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Bumble & Bumble Super Rich Conditioner

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Brand: Bumble & Bumble / Type: Conditioner / Subcategory: Hair Treatment / What it does: Enriches,

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    1 Review
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      19.02.2009 04:34
      Very helpful
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      If you got the cash...

      I was a little apprehensive with buying this- it was £16.00 from Space NK (though it was valentines and they had a special offer on so I only paid £15.00) but either way, for 250mls of conditioner, this is not a cheap buy.

      I wont bore you with my reasons behind deciding to splurge this amount on one hair care product- knowing this could easily afford 3 bottles of my regular John Freida conditioner! But it involved a special freebie offer and feeling hard done by.

      The conditioner does have a shampoo to go with it which is advised to be used along side the conditioner, but I am not that flush!
      The bottle is very reminiscent of the Body Shop bottles- but made from slightly thicker plastic, so feels that more sturdy and has a sort of matte surface finish where the containers from the Body Shop tend to be very glossy and quite thin/liable to split. Also, the writing and images are printed onto the surface of the bottle. (The labels from the Body Shop are stickers). So out goes the thought they could be the same product, different labels.
      The bottle has a yellow printed writing all over it and black logo and instructions in several languages, it has a black push-to-use lid and is quite cute to look at.

      The conditioner claims to be very thick and intense, and moisturising; 'Super Rich'. I really felt my hair needed something- it was starting to resemble how rubbish I was feeling, and that was not a good thing!
      On opening the bottle to see what it smelled of (an odd habit I have to do before I pay for any cosmetics, in case it smells really bad and I am lumbered with it for life!) I could smell an exotic fruit sort of scent. I haven't worked out what it is exactly, and the label does not help me! (its not really natural then...) but it does smell nice, sort of pineapple/coconut/melon sort of scent.

      The ingredients are a little alarming for me- I had seen the Body shop ethos type bottle and assumed for whatever reason, that it was 'au naturel', but infact the ingredience are mainly man made: Ceteraryl Alcohol, Behentrimonium Methosulfate....Glyceryls....colours, perfumes...wow! It does smell good though!

      I took this to the gym with me. It is not light- so I would advocate finding a smaller travel container to take with you if you do take shampoo/conditioner on your travels.
      It was a nice suprize for me to see on squeezing out a small blob- very easy by the way as the container is not too firm to squeeze and easy to hold onto, the conditioner was very thick, creamy and was so easy to blend into my hair. And I am pleased to say, a little does go a long way.

      I left the product in for no more then a minute, just enough time to use body wash, so not long at all, and on rinsing out was pleased with how easy it was to rinse out, but also how conditioned my hair felt. I had been using hair care by Aussie and that definitely did not leave my hair feeling anywhere near as moisturised. I guess you do get what you pay for in this respect.

      My hair was left easy to brush, feeling really soft, light and looking really soft and bright too. I am also happy to add that after colouring my hair at the weekend, no colour was left on the towel like it usually is! I don't know if this is just a coincidence or if it was the conditioner that retained the colour- as its not a colour conditioner you see which is why I am in two minds to think it may just be the colour took to my hair as it was really dry when colouring it. But I normally always without fail get colour residue on my towels after the first wash with the new colour in...just a thought.

      I wish I could smell my hair to say if the fragrance had stayed in! But its above chin level so I don't have a clue! (and I'm not about to go asking strangers to sniff my hair, sorry.) But I am sitting here with hair that really does feel that little bit softer, that little bit lighter and seem to have a reduction in frizz. I would recommend this product to anyone who could afford it. This unfortunately has to be the only downside with this. I can easily see why it is the price it is, but would I pay £16.00 for a second bottle? No, but this is mainly because I would not (and did not) really afford to buy food if I did that. If I did have the money? Yes.


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