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Bristows Tropical Paradise Shampoo

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2 Reviews

Brand: Bristows / Type: Hair Shampoo

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    2 Reviews
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      10.09.2012 15:05
      Very helpful
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      Not the most effective dry shampoo I have used, but the nicest scented

      I am a long term user of dry shampoo becuase my hair gets greasy very quickly around the scalp. I also have past shoulder length hair that takes a long time to dry, which limits how quickly I can wash it in a hurry. For this reason, dry shampoo provides a useful helping hand to get me out of the house early in the morning! I formerly only used Battiste brand products, because they were the most widely stocked, and in my opinion the most effective. Recently I have noticed that many more hair companies now produce similar products, often for a lower price. So I have been buying and testing the offerings from different brands, most recently the Tropical Paradise scented dry shampoo from Bristows. I bought an 150ml can from Poundstretcher for £1, where the bright pink and yellow packaging caught my eye.


      The shampoo can has the word "new" splashed across one side, but I know that the Bristows brand itself has been around for a long time. My grandmother used to use their "hair seting lotion" 20 years ago. Dry shampoo is more up my street and I am sure most people have heard of these products by now. If you haven't, I would describe them as a shampoo in the form of a powdery aerosol that cleanses your hair without the need for water. I have often taken them camping with me for this reason. I don't think that any I have tried can really be described as a substitute for washing your hair, but they do help to revitalise it's appearance by absorbing excess oil. They usually leave your hair scented too. I choose the Tropical Bristows shampoo because I think some of the unscented products smell unpleasant and too artificial.

      The manufacturers claim that the shampoo will add volume and bounce to dull and lifeless hair, whilst leaving it clean, fresh and exotically fragranced.


      Dry shampoos tend to all be used in a similar way and this is no exception. You spray it onto the root area from a 30cm distance, massage it in to the hair, and then leave it for 2-3 minutes before brushing it out. So it is in theory quick and easy to use. One of the problems I sometimes have with dry shampoo is the fact that they can leave a powdery white look to your hair. This isn't a problem if it easy to brush out, but some make this easier than others. When I first tried this particular spray, I looked as though I had had a bag of flour explode on my head! Brushing it out took a very long time, and I was far from regarding it as a time saving help. However, after this happened twice, I read the instructions more closely, and I noted it was recommended to shake the can vigorously not just before use, but between every spray. I then did so, and the difference was immediate. The shampoo now left scarcely a trace behind, just enough to help me see where I had and had not applied it already. Most of this disappeared by the time I cam to brush it out, which was easy that time around. Since then I have been careful to use the spray correctly, and I have had no further difficulties. The spray top works efficiently, and delivers a good even coverage of the hair. It did not become blocked by the time I finished the can, although the packaging contains simple instructions about what to do if it does.

      I like the scent very much. It is floral and fresh and personally I prefer it to the tropical scented Batiste dry shampoo. This is because it is a lighter scent, and more subtle and perhaps "grown up" as a result. I can't detect any individual scents but the perfume as a whole makes me the product more enjoyable to use.


      I have noticed that this dry shampoo leaves my hair less damp feeling immediately after use than most others. There is no stickiness or residue, and as I massage it into my hair I just notice a dry powdery feel to my fingertips. This is bearable, and my hair is easy to brush afterwards. It does not make your hair in any way stiff or hard as hair spray can, for example. I have used this on hair washed the previous day, which for me is very greasy, but for others it is likely to be more the equivalent of going a few days without shampooing. It does absorb grease and leave my hair looking fresher, but to me it does a less good job compared to other brands. I feel that it makes my hair look just about o.k if I need to go out early, but I can't feel with confidence that the results, such as they are, will last to the end of the day. In fact, by lunchtime I have felt that my scalp looks slightly greasy again. I always feel self conscious when I have used this shampoo, because I am wondering if my hair looks bad yet. I would say that my scalp area certainly looks less flat after I have first used the spray, which contributes to the appearance of added volume, but again, I do not feel that this effect lasts beyond a few hours. As for increased bounce, I have not noticed this. There are some dry shampoos which I would use on my hair after a rare 2 days without washing, but this is not one of them. As it struggles with less greasy hair, I daren't experiment with that!

      The scent lasts on my hair longer than the non greasy look. It was still gently apparent after 12 hours and may well have lasted longer had I been able to avoid washing my hair after the shampoos failure.


      I liked the scent of this far more than any other dry shampoo I have used, and this is one reason that I perservered with using it to the end of the can. I only used it on non work days though, because I did not want the hassle of re-applying during my lunch break. I am aware that my hair goes greasier far faster than most peoples, but regardless of whether it has reached that state in 1 day or 7, I would expect my dry shampoo to deal with it for longer than a few hours. The price is low, but the frequency that I needed to reapply means that I have not found it a good value product. I would not recommend it for use on very greasy hair, but if you need only a mild freshening up for a few hours, it may suffice. At the price it wouldn't cost much to try. However, I would recommend Hot Tin Roof dry shampoo as a better product which is available at the same price from the poundshops. I have also found Superdrug's own brand versions to be good, although they cost slightly more. Should you wish to try the Bristows product, it is available for £1 from Savers and Poundstretcher, and some branches of Wilkinson.


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        28.08.2012 09:39
        Very helpful



        A nice new dry shampoo from Bristows

        As I have long hair which tends to get greasy rather fast I use dry shampoo sprays a lot as it always give me that extra day. Perfect for when you are in a rush for work or lunch date etc.

        Bristows Dry Shampoo - Tropical Paradise 150ml:

        'Bristows Dry Shampoo refreshes hair in between washes without the need for water. Quick and easy to use, this spray revitalises dull and lifeless hair while adding volume and bounce. Leaves hair feeling clean and fresh with exotic fragrance'.

        My Findings:

        Washing my hair can really be a massive chore, so I always use dry shampoo. Some work extremely well and other head for the bin. My favourite brand has always been Batiste and so far never had a problem, but as I saw a new product I just had to give it a go.

        It is mostly my fringe I do as that gets greasy more or the less day after it has been washed. I can understand why as it will be resting on make up, my job can been rather busy so then I can get sweaty. Plus another side to it, washing your hair to many times washes away the natural oils and over time can damage hair.

        I colour my hair a lot so damage control is crucial for me! This works the same as any other dry shampoo; you just spray it over the area or whole head. Massage it in to the hair, wait a few minutes and brush it out to reveal nice refreshed wash that looks washed again.

        I personally think this does a good job, it will last me the whole evening or the whole morning. Sadly not the full day but caters for what I need. However the Batiste dry shampoo will last me the full day but for a bit more in price.

        The scent for this dry shampoo is Tropical Paradise and I must admit I've grown rather fond of the fragrance. It has a lovely sweet coconut aroma which lingers on my hair for some time before I stop noticing it.

        When first sprayed it can be somewhat over powering, so I recommend you do this near an open window. As I'm asthmatic this can sometimes set me off if not near an open window, or spray in one room and walk away into another so you're not breathing it in.

        As I went to purchase a new dry shampoo, this really did stand out with its bright pink colour. The labeling is rather simple but still noticeable and I like how it isn't over crowed. One of the things this product claims is to give hair volume and bounce. In my opinion it does deliver on its promise but will only last me half the day.

        I have very thick and long hair, so I personally think this would work much better on someone whom has thinner hair for the lasting effects. However still a good little product with a nice scent and one that I will more than likely purchase again if still at 99p.

        Price and Availability:

        I purchased mine from Bodycare in the Merry Hill shopping centre (West midlands) they only have two types from what I could see the Tropical and the normal which I purchased both as they were only 99p each.


        This is a good dry shampoo but the Batiste range does have this pretty much beat. Still for 99p the results were pretty good and I would recommend this to other, more so if you have thin hair. The fragrance is lovely and refreshing.

        Four out of five stars.

        Thank you for reading.

        Additional Information:



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