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Charles Worthington Hot Curls Setting Spray

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Brand: Charles Worthington / Sprays / Type: Hair Spray / Working for: curly hair

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    1 Review
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      01.10.2008 03:48
      Very helpful



      Brilliant once you get used to using it!

      I am quite experimental with my hair. I say I'm experimental but then I find it really hard to find products that really do help me be confident about a style I've created, at least enough so that I leave the house with it and I tend to try looks out and not have the guts to show them off so I get stuck in a rut quite often!

      Now I'm really wary when it comes to writing reviews in general. I'm really well aware that we are all very different. There are products I have written and raved about and people have commented how it doesn't work for them. People have written reviews and I've thought something sounded amazing so been out and invested in it and I've ended up either being indifferent, hating it and very rarely I've agreed it's good but it's been hit and miss.

      Hair products are particularly something hard to recommend to people I think. It's so personal due to hair type. However both me and my friends who come to my house to get ready before a big night out have used this and we've all had the same results.

      My Hair...

      Well I've had numerous amounts of problems with it of late to be honest. Basically I've been malting like a woman with cheap hair extensions and the sad bit is I don't wear any! I'm not joking my hair is so fragile that I'm not losing a strand here and there I'm losing ringlets (as my hair goes when wet). I'm getting nagged when people eat their dinner cos there's a black hair in it, it's ground into the carpets and even on my dog and blocking my bath up. Hence one of the reasons I got this product to try out. I straighten my hair and although I don't think I'm noticeably losing my hair to other people I'm paranoid about wearing it straight as it appears so thin so this I thought may give it a bit of life and hide what I want to hide.

      So my hair is dyed jet black and is to just below shoulder length. As I mentioned earlier my hair when wet goes to ringlets but sadly though they are covered in frizz. When I dry my hair roughly with my hair drier it goes to frizz and then normally I use straightening products on my hair to help aid a straight and sleek style and then I whack on hair straighteners most days.

      My hair is shiny, slightly dry at the ends and quite split at the moment. The mid section even after straightening looks fluffy and frizzy and my roots go greasy within hours of washing it. My hair needs washing every day as it goes limp and as I said greasy and it drives me mad.

      So I bought this actually by mistake. I wanted to not blow dry or straighten my hair every day and give my hair a well needed break and use it with bendy rollers (no heat). That was the plan. I got it home and realised that it needed to be used hot as it's heat activated and decided to give it a go anyway lol

      The Packaging....

      Exactly (for once lol) as depicted in the review photograph at the top of this page! Gold 200ml recyclable plastic tall bottle with bright orange push down sprayer and a clear little safety lid. Mine never has but it's nice that if the product clogs you can undo the sprayer and rinse it out to unclog it if need be. On the front of the bottle I'm told it's Charles Worthington, London, Cwstyle.com then there's some silver circle type pattern and then under that in orange writing I'm told it's Hot Curls Setting Spray (Heat-Activated For Well-Defined Curls) and the size is stated as I've listed already. On the back of the bottle I'm once again told what it is and that it's medium hold. Under that I'm told exactly what it is, a bit about the Charles Worthington website, how to use the product, cautions, ingredients, contact details for Charles Worthington and finally there's a bar-code. I do like the design and style of the bottle and there is plenty of information on there too.

      About The Product....

      Works with tongs or rollers to 'fix' curls. Contours curls with high shine finish. Humidity-guard prevents style-damaging frizz. With thermal protection from heat-styling damage.

      To Use....

      Use on dry hair. Take a section of hair, spray along the length of each section & spread well through the hair. Wind each section around your heated hair appliance & hold until curl is perfectly formed. Repeat for all sections of hair.

      Me Using It....

      Well as I say we are all different and sadly I can't simply wash my hair dry it and then spray with this and get on to curling my hair (I wish). I have to much frizz to do that and I tried and my hair became a horrid frizz ball! I'm sure if you have naturally straight hair you could miss out all the steps I have to go through first to get a good base to work with but not me grrr!

      I personally wash my hair first, blow dry it roughly, run my straighteners through to kill most of the frizz and then get on with using this. So for me, yes it is a time consuming process.

      Lets talk about the product before I reveal the results! It comes out as I said earlier with a pump action so your in charge as to where you spray it. It comes out fast and saturates the hair with each pump and I can't seem to get a fine mist but from what I gather you need alot of it anyway.

      It's clear and it's smells a bit like an aftershave. Not as you would expect a hair product to smell but it's fresh and expensive smelling and you can smell it when using it but once on the hair it doesn't smell at all unless someone gets up close and personal and sniffs at you! However it is really a nice smell and if a guy (for any reason) wanted to use this he could lol.

      So I use this as directed. I spray it on my hair section by section. I spray the strands I want to curl carefully. I spray it and then with my fingers run the product through to evenly coat everywhere. What does impress me is that whilst doing this my fingers don't get one bit sticky and/or glued up and gunky. It's really simple to use this is. Once I've sprayed I use tongs and I wind my hair on as neatly as I possibly can, hold for a few seconds and repeat the process all over my head till I'm happy with the results.

      The Results....

      Amazing but you have to work with the product. The above method works best for me and I'd be happy to use rollers or a hairdryer if I was that steady of hand. It's a nice easy product to use.

      Once on the hair it is as unsticky as applying it and you can't feel in on the hair at all. My hair when I've done is curly and smooth and very polished looking indeed. It promises to help with frizz and it really does do that. I do ringlets and they look great and really shiny and in good condition. Whats more I don't find my hair falling out of my head as I go as this gives heat protection to my fragile hair and it doesn't snap as I go!

      Now as I mentioned my friends have used this as well. One of them has naturally straight hair and she simply spritzes it everywhere and then does the sectioning with the product and her hair is thicker than mine and it works like a dream. She uses this and then out the door and it's as simple as that for her and the curls hold brilliantly for hours with no other hair products added.

      Me however having thinner hair that likes to be frizzy has to hold the curls in once achieved with ten ton of hairspray and I can't touch my curls as they will fall out easily but as I say we are all so very different and this gives the curls it's just up to me to hold on to them.

      This also works with bendy rollers that are unheated even though this is recommended for use with heat appliances. I find it works as well with no heat at all! Again the curls on my hair are liable to fall out but hairspray holds it all in perfectly.

      Would I recommend it? Definitely, it's great. I remember using curling products in the past and my hair being crispy and this doesn't do that, it gives a very natural feel with as I said earlier no sticky feeling at all and no heaviness or greasy feeling either. It doesn't dry out my hair and it doesn't make my split ends look more prominent. This is really worth a try and as I said if your willing to work with it and not expect miracles this is a lovely product to use that makes hair feel hydrated, soft and gentle!

      I purchased mine in Boots and think I paid £6.99 but it is worth looking for on discount Internet sites as I have seen it cheaper, you just have to do your homework!


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    • Product Details

      A setting spray to hold curls in a perfectly defined shape without the risk of heat damage /

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