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Charles Worthington Relax & Unwind Blow Dry Balm

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    1 Review
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      04.12.2008 01:14
      Very helpful


      • Everything!


      • "None really!"

      Top product, me likes it lots!

      When it comes to buying hair products I'm so easily swayed into parting with my money it's unreal actually! I like the big brands and if I spot these so called big brands and at smaller prices than I think they should cost me I'm like a lamb to the slaughter! I don't really know where the obsession came from as I've never been vain when it came to my hair but since purchasing my gorgeous pink Ghds I guess I felt like my hair deserved the extra good stuff really! So my bedroom is cluttered with bottles and tubs of this and that like you wouldn't believe and one of the reasons I love writing reviews is because I always use the stuff before writing about it just so that I can write about the products accurately really and by using this method I really do take notice of the products in my life and I can't tell you how much stuff has hit the bin using this method! I do advise it...however sadly with me I always end up replacing what I part with as there is no stopping myself and my shopaholic ways lol.

      Anyway, I spotted this in Bodycare shop in my city centre priced at 99p as are alot of Charles Worthington products in that store though this was the biggest sized product I've seen from within the range in store and therefore amazing value I have however seen this in boots priced at £4.49 per product so I was aware of the saving before I purchased it and to be honest the price was the thing that talked me into buying it!

      Now why would I buy it? Well I always wash and dry my hair and then I usually straighten my hair with my Ghds as I've pointed out already. I always use a heat protection spray lightly over my hair before whacking my straighteners through my mop but I have found that even by using really good products like Lee Stafford's Straightening Heat Protection Spray, Nicky Clarke's Straightening Spritz and Toni & Guys Heat Protection Spray that no matter how hard I try I can get glossy and straight hair by using the stuff as promised but with humidity the way it is that I'm getting what can only be described as kinky hair! In layman's terms my cows lick puts in a huge appearance to spoil my life and gentle waves are perking up and this is with using GHDS! So when I saw this I thought hmm I wonder if I use this first when blow drying my hair and styling aka taming it with a brush or comb and then moving on to my usual methods to finish my style I wonder if I'll not only achieve straight hair but also the balm (this product) may also weigh hair down a little and make it stay put and leave me in control. Extra work? Yes! Worth it? Hopefully...

      The Packaging:

      Light blue plastic recyclable tube with integrated flip top lid situated at the bottom which covers a small hole. On the front in turquoise and dark blue writing I'm told at the top it's Charles Worthington London and then under that I'm told it contains Keraflex complex and then under that in larger lettering it says Results, Stay Smooth, Relax And Unwind Blow-Dry Straightening Balm and that is is suitable for all hair types and then the size is stated which is 150ml, 5.07fl.oz. On the back of the bottle and all in small dark blue writing I'm once again told what the product is and a bit about the product, some words from Charles Worthington are given, directions for use and the ingredients are listed and contact details for Charles Worthington are stated.

      It's a nice and simple looking and very functional and practical looking bottle which gives some faith it will work as there are no gimmicks with this product and its informative as its needs to be without being too wordy.

      About The Product (According To The Back of The Tube):

      New generation results shampoos and conditioners were developed through dedicated research and advanced haircare science, which led to the new keraflex complex - a breakthrough ingredient package. Regular use makes your hair up to 3 x stronger, leaving it looking healthier, shinier and smoother than ever before.

      Relax and unwind blow-dry straightening balm helps to:

      Relax curls and kinks to boost smoothness and shine

      Improve hair's moisture retention and manageability

      Maximise the staying power of your finished style

      Increase hair's resilience to heat-styling damage

      A few words from Charles Worthington:

      'I am confident that you will enjoy the multi-benefits of new generation results. With 20 years of salon experience, solving your specific hair needs and desires, I am pleased to bring you the very best in haircare products'.

      Directions For Use:

      Squeeze a small amount into your palm, rub hands together and run fingers through hair from roots to ends. Comb thoroughly and style straight as normal. For maximum benefit, use regularly with other 'results' products. Avoid contact with eyes.

      My Experience Of The Product:

      Well this really is one of the easiest products I own and use! It's so, so simple! A small amount of this balm is enough. I'm talking about the size of a 5p coin of this white opaque like liquid. It's quite runny but has a bit of body to it and you have to squeeze it out of the plastic tube and it comes out cleanly but not gushing or running. If you rub it between your fingers it feels slightly greasy but has quite a bit of what feels like water content to it which feels slightly sticky but hydrating and soft all at the same time.

      I always apply this to damp and combed/brushed through hair and if rubbed between palms first as directed it spreads on very easily and absorbs quickly into the hair. You can feel where the product is applied to as hair feels softer and then I brush or comb through once again and then I'm ready to style with my hairdryer.

      Now there is no way I am going to profess to you that I can completely blow dry my hair straight and walk out my door. I can't and that's not due to this product that's due to me not being able to do it no matter how hard I try lol. My aim is purely to straighten and tame my hair somewhat without making it dry, greasy and/or limp and draining the life out of it.

      So I dry my hair on a cool heat with a nozzle on it. I use a rounded brush or a big comb or simply my fingers. I dry it slowly and gently from root down to the tip. If I rough dry my wavy mop I get a wavy mop it's as simple as that so you do have to work with this product a bit.

      I find my hair takes the usual amount of time to dry as usual. What I do get is my hair 50% straightened with this method and that's before moving on to using my straighteners. Hair is less fluffy, frizz is once again 50% banished and hair feels very soft and smooth in a very natural way. The hair follicles (roots) are smoothed considerably without making my hair lifeless or oily and my hair feels like it has controlled body rather than being flyaway. Broken hairs near my scalp become integrated into my style and appear neat, split ends also feel alot softer and less noticeable. Hair also smells gorgeous an of a light fruity but professional smell that lasts gently for hours on the hair even if you use other products over this, no matter what I can always smell a hint of this which is odd as it isn't highly fragrant or anything but it is entirely pleasant.

      Now I'm sure if you were expert at using a blow drying technique this would be perfect for you. It's full of positives and the results I do get I don't have to work too hard to achieve. It does tame my hair without bossing it about too much. My greasy roots don't hate this product and act up yet it gently is clever enough to hydrate where it needed.

      However for me as I said this isn't enough and all I simply do is then move on to spraying my hair with some other straightening heat protection product and finish off my sleek style and yes I get what I want each and every time. I manage to not only achieve a straighter style than usual in less time over-all but I manage to keep it this way and humidity wouldn't dare interfere with me! Also my hair doesn't feel overloaded with too many products and my hair still doesn't get greasy, dried out or too heavy or anything bad or negative.

      In Conclusion:

      Simple to use with no bad effects and it's slotted really nicely into my usual hair care routine without fuss. Because so little of the product is needed even if you have to pay full price for this, with daily use it's going to last 6 months or over! A little goes an incredibly long way. I love the ease of use, the smell and the way my hair feels when it's on my hair so for me this is a must have product that will get repurchased no matter the price cos it's priceless to me. I've never been a Charles Worthington fan but I certainly am now with this so if you want some extra help with straightening your barnet and being able to use other products with it...this is great!

      This review is also posted on Ciao under this same username.


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