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Bigen Permenant Powder Hair Colour

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4 Reviews

Brand: Bigen / Colour / Type: Hair Powder

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    4 Reviews
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      14.07.2011 23:54
      Very helpful



      A powder hair dye that contains no ammonia or hydrogen peroxide!


      At the age of 27, I have unfortunately come across a few strands of grey hair. Instead of buying a whole box of hair dye for just 5 hairs, I have started using Bigen Permanent Powder. Bigen Permanent Powder is a hair dye that comes in powder form and I can use it bit by bit and this also saves me money. The other reason I started using Bigen Permanent Powder is because unlike a lot of other hair dyes it does no contain ammonia or hydrogen peroxide. I have thin hair so I wanted to make sure that my hair would not be further damaged by colouring it and was further swayed into using Bigen Permanent Powder because of the absence of ammonia and hydrogen peroxide. Ammonia is corrosive and can cause breakage to strands of hair. It can also cause a burning sensation if you leave it for too long on your scalp! There you go, two reasons to steer clear of dyes containing ammonia and hydrogen peroxide! The Bigen website states that the Bigen Permanent powder dye works by naturally opening the hair's cuticle to deposit rich natural colour.

      How easy is it to apply?

      Bigen Permanent hair powder is very easy to apply. The Bigen Permanent hair powder is contained in a little bottle. This is the only thing that box contains (the little brown bottle which looks cute) and it does not come with gloves , palette, brush etc. To use the hair powder you have to find your own little brush and palette. I brought a new toothbrush, to use for specifically applying Bigen Permanent Powder to my hair. Add some of the powder to the palette and mix it with a little water. The mixture looks waterish grey and you then have to apply the mixture to dry hair. Leave it on your hair for about thirty minutes and then rinse it out with shampoo and conditioner. I was very pleased with the result I got the first time I used Bigen Permanent Powder. Bigen Permanent Powder is suitable for men and women.

      How did the colour meet your expectations?

      Bigen is available in eleven different colours. The colours I often use are Light Chestnut and Medium Chestnut. One bottle tend to last me about 6 weeks. The colours are very vibrant and my hair was effectively coloured and the five or six grey hairs have been instantly covered! The lasts forever and has not faded till now. I have been using this for a year now and use it now to colour the re-grown hairs!

      The different colours that Bigen Permanent Powder is available in the following colours:
      Dark Auburn - Shade Number 37
      Chocolate- Shade Number 45
      Light Chestnut- Shade Number 46
      Medium Chestnut- Shade Number 47
      Dark Chestnut- Shade Number 48
      Rich Medium Brown- Shade Number 56
      Dark Brown- Shade Number 57
      Black Brown- Shade Number 58
      Oriental Black- Shade Number 59
      Blue Black- Shade Number 88
      Deep Burgundy- Shade Number 96

      Bigen Permanent Hair Powder is manufactured in Japan. Bigen Permanent Powder is available in Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury and Wilkinson for £2.99. Bigen Permanent Powder is not listed on the websites of Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury or Wilkinson but I have definitely purchased Bigen from the mentioned stores. The sole distributor of Bigen Permanent Powder is Acering. Bigen also sells semi-permanent hair powder.


      I would definitely recommend that you use Bigen Permanent Hair Powder because it doesn't damage the hair. Even if you don't plan to use this regularly, its good just to have a bottle around in the cabinet so that you can use it for emergencies! My family members have been using this for years and have suffered no hair loss or hair damage!

      I hope you enjoyed reading my review. I have also posted this review on ciao.


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      14.09.2009 15:06



      i like bigen because it does not have ammonia and peroxide like other hair dyes you can buy from most major stores, i.e. superdrug, etc. very economical, because i just use a little to dye my grey hair whenever it grows out. bigen doesnt sting or make my head itch whereas the other hair dyes do. well, i only use dark brown to match my hair colour - so very economical to me.


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      02.10.2008 10:23



      i have been using bigen for the past 10 years or more.it is:# easy to apply# no ammonia# no hydrogen peroxide# economical, as wastage is minimised# long lasting. however, leaves a reddish tinge after 15 to 20 days of application.# after trying all other brands (medium to high prices), have happily settled for bigen


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      19.05.2008 16:09
      Very helpful




      have written many reviews on hair care products during my time on Dooyoo. I'm a bit infatuated with my hair simply cos I'd never really been bothered about it then at Christmas I had a load of vouchers with £2.00 off many of the better hair ranges at Boots. Now me, I was always one for buying decent brands but on the cheap in shops like Poundland so it was hit and miss buying and it was whatever was there really that sounded ok. So when I was in Boot's buying all this new hair care stuff I fell in love with (and still am) with Lee stafford products. Now this isn't really a good thing cos now, not only do I have pride in my hair but a huge overdraft and a bedroom full of it all so that I can't move!

      Since now I have better hair cos of the stuff I use on it, I have my hair trimmed and I dye my hair regulary. Me, like you if you use hair colours have pretty much tried loads of different brands in all shapes, colours, sizes and some I have liked and some I haven't and then I stumbled across this. A powder you mix up? Well I've been stuck in a rut lately with Poly colour 'Raven Black' but I'm sick to death of the staining I just can't prevent all over my face and ears and it takes a couple of days to remove it properly. So I fancied a change and went to peruse Tesco's for something a bit more expensive and hopefully easier at applying and not getting in a mess with!

      I do wonder what harm I'm doing to my hair with the conventional hair-dyes so when I came across this 'Bigen' I was very interested. Not being a company I had heard of before and being a Japanese product and a mix up one you do yourself I was incredibly wary and the fact the colour isn't just black but 'blue/black' was a bit daunting. Like you think ok how blue we talking here? Smurf like or that woman out of are you being served oh or Marge Simpson? lol

      About The Product...

      Well the 'secret formula' has been around over a 100 years, (apparantly).
      The products are made in Japan and the products are made with oriental and asian people in mind. It's very much marketed that way on websites.
      They have one colour in the range 'Bigen 59' that is from Pakistan. This coats the hair, so it will eventually wash out and lots of other colours but mainly in blacks and browns (no blondes or reds etc that are made in Japan).
      All products contain no Ammonia and no Hydrogen Peroxide.

      The Packaging....

      Small carboard box which shows and states what my colour is on the top. On the front I'm told in bold black letters that it is indeed Bigen, permenant powder hair colour. Then under that I'm told the number of my colour (in my case 88) and the colour (blue/black). Under that I have a picture of an oriental woman drawn on my box in a kimono and told the weight of the box in the bottom left hand corner which is 6g and it's all set on a red and white background.

      On the back of the box again I'm told what it is and told it's for 'all grey or partially grey hair, ideal for covering grey naturally thanks to the following features....

      Long Lasting.... Beautiful & true-to-life-colour lasts long
      No Harsh Odour.... Bigen contains NO AMMONIA
      Easy To Use.... Just mix with plain water
      Economical.... Bigen is easy to be divided for several use.

      (Please note that is all copied off the box word for word letter for letter and I'm slightly concerned at the missing letter and not so good English here!

      On the side of the box I'm given a list of ingredients, and a couple of warnings and given contact details for Bigen.

      The product itself comes in a small brown bottle bout an inch and a half tall and it's made of brown glass with a brown plastic screw on/off lid and the front has a small cream label that again tells me what it is and the colour and gives a couple of warnings. Also included is a tiny measuring see through plastic measuring cup. It's tiny like a protective cap that in this county we get on our hair products instead of lids.

      All in all ok packaging and tells me what I need to know!

      Also in the box is a leaflet telling me what to do before use (like testing it etc), then told I'm how to prepare the mixture, how to apply it, timing instructions, and how to rinse.

      Not the instructions are really confusing! There seems more information in Japanese than in the language I need and I need to use this as I'm going out so therefore I have no time to learn another language at this stage! Yes I understand about covering myself up with a towel and using gloves and doing allergy test on myself. Yes I know how to apply it and how to time it and remove it but the mixing instructions are very vague indeed.

      Now as I stated earlier this is a product you can get more than one use from. It tells me to mix the amount I require in a none metallic bowl with tap water. So I have my powder, a bowl, a spoon and some water and the cap that is supplied in the box (No gloves, applying brush or mixer is given). I look at the instructions and it says....

      1 bottle = 5 Bigen measuring cups
      1/2 bottle = 2 1/2 Bigen measuring cups
      1/4 bottle = 1 bigen measuring cups.

      Just one problem! How much do I need? I can't tell as I haven't used such a product before and without mixing it up I won't see how much I need so this could be incredibly wasteful and what a mess if I don't mix enough up! Slightly panicked now this really isn't as straightforward as it looks! Looking at the instructions even using 5 Bigen measuring cups isn't going to saturate my hair and my hair is thin and shoulder length!

      Using It....

      So I mix up half a bottle and quickly realise that this isn't going to be enough so I mix up the whole bottle, still doesn't look enough so I improvised and I dampened my hair down so that it was damp and not wet so it may blend in easier. My liquid once mixed (in a mug) looked really lumpy and no matter what I did I couldn't bash these powedery lumps out so again I was concerned. The smell was however different from most hair dyes. This didn't have a chemical smell to it it what so ever and had an entirely pleasant smell of flowers that wasn't overpowering at all just pleasant. My colour looked like if you bit through a biro ink pen with lots of lumps!

      As I expected this was very difficult to apply. I was so concerned that I hadn't got a enough to cover all my hair that I had to take my time and be careful not to use too much or I was going to end up with patchy hair which ok I was going over some black already on my hair but I had a lot of roots on show and and the sun had bleached some colour out and alot of my natural colour was coming through (red) and also ok I have prodominently black hair but this promised blue as well!

      I applied the mixture over my head and I really didn't have enough so I had to add some water to the last of my mixture. I was concerned that this would weaken the colour. Doing all this I stopped watching where I applying the dye and got some on my face and hands (even though I was using gloves and a brush I purchased myself) and to be fair it came off easily enough you just have to notice it and wipe it quick.

      I left it on my head the recommended half an hour and it set on my head. Wasn't too much of a problem but it gave hard hair and felt a little uncomfortable and I couldn't wait to get it off!

      Washing it out took forever! I had to stand in the shower for over half hour and rub it out but eventually I gave up on it running clear and decided it was ok as I wasn't going out anymore anyway cos I was a bit stressed out!

      Putting a comb through it hair did feel a little dry and when I looked in the mirror I couldn't believe that my hair line was still (even after scrubbing twice with shampoo and an intensive conditioner) full of the colour that was a massive give away I had freshly dyed hair. I tried to get it off with some soap and some wet wipes but no it wouldn't budge at all. So I let my hair dry and then I got back in shower and shampooed and conditioned yet again. More colour came out and I was feeling a bit better about it but still some was visible where mens side burns are it was badly on my skin!

      End Result....

      I dried and straightened my hair and there is nothing special about this hair dye. Yes hair turned out ok though if you look to close at the underneath of the back of my hair you can really see where I missed (so no pony tail for me at the moment) but just wearing my hair down is fine. Hair is shiny but only in the same way it usually is and the colour is not really blue/black with light pigmentation it's more of a flat black.

      Using this is a nightmare. Even now (4 days later) I still have a little dye on my skin if you look for it (and I've showered every one of them days), and the instructions are hard to follow and not enough product etc I just wouldn't buy it again. I also lost a toilet seat cover in action when I got some dye on it. I'd noticed the tiny blobs straight away and rubbed it and washed it but no it had to go in the bin, however my mug I mixed the mixture up in was fine.

      I wouldn't recommend this at all. All the mixing and having to buy gloves and a brush to apply it on with etc just puts black marks against this product (literally). Stick with a bottle of hair dye and keep things straightforward as this has no redeeming benefits at all. It's quite nasty!

      I purchased mine on offer for 49p (I should've known eh lol) and it's usually about £2.99. I purchased mine in Tesco's as I mentioned previously but likely to be found in small independent chemists and is available to purchase on line, but don't go there unless you want skin that resembles a blackberry!


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