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Boots Expert Dry Scalp Treatment Conditioner

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2 Reviews

Brand: Boots / Type: Hair Treatment / Subcategory: Conditioner / What it does: moisturizes / Suitable for: dry hair

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    2 Reviews
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      09.10.2011 23:49
      Very helpful



      Great dandruff conditioner

      I as a sufferer of both an extremely dry scalp and greasy hair have to pay extra attention to the hair products i use, as i use Tresemme for my shampoo, due to it's effectiveness i also have to integrate something to deal with the dandruff condition that i have, which is where i discovered this.

      I initially got this item when my mum purchased it for me as she saw it while shopping out one day, at first i wasn't so sure, generally I'm someone a bit skeptical and apprehensive when it comes to home brand products, especially body care products as i never expect them to have the same quality put in to them as you would from a company who's sole purpose is to create these things. This is actually a really good product contrary to my initial suspects.

      The product comes in a smallish tall bottle which stands quite nicely on the edge of the bath the application nozzle is similar to on the Tresemme bottle however once it's nearing finish it is very difficult to get the last bits out of it. The actual conditioner looks like what you'd expect, a whiteish creamy looking liquid and it has a nice almost perfume smell to it leaving your hair smelling nice for the next couple of hours after which it eventually wears off. After only a few days you can visibly tell that it is having an affect on the dandruff and softening your scalp, the amount of white flakes in my hair was reduced very quickly and I would say i hardly see them now. A really effective anti dandruff conditioner.

      Smells Good
      Easily accsible
      Easy distrubtor

      Hard to get last bits out
      Bottle isn't very big


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      14.12.2007 19:17
      Very helpful



      Conditioner for dry scalps

      Dry Scalp Treatment Conditioner

      With my hair generally being the bane of my life, I tend to have crazy forays to the hair care section of the chemists in order to treat whatever problem is afflicting me at any given time. This time, it's a dry scalp- not nice because it gets itchy, and it so does not look good scratching at my head!

      I bought this along with the shampoo, inspired somewhat by the picture on the front of the bottle of extremely sleek, straight hair...obviously some kind of miracle worker1

      ~~What is it?~~

      It promises to be a specialist conditioner, which is calming and moisturising, thus easing the itch and giving me soft and shiny hair...obviously like the hair on the front of the bottle. It is hypoallergenic so I am assuming that it will do all of this without making me break out into even more itching

      ~~Product and Packaging~~

      The conditioner comes in a white 200ml bottle with all information and ingredients clearly written on the back of the bottle. The front of the bottle features that aforementioned sleek hair (picture of)

      To get the conditioner out of the bottle, simply flip up the lid which reveals a small hole. The bottle doesn't need squeezing- simply press up the lid and hold the bottle upside down so that the conditioner can go into your hand.

      The conditioner, like the shampoo is quite thick and is a kind of creamy white colour. The consistency of the conditioner means that it is easy to get just the required amount out of the bottle- because it is quite thick, it doesn't come spilling out of the bottle as soon as the bottle is tipped upside down.

      The conditioner has a very slightly medicated/floral smell which isn't unpleasant, although I believe my description makes it sound disgusting. The smell is actually so faint that it's hardly noticeable unless you take off the lid and sniff it- once you have rinsed the stuff off there is no residual smell.

      ~~How to use it~~

      After shampooing, apply the conditioner to your hair, massage it in and leave for two minutes. After it has stayed on your head/hair for the obligatory 2 minutes, give it a good rinse to make sure it's all out and your hair doesn't look all lank and greasy...how many times have I not rinsed properly (too many!)

      For best results, it's advised that you use the pre shampooing treatment and the shampoo, but I think I will stick to shampoo and conditioner or it could be an all night event.

      ~~The warnings...~~

      Don't get it into your eyes- I assume it will sting.
      It doesn't say who can use it, and there are no warnings about it being unsuitable for children under a certain age, but I don't think I would be using the shampoo on young children.

      ~~Price and Availability~~

      Available online at www.boots.com or instore at Boots shops. The product costs £2.99 for 200ml.

      ~~Related products~~

      Pre shampoo treatment
      Expert dry scalp treatment shampoo

      ~~My Verdict~~

      Just as I liked the shampoo, so I liked the conditioner. When used in conjunction with the shampoo, it really did make my scalp less dry and itchy. And, that was without the pre shampooing treatment.

      The conditioner is hypoallergenic, and we found that even himself who does sometimes suffer from psoriasis in his scalp managed to use this effectively on his ever so dainty scalp. In fact, when used alongside the shampoo, he did notice a definite easing of the psoriasis, so gentle and effective.

      The conditioner is easy to use, and only a small amount is needed to get up a good lather. When massaged into the scalp, the fact that it is quite creamy meant that my scalp felt well moisturised and conditioned. Because it feels very mild and creamy, after rinsing it off, my hair felt squeaky clean and soft. The fact that it rinses out easily is a plus because I can't bear the boredom of trying to rinse out conditioner which does not want to leave my head.

      For anyone with itchy or dry scalp, I would highly recommend this. It's easy to use, reasonably priced, and gives hair a good condition without having to rinse repeatedly to remove the stuff.

      A good one!!

      Thanks for reading.



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    • Product Details

      Calming and moisturising, this dry scalp treatment gives immediate soothing relief from irritation while gently conditioning for soft and shiny hair /

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