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Boots Sea Kelp & Water Mint Conditioner

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Brand: Boots / Type: Conditioner

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    2 Reviews
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      04.05.2009 16:16
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      Spend the extra couple of quid on something a bit more worth it!

      I'm always trying new haircare products and can't resist a bargain so when I saw this in a 3-for-2 at Boots recently, I had to give it a try.

      The normal price is £1.29 for a 300ml bottle, which is still cheap compared to most brands. It comes in a clear bottle which you can see the colour of the conditioner through, it's a greeny turqoise colour and looks quite thick and creamy. The label on the bottle has a photographic type picture of (presumably) the two natural extracts contained in it, sea kelp and water mint. Overall it's a nicely co-ordinated and attractive pack, which doesn't look too cheap and cheerful!

      I chose this because it's described as being for normal to greasy hair, to "restore hair's natural balance and fullness". My hair is quite short but also fine and gets greasy very quickly. I need to wash it every day so need something that's quite gentle and isn't going to either strip it or weigh it down.

      Anyway, on opening the bottle and squeezing out the conditioner, I was surprised that the consistency was quite runny, not thick and gloopy like most conditioners. I had to quickly whack it onto my hair and massage it through before it ran off my hands! The smell was lovely, very fresh and 'oceany' - you can certainly smell the natural extracts and it was a pleasant experience to breathe it in for a few minutes. The bottle doesn't advise you to leave this on your hair before rinsing, but I always do, just to give it a bit more time to do its stuff.

      When I rinsed it, it was very easy to rinse out, with no stickiness or residue. However even while I was rinsing it, I could tell it hadn't given my hair that silky softness that I get with my usual conditioner - my hair didn't feel any different. Once I'd towel-dried it, it was a real effort to get the comb through it as it didn't seem to have had any detangling effect at all - this was disappointing as it's one of my main reasons for using conditioner.

      My hair did smell nice, but I have to say once it was dry, it felt as if I hadn't used any conditioner at all. My hair was quite flyaway and felt quite dry. I had to use some smoothing cream while blow-drying to get all the split ends to lie down, which I never usually need. I think the conditioner is too thin and watery to be effective, and because it was so cheap, I've actually thrown it away. I'll stick with my usual conditioner, Herbal Essences or John Frieda.


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        23.05.2008 12:03
        Very helpful



        A great conditioner for the price.

        As part of my birthday present last November I got my usual supply of smellies which included matching shampoo, conditioner and shower gel all from Boots and in the Sea Kelp and Watermint flavour, sorry fragrance!

        I have already told you all about the shower gel and the shampoo so now I'll tell you about the matching conditioner.

        What does it look like?

        This pale turquoise coloured conditioner comes in a transparent 300ml plastic bottle with a screw top which comes off completely and the very top of this flips open to reveal a hole. You can either flip the top squeeze the conditioner through the hole as I do or remove the top completely and get your conditioner out that way.

        The label on the front has the Boots logo in blue together with 'Sea Kelp and Water Mint conditioner for normal to greasy hair restores hair's natural balance and fullness'.

        As I always like to mention being plastic the container is recycleable and in this case there is also a note on the back of the bottle saying that recycled materials have been used in the making of the packaging. So that's really good then!

        What does it smell like?

        Well I do find it difficult to describe fragrances in words and I have no idea what Sea Kelp would smell like anyway but suffice it to say this conditioner really does smell really nice. There is a smell of the sea about it and I can definitely smell a hint of spearmint which is nice and fresh.

        How does it work?

        Well as I have said in previous reviews I only have to use a small amount of shampoo, conditioner or shower gel because we have such soft water here in North Wales.

        This conditioner is creamy and thick; it coats my hair well and smells lovely. I then leave it in my hair whilst I shower the rest of my body and then rinse it out. It is easy to rinse out but then we do have an overhead power shower so that would help wouldn't it?

        As I rinse it out my hair feels nice and smooth as though the conditioner has done its job well.

        I used this with the matching shampoo which is just as nice as I really like using matching shampoos and conditioners.

        What does the hair feel like afterwards?

        Well as I said with the shampoo my hair was very soft and fluffy and it smelled lovely - you just know there's a 'but' coming don't you? As it happens my hair is quite short and is just flicked back off my face in a simple style - I'm not very good at hair styling so I have to keep it simple!

        Consequently my hair looked fine after drying but if I had a more complicated style I think it would have been VERY difficult to style as it was SO soft. It also seemed a bit 'fly away' which, considering my hair is thick and dense, is quite something!

        So really I did like the product and would definitely use it again but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone with fine hair or with a style that needs a lot of maintenance.

        As with most of these sorts of products the conditioner does carry a warning to avoid getting it in your eyes - if you do, wash it out immediately with cool, clean water, it's obvious I know but worth a mention just in case.

        I have taken a look on the Boots website www.boots.com and this conditioner is currently on sale for £1.29 for a 300ml bottle and there is an offer on selected Boots shampoos and conditioners to buy two for £2.

        They also do soap, handwash, shower gel, bubble bath and shampoo in the same fragrance which is great if you like the smell as much as I do!

        This review may get posted on Ciao.


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