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Botanics Semi Permanent 20 Minute Hair Colour

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Brand: Boots / Type: Hair Colour

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    3 Reviews
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      02.01.2012 20:06
      Very helpful



      Good value, easy to apply colour

      Having spent a fortune at a local salon getting my hair died with really poor results I decided to go for the cheaper option and do it myself at home. I have never been very good at this so don't tend to do it very often. This also means I have no preference of colour or brand as I can never remember which one I used last time.

      After perusing the shelves in Boots, I chose a Botanics Spiced Conker Medium Brown (mostly as I liked the name!). It is a 20 minute colour which apparently lasts for around 20 washes. It states that it contains rosehip and thyme extracts to help give the best colour and that the conditioner has grapeseed oil and pro-vitamin B5 to leave hair silky and smooth.

      The box contained the usual bits - the two colour bottles to mix together, the plastic gloves, and a very large bottle of conditioner which I thought was great. It is a 75ml bottle of botanic conditioner rather than a small plain white tube in other dyes I have used.

      The instructions are easy to follow. It recommends that you do a strand test first which I don't tend to do as I have never had a reaction before (and hoping it stays that way or it could hurt!). You need apply to clean dry hair, but if it needs washing first then the instructions say to shampoo only, not condition, and towel dry. You then squeeze the combined colour mixture out of the bottle, and apply in the normal way starting at the roots and any greys which need covering and working it through to the tip. The downside was that I had to squeeze the bottle incredibly hard to get the mixture to come out, and ended up having to remove the applicator nozzle and pouring straight in to my hand.

      The mixture is thick, non drip and easy to apply, and I managed to with no mess. It is also pleasant smelling which is a definite plus, as the last one I used had an incredibly strong ammonia smell - I have no idea what it was called but the smell I remember! After leaving the product on for 20 minutes I then rinsed it all out before applying the conditioner which also has a very pleasant smell.

      After blow drying my hair, I was very impressed with the result. It was a nice rich chestnut colour which had covered my grey hairs and it was left looking healthy and shiny, and feeling conditioned with none of the smell that can linger with other dyes. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to last that long on the grey hairs.

      I am giving the product three stars for the ease of use and the lack of mess, and taking one away for the difficulty in getting out of the bottle and one for the speed that my grey hairs came back at.

      All in all I would definitely recommend and will make sure I remember the name of this product as I will use again - I just hope the next bottle is easier to get the product out of. It costs around £4, so even if you end up using it once a month it's still cheaper than one trip to the hairdressers! I think I will try the permanent next in the same colour.


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      16.02.2010 11:36
      Very helpful



      A disappointing hair dye

      Once upon a time I used to believe in growing old gracefully, that was in the days when I had nice baby soft skin and silky hair. I've since then almost reached my mid 30s and my poor body is starting to show the effects of aging, first a couple of lines on my forehead and then a couple of grey hairs. Last year when the greys started to appear I plucked them out as soon as I noticed them but this year the grey hairs have got slightly more frequent and on a day out recently not only did I see the first grey hair in my fringe when looking in a mirror in a restaurant but on the way home on the bus my sister and daughter were sitting behind me and plucked out a couple of hairs from the back of my head not noticed teased me mercilessly about them. It was time to admit defeat and realise my strategy of plucking the grey hairs out one by one would eventually leave me bald if I carried on and get some hair dye.

      Wandering around Boots there was a bewildering array of dyes on offer, a whole aisle in fact. I decided against the permanent dyes and headed along to the semi permanent ranges. After picking up and reading several boxes I settled on warmed terracotta auburn from the Boots Botanics range because it was made with plant extracts and seemed like it would be kinder to my hair than some of the other brands. It costs £3.79 for a box of Botanics hair dye which compares favourably to many of the other big brands which were on average a pound more expensive.

      Inside the box there is a double sided piece of A4 paper giving instructions on how to use the dye. I first had to mix a teaspoon of dye with a teaspoon of developing lotion to do a skin and strand test to check for allergies. I was tempted to skip this part as I was impatient to use the dye but having read magazine articles where people have had horrific reactions to hair dyes causing burns on their scalp and their hair to fall out I did not think that was wise. These tests are easy, to test if your skin reacts you put a layer of dye onto your skin and leave for 48 hours and the strand test shows how your own hair will react to the dye.

      Once I knew I was not going to have a reaction to the dye it was time to take the plunge and put it on my freshly washed and towel dried hair. The dye is simple enough to use, you have to add the squeezy tube of dye into the bottle of developing solution and shake it really well to mix it up properly. It is then time to put it onto your hair, the bottle for applying the dye has a nice thin nozzle so is easy to use. You need to make sure you apply the dye uniformly over your hair so the colour is even, this can be pretty tricky so having someone to help would be a bonus. You then need to massage the dye into your hair from root to tip, plastic gloves are provided but I much prefer to use my bare hands making sure that I wash them thoroughly to make sure they don't get stained. You need to leave the dye on for between 10 and 20 minutes depending on how strong a result you want, I opted for the full 20 minutes as it said to use it for longer to ensure all greys were covered.

      After my 20 minutes were up it was time to jump into the shower and rinse the dye out, it came out of my hair surprisingly easy but the bottom of the shower looked a bit like a massacre had occurred with the red dye splashing everywhere, luckily this wiped away easily. My hair felt really squeaky and dry at this stage which alarmed me but after applying the Botanics colour conditioner which was provided in the box that feeling went away.

      The proof of the pudding is in the eating so they say so I was impatient for my hair to dry so that I could see how the dye looked. I have mousey brown or dark blonde hair so using a darker dye normally has a pretty dramatic effect, it says colour will be affected by the condition of your hair amongst other factors and my hair is in pretty good condition. The colour of my hair was not the same as the one on the packet which seemed more of a chestnut like colour than the bright red shade my hair had turned, my hair also looked nice and shiny and like it was in excellent condition and the dye had taken evenly. The colour looked fake but this calmed down after my hair was washed. My scalp was also dyed red but luckily this disappeared after the first time I shampooed my hair. I could see that the greys were not fully covered which was the main reason which I had bought the dye in the first place so I was pretty disappointed.

      Boots claims that this dye lasts for up to 14 washes before washing out of your hair and I found this claim to be unrealistic. A significant amount of the colour washed out the first time I washed my hair but I actually preferred the colour then as it was more chestnut and less red. I have since washed my hair half a dozen times and more of the dye has came out every time I have been in the shower and it has almost completely disappeared so there is no way their claims about how long the dye lasts are accurate.

      Overall I was fairly disappointed with my purchase of Boots Botanics hair dye, the colour was nice and it left my hair in good condition but it never covered my greys fully as it claimed it would do and the colour never lasted as long as it claimned it would.


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        13.05.2008 16:41
        Very helpful



        Botanics hair dye

        I recently wrote a review about a Schwartzkopf highlighting kit that left my hair with bright blonde streaks. I put up with them for a couple of weeks, before deciding to take a chance and dye over them. My hair is naturally a dark blonde/mousy brown colour, which I have been dyeing dark brown for a few years. I bought this Botanics hair dye kit in 'Bitter Chocolate' a dark brown colour, some time ago, but didn't use it as I have been considering going back to blonde. Following the highlighting incident, I decided to use this to try and correct it.

        ~About the Product~

        The kit contains a semi permanent hair colour, which Botanics (A Boots own brand range), claim is 70% kinder to your hair. It is Ammonia free and contains a blend of rosehip, thyme and Japanese Green Tea. Apparently the inclusion of these extracts reduces the damage to your hair that colouring can cause - a plus point for me, I must say as my hair is looking pretty atrocious from over-styling.

        They claim that the product will last for up to 24 washes, which is quite a bit longer than most semi-permanent colours. It also covers grey hair, but they recommend you choose a colour similar to your natural hair colour.

        I am not sure how many shades the dye is available in, but apart from this, there are also three other shades listed on the Boots website.


        The packaging for this product is very plain, my box is mainly dark brown, but this will vary depending on the colour of the dye you choose. The box also has the pale green colours of the botanics logo, and lots of safety information, as well as full ingredients list.

        ~What's in the kit~

        In the kit, you get the following....

        - Instruction leaflet - I found this to be easy to understand, well set out and it is also illustrated.
        - Gloves - The gloves included are of good quality - not like some kits you get that supply you with 'plastic bag' type gloves that make your hands sweat!
        - 45ml tube conditioning hair colour
        - 45ml bottle developing lotion - the bottle has a long nozzle of which the tip can be unscrewed for easy application to the hair.
        - 20 ml sachet of deep conditioning hair mask

        ~Using the kit~

        As with all hair dye kits you must first do a strand test to check for allergies.

        The dye should be applied to clean hair. If your hair has some sort of styling product in it, you must first wash it, with shampoo only - don't use conditioner, and then towel dry.

        To prepare the dye you should squeeze the tube of conditioning hair colour into the bottle of developing lotion and shake well. You then need to remove the tip of the bottle and apply to the hair immediately. You are instructed not to leave the mixed product for any length of time.

        I found the colour easy to apply to my hair, but when I first squeezed it out, it was white, so it obviously hadn't mixed very well, despite shaking well as they instructed. I was a bit alarmed when I saw the colour of the dye too - I was supposed to be dyeing my hair dark brown, but the dye was a sort of charcoal grey colour with a silvery tinge - almost pewter coloured! Nevertheless, I gave it the benefit of the doubt and applied to my hair. I do have fairly long hair at the moment, but I found that there wasn't quite enough to cover all of my hair, so I had to really massage it in, to make sure it was all covered in dye, so this is something to bear in mind if you have long hair. One plus point to the dye, was that it didn't seem to have any smell - some of them can be a bit chemically and overpowering.

        You then need to wait 20 minutes for the colour to develop and then rinse. I found that it rinsed out quickly and easily, but my hair had become very knotted and tangled. The next step is a deep conditioning treatment though, which thankfully got rid of the tangles and has a lovely fresh scent. I have to say, although this is marketed as a 20min hair dye, I think it's slightly misleading as the final step - the deep conditioning treatment- has to be left on for 10 minutes, so that's 30 minutes from start to finish.


        My hair came out pretty much the same colour as described on the box, which I was pleased about, and luckily covered the blonde patches - I was a bit worried dyeing over them would make things worse, but luckily not!

        Once dry, something that was really noticeable, was the condition and softness of my hair - it was lovely and soft, smelled lovely, and was incredibly shiny. I thought the great condition might disappear after the first wash, as it sometimes can, but it stayed just as shiny, and my hair really did feel conditioned and not coarse as it usually does straight after dying.

        I have only had the colour on my hair for a week now, so I cannot confirm if it lasts the 24 washes as claimed.


        This dye costs just £3.79 and is only available from Boots.


        I will definitely use this dye again, the colour was as described, the price was good, and it really did seem gentle on my hair and left it feeling very soft and conditioned. A great one for anyone who wants to dye their hair but prevent excess damage.


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      • Product Details

        Designed to be kinder to your hair, this 70% low amonia formula has a unique patented blend of rosehip, thyme and japanese green tea /

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