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Charles Worthington Dream Hair Blissful Treat Intensive Conditioner

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3 Reviews

Brand: Charles Worthington / Type: Conditioner

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    3 Reviews
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      02.05.2010 11:17
      Very helpful



      nice as an intense conditioner but not as a hair treatment

      What is it?

      Charles Worthington is a renound hair dresser who has a few different lines of hair care products such as Dream Hair and Salon Shine Results. This product is a a 'Blissful Treat Intensive Conditioner; from the Dream Hair range.

      It retails in Boots for £5.49 for a 150ml tube or can sometimes be found in Home Bargains for £1.99! The tube is very handy as it is very easy to squeeze the product out. The bottom of the bottle has a screw on cap on which is designed for quick access and it is handy as it can stand upright. The bottle itself is a lilac-silvery slim bottle. It has a pretty silver leaf design.

      This product is an 'indulgent cream conditioner that helps to nurture, soften and smooth hair' claiming you can get amazing results in just two minutes as the product can 'penetrate and condition tired hair to revitalise and soften, leaving it tangle free and with a healthy looking shine'.

      The Dream Hair collection 'marries superior performance with exquisite indulgence, helping you to achieve the condition and style of your dreams'. The collection is a pampering treat with a scent which is described as unique and sophisticated. The product has a unique blend of silk and pearl extracts to leave your hair beautifully soft with the added natural moisture they bring.

      How to use

      Directions on the bottle tell you to shampoo hair and blot out excess water, I presume after rinsing, then run treatment through hair with fingers or comb. It doesn't say how much you use but I usually use one blob for medium hair, 2 for longer and a little less for shorter. Relax for a few minutes then rinse out.

      The tube suggests you use the product whenever you need a moisture boost, so it is tailored to your hair type and condition.

      My opinion

      I would say this product is more of a deep conditioner than a hair treatment. The bottle is really pretty and girly and looks appealing. The top is easy to screw off and the products squeezes out easily. It has a really nice smell to it to, its very hard to decribe though, almost prefumed rather than fruity or a specific scent.

      The product looks like a thick white conditioner and applies easily to the hair and scalp. It washed off easy after a few minutes and did leave my hair very soft, detangled and shiny. It was a ncie little treat but I wouldn't pay the full price for it. I much prefer Charles Worthington mineral Hair Spa as you get better results for the same price.

      this product might work better on really dry, permed or damaged hair but for people with less problematic hair it just works like most conditioners but leaves hair slightly more softer and shinier.


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      18.02.2009 14:57
      Very helpful



      The best intensive conditioner I've used so far!

      - Price & Packaging -

      This is currently available for £5.99 for a 150ml. However I got this along with the shampoo and conditioner in a gift set, 3 items for just £15.00 which offered some saving.

      This comes in a grey with a slightly lilac tinted tube. It sits on the flip top lid from which the conditioner is dispensed.

      - What is it? -

      ~ An indulgent cream conditioner.
      ~ Helps nurture, soften and smooth hair.
      ~ Penetrates and conditions tired hair.
      ~ Revitalises and softens hair.
      ~ Leaves hair tangle-free with a healthy shine.
      ~ Enriched with pearl and silk extracts to add natural moisture to your hair.

      - My Experience -

      * Smell and Appearance

      This is a white, quite thick looking cream, no great surprises there. My favourite aspect of this intensive conditioner is the smell. It has quite a strong perfumed scent to it which is fresh and vibrant. The manufacturer's statement that it is 'scented with a unique and sophisticated fragrance' is true in my humble opinion.
      The smell lasts for some time on my hair, making it smell clean and refreshed.

      * How do I use it?

      I have used this after washing my hair with a variety of different shampoos. The consumer is advised to use this whenever your hair needs a moisture boost, which for me is every time I wash it! I use this on wet hair, using quite a good palm full of the conditioner. I massage it in to all of my hair, unlike some conditioners which I only use on the ends of my hair. I then wrap my hair in a towel and leave the conditioner on for between 5 and 10 minutes. This goes against the advised time of 2 minutes but I find that this works better for my very dry, frizzy, coarse hair.

      It is easily washed out and my hair feels luxuriously soft and tangle free as I am washing it off.

      * How effective is it?

      This really does make my hair less coarse and more manageable. I feel as if it does help give a little bit of nourishment to my ever so dry hair although I can't go so far as to say that it gives it a healthy shine - I don't think my hair has had that since my early days! It certainly softens and conditions my hair more than the bog standard huge number of basic conditioners that I have used over the years.

      * Overall

      For once, I actually feel that I have given my hair a little treat by using this intensive conditioner. I would recommend that if your hair is very dry and quite damaged, as mine is, then you leave it on for longer than the suggested two minutes. It hasn't provided a miracle cure for my hair with all of its frizz and split ends but it does go some way to making it feel softer and healthier.
      I'm now looking forward to using the conditioner and shampoo from the pack which I will try when all of my others run out!

      - Other 'Dream Hair' Products -

      ~ Shampoos
      ~ Conditioners
      ~ Hair Spray
      ~ Straightening Balm
      ~ Finishing Spray
      ~ Curl Defining Spray


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        16.02.2009 01:44
        Very helpful



        A hair conditioner I guarentee you'll love 100% if your a female OR male

        I've always been a massive sucker for smelly good things. All you need to do is follow me around a store and watch me sniff and either smile, or sniff and make some ghoulishly appalled face. I do this whenever buying body wash, shampoo, deoderant, candles, lotions, oils, sunscreen, the list is endless (yes I can be pretty girly at times).

        So one day whilst on vacation, I was perusing a local Big Lots (Sort of like a buy everything "Primark" type department store), and found this gem.

        My only sadness now in purchasing this Conditioner, is that I didn't buy the entire stock right after smelling it. I'm about to go off on a tangent here though so bare with me......

        You see, a lot of times, things that smell good, don't necessarily work well. Like , for instance......the time I bought this Heavently Scented body oil and it ended up just making me gooey , sticky, and would not wash off even after two baths and a shower. Or, the time I purchased a candle that had the aroma of Pumpkin pie, yet, when it was lit, ended up smelling more like dirty socks.

        Ok , back to this Condititoner ......It smelled like....like....well like a DREAM...which is it's name anyways, so it fits. It's a little hard to describe the scent but think along the lines of Musk, Amber, Jasmine, Vanilla, Sandlewood, and Men's cologne?

        (I know it sounds somewhat ridiculous to want to wash your hair with stuff that smells like guy's cologne, but why not? Everyone loves the smell of expensive guys cologne.... )

        I'll stop my prattling on about the smell, but it's extremely important to point out......Because, isn't just for females. It's musky, and I believe, an "Asexual" scent.....Meaning , I could easily see a man using this as much as a women. The other HUGE advantage is that the scent lingers for an entire DAY after you've used it. My friends will sniff at me and go "Tiff! What is that your wearing? It smells amazing". And i'm not wearing any perfumes, it's just THIS conditioner.

        In reality, when you use a conditioner, you mainly just want it to work well on your hair. I rarely blowdry my hair, but I am a little careless with it. It's rather thick and wavy and 'm forever putting it up, then down, or twisting it around my fingers as a nervous habit, then combing my fingers through it absentmindedly. All this will make ones hair a little dry and damaged.

        IF you used this conditioner though, you would only need to use it MAYBE once a week? (More if you blowdryed your hair regularly) My hair is instantly shiny and tamed after I've used this. That's not even the best part.....i've NEVER , and i'm not using this word as an exaggeration, I really mean NEVER had this soft of hair until I started using this. To say it feels like silk is an understatement.

        I know I know, i'm reallllly going over the top about a flipping CONDITIONER. How boringly pathetic is that? Yet, I can't seem to help myself. I've always had troubles with finding perfect hair products. Either i'll like something for a week or two, then it'll stop working and build up residue or strip my hair of it's natural oils, or I'll buy something and it 'll simply just work "so-so".

        Now, it really dosen't matter WHAT shampoo you buy , because if you use this stuff, it makes up for any shampoo disasters . In my own great admiration for my Dream Conditioner here, I've been able to find it now at some Salon's, and on Ebay. The lowest i've been able to get it for on EBAY is around 10 pounds.

        Lastly, my suggestion to you, is to go on Ebay, type in Charles Worthington Dream Hair Conditioner, and bid on it until you win it. You'll be as happy as I am that you found the perfect tamer and softness maker for your hair. I'm so assured that I bet you a million pounds. If you don't like it, i'll....well , i'll probably have to break down the million pounds over the course of a 100 yr period, minus some pretty heafty taxes, but you'd still get it none the less. =)


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