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Charles Worthington Dream Hair Miraculously Moisturising Masque

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2 Reviews

Brand: Charles Worthington / Treatment - Hair Mask / Type: Hair Mask / Subcategory: Moisturiser / What it does: Moisturizes,

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    2 Reviews
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      09.09.2011 21:31
      Very helpful




      I picked this hair masque up in Home and Bargains for £3.00, I only picked it because it sounded just like another one I use which is amazing, the name very similar! and plus it was pink..

      I should of known it would of been crap because I have used lots of Charles Worthington products before and they never work and always leave my hair a mess.
      The hair masque comes in a 150ml pot which is rounded in shape and a very pale pink in colour, well its a pink going on purple actually when I look at it more closer.
      On the front it has the Charles Worthington logo, along with DREAM HAIR in big font and then it says 'Step 2..Moisturise' but I haven't seen step 1 anywhere, and I am sure it wouldn't matter.
      On the back is the usual information and also incase your interested it is a screw top lid.

      Charles Worthington Dream Hair Miraculously Moisturising Hair Masque is an intense moisturising treat enriched with shea butter, its designed to nourish the hair where its needed most, helping to leave hair stronger, healthier and shinier in just three minutes. Think of this masque as a facial for the hair and scalp.

      I made sure my hair was damp, took off the lid and put it onto my hair, it has a lovely smell..I think its the shea butter but it also smells like melon too! No complaining about the smell, was nice to have on my head.
      The texture of the hair masque is very thick and 'stuck together' I know that sounds weird but most hair masque kind of stick together, even though its a cream, its just very..gloopy, although its the norm with most hair masque I have used so didn't freak me out.
      I made sure it was in my hair evenly and left for 3 minutes.
      Whilst running it through my hair it was indeed quite soft and smelled really nicely, plus a tiny bit of this went a long way and covered all of my long hair at the time.

      I washed out the conditioner which was very hard to do, took about 15 minutes to completely rinse it, it seemed to stick in my hair, especially at the roots.
      I then dried it which took 3 times as long, and not to mention my hair felt like a sticky mess..
      Boy it was shiny, I mean greasy! it was horrible, looked and felt terrible condition.
      When I took the remaining conditioner out the next day my hair was extremely brittle and in a terrible terrible condition, I had to use my usual GOOD hair masque to repair some of the damage.

      Awful product, should not be able to sell.

      I give it a star for its pretty packaging!


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      20.08.2010 21:25
      Very helpful
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      Really rubbish!

      This is following on from my review of the shampoo of this range.

      This is part of the Charles Worthington Dream Hair range - step 1 is cleanse, step 2 is moisturise - which is what this part was, there's a choice of the hair masque or a standard conditioner - step 3 is style and step 4 is finish. I only purchased 1 and 2, they were on offer at the time.

      This is called the Miraculously Moisturising Hair Masque.

      How did it go?

      Well after cleansing my hair I took the lid off this pot - previously opened but lid on top to make life easier with wet hands - the smell is more pleasant than that of the cleaner, presumably to leave you with nice smelling hair. Not sure how to describe it, but it says enriched with Shea Butter so this may be the smell - it's nice though, not overly floral or too strong, just mild and pleasant.

      Anyone who's used pot hair masques before will know they have a weird texture, especially as you're putting your fingers in, it's.. well, gloopy! This is no different, so far so good.

      The directions say to remove excess moisture and run this through your hair, and to leave for a minimum of 3 minutes.

      So I apply some to the ends.. then the lengths.. at which point I get the same feeling I got with the shampoo. See this is a 150ml pot which costs £5.49, bought for use as an ocassional treat for my hair, as it was on offer. And once again, I feel very very glad it was on offer, as the coverage is extremely poor. I do have quite long hair and while fine, I've got plenty of it, but even so the coverage was quite poor, possibly worse than the shampoo - I've used nearly half a pot in 2 attempts, which even with long hair is just ridiculous!

      However I thought if it leaves my hair nice, then it'll be a very expensive treat.

      I left it for around 10 minutes the 1st time (2nd I only left it around 5, wondered if the first time was too long), rinsed off, done. Unfortunately my hair wasn't best pleased, as it left my hair as though it hadn't been conditioned at all. A bit dry, a bit tangly. The 2nd time with less time on was worse again - that night I had to use another hair masque I'd (thankfully!) got which I left on for around 2 hours condition it thoroughly.

      This is the blurb from CW website:
      Now you can treat your hair with the same care and attention you do your skin, thanks to the launch of Charles Worthington Dream Hair range. A 4-step regime developed to work in combination with your hair to deliver increased shine, strength and nourishment shampoos and conditioners. These luxurious, almost decadent, treats are blended with the finest ingredients to give your hair a beautifully soft and weightless finish.

      Unfortunately none of that was true for me, I spend £5.49 (but at full price would've been £11!) for hair that felt like I'd washed it with tescos value shampoo and no conditioner.

      I've marked it to 2, I was between 1 or 2 but as it didn't damage my hair and did work a little when left on long enough I think 1 may be too harsh, definitely below average though.

      Unfortunately a waste of money for me!


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