Conditioner, so I suppose that speaks for itself. It is a nice item to use - but apart from the fragrance and colour I do not think it has any special attributes.

      ===Star Rating===

      3 stars An OK conditioner but does not do much for my fine hair - not that I expected it to.

      ===Would I Recommend?===

      Yes - but just as a conditioner - not a miracle cure.




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