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Charles Worthington Results Full Volume Spray Gel

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Brand: Charles Worthington / Sprays / Type: Hair Spray / Texture: Gel / What it does: volumizeses,

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    1 Review
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      26.03.2009 23:11
      Very helpful



      Pure brilliance!

      I usually use hair straighteners on my naturally wavy and frizz proned hair as it's the easiest way of making my hair behave itself and have some sense of style to it. However I don't know about anyone else but no matter what hair products I use during blow drying my hair I can create body through my fine hair but when my hair sees any hair straighteners coming towards it (and on my hair the majority of the time I use my GHDS) my hair just gives up on life and becomes weighed down and appears sluggish looking which is why I snapped this product up (in Boots priced at £5.49) in the mere hope I could pump up some much needed volume on my wayward and straggly locks for once!

      The Packaging....

      Quite transparent, red coloured 200ml plastic bottle with matching lid and a spray (push button) dispenser to the top of it. On the front in black and red writing I'm told it's Charles Worthington (London), 'Results' Full Volume Thick Quick Spray Gel which is for 'fine, limp and flyaway hair' and is flexible hold with Kerflex Complex. At the bottom of the bottle the size is stated clearly. On the back of the bottle (this time all in small black writing) I'm told a bit about the product and what to expect from it, directions for use are given, ingredients are listed, contact details for Charles Worthington are given and finally there is a bar-code on there. I like the fact I can see the product through the bottle so I can decide when it needs replacing (providing I want to of course lol) and I do like the simple, sleek, salon looking bottle which is nice to display on my dressing table! No silly colours and pictures on it, it just looks simple and neat!

      A Bit About The Product According To The Back Of The Bottle....

      Thick Quick Spray Gel.
      Precise Application + Lift + Hold.

      New generation results products contain the new Keraflex Complex - a breakthrough ingredient package. Regular use leaves your hair looking healthier, shinier and smoother than ever before.

      What To Expect From The Product....

      Thick quick spray gel helps to:

      Combine the styling benefits of a gel with the precision of a spray
      Volumise with thickening styling polmers
      Make your hair look and feel thicker
      Protect from colour loss and styling damage

      Directions For Use....

      Use on damp hair. Spray directly into sections of hair, targeting the areas most in need of a boost. For - all over volume, run gel from roots to ends. Style as normal. Avoid contact with eyes.

      Me Using It....

      Well this is just really a fantastic and simple to use product and to be honest even when I bought it I was trepidatious of it. A gel on my hair to thicken it? Wasn't so sure it would work but it was worth a go seeing that my hair looks thin around my parting and makes me feel self conscious! I'm not balding...honest it's just the fineness of my hair and it's always been this way!

      So I wash and condition my hair as usual and pat my hair dry, comb it through very well and then your meant to spray this all over your hair. Well although it sprays out brilliantly, it is a clear gel and although not really thick it isn't a mist either so you get blobs all over hair and you can if desired then gently rub it through. Me however, I prefer to spray some of this cool unfragranced (apart from tiny hint of what smells like a flower fragrance but really, you do have to really sniff at it to detect any aroma at all) into my hands and then distribute it through that way and yuo don't need much of it. It isn't one bit sticky and it's easy to do. I don't even have to wipe my hands afterwards I can get straight on with styling if I want to! I then comb through once again and tip my head over and roughly blow dry it on cool heat, gently.

      With this method I get loads of volume and soft shiny hair. It's not one bit sticky (as I have mentioned already) and eradicates about 50% of my frizz which usually I have an awful lot more of than that after blow drying alone. My hair looks really glossy and healthy but more importantly bouncy and full of life but naturally so and I can't feel any gel in my hair to the touch at all.

      Then of course I use my hair straighteners but of course you can leave it at that if desired or use other heated appliances etc (it's up to you of course!). I find that even with using 220c hair straighteners life in my hair is left intact. My hair straightens far quicker than usual and I don't feel like I need any other hair products to achieve a style including heat defence sprays etc.

      I end up with bouncy (straight) hair that isn't stuck to my head like a basin. Hair that is shiny and healthy and feels thicker as well as looks it and not only that it stays that way till washed out. I can even comb it 'on the go' and not drain life from it and hair looks has no frizz on it. Also after my hair is done if I want to use this spray to target say the hair on my crown I can do that and I spray this directly onto the hair, pop in a roller for a few minutes and it really does give volume to sections of hair I chose to. I have layers in my hair and I can spray some of this under them and particularly concentrate on lifting them up to give them definition and my hair looks really very different to just styling it without this product.


      Don't be put off it's called a gel. It is.... but not in the conventional way! I love the fact that it's so easy to use and achieve good looks with it, the fact it doesn't smell strong and I can if I'm worried for a big night out 'set' my style after using this with a good hair/finishing spray for extra piece of mind. It washes out simply and leaves no residue and feels incredibly natural and not one bit sticky when it's in the hair. I'm not usually a Charles Worthington fan but this for someone who is worried about the thin and fineness of their hair and is a bit paranoid about it (like I WAS) this really is a Godsend! I truly love it and highly recommend it! It's worth it's weight in gold (or price lol).

      Can be found in all good supermarkets and chemists.


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