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Boots Walnut Grape Fig Smoothing Hair Balm

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Brand: Boots/ Type: Hair Treatment / Texture: Fluid / Type: Hair Balm / Subcategory: Hair Treatment / What it does: Smoothes, regenerates,

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    1 Review
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      09.10.2008 00:34
      Very helpful



      Ok if not the only product you own!

      When it comes to hair care products it's shocking how many things I own! I'm not very loyal and I use one product and I get fed up with it and I move on adding to a huge collection as I go along! I can't seem to find anything good to stay faithful to and I'm sure now I've tried out or owned pretty much everything mid price range that's on the market. So if I see anything different and reasonably priced then I tend to buy it (believe me my collection is huge!)

      The one place I adore shopping is Boots and I do like alot of Boot's own products so when I saw this on sale for £4.99 and never seen it before I decided to give it a whirl.

      The Packaging....

      I'm really going to describe this to you as there is no photograph of the product on the top of this review page. Its a 50ml small clear plastic recyclable bottle with a pump action top in shiny black plastic with no lid. I can see the cream coloured lotion through the bottle. There is a white sticky label around the bottles middle and on the front I'm told it's Boots Mediterranean Walnut Grape Fig, Smoothing Hair Balm for all hair types, with smoothing organic walnut oil, protective grape seed extract and organic fig extract. The size is stated at the bottom as I've listed already and finally there is a small picture of a fig on there to. On the back I'm told a bit about the product, directions for use, ingredients, contact details for Boots and finally the recycle symbol is shown and there is a small bar-code. A really nice little bottle with all the information on it you could possibly need and it doesn't look cheap although it's an unbranded product as such. I've been using my bottle ages and I'm happy to report that the pump action dispenser is excellent always dispensing tiny blobs and never clogging up on me!

      About The Product....

      Capture the essence of the Mediterranean using this blend of wholesome ingredients to produce a simple healthy beauty recipe.

      Nourishing and smoothing organic walnut oil.
      Fragrant organic fig extract.
      Pinot noir grape seed extract to help protect hair from heat damage caused by hair dryers.
      With softeners avocado oil and added vitamin E to help protect against pollutants and dehydration.

      Directions For Use....

      For a smooth frizz-free finish apply a small amount through dry or damp hair and spread using flats of hands.

      Using It....

      Well I have used this on dry and damp hair (after washing and towel drying it thoroughly).

      All you need is what Boots say you need and that is a small amount. I have hair that is just below shoulder length, dyed, frizzy, greasy roots and my mid section is fluffy and finished off with split, straggly ends. It's a messy mop that can't decide if it's curly or straight and prefers not to behave so it takes a lot of work to get it looking anywhere near nice. I find that one or two pumps of this product is well enough and I gently comb it through my hair with my fingers over pre combed or brushed hair.

      It goes on silky and feels a bit like a slightly greasy leave in creamy hair conditioner though it really isn't thick in it's consistency. on touch with the hair the cream gently glides and spreads and loses it's colour. The smell is very light indeed and the only hint of smell I can get is the walnut fragrance with a hint of sweetness but as I said it's really light, fresh and delicate and once on the hair and dried the smell vanishes anyway. It can't hold it's smell if using it on top of highly fragranced shampoo and conditioner and if using other products along with this i.e hairspray but at the same time it doesn't interfere smell wise either with anything.

      Once on the hair I blow dry it. I can either rough dry and straighten with my straighteners afterwards or blow dry it as straight as I can with a wide toothed comb or paddle brush (I do this when I'm simply putting my hair up to try help control frizz and fly-aways).

      Hair drys no different at all. The hair as I'm drying feels smooth and no dragging with a comb/brush is felt. Hair to the touch feels like I've used a light leave in hair conditioner and does feel smoother as I go until I've finished drying.


      When hair is dried it feels alot softer and smoother to the touch. It doesn't feel like there's any product in it such as feeling sticky or controlled or anything the only give away is the soft feeling you achieve. Frizz in my view is calmed down around 50% through drying alone. Hair has lost lots of it's bounce and flyaway problems but doesn't feel lifeless at all. If whacking on my hair straighteners I get my usual straight locks at 220c but the difference is that my whole hair do looks sleeker and very natural with a natural looking shine. Split ends are well calmed down and my ends don't go straggly but seem to plump up a little and appear a little thicker.

      If not using straighteners my frizz is still calmed down by 50% though frizz does eventually pop back through however when I'm tying my hair back I use a decent hairspray which basically holds my style in place anyway and this is an acceptable look to me though it is better to use s heated appliance whether it be straighteners, tongs or heated rollers unless your marvelous at styling with a hairdryer (I'm sadly not!).

      Of course you can use this on dry hair if frizz pings into view etc and you can do this even if you've used other products. I don't feel that on me it works so well but it doesn't harm my hair but doesn't do alot so I prefer to put the work in from the beginning with this product.

      Humidity doesn't affect this product though if wind and rain happens well my frizz pops back up. This only works on me if in calm conditions as it's a light product and gives no control. If you want this to really work for you it takes a little extra effort in the way of using a fixing spray or hairspray but you can grip hold of the results you've achieved as this is a great base.

      It isn't a bad product but is it worth £4.99? Not to me no, not really as I own better. It's ok for everyday usage and as I said calm conditions but at the moment with the weather we're getting I've been using this and getting frizz so I can't rely on it!

      Only available in Boots.


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