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Bumble & Bumble Curl Conscious Conditioner

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Brand: Bumble & Bumble / Type: Conditioner / Subcategory: Hair Treatment / Hair type: thick hair / Gender: Ladies Haircare

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    1 Review
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      13.07.2009 02:58
      Very helpful



      Would probably work with curling tongs?

      Well, overal I am impressed with this!

      OK, my hair, is dull. I tried and continue to try to spice it up, dyeing it, straighteneing the hell out of it, it has been cut to shreds as a "model" by Vidal Sassoons creative team, bleached, dyed red, infact the few things I haven't done; shaved it all off-( I have had half shaved off though), hair extensions, perm, etc, can all pretty much be counted on one or two hands.

      So now I want curly hair. Only problems are money, and the fact my hair has been so over processed its looking pretty bad.

      Now those who may have read my reviews on Kerastase may have seen I found something I rated pretty highly which did seem to solve a lot of problems. But I get bored, and I felt like a change! So thanks to E-bay, I bought some Bumble and Bumble hair products. (The shampoo and conditioner.)

      The Curl Conscious range by B&B (Which has now been repackaged by B&B and advertisements pending, should look like these >>> on the right hand side as oppose to the product above).
      Its formulated with a special patented ingredient to make hair curlier and also protect hair that is curly by helping the curls to form.

      I had used the shampoo alone and will review that elsewhere, and in this test, as I previously had bought the shampoo when I bought the conditioner, I used them together. I also used a product called Deeep which is a hair masque, also by B&B, and designed for repairing dry hair. I have also tried this without the Deeep masque and I do notice a difference. It works much better (eg curls) with the hair masque.

      Its not so easy finding B&B products in the UK. They are available in the USA for around the same price, but in the UK, only a few salons, Selfriges and Space NK sell them as far as I know. They are priced around £16-£18 a 250ml bottle or £5 for a small 50ml mini bottle.You can also buy them from internet places like Space N.K, Lookfantastic and similar. E-bay do have them, but not very often, and more often then not, they are the same price as you find in the stores. (It took me some time to save for these myself!)

      OK, so I took these products to the gym with me. I wanted to see if they could make my hair curly. I have hair that is naturally slightly wavy, and at the moment, very very frizzy as a result of cumulative damage.

      The Shampoo (reviewed later) I have used before, but with no joy for turning my hair curlier. The conditioner I used after the masque had been in for 20 minutes (and rinsed out) smelt like creamy pineappley-tropical fruits. Really nice. Its recommended you leave on for 1 minute which seems fair enough to me and I followed this instruction.

      After rinsing my hair, it was clear my hair was not as soft and slinky as it had been when using Kerastase. It was back to the grittier feeling that high street hair products leave you with. But it was easy to rinse and I continued towards the hair drier.

      My hair still had a slight tropical scent to it- not as strong as I'd have liked, but a little bit. (Having said that, I'd probably be complaining it would clash with my perfume had the scent not rinsed out!)

      I do think my hair could have been softer, but it was very smooth, and when dry, did feel a lot better then rinsing in the shower had lead me to believe.

      Drying my hair, I did this by scrunching my hair as I dried it to help with any curls forming. It was amazing- my slightly wavy hair suddenly had beach-type waves- about three waves to the same space as before if you see what I mean! Basically my hair was wavy- and in a good way!

      I do have to say, once I had dried it, I did not brush it. It seemed not to really need a brush anyway as the conditioner had really helped it to look untangled and stay untangled. But once I did brush it the next day, most of the waves brushed out and although quite a few were left, it was no where near as good as it had been. I should add though, even though I waited a day to brush my hair through after washing it, it was not at all tangled and was easy to take care of.

      I would recommend this to anyone who does wash their hair daily, (I don't as my hair is too dry), or who would like wavier or curlier hair for a night out/day out. It does do something. Not a perm, but a difference.

      I cannot though, give this 5 stars. It is very expensive, and I shudder to think how much it costs me per use! But having tried Tresemme, John Freida, Body Shop and many more lines, I have yet to find one which feels as deluxe as the Bumble and Bumble products do, nor that you can get away with using such a small amount of. And thats where the 3-4 star rating comes from. If it could have made curls or waves that stayed in place much longer, I would have given it 5 stars. Even for the price.


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      Fine/Med / Medium to Thick Hair

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