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Boots No7 Hair Protecting Spritz

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Brand: Boots / Type: Hair Treatment / What it does: Protects,

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    3 Reviews
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      05.10.2011 12:29
      Very helpful



      ok if you can get with a fiver off

      No7 is a beauty range exclusive to Boots. Whilst they focus on skin and make up products, they do have a sun care and electrical range.

      ~Hair Protector Spritz~

      This hair spritz is part of the sun care range. It is designed to be used during the warmer weather to provide "conditioning protection for summer hair". It is hypo-allergenic and contains a vitamin complex to add shine and strengthen the hair. It contains anti-oxidants to protect the hair from sun damage though does not contain sunscreen. The spritz claims to keep hair looking healthy, protect against chlorine and salt damage whilst allowing the hair to keep its colouring.

      The spritz should be applied evenly to the hair before going out into the sun and should be used every 1-2hours after swimming.


      The spritz is housed within a tall, slim plastic bottle which is slightly frosted. The click on lid conceals a spray top and there is some basic information about the spray on the reverse of the bottle. The bottle can be recycled and once opened, the contents should be used up within 12months.


      A 200ml bottle is available from www.boots.com or Boots stores where the sun care range is stocked. It is priced at £6.00.

      ~My Thoughts~

      I used to spend a lot of money in Boots and often received (and still do receive) money off coupons for the No7 range. I love No7 products but there is only so much make up a girl can buy! Rather than let the coupons go to waste, I often buy the cheaper items and this hair spritz is one of the cheaper items. I usually pick it up for £1.00 with my voucher but it did use to be £5.75.

      I first tried this spritz around 2 and a half years ago. I purchased it to take to Paris with me on my college trip and have used a few bottles since then. The bottle is attractive and easy to grip and spray though if taking on holiday, you will need to put it in your regular luggage as it is too big for hand luggage. Luckily I have never had any leakages and I've took bottles abroad twice now.

      ~Ooohh That Looks Cool!~

      The spritz is a liquid and initially appears two colours in the bottle. It looks very summery with a pale orange and yellow and once shook up, looks pretty. So this is a protector but what does it protect from and is it any good?

      I initially used this abroad and despite it being March in Paris (and Barcelona the following year), it was pretty warm. It was warmer than our British summers. My hair is dry and unpredictable at the best of times! It frizzes up and feels really dry (like straw) if I am out in the sun too long and starts to make me look like I've been dragged through some hedges backwards! So i used it to add a little protection to my hair and hoped for the best..I didn't expect miracles though.

      The spray is easy to manipulate and a few sharp presses of the spray top is enough to release a fine mist onto my hair. I spray it all around paying attention to the lengths of my hair and it dries in quickly leaving no residue. It doesn't weigh down my hair and I can barely tell it is there though my hair does feel soft to the touch. The spray does have a pleasant scent which is hard to pin point but it is fresh and inoffensive and lingers on my hair.

      Whenever I have used this during the warmer weather, I have noticed my hair doesn't feel as dehydrated and dry as it normally would. It doesn't offer much shine but gives a healthy, just washed appearance which I like. I spray this liberally and my hair hasn't become overly coarse or dry. I have used it before swimming too and my hair didn't dry out from the chlorine in the water which is a bonus. I occasionally use the spritz in Scotland too when we had nice weather and had decent results. I tend to spray it a few times throughout the day and it keeps my hair protected without causing a build up.

      Another use I have found is using this as a heat protection spray. I rarely blow dry my hair but if I need to, I spray some of this on and it adds a protective coating to avoid my hair drying out. I do not find it great for using with straighteners though and prefer to stick to a proper heat protection spray such as Tresemme for this purpose. It is good as a back up protection though.


      This is a lightweight, easy to use spray which keeps my hair feeling relatively hydrated during warmer weather. I don't think it would perform miracles if you were somewhere really hot such as Africa or Florida as it isn't strong enough. It is a bargain at a quid but I wouldn't pay full price for it as there are better hair care products on the market. One bottle does last me a while and although we are given a 12month timescale, I used my last bottle through 2 holidays and 2 summers across 18months without issues. I currently have a half used bottle too so it does last well.

      Thanks for reading :)


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        25.06.2011 16:23
        Very helpful



        A decent product to use on your hair in the sun

        Boots N07 Hair protecting spritz is available both from Boots stores and online for £7 for 200ml. It has a shelf life of 12 months.

        The appearance and packaging of the product is in keeping with other Boots N07 products. The bottle is made of a slightly frosted plastic, has a curved shape and a plastic lid. The product is distributed by a squirty nozzle. The product is two toned, mainly yellow, but with a smaller amount of peachy orange colour at the bottom.

        The product claims to 'reduce colour fade, natural or not, and protect from Salt and Chlorine damage.' It also claims to contain antioxidants which add condition and shine and protect the hair form sun and environmental damage. It is worth stating that this is a conditioning only product and as such does not contain any sunscreens.

        To apply, you have to firstly shake the bottle to mix the two colours, then spray liberally onto your hair. The texture of the product is watery rather than claggy like a regular styling product and as such will take about as long to dry as the equivalent amount of water. It has a soft, sweet not entirely unpleasant smell - and certainly not as strong and potent as something like hairspray. It sits lightly on the hair, and after it has dried is unlikely to make it feel any different. It is advised that you apply it every 1 to 2 hours during the day¸ so it is worth reapplying every time you top up your other sun protection.

        I do think that this product has made some different to my hair during the damaging summer months. I have noticed since using it that my hair is softer after a day's sun exposure than it regularly would be, and that over time that my normally dry ends are not as split and damaged as they would be had I not put any protection on it. I also suffer from greasy roots, and I have to say that adding this product to my roots did not make them any worse. Re: colour fade, I am not sure how effective it was regarding this, as I still have experienced significant lightening towards the ends of my hair, but of course this is difficult to truly gauge as this could have been caused by the incidental sun exposure I may have experienced on days when i will have not used this product.

        I have found that a bottle of this is likely to last an entire summer season, and by that I mean a week or10 day holiday and sporadic days of full sun exposure. This is just as well because it only has a recommended shelf life of 12 months.

        In conclusion, although there are cheaper alternatives on the market, I think this product represents good value for money in that it has enough in it to last a whole season and, lets not forget - it does work in maintaining the condition of your hair under duress. I would highly recommend it.


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        03.05.2010 11:21
        Very helpful



        If you want to say bye to holiday hair from hell, you can't afford not to try this!

        No 7 Hair Protecting Spritz is one of the things I religiously take on holiday with me. Many people have a certain Aftersun they always use; or a brand of Suncream, a certain style of flip flops - you get the picture... for me, all those things can chop and change, but for hair protection - it has to be No 7.

        It comes in a clear frosted plastic 200ml spray dispenser bottle with a lid and is usually located in store with the Aftersun / Sunless tanning products as it does not contain SPF protection. The liquid inside is orange and yellow in colour and is a 'shake to activate' formula. Once shaken up the liquid transforms in to a delicate peach colour as the vitamin complex conditioner element mixes with the anti-oxident rich protector.

        I have pretty average 'the norm' combination hair, not overly dry, but the sun seems to wreak havoc with it, making it look like an afro, which would be cool if it was meant to be like that! It feels awful too after it's been in the sun, then subjected to the harsh chlorine in the pool - I can barely get a comb through it on the evening and use masses of conditioner in the shower, which in turn makes my combination roots greasier than ever. Also, I tend to get a burnt scalp if I forget to put my hat on or take it off to go in the pool so I use suncream on my head, which again isn't intended for hair and makes it transform in to a crispy noodle mess. And I don't even want to go in to the state of my hair if I go to the beach or in the sea!

        I tried using shampoos and conditioners specifically targeted at holiday hair, but then I miss out on the benefits of my favourite hair products - plus manufacturers of targeted products seem to just add an extra 9 to the end of the price tag, so your 1.49 shampoo becomes 14.99 and doesn't do all that much more. I discovered No 7 Hair Protecting Spritz about 4 years ago and I am so glad I did because I really have said goodbye to my holiday hair nightmare.

        On a morning when I get up on holiday I liberally spray in to my hair as per the instructions. It makes your hair look wet, which isn't good if you're going on a day out, but fine for round the pool. If going out, wear your hair up or instead, spritz sparsely and wear a bandana or cool head scarf to protect your hair instead. I use my sun holidays to completely bliss out by the pool, so I soak my hair in it. Then I re-spray throughout the day often; either as soon as I feel my hair drying or when I've been in the pool, making sure I shake it up to mix up the two elements before each application. It smells great.

        On the night after my siesta I always get showered and dressed to go out for the evening. I wash my hair as normal with my usual non-spectacular products and then I blow dry. It makes my hair so soft, conditioned, bright and clear; it has a subtle sheen to it and always gets noticed by other people. It is an absolute miracle product, my hair is straightened every day at home and so expects to be straightened otherwise it's just frizzy and stubborn; but with this product I can skip straightening and move on to enjoying my evening out. I can even just use a diffuser on a cool setting and it curls in to beautiful waves. Particularly helpful when you're in 40 degree heat in sunnier climes!

        The spritz works by coating your hair then penetrating the pores to not only protect but also nourish the hair follicles when you're out in the sun. It protects against colour fade in the sun for your expensive new salon 'do' and also protects against damage from sea salt, chlorine, sun and heat (straightening / blow drying). It is cheap too - £5.75 for a 200ml bottle which will last you at least 2 years worth of sun holidays and for occasional use in between (perhaps sunbeds, I don't use them so can't really comment?). The product does only have a 'shelf life' of 12m, but I have only had 2 bottles of it in the last 4 years and it's always had the same effects, they haven't reduced, nor has it done me any damage.

        And the best news yet - spend a fiver in Boots on something you already would have bought and get a fiver No 7 voucher which can be used against this product, making it a teeny tiny 75p!

        Product exclusive to Boots (available online / in store)


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