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Avon Chamomile & Aloe Vera Care Conditioning Balm

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3 Reviews

Brand: Avon / Type: Conditioner / Subcategory: Balm / What it does: regenerates,

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    3 Reviews
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      05.12.2012 21:03
      Very helpful



      Leaves air smooth and soft, pleasant aroma

      ===Why I Bought This===

      This turned up on offer as 5 for £5 so I thought it was worth a try - I have never tried any air balm before.

      ===The Brand===

      Avon is a long established direct selling network which used to sell just door-to-door but you can order directly from their website these days if you do not have a local representative handy.
      Avon has 18 different brochures issued throughout the year - or their stock can be viewed online.

      ===The Product===

      Avon Naturals Care and repair Conditioning Balm with Chamomile and Aloe Vera.
      Avon's website states - 'Mask with herbal extracts helps to nourish hair, leaving it manageable and conditioned from root to tip**.' (**Consumer Study, 45 people.)
      For normal and damaged hair.
      Comes in a plastic screw top tub with a green shrink wrapped label and images of chamomile and aloe vera.
      'Natural hair care inspired by nature.'
      125 mls, made in Poland and use within 12 months.
      To use - after shampooing massage and work through hair, rinse thoroughly.
      Base has another label which when lifted up reveals a list of ingredients which includes plant extracts.
      Very white cream.


      £2.50 at full price but currently on sale as 5 for £5.

      ===My Opinion===

      This comes in a tub and you have to dip your fingers in to take some out - and be careful not to take too much or it will drip everywhere.
      I smoothed it down my hair to the tips with my fingers, left for a few moments (about a minute actually - but you do not get given specific time instructions) and then rinsed it off. It did take more rinsing than shampoo but not overly so, but I am glad I only have short hair or it would have taken ages..
      To me the mixture has a little 'green and natural' sort of smell when you take off the lid but very little when in use.
      I left my hair 'air dry' and then styled with some styling lotion.
      My hair does feel quite smooth after using this balm but I think I would probably either prefer it in an actual bottle or to be a little thicker - this does seem a little messy and runny. Also a bottle tends to last longer in my opinion.
      This conditioning balm works ok as a conditioner but not having a lot of smell or a special texture it is not one of my favourites.
      However I will happily use up my tub and may buy again when it is on offer for £1.

      ===Star Rating===

      4 stars.

      ===Would I Recommend?===





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      16.08.2012 13:08
      Very helpful



      A great, thirst-quenching conditioner that makes my hair feel much better

      After reading a very positive review for this product I decided that it was something I'd like to try out. I have very long, curly hair which tends to get very dry and can be quite coarse at times, especially in the heat of summer. I care for my hair as best I can but, to be honest, I've given up hoping it will ever look sleek, shiny and curl-controlled as I just don't have the time, inclination or bank account to spend ages every day taming it or to spend a fortune on products that will help. So my usual haircare routine now extends no further than shampoo, conditioner and mousse.

      When a new Avon catalogue plopped onto my doormat and I saw this conditioning balm in it for the special offer price of just £1.25, the review I had read sprang to mind and I didn't hesitate to add it to my order. My order arrived not long after we got back from our holiday where my hair had been subjected to daily temperatures of over 100 degrees and many dips into swimming pools etc so I couldn't wait to try this conditioning balm when it arrived and see if it helped my hair recover from its ordeal.

      The balm comes in a small tub of around 3 inches in diameter and an inch and a half in height. I was quite surprised initially as I'd assumed it would be the same size as other costmetic tubs I have but, as there is only 125ml of product in this rather than the standard 250ml I suppose I should have worked out for myself that it would be smaller! As with other Avon products I find the packaging to be pretty non-descript really. It has a white plastic screw top lid and the rest of the tub is covered in a green label with a small floral picture on it. The rest is taken up with information on how to use the balm (in about 15 different languages!) and contact information for the Avon cosmetics company. eacg Avon product I've used so far has had recycleable packaging and this is no different - incentive enough to make me try other products of theirs in future.

      The lid comes off easily with a few twists but beware when you take it off as the creamy balm inside isn't as thick as I was expecting and the first time I opened it I nearly lost half of the contents. The balm is a shiny white colour and, as I said, isn't as thick as some conditioners I've used before. Whilst it in no way could be called liquid it is quite runny and 'active' in the pot so if you tip it onto it's side the cream runs quickly in that direction.

      As soon as you take the lid off you are greeted by the very pleasant aroma of what I assume to be a mix of chamomile and aloe vera. I usually prefer the fresher fragrances for my toiletries and this fits the bill perfectly. It smells nice and light with a slight floral hint to it, but overall it's just a really clean fresh smell.

      The balm is very easy to use. All you have to do is applied to damp shampooed hair and then rinse out. As I bought this with the idea of it being a more intensive conditioner for my hair, however, I tend to only use this when I was my hair with the shower head over the bath. I then apply it to damp, washed hair and wrap a warm towel around my head for 15 minutes or so. Whether this helps or not I don't really know as it's the only way I've used it but, not only is it easy to apply in the first place, it also makes my hair feel great after I've rinsed it off too. I tend to use this once a week as a deeper conditioner for my hair.

      As I've said, my hair is quite dry usually and especially at this time of year can feel coarse but after using this conditioning balm I have to say that I can really notice the difference in its texture. It is by no means the answer to all my hair prayers, but my hair is definitely softer and feels much smoother after I've used this. The only way I can think to describe is it that my hair feels like it's had a really good drink!

      With my hair being long and curly I don't tend to style it so can't say if this conditioning balm helps in that respect but I have been very pleased with the results it's produced on my hair. After my hair has dried it does look slightly healthier, but not miraculously so, and feels in much better condition all round but my hair has never been, and probably never will be, what anyone would call 'manageable' so to expect any conditioner to achieve this would be expecting too much!

      The only downside I've found with this product is the fact that it comes in a tub rather than a tube. As it's a screw top lid it's impossible for me to put the top back on immediately after use as my hands are covered in the conditioner which means it has to sit open until I've finished and so it's difficult to stop water from getting into it and diluting it. Also, you don't get a huge amount in a tube and, as my hair is so long and I need to use much more than your average 50p piece sized blob to get full coverage, it hasn't lasted me very long. I've used it about 4 times now and will get 1, maybe 2 more uses out of it. Having pointed that out, however, I'm not especially troubled by that as I got it as such a reasonable price.

      I would definitely recommend this chamomile and aloe vera conditioning balm if you want to give your hair a thirst-quenching treat and I'll definitely be buying it again in future and will stock up with a few tubs if I see it on such a good offer. If I could I'd knock half a star off for the fact it's in a tub that is difficult to keep clean and fresh, but I can't and I feel it would be rather churlish of me to knowck a full star off for that, so five stars it is :)


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        11.07.2012 20:34
        Very helpful



        A hit from Avon

        **Introduction and reason for purchase**

        I have been buying Avon products for most of my adult life though I have to admit to finding certain items hit or miss. I was briefly an Avon Rep for a while a few years ago but since giving up running it myself I have found it difficult to find a local Rep in my area and ordering online means adding on expensive P&P charges so I haven't bought anything for a while. A few months back though my best friend decided to become a Rep which means I now have 'Avon on tap' if and when I want to order anything, and being the supportive friend that I am I have been helping to boost her commission by ordering a few products here and there. One such product was this - 'Care & Repair Conditioning Balm with chamomile and aloe vera' from the Naturals Herbal collection and which my review will now focus on..

        **What Avon have to say about this product**

        "...Mask with herbal extracts helps to nourish hair, leaving it manageable and conditioned from root to tip..."

        **Price, packaging & availability**

        I purchased this conditioning balm to use in conjunction with the matching shampoo of the same name (see separate review) and whilst I have used it following on from the shampoo I have also used it with different brands and it has given me the same results which I will discuss in detail in a moment.

        The conditioning balm comes housed in a flat cylindrically shaped tub which has a large screw top white lid, whilst the body of the tub is a contrasting fresh sage green in colour. There is minimal decoration though the wording of the logo and a small picture depicting a 'herbal' scene is quite vivid and does stand out though apart from that the packaging is simplistic in design.

        As this is an Avon product it is available directly from the website @www.avonshop.co.uk or via a local representative. There are also a plethora of Avon products available on good old Ebay so it's always worth checking the site out if there is a particular item you are seeking.

        Care & Repair Conditioning Balm is part of Avon's Naturals range and comes in one size only and whilst the tub doesn't look very big it actually holds 125 ml's so looks are deceiving.

        I paid just 99p for this a few months back with the RRP being a very reasonable £2.50 and have found it to be one of those products that isn't featured in the brochures on a regular basis and just pops up sporadically so if interested keep a look out (and also in the accompanying sales brochures).

        **How to use**

        Avon tells us we are to apply this product after shampooing and massage in to the hair and work through. We are then to rinse through till the water runs clear.

        **My experience of using this hair conditioning balm**

        I have to start by saying that I'm not normally a fan of 'fancy' hair balms as I find they often don't live up to their own hype and more often than not they leave my hair feeling heavy, weighted down and not as tangle free as my regular hair conditioners do. For this reason alone I tend to avoid them as they are normally overpriced as well but for just 99p I thought this was worth a try at least, especially as I had already purchased the matching shampoo previously and had been very impressed.

        I've found Avon to be hit or miss in the past as I mentioned and I've never been overly fond of their hair care ranges as they just didn't seem to suit my hair, but as I was very impressed with the Herbal shampoo I also had quite high expectations for this balm and I suppose I built it up and put it on a pedestal before even trying it..

        On unscrewing the easy to remove lid I was met with a very bright white product which emitted an earthy/ woody fragrance and as with the matching shampoo there seemed no real hint of chamomile or aloe vera. The actual scent is quite unique and pleasant enough so I wasn't disappointed or put off and proceeded to use on my hair in the shower after shampooing.

        The actual balm is not as thick in consistency as I had imagined before opening the tub, and as soon as I scooped out an adequate amount for my hair length ( a small handful around the amount of two 50p coins in size ) I found it to be far slippery and grease like than I had anticipated and to be honest it felt quite slimy and not very appealing.

        After I had rinsed my hair I applied the balm and smoothed it over my hair using a wide toothed comb for extra coverage. Despite there being no instructions on how long to leave it on my hair I decided to try 3 to 4 minutes then rinsed away.

        **Results and recommendations**

        On rinsing away I could feel my hair did feel softer, even when wet, and I had high hopes that once dried it would feel just as soft. I have chin length hair at the moment in an inverted bob that has grown out but the length on top is quite long meaning that it can easily tangle so good moisturising hair products are a must.

        The earthy/ mossy fragrance was still evident on my hair even after I had thoroughly rinsed it away and I could finally detect a slight hint of chamomile which was delicate but definitely noticeable at this point and added a fresh, natural aroma.

        Once my hair was towel dried it felt deliciously soft and was easy to style in my usual manner (heated brush) without becoming tangled. My hair was super soft, maybe too soft, though that's not too much of a problem as I prefer it that way to being too tangled and knotted, and it styled easy enough without becoming too flyaway.

        I was definitely impressed with the results of this conditioning balm as my hair did feel very soft and smooth after using and I do like the 'herbal' fragrance despite it being more woody/ earthy. I have used this on several occasions now and experimented with the time it has been left on my hair for and found it to give similar results, whether left on for 2 minutes or even 10 whilst wrapped in a warm towel so the time makes little difference (to my hair anyway).

        This isn't the best intensive hair product I've ever tried as I adore Aussie 3 minute miracle but due to it's high price tag I buy only when on offer and use once per week. As this product was a mere 99p I feel it is the sort of product you can use liberally without worrying too much about how much it cost though usage wise I feel once a week is enough to suffice for keeping my hair feeling conditioned.

        If this is on offer I will most definitely stock up again as it is a real bargain though one tub didn't last me very long - around 5 uses - and if my hair were longer then presumably I would use more per application which would make this a false economic purchase if bought at full price. I am still endorsing this however as for an Avon product this is definitely more hit than miss and at the end of the day has left my hair in good condition when I've used it, and smells really divine in a woody way so it gets the full 5/5 from me.


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