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Boots No7 Men Hair & Body Wash

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Brand: Boots / Type: Hair Shampoo / Subcategory: Body Wash

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    1 Review
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      11.06.2010 13:36
      Very helpful



      Cut your shower time in half

      Having stocked up on this Boots No7 For Men Hair and Body Wash when Boots had a £5 off voucher deal, combined with extra loyalty points, we have all been using this product on and off for quite some time, with still several bottles of this lurking in the bathroom cabinet waiting to be used.

      Its part of the No7 mens personal care range of products and is priced at £6.50 for 200mls. When I first wanted to review this I was surprised to see it wasn't listed so asked if it could be which is good, as I often feel our DooYoo fellas are snowed under with reviews about 'lady stuff!' Its marketed as a blokey product I know, but it has a light fresh feel about it and can be easily used by ladies and gents alike.

      When the No7 £5 off vouchers are about you tend to quickly end up with lots of girly things, but the mens range is there for our lads! Its over by the manly shaving gear, so don't be shy, go take a look. There are all sorts of things in the range, from a good shaving gel, some dare I say boys, anti ageing serums (well every little helps) a face wash and scrub and several other items.

      Boys being boys means that time wasted in the shower, means less time drinking beer or watching the footie! Sshh don't mention the world cup! So if you are heading out to work, needing to nip out quick, wanting to watch the match or going straight out with the lads after the gym its a good product to use as its a time saver.

      The No7For Men Hair and Body Wash can cut your shower time in half. No messing about with lots of awkward to open girly bottles and potions. Just press down lightly on the flip top lid to get you started.

      The skin care boffins at Boots have made sure this all over wash will leave your hair and body clean and fresh so that you can get to where you are going, quicker. It cleans and also conditions hair and body with no fuss at all.

      The sensitive guys among you may like to know that its suitable for sensitive skin. It has a light weight feel and doesn't leave nasty build up on your hair, you can use it every day and the fragrance is light enough to not interfere with your choice of after shave or EDT.

      For a quick all over wash, squeeze a little of the product into your hand, lather all over and rinse well. If you have time for a more luxurious wash, get yourself a bath puff, buy it in a blokey shade of blue or green if needed and apply the wash to that. This will then give you a great foamy wash with plenty of lather and the shower puff will help invigorate and exfoliate too.

      Exfoliate!! I hear you cry! Oh come on lads are you telling me Becks doesn't do that very thing, I bet Posh makes sure he does. So embrace exfoliation and think of England....they are on in 5 minutes!

      May I also say, that due to the very light nature of the fragrance used, that the lady in your life will be able to use this too, but may want to follow it up with a good quality conditioner for the hair as I find results are better when doing that.

      Giving it a butch 4 stars, its one for the lads! World Cup.... sadly..... not supplied!


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