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Charles Worthington Results Colour Bright Brunette Conditioner

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Brand: Charles Worthington / Type: Conditioner

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    1 Review
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      24.10.2009 01:22
      Very helpful



      Super shine.

      ~~ Introduction ~~

      After my countless hair shampoo and conditioner buying antics had failed to bring glory in both the cost and performance department, I stumbled upon Charles Worthington's new Colour bright shampoo and conditioner for 2 for £6 in Superdrug and figured I'd take my chances on the rather glamorous looking products.

      ~~ What's the claim? ~~

      Created and enriched with moisturising rice protein and antioxidant white tea, Colour Bright conditioner for brunette hair has been formulated to help infuse hair with intense conditioners and nutrients to care for your rich brunette colour, a deep condition with their unique colour protect system to enhance your brunette tones, to protect hair from colour fade with added UV filter and nurture and treat hair to enhance your natural shine.

      ~~ Packaging ~~

      This lovely sumptuous conditioner comes in a 250ml plastic container, tan brown in colour complimenting the rich brown colour of the shampoo. The container is fairly contempory in design in the form of a flat stand up square with bevelled edges, the same design as the shampoo container. It should be noted that comfortable hand grip has been sacrificed in favour of style here which can be a little frustrating when you have your head hung over the bath but it's only a minor gripe.

      ~~ Cost and availability ~~

      As with the shampoo the conditioner is priced at £4.25 on the Charles Worthington website though of course will vary according to where you shop. I personally think that £4.25 is quite a lot when you consider that you are likely to want to buy the accompanying shampoo, though having said that most branded shampoos are around the same price so it isn't beyond acceptability, the great thing about Charles Worthington's products is that you can usually find them on special offer and grab yourself a bargin.

      Because Charles Worthington products are so sort after you shouldn't have any problems getting hold of them and finding a bargin shouldn't be too much of a problem either. You can find them in Superdrug, Boots, a number of supermarkets and of course online.

      ~~ So what's the overall score? ~~

      First things first 2 for £6? That's a blooming bargin right there in Superdrug. Every hair care product worth looking at seems to have a whooping great price tag to match so grabbing a bargin is always a moment of glory in my books.

      The packaging is fairly glam if not a bit of a bleeper to get the conditioner out of at times due to the dumpyness of the bottle.

      The smell is like the shampoo, similar to the unisex CK1 perfume, so pleasingly yummy and happy to be on the head of either man or woman. The smell has real lasting power so if your perfume doesn't get noticed then the chances are the smell of your hair will.

      The conditioner is a faint beige colour, looks really creamy and feels really smooth; you will need a fair bit more than the shampoo to get a decent coating and like most conditioners it doesn't lather. It does however,smooth really wonderfully across my scalp and hair and makes my hair feel really soft even when it's wet. My fingers comb through my conditioned wet hair with total ease (unlike a lot of other conditioners) and this of course is always a great sign.

      Although the product doesn't state any necessary length of time that the conditioner should stay on, I would advise leaving it on for a few minutes to get the maximum benefit out of this product as it does'nt seem as affective when washed out straight away. I have tried just washing it straight out but it never feels quite as soft and moisturised as when left in for ten minutes or so. Plus leaving the conditioner in for a while always makes you feel that extra bit pampered.

      I have dyed my hair darker recently and the conditioner has certainly helped to keep my colour looking vibrant and as bright as the day that I dyed it. With the UV filter my hair is protected in the sun resulting in no damage or colour distortion.

      Drying my hair after using this conditioner is a total joy, the usual unwanted frizzyness i always seem to have is cancelled out in favour of manageable, soft and shiny hair. I have also found that having thick hair can sometimes result in my hair sitting rather heavely on my head and looking rather dull. I find my hair is always really bouncy after using this conditioner.

      I usually find my hair becomes laced with split ends a month or so after it has been cut but a month on and 6 weeks after using this conditioner i have barely any so it must be repairing my hair as well a preventing further damage.

      I wash my hair approx 3 times a week and still have just under half a bottle left so i really have got the best out of this product and you have to admit that is pretty good value for money.

      Using the conditioner in conjunction with the shampoo should provide you with a fairly pleasing result and make you feel extra clean and smelling good.

      ~~ Additional information ~~

      to find out about this product or any of Charles Worthington's you can visit the official website at the following address:


      Thank you for reading!


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