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Charles Worthington Big Hair Full Volume So Uplifting Mousse

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3 Reviews

Brand: Charles Worthington / Volume / Type: Hair Mousse / What it does: volumizeses, Lifts,

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    3 Reviews
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      21.04.2013 12:16
      Very helpful



      Not so big hair

      I really like when I am going for a night out to have big bouncy hair. I have tried loads of products to help me achieve this look but a lot of them that are said to be to make hair fuller and bouncier are a total rip off as they just don't do anything.

      This mousse by Charles Worthington is one of those products that just doesn't do what it promises to.
      It has a load of rubbish about how this has been scientifically designed to make hair bigger and fuller and how it has something called recall style memory which is supposed to make your hair return to the shape you have created time and again. It all sounds good but it definitely didn't live up the promises.

      You use this mousse by taking sections of hair and spraying the mousse in to the roots and then styling as normal. The mousse itself isn't very nice to use as it is thin and runny and it leaves a horrible sticky residue on hands just like cheap mousses. I expected a little higher quality in the feel of the mousse since it was from Charles Worthington.

      As a volumising mouse I really didn't think this was any better than any other kind of mousse. I didn't like the way it felt in my hair either as it didn't just disappear and feel lightweight and I felt that I could feel it the whole time it was in my hair. My hair did get a little bigger when using this but to be honest I really think this had more to do with the way I blowdried it than with the mousse as I can achieve this level of bounciness with any other kind of mousse.

      It did leave my hair looking shiny and nice and as a mousse it was ok but as a volumising mousse there are so many better products available which will give more body and bounce to hair. Had this been a cheap mousse then I might not have expected so much from it but I remember thinking at the time this was expensive so it had better work and I think it was around about £5. I only bought it the once and that was enough for me to know not to bother with it again.


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      25.11.2009 16:54
      Very helpful



      Doesn't really do what it says on the tin

      My hair is very fine and flyaway, even immediately after washing it often looks limp and flat to my head. Too get any kind of volume requires a lot of products and a lot of time-consuming styling.

      I bought this mousse from Home Bargains, and although I can't remember the exact price it was definitely under two pounds.

      Charles Worthington claims that new generation results were developed through dedicated research, and advanced hair care science. They say that the mousse is formulated with breakthrough recall style memory, so your hair returns to the shape you've created time after time. It also claims to plump individual hair strands so hair looks thicker, volume hair and prevent static with a non sticky formula and create shiny, natural looking body and bounce.

      Charles Worthington's Results Full Volume Mousse comes in a 200ml bright red can, with matching coloured dispenser spray button. The can is loaded with information which is great as some products do lack this. The packaging does make the mousse look like an expensive hair styling product.

      The directions on the can say: "Lift towel-dried hair in large sections holding can upright and spray mousse into roots each time. Work lightly through roots and lengths and style as usual.
      I followed the instructions exactly, applying the mousse to freshly washed hair. The can dispenses easily and I had no problems.

      After applying the mousse I blow dried my hair as I usually would. There was definitely a sticky feeling to my hair, which Charles Worthington claimed would not be the case. Even when the hair was completely dry you could still feel there was some type of product on the hair as it wasn't as smooth as usual and was a little more difficult to brush through.

      The mousse did have some effect, my hair did appear more bouncy than it does normally and much less limp. However this didn't last very long, and by the end of the day by hair although still shiny, was back to looking limp.

      When using this product I blow dried my hair in the usual way, which is basically just holding the hair dryer towards my hair whilst trying to get on with something else. The effects of this mousse may be more dramatic if used in conjunction with styling, using a hot brush to create volume.

      Overall, the mousse was okay for the price I paid, but had I paid any more I would have been slightly disappointed with the results.


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      06.03.2009 20:49
      Very helpful



      A product to work with and worth a try!

      My hair at the moment could only be described as rather limp looking. After not being to well of late my hair has really suffered quite badly. I've always had quite thin, fine and flyaway hair but lately not only has that been a problem but I've been losing alot of hair and quite often. I've now been diagnosed with an under-active thyroid glad which goes quite a way to explaining why this has all happened to me! Along with hair looking quite thin my hair looks a bit dull and tatty in general and gone is my usually glossy hair which is why on a recent shopping trip I not only invested in this but a few other products as well! Ok any excuse to spend more money! lol.

      The Packaging....

      200ml bright red tin with matching coloured plastic lid and matching push button to dispense the product out of under that. In black and silver writing on the front I'm told it's Charles Worthington London, Results, Full Volume 'So Uplifting Volumising Mousse' for 'Fine, Limp And Flyaway Hair' and is firm hold and at the bottom I'm told what weight the product is (as I've listed already). On the back of the can I'm told a bit about the product, directions for use are given, ingredients are listed, warnings are stated as are contact details for Charles Worthington, I'm told the can is made of aluminium and finally there is a bar-code on there. I do like the can, it's sleek, well matching and looks neat and tidy and not one bit cheap looking!

      A Bit About The Product According To The Back Of The Can....

      New generation results products were developed through dedicated research and advanced haircare science. And because So Uplifting Volumising Mousse is formulated with breakthrough recall style memory, so your hair returns to the shape you've created time after time. Recall style memory - truly intelligent hairstyling.

      So Uplifting Volumising Mousse Helps To....

      Plump-up individual hair strands, so your hair looks and feels thicker.
      Volumise hair and prevent static with non-sticky, non-flaky formula.
      Safeguard style from the effects of humidity.
      Create shiny, natural- looking body and bounce.

      'I am confident that you will enjoy the multi-benefits of new generation results. With 20 years of salon experience, solving your specific hair needs and desires, I am pleased to bring you the very best in haircare products'.

      Directions For Use....

      Shake can well before use. Lift towel-dried hair in large sections, holding can upright and spraying mousse into roots each time. Work lightly through roots and lengths and style as normal. Follow with results full body invisible- hold hairspray.

      My Experience Using It....

      So I use this on towel dried, clean fresh and combed through hair. I spray a fair amount of the runny, clear wet with a few white bubbles in it mousse into my hands. It's got a sea fresh smell to it that is unisex in fragrance and light but very nice smelling indeed. It's a weird consistency and I was expecting a mound of thick white bubbles to hit my hands but no, it's quite sloppy and a wee bit sticky. Now you can of course spray it directly to where you want it but I prefer my option. Either way you want to use it is fine and it dispenses out the can easily you just have to remember to give it a good shake up first!

      I slap in on my hair and you you can concentrate on roots or wherever you feel you need the mousse (as I have said), personally I like to slap it all over my hair as I find it easier and I want all over volume. It vanishes very quickly into the hair and then I again comb it through once again and then I tip my hair upside down and rough blow dry it on a cool setting to help lift my hair.

      As I am drying my hair and rubbing my fingers through it, it is slightly sticky but that feeling is lost when hair is completely dry and hair is left supple and feeling slightly hydrated but soft and hair is really defined. Body is created and shine is given. Hair is bouncy and natural looking and in short this works really well and gives me 50% more body and it looks great and alot thicker than before I used the product. My ends appear alot thicker and I have more volume at my roots!

      So if you were to stop there... yep use the mousse and blow dry and you get really good results. However I then have to straighten my hair with my ghd's and any body and bounce I've achieved vanishes into thin air, however hair still feels smooth and fresh, unsticky and alot less frizzy and dried up at the ends, it's just the body which is pretty much gone but still there is a bit but it's not as noticeable.


      A product that can work if you let it and encourage it. My hair is shinier when using this and easier to manage and control in general and yes I love being frizz free and humidity doesn't affect the looks I've achieved! It's a great product if you don't use straighteners!


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