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Charles Worthington Results Frizz Smoothing Shampoo

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7 Reviews

Brand: Charles Worthington / Type: Hair Shampoo / What it does: Smoothes,

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    7 Reviews
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      24.03.2013 17:03
      Very helpful



      There are many better and cheaper products on the market. I won't be using this again.

      I was given some Charles Worthington products as a gift last year and just recently decided to give them a try. The reason I had put off using them until recently, was purely because my experiences with Charles Worthington products in the past have not been good.
      For instance, a couple of years back I was given a lovely gift box containing two Charles Worthington Dream Hair products, but despite the lovely packaging of the set, the products were actually a big let-down when I came to use them. I have also purchased products from the Charles Worthington mini range in the past, which are ideal for taking on a short break or an overnight stay because of their handy mini size, however, I was less than impressed with these too. Therefore I didn't have particularly high hopes when using this Charles Worthington Frizz Smoothing Shampoo, because of my past experiences.

      Charles Worthington is not one of the cheaper brands on the shelves and you can expect to pay over £4 and often nearer the £5 mark for a full size bottle. Stores such as Boots however, do often run promotions on hair care products and it is worth taking advantage of these when they are available, as the price of shampoo and conditioner is something I have noticed to be rising steadily over the last year or so.

      This particular shampoo comes packaged in a rather fresh-looking blue bottle and like most products it also has a matching conditioner, which I also used.
      The shampoo promises to be frizz smoothing and is described as having added serum smoothing actives, to calm and control unruly hair, whether curly or straight, thanks to its clever humidity resistant ingredients. It's rich, intense conditioning formula means flyaways will be a thing of the past.

      Now this all sounds great if it works and I particularly liked the idea of it having clever humidity resistant ingredients. I always prefer to use a smoothing shampoo and conditioner on my long hair, which is wavy and can become frizzy in damp or humid conditions.

      The shape of the bottle is slightly awkward to hold I thought, given as it is a wide, oval shape. The lid didn't present any problems as you simply push down on one side to make the other side pop up showing a small hole. The shampoo itself doesn't smell particularly great in my opinion and if anything I would describe it as a rather cheap smell, by that I mean you would expect to have paid less than a pound for it, or for it to be part of some supermarket basics range etc. It didn't smell of anything in particular and by that I mean it had no distinct fruity or floral scent that I could detect.
      The shampoo is a clear, thick liquid and what I did like about this shampoo is that it did lather up very well on my hair and I only needed a small amount too to achieve a decent lather. It was also easy to rinse out, although I noticed immediately that my hair didn't feel as moisturised and soft as it does when using my preferred products. I then followed up with the matching frizz smoothing conditioner, as I always use a conditioner every time I wash my hair and again it was easy to apply and rinse, but my hair didn't feel soft and entirely tangle-free.

      I dried and styled my hair as usual, but to honest I knew straight after washing that I was not going to be entirely happy with the results and I was right. After drying, my hair felt dry and did not feel particularly smooth either and there was a lack of shine. I felt as if I had used a cheap product if I am honest and once again was left feeling totally let down by Charles Worthington hair produts. They promise professional quality products, but I have yet to find one that is, which is a huge disappointment.

      Although it seemed a decent enough shampoo to use and was easy to rinse out, the fragrance and the results on my hair was not good at all. It did clean my hair, but it did not really smooth my hair and because it felt dry, then it also appeared a little frizzy. I couldn't even bear to use up the rest of the bottle and instead gave it away to a friend to try, to see what she thought. She reported back that she didn't care for it either and wasn't impressed at all with the results after using.

      Overall this shampoo will clean your hair, but that's about it. The lack of smoothness and the dry feeling it left behind wasn't acceptable to me and in my opinion this is not good enough when bearing in mind the big price tag. I did experience some frizziness too, which I manage to combat with other products at a cheaper price and so the special humidity resistant ingredients didn't work either and therefore are not so clever after all!
      This shampoo doesn't offer good value for money for me and showed me that sometimes an expensive product does not always guarantee great quality or results. There are far better hair care products out there at a cheaper price than this one.


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        27.08.2012 21:06
        Very helpful




        I got a Charles Worthington gift set for Christmas which I had not used, and so when I ran out of shampoo recently, I was pleased when I remembered that the gift set included this product, the Frizz Smoothing Shampoo (NB. This appears to have changed its name recently to Frizz Free Shampoo but I assume the product is the same and it has just been repackaged). I would never buy hair care products from a proper hairdresser's range as I find that they are always over-priced and generally no better than 'normal' ranges.

        I have naturally wavy/curly hair that can go a bit frizzy in damp or humid conditions so I'm always curious to see if products that promise to smooth frizz actually do so.

        The packaging comes in a wide plastic bottle with a flip top lid that allows you to squeeze the shampoo out. Items in the anti-frizz range come in sky blue packaging and this shampoo is no exception. The shampoo promises to calm unruly hair and tame flyaways.

        The shampoo itself is a very, very pale clear blue gel - I found it a bit on the runny side. The smell is... somewhat indescribable. The only word I can think of is musky. It's quite a heavy, perfumed scent but it's not entirely unpleasant. I couldn't smell it off my hair after rinsing anyway.

        This lathered up really, really well, and as I was massaging it into my hair, I had high hopes as it really felt like it was cleaning my hair. It also rinsed out quickly. So far, so good.

        As soon as I dried my hair after using this, I could tell it didn't feel clean. I do think it was easier to straighten when blow-drying it, but after doing so, my hair looked and felt a tad lank. I'd rather have hair that is a little flyaway provided it feels clean. With this shampoo, I felt like my hair was still greasy, especially at the roots, and I was tempted to wash it all over again.

        The following morning after using this, my hair looked like it hadn't been washed at all, and appeared dull and a bit stringy. Yuk.

        This costs around £5.19 for a 250ml bottle. Brand name or not, I would not pay this for ANY shampoo. I wash my hair every day and simply could not afford to be buying shampoo all the time at that price. Maybe if it was a guaranteed miracle-worker I would... BUT IT IS NOT.


        Definitely not.



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          26.08.2012 20:56
          Very helpful



          It started so promising, but it is not really for me.

          My Mum loves to buy me treats at Christmas time that I don't buy myself. One such treat was a set of Charles Worthington frizz smoothing shampoo and conditioner. I was initially very excited with this gift as I thought it was a luxury to have a professional brand, but the expectations here have been a lot higher than the outcome.

          The range is around the £5 mark per item for a 250ml bottle, which is a lot higher than I normally spend, as I can get a big bottle of my Alberto Balsam tea tree shampoo for only £1. However, when something is a gift, you use it and treat yourself as intended.

          Initial impressions were good. I liked the original design of the bottle, with it being a squashed oval shape. It is quite nice to hold the bottle in your hands. The cap is a top which presses down on one side to allow some shampoo to be squeezed out of a narrow opening. This is fine when the bottle is quite full, but as you work your way down, it starts to become very tricky to get your shampoo out. It is a hard plastic bottle that is tough to squeeze.

          The shampoo itself is colourless, and the scent of it is not that inspiring. To me it is a little clinical, then an after scent which is floral. It is very dense, so a small amount makes a good amount of foam, which feels nice when you are washing but is a bit too much like hard work to make sure it all washes out.

          I find this shampoo doesn't do much for my scalp. I suffer from a dry scalp condition which leaves a layer of thickened skin on my scalp. With this, even straight after washing I can see flakes starting to peel off my scalp. With my tea tree shampoo I normally use I get none of this.

          My hair is quite shiny and healthy looking, and while it is a little less frizzy than normal, I don't really feel that is free from frizz. I got the feeling that my hair was actually just weighted down a bit with the residue of the shampoo and conditioner as it was pretty hard to make it all wash out.

          So in all, my scalp isn't healthier, my hair is not free of frizz, and it is shiny, but it would be shiny anyway if it were freshly washed in any shampoo and conditioner combination. So I wasn't really impressed, and I won't be wasting my own pennies on buying this one again.


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          28.10.2011 00:33
          Very helpful



          A nice shampoo, but high price tag.

          Review of Charles Worthington Results Frizz Smoothing Shampoo

          **The Product**

          Made by the Charles Worthington brand, this shampoo is designed to help control the frizzy hair. The product claims that the shampoo is has a purifying formula which removes product build-up and dulling residues while taming frizz into submission, leaving hair sleek with a superstar shine.
          Charles Worthington also claim that home users can experience salon type results from their products.

          I was given this shampoo as part of a hair care gift set for my birthday. My hair is long, wavy with dry ends. On occasion, it can also be wildly frizzy and unmanageable, so I was interested to try it.

          **My Experience Using The Product**

          The shampoo is presented in a funky blue plastic flip top container and costs in the region of £5 for 250ml.
          This shampoo is a totally colourless, clear product. It is fairly thick in texture and has a pleasant refreshing scent. I would not consider it an overly floral fragrance, it is a light, soapy aroma, which could be used by men or women
          The shampoo lathers well, something that instantly gets a thumbs up in my opinion, as living in a hard water region of the UK, this is something that can be an issue. The shampoo rinses out easily and leaves my hair feeling and looking clean and fresh.
          Obviously the main attraction for me was the promise of frizz elimination. I have to say that although my hair was less frizzy than usual, it was not a dramatic difference.
          After a couple of shampoos, I thought that my hair definitely looked more glossy than usual. In all fairness, as I have always followed the shampoo with the matching conditioner from the Charles Worthington range, so I cannot really state that the shampoo alone is responsible for the added shine.


          Charles Worthington products are widely available from High Street stores and supermarkets across the UK. The range is produced by the well known Cussons Beauty group.
          There are many different products in the Charles Worthington range, a full list can be found on the company website:- www.charlesworthington.com or from


          As mentioned, I received this product in a gift set and as I usually buy more budget priced hair care items, was delighted to have the opportunity to try it.

          The shampoo is good, it cleans, freshens and certainly seems to suit my dry hair, leaving it feeling silky and soft, but whether it is worth over a fiver is debatable in my opinion. The results produced are adequate and the shampoo is pleasant to use, but I feel it fails to live up to the price tag.
          I like this shampoo very much, but will only buy it for myself if I come across it on a special offer.
          I am awarding this shampoo a 3* rating.

          Thank you for reading.
          ©brittle1906 October 2011

          N.B. My reviews may be found on other sites under the same user name.


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          06.01.2010 21:13
          Very helpful



          A waste of money for a very average product by Charles Worthington.

          I had a clear out at Christmas and came across a Charles Worthington gift set I bought myself in Boots' half price sale last year. Charles Worthington are one of those more expensive brands which you see in the 'professional' hair care sections with fancy packaging with nothing costing less than £4. My expectations of this shampoo were high... which was my first mistake.

          This particular shampoo comes packaged in a fancy, modern blue bottle, as pictured above and it part of Charles Worthington's Salon Shine Results range. Like most products it also has a matching conditioner, which I also used. I don't believe in writing separate reviews for two products which are nearly the same however, so I will comment on that later on.

          So this shampoo promises to be frizz smoothing and, in their very own words, is for 'super-shiny, frizz-free hair.' In much smaller writing squeezed in at the very bottom of the bottle they quote 'Our professional quality products make every day feel like a salon day.' Considering this shampoo alone is priced at £4.55 (although currently on offer in Boots at 2 for £7) I do expect it to give great results. I often treat myself to my favourite John Frieda Brilliant Brunette shampoo at almost the same price and that gives me great results, also being in the 'professional' hair care section.

          The fancy wording on the back makes it sound appealing for example, 'moisturising rice protein' and 'antioxidant white tea.' It claims this shampoo will cleanse, detangle, remove styling product (so far they've promised what any shampoo SHOULD do...) and also smooth hair and boost shine with its low PH formula. Sounds good so far!

          The shape of the bottle is slightly awkward as it's very wide and in a thin oval shape, the lid though is easy to use, simply push down on one side to make the other side pop up showing a small hole. It doesn't smell particularly great, nothing floral or fruity (or have I been spoilt using my Lush and Soap & Glory products all the time...?) but it's also not a bad smell. Rather... average. It's also nothing special to look at, just a clear thick liquid, however it does lather up very well and you only need a small amount. It's easy to rinse out, and I follow up with the frizz smoothing conditioner, same smell and conditions my hair as well as I expect.

          Did it give good results? Well my hair's dry and I've attacked it with straighteners... is it super-shiny and frizz-free?

          Well I'm really let down by this shampoo. It did clean my hair, give it a shine and get rid of some frizz.... but it just did not do it any better than your average £1 a bottle supermarket shampoo! I could have used any shampoo from a cheaper range and obtained the same results which is just a huge disappointment. They promise this is a professional quality product, but it's really no different at all and my hair's left feeling rather average.

          Thankfully neither the shampoo or conditioner leave my hair feeling heavy or greasy, and the conditioner is actually quite good but again... it's nothing special and certainly not worth the big price tag.

          I've used this for a good number of washes now, and even over time I haven't noticed a big difference in my hair and it hasn't improved over timem but rather remained very distinctly average.

          This isn't value for money and goes to show an expensive product doesn't mean high quality. I'm glad I didn't buy this as a one off treat, but instead received it in a gift box with other products, but even then it still feels a waste. I don't recommend this shampoo; if you want a professional haircare range that is noticeably different then give John Frieda a try, stay clear of this one!


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            03.10.2009 22:21
            Very helpful



            A huge disappointment - does nothing what it promises for me!

            - What does it promise? -

            ~ Enriched with moisturising rice protein and anti-oxidant white tea.

            It helps to:
            ~ gently cleanse
            ~ uncover brilliant shine
            ~ detangle and de-frizz
            ~ remove styling product build up and residues
            ~ smooth hair's cuticle
            ~ boost shine

            - Price and Packaging -

            This retails at £4.55 for a 250ml bottle. However Boots are currently offering a 3 for 2 deal for this and other Charles Worthington hair products

            This comes in a pale blue semi transparent plastic bottle. It is quite a flat bottle as opposed to cylindrical like many other hair products that I have.

            The shampoo is dispensed through a small hole. You open the bottle by pressing down on one side of the top section and the other side flips up to reveal the hole.

            This is far better than other products that have a large hole at the top as you can easily control the amount of shampoo that you want to dispense.

            - What is it like? -

            ~ Smell and Appearance ~

            This shampoo has a lovely fresh scent which gives my hair a great smell even when rinsed off. It is a transparent fluid.

            - Does it work? -

            I have frizzy below shoulder length hair and therefore tend to look for any product that promises to give me sleek, calm hair and the very name of this product gave me great hope!

            I really like the smell of this shampoo which for me is the only advantage I have come across for it. The shampoo lathers well on wet hair and rinses off easily.

            Unfortunately it doesn't do anything that it promises on the packaging, for my hair and is no different to any basic shampoos that don't promise to calm my frizzy locks.

            - Overall -

            A HUGE let down for someone with frizzy hair who was hoping for great results from this product.

            It may be good for someone with just a little bit of unruly frizz but not for someone like me whose hair needs a lot of help in the taming department!
            As for the statement on the front of the bottle 'For super shiny, frizz free hair'........ how wrong could it be for me!!

            - Other Frizz Smoothing Products -

            ~ Conditioner
            ~ Leave In Spray
            ~ Intensive Conditioner


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              06.08.2009 16:15
              Very helpful
              1 Comment



              Go for a cheaper brand like Herban Essences, this is just as good!!!

              I have just written a review about the condtioner which goes with this shampoo. I got them both in a gift pack together a while ago from Boots, I keep it in the cupboard and use it as my "travel shampoo and conditioner" as it's smaller than the other bottles, and harder to sqeeze open so you don't end up with shampoo all over the place!

              The gift pack which I bought was £10, and to buy the shampoo itself is around £4.75-£5.25 depending on where you go.

              The shampoo itself has a funny smell to it, when you first put your nose to it in the bottle it smells like paint...then as your nose gets used to the smell a nice perfumy smell comes through, but when you use the shampoo you smell a lovely strong lively smell of citrus and flowers which you don't smell so much in the bottle. So don't let this smell put you off!

              The bottle is blue and is semi transparent so you can see how much you have left! It claims to rid you of frizz and wash away daily impurities...surely thats what all shampoo does...wash out the dirt.... hmmm.

              The shampoo does as it says on the bottle, it washes your hair...it does detangle which is great as some shampoos which are cheaper don't do this and your hair can get tangly after you have washed it, but this and the conditioner stop this from happening.

              The shampoo is light, and not much is needed to get a good lather.

              When you have used this shampoo I recommend using the conditioner too!!!

              When you dry your hair, it is sleek shiney and smooth with little frizz and little tangle, but as with the conditioner I don't see enough difference to warrent the over priced tag on the bottle!!!! With this your definitely paying for the name and not the shampoo, it certainly doesn't cost £5 to make a 250ml bottle of this stuff! I can get just as good for half the price. I'm not saying this shampoo is no good, but I am saying I have had just as good for half the price and for double the amount of product, Herbal Essences for example...!


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