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Avon Naturals Raspberry & Hibiscus Shampoo

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5 Reviews

Brand: Avon / Type: Hair Shampoo

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    5 Reviews
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      04.06.2013 17:42
      Very helpful




      As someone who has very long, medium hair, i struggle to get volume at the crown and usually tie my hair up to avoid the dreaded "is it fine or greasy?". When i saw this shampoo in the Avon brochure for 99p, i was drawn to it as i do enjoy Avon shampoos.

      The bottle and packaging of this shampoo leaves a lot to be desired. A cheap looking plastic beige bottle, with a sticker on it. Not ideal, but for 99p what do you expect.

      The smell of this product is the selling point for me, it smells fruity and fresh. Not too synthetic raspberry smelling either, which is great. You can't really smell the hibiscus in it (although i'm not entirely sure what they smell like!) This smell lingers after washing and drying, it's lovely.

      When using this in the shower, it foams up great. Not a great deal is needed to work up a good lather, as i do find with cheaper shampoos i need to use a hand full to get a good bubble with my hair.

      After drying - sadly my hair is not massively voluminous! Which is disappointing, but due to the issues i have with hair volume, i wasn't expecting anything different. However my hair is clean, smelling beautiful and soft.

      Overall, i'd repurchase this if it was on offer. However, i wouldn't go out of my way to do an Avon order just to get this. It's nice enough!


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      23.11.2012 17:13
      Very helpful



      Overall, I would not buy this again and I do not really recommend this product.

      Avon Naturals Volumising Shampoo (Raspberry and Hibiscus)

      I bought this shampoo a while ago from my local Avon representative as it was on an introductory offer and it was only 99p I think at the time. I haven't had much luck with Avon shampoos (except the Avon cherry blossom shampoo which is fantastic!) but I thought I would give this a try anyway - I have now used up the bottle.

      - Product description (from Avonshop.co.uk)

      "Formulated to provide volume and body to limp hair, leaving it renewed, refreshed and revitalised. Massage into wet hair, from roots to tips. Lather, rinse and repeat if needed."

      - About the product

      The product comes in a 250ml bottle and the bottle/packaging itself looks really cheap and tacky. This product is aimed at people with fine, limp or oily hair - my hair isn't really any of these things except for limp as it can be weighed down because my hair is fairly thick and long. The shampoo contains raspberry and hibiscus as the main/advertised ingredients but this product does contain mostly unnatural ingredients unfortunately.

      - Using the product and results

      I go through shampoos really quickly and this one was no exception, I used this shampoo up in two weeks which is quite fast considering I wash my hair about four times a week. I use about a £2 coin sized amount each time I wash my hair (or more usually) and I found that this product did lather up fairly well which isn't a surprise when looking at the ingredients to find sodium laureth sulphate as one of the main ingredients - sodium laureth sulphate is a commonly used foaming agent but it can cause irritation. The scent of this shampoo while using it is quite nice, it smells sweet and fruity mainly which some floral notes - a really generic scent in my opinion. The shampoo smells fairly nice, it lathers up well and I find that it rinses out quickly and easily too. I then leave my hair to dry naturally overnight and I find that after using this shampoo my hair feels clean, fresh and the scent doesn't really transfer at all to my hair which may be a negative point for some.

      The shampoo on its own really doesn't detangle my hair and I have to use conditioner every time I use this product otherwise my hair will be really tangled and dry. The shampoo claims to be volumising - it is the only claims really of the product and I find that it doesn't do anything in terms of volumising but it doesn't weigh my hair down which is a good point but no increase in volume. Also I find that when I used this shampoo I did experience some irritation and spots at the back of my neck which may or may not be due to this product. From my experience I find this to be an average product and I wouldn't buy it again - but it is really cheap so it may be worth trying.

      - Price and availability

      I bought this shampoo a while ago when it was on an introductory offer and it currently on offer again (surprise, surprise) at 99p which is a fantastic price and it may be worth trying at that price but I wouldn't buy it again. This product can be purchased from avonshop.co.uk.



      *Nice scent but it is fairly generic
      *Lathers well but it does contain sodium laureth sulphate which is a common foaming agent
      *Cleans my hair fairly well
      *Very cheap


      *No increase in volume
      *Some irritation experienced
      *Fairly average results

      Thank you for reading my review


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      21.10.2012 22:50
      Very helpful



      A nice shampoo but no volume

      I do tend to like a lot of Avon products so when they bring out something new I do tend to give it a try and this shampoo was no different. As with all Avon products I only buy them when they are on offer as they go on offer so regularly I don't see the point in paying full price, with this being a new product when I bought it I got it at an introductory price.

      The shampoo is part of the Avon naturals range so can only be bought from Avon, if you have a representative you can get it delivered for free but if you have to buy from the internet site you either have to pay delivery or spend over £20.

      The shampoo comes packaged in a plain cream plastic bottle with a sticker on the front giving the name of the product and of course the Avon name along with a picture of some raspberries and orange flowers. It states that this is volumising shampoo for fine limp or oily hair, my hair can be quite limp at times which was why I purchased this particular one.

      The bottle has a flip top lid to open it and it is easy to open even with wet hands. On opening the bottle the scent isn't very string as you can't smell it until you get your nose right up close but when you do it is a lovely sweet scent of raspberries which I really liked.

      The shampoo comes out of the bottle easily and I applied it to my wet hair and found that it lathered up really well, the shampoo also rinsed out of my hair very easily and didn't feel like there was any residue left in my hair. I followed the shampoo with the matching conditioner as I always do with my hair but that's a different review.

      I found that after using this shampoo my hair was soft and manageable aswell as smelling nice as the scent did remain on my hair until the day after use. I wouldn't say that this shampoo really gave my hair any life and so was quite disappointed by it, as a shampoo it left my hair feeling nice and clean but as for adding volume it was useless which is why I am only giving it 3 stars.


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      22.08.2012 03:07
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      A not so volume boosting shampoo from Avon.

      ~ Avon Naturals Raspberry and Hibiscus Shampoo ~

      A few brochures back I noticed that Avon had introduced yet another shampoo, and as it was new they also had a cheap introductory price of about a quid each for this, the matching conditioner and the hair refresher spray so I went ahead and ordered all three ... Why not!

      These products are part of the Avon Naturals range not the Advanced Techniques like most of the more popular Avon hair products.

      When they were delivered I opened the bag up and have to admit I was slightly disappointed by the plainess of the shampoo and conditioner bottles. The picture in the brochure showed them as quite plain yet I never really paid much attention to it however they are very plain and boring, the plastic bottles are a plain creamy colour. Both shampoo and conditioner bottles are exactly the same, the only difference is that the stickers are placed a different way on the conditioner bottle so that it stands on it's lid.
      The bottles are cream with a sticker placed on the front of the bottle, the sticker gives us the brand and range name, and tells us that it is a Volumising Shampoo for fine, limp or oily hair. The sticker is coloured in reddy shades with a small slice of picture showing some juicy raspberries and an orange hibiscus flower. These are the scents of the shampoo - Raspberry and Hibiscus.

      Due to the poor bottle standards I wasn't really expecting much from the shampoo but I flipped open the lid for a sniff. I was pleased with the scent. It's quite a strong raspberry scent, very sweet yet still nice.
      This increased my expectations slightly so I popped it upstairs ready to use later on in the shower.

      So when it come to using it I stood under the cascade of warm water trickling from the shower to wet my hair. After doing so I flipped open the lid with ease and poured out a blob onto my hand. The shampoo is a pearly pale pink colour and the smell was quite strong. I then proceeded to lather up my hair. It made plenty of lovely smelling foam and really lathered up well, my hair smelt gorgeous and after rinsing out felt clean. I then proceeded with the conditioner. I have to say I was less impressed with the smell of this. This came out in a pale pink colour with no shimmer and the smell was somewhat sour. However as I had already shoved it onto my hair I carried on lathering this into my hair. The smell was quite over powering but did fade when rinsed out. I will say that my hair was left quite smooth and soft but as for the promised volume boosting this is something I failed to notice. I found that my hair was left quite flat and lifeless.

      If you want a shampoo that leaves your clean then this is just fine but if you do want something to add volume then I would not recommend this at all. I found it added no oomph at all to my hair, in fact it was quite the opposite. The smell was fresh and clean and that is probably the only good thing about it.

      Thanks for reading :o) x


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        20.08.2012 21:15
        Very helpful



        Nice raspberry shampoo but don't expect extra volume.

        ===Why I Bought This===

        Seeing the Avon catalogue regularly I notice that they are always bringing out new shampoos and conditioners into their ranges.
        Personally I do not believe all the claims made about shampoos and conditioners but as these were reasonably priced and sounded very nice - being with raspberry and hibiscus, plus the fact that my hair was looking decidedly ' limp and fine' I thought I would give them a try.

        ===The Brand===

        Avon is a long established direct selling network which used to sell just door-to-door but you can order directly from their website these days if you do not have a local representative handy.
        Avon Naturals is a range of products which Avon has which includes plant and fruit extracts.

        ===The Product===

        Avon state it will be - 'leaving it renewed, refreshed and revitalised'.
        Cream coloured flip top bottle.
        250 mls.
        Shampoo designed for 'fine, limp or oily hair'.
        Image of raspberry and yellow hibiscus flower on the front.
        Made in Poland and use within 12 months.
        2 labels on the reverse - one on top of the other.
        'Volumising shampoo, gently cleanses hair. Helps add body and fullness.'
        Long list of ingredients including hibiscus sabdariffa extract and rubus idaeus extract.


        £2 each but currently on offer as 2 for £3.

        ===My Opinion===

        This is a thick and creamy shampoo with a good raspberry smell. I particularly like fruity items so this was a nice addition to by showering and bathing routine.
        I have always had fine hair and with the passing of the years it has got a little worse so anything that can help at all would be a bonus.
        Being more on the creamy side to my usual shampoos it did not give vast amounts of lather but it was nice to use and rinsed out without too much trouble. Whist it left my hair soft and clean (as any shampoo should) I would not say it actually did anything on the volumising front - not that I ever expect a shampoo or other cosmetic to work miracles. So while I like the shampoo for its smell and texture - it is not one I would be desperate to have again.
        This shamppo got used up fairly quickly as not only I was using it - I think my son's girlfriend liked the fragrance too so the bottle quickly got empty. It is a nice item to use and does feel more luxurious than the basic shampoos I often use - but apart from the fragrance and colour I do not think it has any special attributes.

        ===Star Rating===

        3 stars An OK shampoo but does not do much for my fine hair - not that I expected it to.

        ===Would I Recommend?===

        Yes - but just as a shampoo - not a miracle cure.




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