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Batiste Nude Dry Shampoo

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2 Reviews

Brand: Batiste / Type: Hair Shampoo / Suitable for: dry hair

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    2 Reviews
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      13.07.2012 07:51
      Very helpful
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      A disappointing non-spray version of Batiste dry shampoo

      Most of you will agree, that every person hates something about his or her appearance. While for some people it is spots, weight, wrinkles or whatever, the thing that bothered me the most about how I looked was my hair. I used to love the way it was cut (a bit past shoulder length, with choppy layers and a feathered shorter bit at the front), but it would only take a couple of hours after washing it before my hair would start to show signs of going greasy again. This was mainly a problem at the front of my hair, where it was shorter, and due to being next to my face, it would get greasy from my skin much more quickly. Whereas this wouldn't bother many people, it really annoyed me, as it not only made me look less attractive, I could constantly see it myself and couldn't forget about it. Short of washing my hair constantly, there was nothing I could really do to avoid it, so I let my hair grow to all the same length and kept it away from my face when possible, and while it stopped going greasy as much I didn't like the general appearance of my hair.

      That is, of course, until I discovered Batiste. I decided to risk it, and got my hair cut back to how I liked it, and after hearing great things about Batiste's dry shampoo, hoped that my greasiness problems would be over. I hoped that with this spray I could clean just the affected part of my hair quickly, without having to have a shower and restyle my hair all the time. Even now that I have longer hair (haven't had it cut in a couple of years now, so it's about boob length) and have fewer problems with my hair going greasy quickly, I still find dry shampoo indispensable on days where I have no time to wash my hair or when it's starting to show signs of grease.

      == Batiste Dry Shampoo ==

      Batiste dry shampoo is a spray of a white and powdery substance, which, once sprayed onto the hair, removes most traces of grease from the hair, leaving hair looking shiny and clean once it has been brushed out. I found it easy to spray it directly onto the area that I wanted to de-grease, and as long as I brushed it thoroughly, no traces of the white powder were left behind in my hair (though I would always recommend checking to make sure before you leave the house!). I mainly used to use this on the front portion of my hair, so I had to close my eyes while spraying it to avoid getting it into my eyes, but it was easy to do, and the spray caused no reactions on any part of my head, thankfully. Now I don't really have a side fringe and so only use it on my roots and the results have been similar. These dry shampoos really work and although they are not an alternative to washing your hair properly in the long run, they are great if you don't have time or can't be bothered to wash your hair for a day or two longer than normal.

      == Batiste Nude ==

      Batiste Nude is slightly different to the other dry shampoos in the range, and is one that I was keen to try as soon as it came out. Instead of being in spray form like all the others, Batiste Nude comes in a smaller container containing more concentrated powder that you apply to your head rather like talcum powder. There's a thin nozzle, which means that its application is more controlled, so you don't end up with loads going everywhere. Unlike the others, it's also unscented, hence the 'nude' title. I thought this was an interesting idea and a good direction for the brand to go into, as it's better for the environment than an aerosol and I imagined it would be better for tackling small areas of grease.

      == What I Thought ==

      Unfortunately, I wasn't impressed with this dry shampoo. I found that the very small nozzle made it difficult to get as much out as I wanted to without it taking a long time, and the effects weren't as good as with the sprays. I don't know why this was the case, but my hair didn't look as good after using this as it does after the sprays and that is reason enough not to particularly like it. The fact that it's unscented wouldn't put me off if I liked the effect, but since I love the way most of the others smell, its lack of nice scent has to be another minus for this shampoo.

      == Conclusion ==

      As I've said, this really isn't a great dry shampoo and I shall not be buying it again. Most of the Batiste dry shampoo sprays are amazing and really make your hair look loads better without having to properly wash it, but this really let me down. I will probably continue to use it occasionally until it's ran out, but even then only when I don't have the spray available. I highly recommend Batiste in general, but this one gets a thumbs down from me.


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        21.03.2011 11:36
        Very helpful
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        Overall a good concept but it just does not work in practice :( - not recommended

        Batiste Nude Dry Shampoo

        I have used the spray versions of this product before and for me they do not really work, but this product was on offer and it is new so I thought I would try it out. It is the newest product they make, as far as I am aware.

        *About the product*

        It does not come in a spray can, well because it is not a spray. It comes in a squeezy tube that has a nozzle at the top. And inside there is a fine white powder that you then put on your hair. It comes in 50g or 1.7 us oz bottles. In the checkout line I though about putting this bottle back and getting another as the bottle felt really light, it did not feel full - But the bottle is a lot bigger than the amount of product in it.


        This product only has two ingredients, which are Zea mays starch and talc. It is fragrance free and it also says on the bottle that it is hypoallergenic - "formulated to minimize risks of allergic reactions".

        *My opinion of the product*

        -How to use and Application

        I have used the spray dry shampoos in the past and they have been really easy to use, mess free and quick but not so with this product. With this product you have to shake the bottle, although I don't know why as it is just powder inside, then you have to gently squeeze the bottle so that some of the powder comes out.

        It says on the bottle that you can squeeze the product out into your hand or you can squeeze it straight out into your hair. I would not recommend squeezing it into your hair as I have found. It is really messy when you dispense the product into your hands never mind your hair. I ended up with grey hair as the powder is white and my hair is dark brown, the powder went everywhere and it was just a mess. So if you are going to buy this product I would suggest that you dispense the product into your hands.

        Once the product is is your hands, I then just got a small amount of the product on my fingertips and then I put that on my roots. I only used a small amount at a time as then you can be sure that you have messaged the powder in well - otherwise you may have grey hair (if you have dark dark, the powder does not show up as much on my sisters blondish hair).

        I find that it is quite messy when the product is in my hands, the powder tends to go all over my hands and it falls off when I try to put it to my roots too. The nozzle at the top does reduce some of the mess but it is still not great.

        Once the product is applied to my roots, my hair still feels like it is greasy. Then you have to brush the product out - although I can not see any of the product in my hair and it does feel less greasy than it did before the application. It says to brush the product out with a soft brush, I don't have one, so I used my normal paddle brush and all brushing my hair did was make my hair even more greasy than before.

        Overall, I would so that the application process is not good at all, it is messy and not very easy - it is a lot more time consuming when compared to the spray cans. After the application my hair felt a bit less greasy than before, but then brushing my hair through made it really greasy.


        I find that this product does not work for my hair at all, the application process was not as easy as the spray cans and it is more time consuming. The brushing after the application made my hair feeling and looking even more greasy than before the application of this product.

        I have used this a number of times and it has not worked each time - my hair was not very greasy either and it did not work for me. The spray cans have not really worked for me either but I will not be buying this product in the future.

        And because I have dark hair the white powder is not such a great idea, the powder makes my hair look grey! Although when it is rubbed into my roots that goes away mostly.

        Overall, the results are not great from this product, as my hair is still greasy and if I have not rubbed the powder into my hair well then I will be walking around with random bits of grey hair - at 18! (well nearly 19, but it's not a good look for me). The powder did not affect my sisters hair which is a medium highlighted blonde, so this product may work better if you have lighter coloured hair.

        *Price and availability*

        I bought this product as it was on offer in body care (I think the offer is only on for a week so I may finish this weekend - 19.03.2011). I bought this new product for only 99p - that is the reason I bought it, as it was so cheap. It can also be bought from the following:

        Superdrug: £3.56 - for 150ml (boots is the same price)

        So If you want to try this product I would suggest going to body care and getting a small bottle for 99p, which is a great price and if it does not work for your hair (like it did not work for my hair) it is not a lot of money to lose.


        Good points

        *Fragrance free, hypoallergenic and the bottle is 100% recyclable
        *Cheap - in body care - only 99p
        *100% natural - Overall it was a good idea and I love that it is 'green' but it does not work well at all

        Bad points

        *Everything - it is messy, it does not work for my hair, my hair is still left greasy, the powder goes everywhere, the white powder is not great for my hair hair (as it makes my hair look grey if it is not worked into my hair really well) and it is a lot more time consuming when compared to the spray cans.

        For more information: http://www.batistehair.co.uk/products/nude

        Thank you for reading my review - this review will be posted on dooyoo under my username tigger1992 and ciao under my user name labellavita1992 x


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