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Tigi Catwalk Sexed Up Body Building Shampoo

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2 Reviews

Brand: Tigi / Type: Shampoo / Type: Body & Hair Shampoo / Subcategory: Hair Treatment / Suitable for: Body & Hair / What it does: moisturizes

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    2 Reviews
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      01.03.2009 14:12
      Very helpful



      good stuff

      As a big experimenter of lots of shampoos (I have relatives in the industry) I am always trying new ones every week. This was quite an appealing looking shampoo, in a sleek bottle with a lovely blue colour to it, I am easily swayed by a nice colour!

      What does it do:

      The shampoo is supposed to plump up your hair, leaving it with more oomph, thickness and body, while also keeping the moisture levels in check.

      The packaging:

      A smart plastic bottle with an easy to open lid, just flip open the cap and you're away. It stands up well in the bath too.

      The shampoo:

      Rich, creamy and blue with a pleasing fruity smell which warms the senses. I found the texture of it most appealing.

      How to use:

      As it lathers up so well, you literally need a five pence piece worth, then work through from root to tip, paying more attention to the root area. The stuff rinses well and leaves no residue in the bath.


      After the blow dry I was pleased to say that this had given my hair some lift and it also felt very clean and fresh, the hair had a bit of bounce and the ends did not feel too dry either.


      The Catwork range can be pricey, expect to pay around £7 a bottle, but it lasts a few weeks, they look dead smart and the shampoo is good quality and does keep hair in good condition


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      19.12.2008 15:12
      Very helpful




      My hair is quite long and fairly fine therefore I often find it can look lank and lack volume. I've tried a few volume shampoo and conditioners, some have worked others haven't. So I thought I would give this a try after liking other Tigi products.

      I found a 350ml bottle on Amazon for £6.15 which I thought was quite cheap for Tigi products so I went ahead and ordered.

      **The Packaging**

      To be honest the packaging isn't all that exciting. Some of the Tigi products come in really exciting bottles in bright colours and interesting shapes. Whereas this is a pretty straight forward long, thin bottle. It is a nice mid-blue colour but looks quite plain. It has a silver cap and a silver C & Catwalk written in the middle.

      The cap is quite fiddly but I managed to open it ok. I can imagine it breaking off easily though which wouldn't be good if you were taking it anywhere. Also when I received the shampoo in the post it had in fact leaked a bit already, which I know can be caused by postage but I do think the cap is designed in such a way that it would leak quite easily.

      **My Experience**

      On the back of the bottle is says:

      "Get ready for this mega lather body building shampoo. Sassy raspberry lemonade fragrance gives you super sexy and ready for the catwalk hair"

      I smelt the fragrance as soon as I opened the package it came in, as I said earlier it had leaked a bit so I noticed the smell straight away. It is a really sweet and in fact fizzy smell! The texture was what I expected from a volume shampoo, it is quite thick but in not in the usual moisturising way that you would expect from shampoos for damaged hair, it is more like a thick gel.

      I used quite a lot the first time as my hair is quite long, but I found I hardly needed to use any at all as it foams up loads, covering all the hair easily. Since then I haven't used as much, but the bottle makes this quite hard as it does pour out quite quickly. It was described as "mega lather" and it certainly lived up to this! The smell was even better when using it and it felt really fresh and tingly on my head! It rinsed off easily and my hair felt really smooth and tangle free, which surprised me as I didn't expect it to be moisturising.

      If I'm honest I wasn't expecting a major difference when I dried my hair. I have realised that your hair is how it is and there isn't always a lot a product can actually do. However I was really surprised when I dried it, it did look a lot thicker and felt thicker.

      Where it usually lacks volume at the root it looked lifted somehow. I dried it exactly the same as I always would and saw a definite difference. I usually kind of curl my hair up a bit at the root with my straightners to add volume, which is really damaging my hair. But after using this I didn't feel the need to do this.

      It also made my hair feel really lightweight and bouncy! The smell was faded but still noticeable on my hair which was nice as a lot of fragrances on shampoos completely fade by the time the hair is dried. One of the best things about it was the fact that my hair felt really smooth and manageable. Sometimes volume shampoos have made my hair a bit wild and static but this didn't do that at all.

      **Overall Opinion**

      Although it is quite expensive I think this is well worth the money. It has out-done any volume shampoo I have used before and I will definitely be buying the matching conditioner to use with it!
      Despite the problem it leaking and the dodgy cap I'm still giving it 5 stars as it really does do what it claims on the bottle.


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    • Product Details

      Get ready for this mega lather body building shampoo / It gives you super sexy, big, beautiful and healthy looking hair that's ready for the Catwalk / It's lightweight and wont weigh down your hair, providing delectable moisture and adding great body and thickness /

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