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Boots Sun Swim & Gym Shampoo Coloured Hair

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Brand: Boots / Type: Hair Shampoo / What it does: Protects, Nourishes

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    6 Reviews
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      11.10.2012 19:43
      Very helpful



      It works for me!

      A week before I went to Barcelona last year I told my best friend that I'd just redone my hair - i.e. destroying it with bleach. She shrieked in horror at the thought of my hair going green when I got into the swimming pool on holiday. She declared that special shampoo was absolutely essential, in order to avoid the greenness!

      I was shopping in Boots for holiday essentials, and picked up the "Sun Swim and Gym" shampoo designed for coloured hair, along with the leave-in spray on conditioner and the sun protection hydration products. I believe there might have been a special offer - get 3 products for the price of 2 or something.

      Looking on the Boots website, it appears that the packaging has changed slightly - mine looks as it does in dooyoo's picture. It currently retails at £3.05 for 250ml, which is obviously on the expensive side for shampoo. They do also have a 3-in-1 product which probably works out more cost effective.

      ---This year's holiday (Tunisia this time)---
      Not long before holiday I was again bleaching my hair, which a year later is in an even worse state than last year (very dry). I remembered about the shampoo I'd used in Barcelona which prevented my possible green hair, and was going to go and buy some more. However, thankfully I didn't as when I got my suitcase down I found the shampoo and other products in my suitcase along with flip flops and some Euros.

      ---The packaging---
      Since it appears that the packaging has changed since I bought this shampoo, I will mention that with mine it can be quite difficult to open, especially when your hands are wet - without finger nails to get into the lid I think I'd really struggle. It appears from pictures that Boots have solved this problem with the newer packaging which looks like a squeezy bottle.

      ---The Shampooing experience---
      The Sun Swim and Gym shampoo claims to remove chlorine and salt, replenish moisture, and has UV filter. This all sounds good so far, but does it work?

      When at home I wash my hair every other day (or less if I can). On holiday I avoid washing it in the morning, and wash instead after each day's sunbathing/swimming. With the extra washing I need something that's not going to make my hair any worse than it already is.

      When washing my hair with this I used a generous amount, and worked it into my hair in a lather. It is slightly on the runny side. To me it smells of HOLIDAY! Probably because as I write this review with the bottle open it reminds me of washing my hair just the day before yesterday while I was on holiday! I think it's a clean smell, suitable for men, women and children (although that said this product is for coloured hair, and that shouldn't really apply to children).

      I didn't take any proper conditioner on holiday, I just sprayed the leave in conditioner on my hair after washing, but also in the mornings with no real rhyme or reason. I'm not entirely sure whether the condition of my hair after my holiday is as a result of this shampoo, or the conditioner or hydration spray.

      I should say that the directions for use say to use the products prior to sun exposure which I didn't actually do with the shampoo - unless it counts from the day before.

      ---My Verdict---
      I have to admit I was worried before my holiday, as my hair was in such a bad way already. Since this shampoo is designed to remove residues and chlorine odour, and rehydrating damaged hair it seemed to be the best thing for me to use.

      Following my holiday, my hair is no worse, and if anything it's slightly better - a little less dry and softer perhaps. I am going to go to the hairdressers next week for my yearly visit (unless I put it off for another couple of months, but I'm not sure the bf will let me), and I can pretend that its state is partly due to holiday, when in fact I think that this shampoo has helped. I don't think that my hair really would have gone green (it didn't appear to be a particularly highly chlorinated pool anyway), but no one will ever know.

      I would recommend this shampoo for those who are going on holiday with coloured hair. Not that my hair is coloured, it's the opposite as I have destroyed its entire colour - but I think this has the same effect. However, if your hair's normal, then I wouldn't bother spending the money on special products. I think it's also important to bear in mind that different products suit different people, and what might suit my damaged hair could damage your lovely hair.

      This is going back into my suitcase for next year's holiday (after two one-week holidays I have used half of the bottle).


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        10.12.2010 21:03
        Very helpful



        Budget buy that isn't as great as I'd hoped

        I took up swimming in order to get fit a few years ago and was aware of the damage the pool's chlorine could do to my hair. To try and limit the damage I looked into shampoos and other products designed to do just this. I came across the Boots Sun, Swim & Gym in my local store and thought I'd give it a try. According to the blurb it can also be used as a body wash which I like. Saving space in my swim bag always gets the thumbs up from me

        This shampoo apparently contains a unique complex which helps to prevent damage, dry & split ends caused by exposure to chlorine, salt and the sun. It also contains UV filters for when you're on holiday. Very competitively priced and quite frequently on special offer I didn't think twice about purchasing a bottle.

        The packaging is very plain and not overly attractive. Boots haven't gone to town on making this appear modern/high-quality/desirable and I think a packaging overhaul would definitely increase sales. As it is the product seems cheap and perhaps functional, little else. It didn't stand out to me on the shelf and it's not something I'll be flashing around the showers. The bottle itself is clear allowing the strange blue colour of the shampoo to show through; useful for keeping tabs on how much you've got left however. It's also triangular in shape (when viewed from above) giving you a decent amount of grip when wet, which is always useful!

        The shampoo is easy to dispense and lathers well. You need a moderate amount to get a good lather going but nomore so than most cheaper shampoos I've used. It rinses with no problem and as a bodywash it performs reasonably well too. Nothing to write home about but my skin feels clean afterwards and I've used it on my face with no stinging eyes or tight feeling afterwards. The shampoo doesn't smell of anything really which I prefer to heavily fragranced products.

        The downsides are that the shampoo leaves my hair limp and lifeless and that I'm not sure how great it is at removing the chlorine from my skin. I can't smell the chlorine after I've used this but when I come to shower in the evening, as soon as my skin gets wet, the chlorine smell is back as strong as it was at the pool. The limp hair isn't a great look if I'm going out after my swim and a ponytail only half rescues the situation. My hair is still split-end free despite the swimming but whether this is the shampoo or not is questionable.

        As you can probably tell I'm not overly thrilled with this. It had the potential to be a life (or hair) saver but in fact it's just a bit 'grey' and unexciting. Add to this the dubious efficiency and I don't think I'll be rushing out to buy more when this bottle's finished.


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        04.09.2010 21:48
        Very helpful



        great shampoo, shame about everything else.

        I'm a keen swimmer and as such am to be found down at the pool at least a couple of times a week. I also used to lifeguard at said pool, so I have plenty of experience with what happens when you forget/don't bother to protect hair sufficiently, especially when it takes abuse from being coloured!

        For the last year or so, I've been using this shampoo in an attempt to prevent my lovely long hair resembling straw.

        This is available from Boots shops and Boots online, being a Boots own brand. The shampoo is a part of range which includes conditioner, hydra spray, protective mask, and leave-in conditioning spray. The shampoo costs £2.99 by itself, but there is currently (and quite often) a 2 for £4 deal on these.

        The packaging is not exactly pretty, but I suppose it has been designed to be unisex. As in the picture above, the bottle is a sort of triangular cylinder-type shape (if anyone know what it's called, please let me know!) and has a white flip-top lid. The bottle is translucent so you can see how much blue stuff you've got left.

        Yes, the shampoo is blue. This was initially a little off-putting to me because it looks very chemical, but once I got over this little obstacle, there were more. The second issue is the smell: this shampoo is intended to be unisex, but it just smells a lot like 'man' to me! I can't really describe the scent in great detail but it's definitely masculine. I checked this with my sister before I wrote this review, and she agrees. The way I've got around this is by using a very feminine-smelling conditioner afterwards, though it's quite annoying that I have to.

        This review may sounds negative thus far, but this shampoo (minus all its bad bits) really is great in terms of what it does! Particularly when I've neglected my hair a bit, using this shampoo really does improve its condition by removing the chlorine build-up.

        The same is true on holiday: when I go away to hot places I only leave the sea when I get cold or hungry, so this stuff is a bit of a lifesaver. It removes salty residues from my hair with amazing effectiveness.

        Overall I'd say the shampoo works, but the colour, smell and packaging leave a little to be desired. A shining example of 'you can't have it all'.


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        03.09.2010 17:55
        Very helpful



        A must have for your gym bag or travel case!


        I have been a keen user of Boots Sun, Swim & Gym range since 2005. I first started using this product when I was lifeguarding for my local council & seemed to be in & out of the pool constantly. I also needed to find a product that I could take on holiday with me. Something that would actually "tame" my frizz abroad - I had not to that point found anything suitable that helped with the dryness of my hair.

        After browsing a few shops, I finally discovered the Sun, Swim & Gym range in Boots. The bottle was not the most attractive & the shampoo was a thick looking blue colour. However, it was exactly what I had been searching for & sounded perfect for what I wanted. I was not disappointed.

        *~What Boots Claim~*

        "Sun, Swim & Gym Shampoo for coloured hair creates an effective moisturising formula which enhances vibrancy & depth of colour leaving hair shiny. Removes residues & chlorine odour, re-hydrating hair leaving it softer & healthier looking."

        *~Product Description~*

        Sun, Swim & Gym is a unique range containing an advanced complex with UV filter & is designed to nourish & protect your hair from irreversible environmental, salt & chlorine damage, helping prevent dry, brittle hair & split ends.

        This product is designed for any female or male with coloured hair; or anyone who likes to look after the condition of there hair. It is superb for taking on holiday, as it protects your colour from fading from the suns exposure & it removes salt, sweat & chlorine from the hair, leaving it silky soft & shiny. The smell is also surprisingly very pleasant! Sun, Swim & Gym is also great for using on a daily/weekly basis, especially if you are a regular gym fanatic, swimmer or regularly participate in sports.

        When applying the Sun. Swim & Gym Shampoo, use a small amount (only a small amount is needed as the shampoo is quite thick) & massage into the hair & scalp. Rinse thoroughly & repeat. I always find shampooing my hair twice is more beneficial & feels a lot softer & cleaner after.

        *~Availability & Price~*

        The Sun, Swim & Gym range is only available at Boots. Within this range there is shampoo & conditioner for coloured hair, shampoo & conditioner for normal hair, shampoo & conditioner for dry/damaged hair & a 3 in 1 shampoo & conditioner for all hair types. You can usually get theses in 250ml bottles & are usually priced around £2.99. However Boots always have these on offer - either the bog standard buy one get one free offer, or purchase 3 items for the price of 2 offer, or Boots current offer is 2 products for £4. I believe these prices to be extremely fair and very competitive against other products.
        Other products also available in this range: Sun, Swim & Gym hydration spray (great for using in the day time on holiday, or before going swimming or to the gym etc), a water resistance protective masque & a leave in conditioner spray.

        Personally I always tend to use the shampoo for coloured hair, the conditioner for dry/damaged hair, followed by an intensive mask. I use the hydration spray during the day, mainly on holiday or throughout summer. I find this to be very effective and get amazing results from it. I swear by this product when I am abroad & would feel very lost & frizzy with out it. I do not use it as regular when I am back in England; I only tend to use it twice a month. Although this will depend on the condition of my hair at the time & how often I am using the swimming pool.

        *~My Opinion~*

        I have been using the Sun, Swim & Gym range for around 5 years now. I believe it is a must have for any gym bag or travel case. Its fantastic & the results truly are amazing. It is not very often I find a product that really is as effective as it claims to be & the price is very reasonable.

        I only really use this product on holiday as the sun really dries out my hair & it gets rid of the build up of salt, chlorine & sweat. If the condition of my hair is good, then I will not use this product as it is very thick in texture & will make your hair greasy quicker than normal. This is why I don't rely on the Sun; Swim & Gym range when I am back of my jollies & only use it when I really have to.

        The bottle is not very attractive but easy to use; triangle in shape, with a flip cap lid but easy to squeeze out the shampoo. The shampoo colour is a bit depressing but smells pleasant & fresh - exactly what you need after a long hot day on the beach. Don't let the bottle put you off though, what boots lack in design clearly make up in the after results from using this product. It is also a great size for packing in your suitcase.

        I would highly recommend the Sun, Swim & Gym range to any body who is looking for a product that when on holiday, can tame frizzy hair, remove chlorine, salt & sweat & leaves hair feeling soft & looking healthy. I would also recommend this range to any regular swimmer (someone who swims more than twice a week) & regular fitness fanatics.

        *~In Conclusion~*

        This is an amazing product & the boots range is fantastic. I have yet to find or use any other product that compares to this by far! I really would be lost on holiday without the Sun, Swim & Gym range & would never travel without it.


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        07.06.2010 22:43
        Very helpful



        Avoid and try my suggestions instead

        I love to swim and was wanted a hair product, be it shampoo, conditioner or a 2 in 1 that removed the horrid chlorine smell and feel from my hair. I went to Boots as I thought it would have the biggest range and only came across one product, their 'Sun, Swim, Gym' Shampoo for coloured hair.

        The product claims 'Boot Sun, Swim & Gym Shampoo for Coloured Hair is part of a unique range containing an advanced complex with UV filter and is designed to nourish and protect your hair from irreversible environmental, salt and chlorine damage'.

        One 250ml bottle costs £2.99 but is often on offer x2 bottles from the 'Sun, Swim, Gym' range for £4. It's a fair price as it seems to be the only swim range on sale in Boots but as its the same price as design hair care products I'd expect more. The packaging is a bog standard pale blue plastic bottle with standard text. It is a flip lid and squirts out easily.

        I found the texture of the shampoo far too thick and it clogs down my hair. I felt it didn't rub into my hair easily so i needed quite a lot which in turn made my hair heavy and greasy. I felt it smelt very synthetic and was almost as bad as chlorine! It didn't wash out well and once dry my hair felt greasy and clogged down at the roots, the ends felt neglected and a bit dry and my hair smelt the same as it does with other shampoo's with a faint odour of chlorine.

        Overall I hated this product. I would compare it to the likes of head and shoulders in terms of its thick creamy horrid texture, the smell is that of a cheap shampoo and it didn't cleanse, protect or do anything that it says on the tub!

        To any swimmers, I would suggest using one of the solid shampoo bars from Lush either Seanik or Squeky green. As they are solid they won't leak in your bag, they foam up easily, last ages and remove nasty wiffs of chlorine and leak hair soft and shiny. Or if you prefer liquid shampoo try Lush's I Love Juicy for a gorgeous fruity fresh scent and lightweight enough for the greasiest hair or Daddy-O for a smell of parma violets for dryer hair.


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          03.12.2008 20:37
          Very helpful




          Sun swim and gym shampoo

          This is a useful shampoo for anyone who swims or who is in the sun a lot, and we tend to take it on holiday and to the swimming baths.

          The shampoo claims to be one of a unique range containing an advanced complex with UV filters. It is supposed to protect hair from environmental, salt and chlorine damage and will help to prevent split ends. It promises to have moisturising agents and will remove residue and chlorine odour, making hair soft and bouncy.

          This is just the thing for a holiday or in the gym bag...

          **Product and packaging**

          The shampoo comes in a plastic 250ml bottle with a shelf life of 2 years- obviously we use it a lot quicker than this. The bottle is quite chunky and easy to hold because rather than it being a cylinder shape it's got three corners and quite chunky but with no sharp edges. This means that it is easier to hold in the shower.

          The bottle looks blue but this is actually the shampoo, and when the shampoo is used, we are left with a clear bottle which can be recycled. The shampoo itself is quite thick but comes very easily out of the bottle so not too much of a squeeze is needed or the shampoo gets everywhere. It is quite a bright blue colour, which is unusual because I'm used to shampoos and conditioners being white or almost clear. It has a very very slight medicated smell but this isn't really noticeable and certainly not after hair has been washed, although it does manage to make hair smell clean. The shampoo lathers up well, and there is plenty of foam/bubbles to get a good scrub, which probably helps with the clean feeling. When hair is rinsed, the shampoo doesn't look blue, and thankfully there are no traces of blue left in my hair.

          **Using it...**

          Not complex at all, and this can be used daily and should be used like other shampoos. Simply massage a small amount into hair and scalp, rinse and repeat if necessary.

          **Price and Availability**

          The shampoo costs £2.99 for 250ml, and is available at Boots stores or online at www.boots.com

          **Other products in the range**

          * 3 in 1 shampoo
          * Shampoo for normal/dry hair
          * Conditioner for coloured hair
          * Leave in conditioner
          * Conditioner for dry/normal hair


          This is a good quality shampoo which really does remove all chlorine smells and leaves hair smelling and looking clean and shiny. The product lasts a long time because it can be used quite sparingly; a little bit really does go a long way. We have taken this on holiday with us and used it on Miss when she has been in the water, and it seems that the shampoo is mild enough not to cause any nasty reactions on children. However, there is no "gentle on eyes" formula, so eyes tight shut!

          Whilst this one I have at the moment is for coloured hair, I don't think it's that different from the other shampoo, and I can't comment on whether it keeps colours bright because no one has brightly coloured hair.

          A good shampoo for all the family and all hair types after doing sports or being in the sun.

          Thanks for reading.

          Daniela x


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        • Product Details

          Helps nourish and protect your hair from chlorine and salt damage /

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