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Boots Essentials' Styling Mousse coloured hair

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Brand: Boots / Type: Styling Mousse / Subcategory: Styling Products

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    1 Review
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      14.10.2008 22:27
      Very helpful



      Great, particulary for dark hair!

      I have one thing going for my hair and that is incredible shine.... always (unless I use rubbish products on my hair of course lol). To be fair that's all it has going for it cos the rest of it is a mixture of greasy roots, dry mid section and split ends, frizz and it can be really lifeless at times and looks lank. Getting ready to go out of an evening can be an absolute nightmare. I can look great in every other respect (at least in my mind!) but my hair can really be a let down so I try to play on my best attributes.

      My hair is dyed jet black... probably a bit too often but my natural colour is quite light and my hair grows rather quickly so I'm constantly battling with my roots so along with all the above problems I experience I have that issue added to my list (which is constantly growing!).

      On a recent shopping trip to Boots I picked this up as part of a 3 for the price of 2 offer that was on most of the hair care products. I didn't really need anything to add to my already massive hair product collection but for the price (£1.39) and me actually needing the other two products I purchased this as it seemed a nice addition to try and so very cheap!

      The Packaging....

      200ml aluminium long bright red can with a white plastic pump action aerosol dispenser situated to the top of it and there is afrosted white lid that pulls on and off that goes over that. On the front I'm told in dark blue small writing that it's 'Boots Essentials' at the top and then length-ways down the left hand side of the can in large white writing I'm told in capitals that it is Styling Mousse and then I'm told in smaller writing that it's for Coloured Hair. On the back I'm told what the product is for, directions for use, ingredients are listed, warning and cautions are on there. I'm then told it's flammable and that solvent abuse can kill, the size is stated (as I've listed already) and I'm told the can is recyclable, and made of aluminium, contact details for Boots are there and I'm told it is a Boots own product and finally there is a bar-code. I really like the nice can because although it's a cheap enough product and sort of an economy product it is nice and stylish looking and the information is well laid well out and easy to understand.

      What The Product Is For....

      Treat coloured hair to a conditioning boost with this flexible, long lasting styling mousse. Specially formulated to enhance natural or coloured hair with conditioning agents that promote shine, whilst helping to protect hair against heat styling damage. This instant absorbing mousse also contains climate control properties that resist humidity to lock out frizz, leaving hair radiant, shiny and full of life. Brushes out easily without flakiness.

      Directions For Use....

      Shake can well before use. Point can downwards and dispense a small amount onto you palm, smooth evenly through hair, then style.

      Using It....

      Like the other Boots Essential mousses in the range this is incredibly easy to use indeed. I use it on damp, clean, towel dried hair that I've combed or brushed through prior to using this. I do as I'm told (for once lol) and gently shake the can and dispense a blob of mousse on to the palm of my hand at an angle and I gently smooth down my hair and re-comb or brush it though to make sure it's evenly distributed through out my hair.

      The brilliant white coloured foam flies out of the can and I use whatever is dispensed onto my hand no matter the amount as I never find I use too much as it absorbs so easily, spreads easily and simply disappears into my hair leaving a lovely but lightly fragranced floral smell on my hair. The mousse is fairly thick but as I said easy to spread and it feels light and absorbed into the hair leaving none of the greasy feeling I mentioned I had felt slightly during application. You can barely feel you've used any product but for hair feeling a little heavier.

      Then style in any way you wish! Scrunch away, smooth it during hair drying with a comb or brush or simply dry it without too much care and whack hair straighteners on it after drying. Very easy to use and I like it's simplicity as I can't seem to use it wrongly and it doesn't feel greasy or sticky or at all hard work and I like the fact that I can feel confident using this as it promises to give my hair a bit of volume and not drain the life out of it and give it shine along with offering heat protection so I don't need multiple products.... (if it works of course lol!)....

      Does It Work?...

      It's absolutely great and I'm constantly banging on about how fabulous this range is not just because of the price but because it really is just brilliant even if products were triple the price!

      From the packaging being nice and it being easy to apply it gets better and better from there! None greasy and none sticky, hair feels what I can only explain as revitalised and refreshed.

      My colour looks refreshed giving me a just dyed feeling and it gives a really nice more than natural shine without making it feel faked and blinging too much. My hair feels softer and as I said none sticky and just feels natural and I have no dryness to my hair. The fragrance is lovely (not a scent of chemicals), lasting till I wash it out and my frizz is controlled without my hair feeling full of product and humidity doesn't touch your barnet. My whole hair feels bouncy and full of life and it holds the style I have achieved for hours (again, till I rinse it out) and it's none flaking and brushes out or washes out easily leaving no residue or tell tale signs of it ever being used.

      This is a really nice product which doesn't upset my greasy roots, dry hair and it plumps out the body including my straggly ends and overall makes my hair just feel more alive without it feeling clammed up with product as I have said aready! The shine is excellent and I have enough control with this product to not even use hairspray if I choose not to (of course you'd need other styling products for up do's etc!)..

      A must have in my view for people who dye there hair like I do and need a product that achieves all of the above but also seems to give a little extra conditioning at the same time in the way of hydration and touchably soft feeling hair that isn't hard to control! Just excellent Boots!

      Only available in Boots at £1.39 a can.


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