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Bomb Cosmetics Purple Passion Solid Shampoo Bar

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Brand: Bomb Cosmetics / Type: Hair Shampoo

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    1 Review
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      16.02.2010 11:29
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      A lovely solid shampoo bar which has many advantages including the price!

      Just before Christmas in Holland and Barrett I saw a range of toiletries called Bomb Cosmetics. Completely new to me and situated in the ethical section of paraben free products, I was immediately drawn to a square box containing a product called "The Purple Passion Solid Shampoo Bar". Until the day I saw this item I thought that Lush had a monopoly on these type of products, but this one looked so beautiful I decided to purchase.

      Since then I have seen many of the Bomb cosmetics in a local gift store we have, so am intending to purchase more items in the near future. This is because they have a wide range of bath treats, all scented with aromatherapy oils, which look absolutely gorgeous.

      Bomb Cosmetics are an ethical company, and all their products are hand made. Moreover they have a commitment to animal rights and to the protection of the environment, and they publish a comprehensive ethical policy document on their website. This can be found at www.bombcosmetics.co.uk. I respect them for this attention to sustainability, and for taking the time to publish this document, as it sits along side the flowery bathroom treats they offer, reminding us in their own words that although they offer products for pampering and for indulgence that "being a little selfish and enjoying some "me time" doesn't need to come at a price to the environment."

      The Lavender Purple Passion Shampoo Bar that I purchased was £3.79, and is part of a range of bars which include "The Flower Girl Bar", which is a lovely pastel pink and has in their words a "blackcurrant and blood orange, and a ginger blossom and freesia heart, and a musky vanilla heart." Also offered is a rather interesting sounding bar- "The Hedge Tamer Shampoo Bar" which is a minty concoction designed to detangle locks which are presumably hedgehog style when rising from the pillow first thing! Another in the range is called "The Sheening" which is a creamy white, similar in look to the Lush Ultimate Shine Bar, and contains lemongrass and bergamot oils. The penultimate bar is called "The to Be Sheer Bar" and this is an apple green bar, which is based on an olive scent with clary sage, which is laced with sandalwood and bergamot. Finally they sell the "Wow Factor Shampoo Bar" which I love the look of as it contains chamomile and lavender.

      So you can see from this list that the range is as extensive as those sold in Lush shops, and these are cheaper by over a £1 in many cases so are well worth a look at on price alone.

      The Purple Passion Shampoo Bar that I tried is presented in a cardboard box which is made from recycled paper, so already we are off to a good start in terms of being ethical. The box has a cellophane window so you can look inside, and this affords the opportunity to view the bar. Mine has a lovely lavender stem lying across the window, which gives a good indication as to the contents. The bar is a pretty lilac shade and is plastic wrapped. It is also suitable for vegans.

      The aroma is a lovely, a delicate lavender with a hint of rosemary. Of course these are both herbs in the same family, so maybe this is why the fragrance is so beautiful. Also in there are eucalyptus and pine oils, though these are harder to detect in my opinion. The main point here is though you are not subjecting yourself to an onslaught of old ladies lavender, which can be overpowering!

      The brilliant quality this bar has is that it lathers beautifully with the minimum of effort and rinses out easily. The delicate lavender is actually a very relaxing scent, and I find it soothing and enjoy lying in the bath for a few minutes to allow the soap to cleanse and scent my hair. I do follow with a conditioner, but this is only because I have dyed and highlighted hair, which I straighten each morning. My husband uses this bar and he finds no need to use any conditioning product at all. He prefers the bar to all the Lush ones he normally uses. I also find my hair is easy to comb through afterwards.

      The great thing about this product is that it is saving all those shampoo bottles from cluttering up the environment, and it is a brilliant product for travelling as it is lightweight and easy to transport. You can even use a Lush tin to keep it in as they sell tins designed to accommodate shampoo bars. I still like to use liquid shampoos from time to time, as I have some gems which I really value including the new L'Oreal Elvive for highlighted hair which is superb, but using these shampoo bars means I can be more ethical more often, and the travelling attributes make these bars perfect for taking on planes in hand luggage.

      This shampoo bar really is an object of beauty, and it lasts a long time. I have been using mine regularly now for 6 weeks, and although I have also used liquid shampoos it is still very much intact with lots of washes left.

      I am delighted with this product and shall be buying some more of their shampoo bars in the near future. If you love Lush solid shampoos these are a lovely alternative, and if you haven't ventured into the world of the solid shampoo bars these are a wonderful place to start.

      You can buy these via the website and I can recommend this as it is well designed, easy to navigate and provides an excellent showcase portraying the products they offer. You can also download a brochure detailing all their products and prices. The website also has an interactive map allowing you to locate your nearest stockist.



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      Bomb Cosmetics / Type: Shampoo

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