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Brylcreem Modelling Gel

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Brand: Brylcreem / Texture: Gel / Type: Hair Gel

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    2 Reviews
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      24.09.2010 16:19
      Very helpful



      An excellent product at a good price


      Every so often I get the old haircutters out and give myself a number 5, which is short but not too short. I have a little balding patch on the back of my head, and cutting it too short seems to exaggerate this area......................or perhaps its just a little paranoia creeping in.

      I kind of go through phases so the length of time between cuts varies considerably, since I often quite like it when my hair is longer. There is of course a point at which this reaches the annoying period where I have to keep combing or flicking, and it is here that the cutters come out.

      Once out and cut I like to use a gel or wax to keep it looking in shape and smart, partially spiked and slightly modern, but certainly not overly so. I tend to keep the fringe/front bit a little longer to allow for variations, which change the look every so often until it starts getting longer again.


      For years off and on I have been an avid fan of Brylcreem products, I find that they are reasonably priced and always of the highest quality, and what's more is that they do what they say on the tin as the saying goes.

      The modelling gel, which comes in a predominantly black plastic container with a pretty blue base, is one of many products designed to enhance the look of your hair. Wet look, wax, moulding clay and all kinds of paraphernalia, but I like the gel, which also comes in different holding strengths.

      This gel is light and non greasy, or at least that what the container says. I always find when something says non-greasy that there is or seems to be a certain element of greasiness, which according to the tub isn't grease. It feels like it but I have also used some hand creams which say non greasy and felt the same thing. It must be whatever is substituted for the grease that feels greasy if that makes any kind of sense, which I seriously doubt, cause I'm lost myself.

      It is a nice blue colour and looks nice and shiny, but this does not translate into a wet look effect. It almost kind of dries leaving the hair staying in the position you placed it. It does take several minutes to do so, so there is plenty of time to get that ever funkier and trendier look just right. My hair looks quite natural and feels like its going to stay where it is for a while or I start getting another balding area, which wouldn't be great news.

      Whilst modelling the gel to get the desired look you can twist strands of hair together to create that spiked look. The actual modelling is quite easy and the gel is very simple to work with, it is scented with a what can best be described as a masculine fragrance.


      All in all I have found this to be another excellent product in the Brylcreem range, and for the outlay of around £1.79 not a bad buy at all. Shopping around will get the best deal since some places are charging way over the £2.39 mark, which on reflection still wouldn't be a bad buy in my humble opinion. It smells nice, looks nice and does a nice job providing the haircut is correct to start with and any balding areas are avoided. Any areas, which are balding and have had some gel applied will retain a certain amount of shine, and hence be more noticeable, so APPLY TO HAIR ONLY lol.


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        28.07.2009 08:11
        Very helpful



        A modern Brylcreem for a modern look

        I have slightly curly hair and have had to endure a life of frizz and small 'fly away' bits, despite keeping it quite short. When I was much younger I had the shaved look, but as I entered in to the world of the employed I was informed it was a bit too thuggish (accountants have an 'image' to aspire to and unless you are bald, a shaved head is a big faux pas). Finding a hair styling product is difficult and what suits one person may be totally wrong for another, so when I was recommended Brylcreem by a close friend I was a bit sceptical. The name "Brylcreem" conjures up images of Teddy Boys and Rockers and it is a product my father used in the late sixties to slick his hair back and achieve the quiff and having seen past photos I was unsure if this was the route for me. Despite my reservations, I thought it may be worth buying a tub for a trial run, after all it is not that expensive.


        Whilst there are many variations of Brylcreem products, they all contain the same underlying ingredients but there are subtle differences in the hold rating, the amount of perfume and the packaging (although every tub will contain the instantly recognisable lion branding image).

        I purchased the un-perfumed type with a hold rating of 2 circles (out of a maximum of 4) that is packaged in the blue pot with the dark grey lid that leaves only a small section (about 1.5cm) of the pot visible. The pot is understated and looks stylish, although who really cares what a hair styling product looks like? As long as it does the job, that is all that matters.
        The cream itself is white, thick, as you would expect from many hair styling products. One thing I did notice is the cream a greasy feel about it which is surprising since the tub clearly states "non greasy".

        ****Availability and price****

        Brylcreem products are widely stocked and I have seen them in major supermarket chains, small corner shops and convenience stores, chemists and even petrol service stations so getting hold of one of the products should not be a problem. However getting the precise one you are after (there are so many variances) may prove to be a bit more problematic, depending of course where you are buying the product from.

        Prices will vary product to product and from retailer to retailer, we all know that garage service stations tend to charge premiums over the large super markets, but don't pay more than three pounds, even from an expensive service station.

        ****My opinion****

        The directions for use are simply useless. Starting at the crown and working the product forwards is no better than starting at the fringe and working the product backwards, as I do. In fact, if you comb your hair backwards then working the product forwards is non-sensical.

        I always make my hair slightly damp prior to putting in any hair styling product as I find it is easier to spread evenly throughout the hair. It also eliminates the 'clumping' effect and prevents those visible beads of un-worked in product. Those white dollops of product are never a good look. I thought that this hair wetting technique was common so I was surprised to find there is no mention of this on the back of the tub.

        At first this product is greasy and sticky to the touch, but I find this soon eradicates as it is massaged through the hair. This is a good thing in my opinion, since I am not a great fan of the wet look (unless I have just emerged out of a swimming pool or the ocean), the slicked back look (a bit too retro for me) or the greasy look (no one wants the chip pan look).

        When using this product I find that less is definitely more and it pays to use it sparingly. Whilst too much may create those unsightly beads it will give the greasy look. Just remember, you can always put more in but you can't take it out. I find no matter how little of the product I use, the excess on my hands always needs to be washed off. Some products you can simply rub in to your skin, but you can't do that with this. In addition, you need to be careful since this product does stain clothes despite what the tub says, and it is a nightmare to get out, even with vanish.

        Many products are harsh and having sensitive skin I have to be careful however this is one I can use. I find it is delicate, doesn't bring me out in spots or rashes or create those nasty snow-flakes. If I can use it then I would have thought that, unless you have ultra sensitive skin, it is suitable for all.

        This product is lightly perfumed and whilst it will hit your nostrils quite hard if you put your nose over the open tub and sniff hard, once on the hair the smell will diminish very quickly. Personally, I prefer using odourless beauty products, mainly because I find most things have distinctive floral odours, and being a 'true' alpha male I don't like these that much. However, I really like the masculine smell of this product and I am actually disappointed that it disappears.


        Overall this is a great product that stops those fly-away hairs and helps you maintain your hair style but also allows you to re-style or re-shape as required. If you want it to it will last all day but it won't set your hair so hard you can't do anything else with it. Even with every-day use, sometimes twice a day, a 150ml tub of Brylcreem lasts me over two months representing great value for money.


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        For a light, non-greasy hold / Ideal for medium to short hair /

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