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Boots Ingredients Henna & Horse Chesnut Intensive Hair Mask

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Brand: Boots / Texture: Fluid / Type: Hair Mask

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    2 Reviews
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      29.09.2014 20:28
      Very helpful



      This is a good mask for people with normal/dry hair.

      I bought this mask on promotion at boots (buy 1 get 1 free) to help my damaged hair. I live in a humid environment and have oily roots and dry ends so it’s difficult finding a mask that doesn't make the situation worse.

      This mask is like a thick cream and it can be a little difficult to spread evenly. You can add a few drops of water to make it of spreadable consistency.

      Hair Type this Product is best for
      I believe this product would be better for people with normal or dry hair. If used properly it can work well with oily hair.

      How to Use it
      This is best used after a mild shampoo (squeeze the extra water out of your hair before applying the mask). For me it works well if I apply it on damp hair starting 2-3 inches away from my roots all the way to the tips. It can be kept in the hair for 10-15 minutes for a more intensive result. Rinse it out from the hair thoroughly with warm water (there is no need to shampoo afterwards).

      The first thing I liked as soon as I opened the container was the fragrance (although this is a disadvantage for people who don't like fragrance in their hair products). It leaves a nice scent in the hair for a day or two.

      Right from the first wash I noticed that it does soften my hair. Works best if used once a week.


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      18.04.2011 20:48
      Very helpful



      Nice enough though not all that conditioning

      Recently I had a really good hair chop at the hairdressers. My hair up until that point had been mainly black in colour...well especailly the ends so I had them totally cut off and now I'm left mainly (still have bits of black colour in my hair for now sadly lol) with my natural hair colour which is a sort of mahogany reddish colur.

      Becuase of having rather alot of hair taken off my bonce my hair now looks wonderfully healthy as well as feeling it and after not seeing my natural colour hair in years (I have had my hair all of the colours of the rainbow in the past!) I like it and decided no more drastic hair changes but I will.......if and when possible enhance it slightly if I can!

      The Packaging:

      This intensive hair mask comes in a slightly frosted but still see-through tub with a twist on/off lid to the top of it concealing a large hole. On the front label which is white we are told that it is Boots 'Ingredients' Henna & Horse Chestnut Intensive Hair Mask 'For Brunette & Red Hair' and there is a picture of a leaf and a chestnut shown. On the bottom of the tub which also has a white label on it other information listed incldes being told a bit about the product and how to use it, ingredients are given, the size is stated (which is 350g and the only size this product is available to purchase in by the way) and contact details for Boots are given. Its a rather simple, robust and informative tub this one, unisex too and I am impressed with the huge size this is all for £2.03 a tub of it!

      A Bit ABout The Product According To The Information Given On The Tub:

      With extracts oif Henna & Horse Chestnut, Boots Ingredients Intensive Hair Mask is specially formulated to smooth frizz, leaving hair soft, shiny, tanlge free and deeply moisturised.

      Me Using It:

      What you get is a tub full to the brim of a thick, light brownish coloured shimmery conditoner which is very smooth to the touch and easy to scoop out of the tub. You simply spread a little through your hair after washing it thoroughly first (hair can be damp or wet..I always apply it to damp hair though) and allow it to penetrate the hair for five minutes or more and then rinse it out.

      The fragrance of this, to me is very gently floral however it is pleasant and not too in your face and when on the hair it doesn't set firm but simply melts into the hair type of thing. It rinses out well but does take a while to do so as I find it takes ages to rinse out and thats it really.

      This leaves me with soft enough hair however as promised on the tub a tangle free helper? Nope! I did have tangly hair although it isn't that long now but I did comb it through ok...it just took a little time.

      Once I dried my hair I found my hair to feel a bit flyway...so this is a lightweight product. It did however seem to smooth frizz down somewhat and my hair was easy enough to style and my hair smelt lovely for a good few hours and felt smooth to the touch.

      Where this excelled was the shine and rejuvinated colour it gave to my hair. As an intensive conditioner I couldn't rave about it...it was just a simple conditioner in what it achieved however only when my hair was dry and my bestmate/flatmate saw my do did I feel chuffed to bits! She was astonished at how shiny and silky my hair appeared to be and thought I had put a red dye on my hair (although this contains no colour!). My hair shone, streaks of red really looked bright and not tinny or anything and all round although my hair didn't feel like I had intensly conditioned it or anything I could I (and so could everyone else!) see that my hair had been and was.

      Worth the money for glossy, shiny and rich coloured hair this and a tub lasts ages to as you don't need very mch of this at all per application so its an economy purchase too!

      Only available in Boots stores.


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