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Charles Worthington Results Frizz Smoothing Conditioner

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5 Reviews

Brand: Charles Worthington / Type: Conditioner / What it does: Smoothes,

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    5 Reviews
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      01.04.2013 00:13
      Very helpful
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      I prefer to use something that is a pleasure to use rather than this dull.

      My hair is thick and curly and prone to a dry scalp and frizz if left to its own devices. I was bought this conditioner along with the matching shampoo as a Christmas gift from my mum. She likes to buy me treats that she knows I would not buy for myself.

      Normally I need to use a tea tree based shampoo to control my scalp flaking and itching, but I am able to swap between different brands of conditioners with no problems. I normally go for cheap and cheerful but I enjoy the more premium experience when I get the chance.

      Charles Worthington is a brand that I do consider to be more premium but from my experience of the shampoo and conditioner I have been quite disappointed with the brand. For a price tag of over £5 for 250ml I was expecting a pleasant experience, but this was so boring and ordinary I was quite uninspired by it.

      The conditioner is in a squashed oval bottle with a pivoted lid with a small opening to dispense the conditioner. The conditioner is quite thick, white in colour, but one of my first disappointments is that there is so very little smell to this. Even if I hold this right to my nose, I detect virtually nothing.

      At first it is quite easy to get this out of the bottle, but once you have used some of the product, it gets harder to squeeze it out, particularly when you want to squeeze it one handed onto your other hand in order to use it. The bottle becomes dinted in and rather unstable when it is stood up. My usual trick of standing it upside down on my bathroom window sill does not seem to do a lot at all.

      The conditioner is quite easy to run through my hair with my fingers, and is easy to wash out after I have used it. I find there is nothing I can say I dislike about the product, but I don't want to repurchase it as I hate the impractical bottle and I prefer something that has a lot more scent to it. It is not that the product itself is awful, its just so dull and for the price I am severely disappointed. I could spend a fraction of this cost and have a pleasant conditioner that will leave scent clung to my hair and leave my hair really soft.

      My experience with this brand has really put me off repurchasing. It is not any better than any generic brand at reducing frizz in my hair so I don't see the point in buying and using this particular brand.


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        28.10.2011 00:59
        Very helpful



        A decent conditioner, but a tad expensive.

        Review of Charles Worthington Frizz Smoothing Salon Results conditioner

        ==The Product==

        Made by the Charles Worthington brand, this conditioner is designed to help tame the horrors of frizzy hair.

        The conditioner is enriched with rice protein and antioxidant white tea, Frizz Smoothing Conditioner helps to de-tangle and Charles Worthington state that it is effective at preventing frizz due to an added humidity resistant agent.

        I was given this product as part of a hair care gift set for my birthday. I have long, wavy hair which has dry ends. On occasion, my hair can also be wildly frizzy and unmanageable, so I was interested to try this.

        ==My Experience Using The Product==

        The shampoo is presented in a funky shaped, pale blue plastic flip top container and costs in the region of £4.50 for 250ml.
        This shampoo is a pearly white coloured product. It is fairly thick in texture and it has a pleasant refreshing scent. It has a lovely light scent, almost soap-like and it could be used by men or women.
        The conditioner is pleasant to use, it is rich in texture and rinses out easily. I have found that this conditioner leaves my hair feeling soft, silky and smelling fresh.
        Obviously the main attraction for me was the promise of frizz elimination. I have to say that although my hair was less frizzy than usual, it was not a dramatic difference.
        After a couple of uses, I thought that my hair definitely looked more glossy than usual. I have tended to use this conditioner after using the matching shampoo from the range, so cannot claim that the conditioner alone will give this result.


        Charles Worthington products are widely available from High Street stores and supermarkets across the UK. The range is produced by the well known Cussons Beauty group.
        There are many different products in the Charles Worthington range, a full list can be found on the company website:- www.charlesworthington.com or from


        As mentioned above, I received this conditioner in a hair care gift set and as I usually buy more budget priced hair products, was delighted to have the opportunity to try it.

        The Charles Worthington Frizz Free conditioner is good, it really does leave my hair feeling soft and silky. The scent seems to linger for around 24 hours after use and the product certainly seems to suit my dry hair. The frizziness is reduced, but whether it is worth almost a fiver is definitely debatable in my opinion.
        The results produced are adequate, but no more than that. The conditioner is pleasant to use, but I not feel it is worth the £4.50 price tag.

        I like this conditioner, but would only buy it for myself if I come across it on a special offer.
        I am awarding this conditioner a 3* rating.

        Thank you for reading.

        ©brittle1906 October 2011

        N.B. My reviews may be found on other sites under the same user name.


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          01.09.2009 13:12
          Very helpful



          a good product for frizzy hair - hair feels smooth and nice

          I bought the travel size versions of the shampoo and conditioner and decided to trial them with another brand whilst on holiday. The smaller containers cost about £1.70 each from Boots and were very handy to fit in my suitcase.

          I have recently had my hair highlighted blonde and now suffer really bad with frizzy hair. I can't leave my hair to dry as it just looks like fluffy frizzy mop so I have to endure endless amounts of hair drying and straightening to make it look nice.

          I was very impressed with this shampoo and conditioner set. I knew that the heat on holiday would affect the condition of my hair so purposely planned to take a frizz control shampoo with me, just to see if my hair would be different than using a normal shampoo.

          I couldn't leave my hair to dry naturally, I still had to blow dry and straighten my hair. Previous years on holiday I have been disappointed with my hair. As soon as the heat hits me my hair goes limp but this shampoo worked wonders.

          The results were what it said it would be on the description. My hair was left silky smooth and lustrous. When I put the brush through my dried styled hair it felt fantastic.

          Every evening my hair would look nice at the start of the night and still did by the time I went to bed. The next morning it would still look shiny and sleek - until I went in the pool or sea and then I'd look a mess again!!
          I am still looking for shampoo and conditioner that will let me leave my hair to dry naturally and look like I've just stepped out of a salon. I don't think that will happen though as I believe you have to have a certain hair type (like my lucky friend!)

          I recommend this shampoo and conditioner to all frizzy people like me!


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          13.08.2009 12:23
          Very helpful



          Doesn't do anything to tame my hair!

          - Price and Packaging -

          This retails at £4.55 for a 250ml bottle. However Boots are currently offering this and other Charles Worthington hair products for £3 with their 2 for £6 offer.

          This comes in a pale blue semi transparent plastic bottle. It is quite a flat bottle as opposed to cylindrical like many other hair products that I have.

          The conditioner is dispensed through a small hole. You open the bottle by pressing down on one side of the top section and the other side flips up to reveal the hole.

          This is far better than other products that have a large hole at the top as you can easily control the amount of conditioner that you want to dispense.

          - What does it promise? -

          ~ Enriched with moisturising rice protein and anti-oxidant white tea.
          ~ Contains an added humidity resitant agent.
          It helps to:
          ~ Detangle and prevent frizz.
          ~ Calm hair.
          ~ Prepare for styling with a rich, intense conditioning formula.
          ~ Tame and smooth unruly hair.
          ~ Give a sleek finish.
          ~ Nurture and treat hair.
          ~ Enhance natural shine.

          - What is it like? -
          ~ Smell ~

          This conditioner has a lovely fresh, slightly floral based scent which does give your hair a great smell even when rinsed off.

          ~ Appearance ~

          This is a white, thick cream.

          - Does it work? -

          I have frizzy below shoulder length hair and therefore tend to look for any product that promises to give me sleek, calm hair and the very name of this product gave me great hope!

          I really like the smell of this conditioner which is perhaps the only advantage I have come across for it. I always use quite a lot of this conditioner and due to the nature, length and thickness of my hair I apply it all over, not just to the ends of my locks! It washes off easily and doesn't make my hair feel limp or greasy after using it.

          It certainly makes my hair feel very sleek and tangle-free as I'm distributing it through my hair and it looks great whilst wet but the lack of success of this product to tame my hair becomes apparent as the process of drying it progresses.

          Unfortunately it doesn't:
          ~ 'tame or smooth my hair'
          ~ 'give it a sleek finish or enhance the natural shine'
          ~ 'calm my hair or prevent any frizz'

          The only thing that I can say it does for my hair is detangle it whilst wet. As for the claim that it contains a humidity resistant agent, I have not seen any evidence of this, whilst in a damp environment my hair becomes frizzier even after using this.

          - Overall -

          The blurb on the back suggests that you use it with the frizz smoothing shampoo, which I dutifully did ....... And I can honestly say that with or without the shampoo from the same range of products it made not one bit of difference.

          A big let down for someone with frizzy hair who was hoping for great results from this product. Despite the fact that it doesn't offer my hair what it promises, I will continue to use this intermittently due to the fact that I've paid for it and I hate waste!

          It may be good for someone with just a little bit of unruly frizz but not for someone like me whose hair needs a lot of help in the taming department!


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            06.08.2009 15:57
            Very helpful



            I wouldn't buy it again unless it was on offer and was the same price as the other stuff I get!

            I got this a good while ago in a gift pack, there was conditioner, shampoo, heat protection spray and smoothing chair serum. It cost me £10 for the pack.

            In the pack came a 250ml bottle of this conditioner, I bought it because I knew Charles Worthington were a good company who could be trusted and I wanted to try out a new shampoo and conditioner.

            The bottles are rectangular at the front with an oval top and bottom, and is about 12 cm tall. The bottle is baby blue in colour and you can just about see through it to see how much you have left in the bottle.

            The conditioner claims to enhance your natural shine and smooth frizz, it helps to detangle and prevent frizz with an added humidity resistant agent. Now I don't really suffer from frizzy hair unless it's been in a messy bun and has been brushed within an inch of its life. But I got this for the detagling mainly, as I do suffer badly with tangles!

            The conditioner has a clean perfumey smell to it, of nothing really inparticular, it's very pleasant and the smell stays in our hair all day. It is used like normal conditioner, once you have shampoo'd your hair, wash it out after a couple of minutes, and your all done.

            When your hair is dry, it is less frizzy than it normally would be, and I have found it doesn't need as much straightening after using this conditioner. It leaves your hair lovely and soft and shiny, but to be honest I don't notice enough difference in my hair to warrent the £5 price tag which attaches itself to this conditioner. Yes it's good, but so is Herbal Essences which is half the price for double the amount of the product!

            So in conslusion, yes the product is good, but I have had just as good, for less money...! Buy Herbal Essences instead! :)


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