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Charles Worthington Results Light Control Finishing Cream

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Brand: Charles Worthington / Hair moisturising cream / 100ml. / Type: Hair Cream / What it does: Protects

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    1 Review
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      27.08.2008 20:04
      Very helpful



      A fantastic hair product

      I've had the same shoulder length hairstyle for such a long time, I was getting to the stage where I was feeling too scared for a change! But when I went to stay with my parents, I decided I needed a change so I found a picture of a haircut I liked and had it cut into a bob! I wasn't sure at first, but now I love it! However, it requires a lot more styling than my previous hairstyle so I've invested in some more hair products.

      One such thing is from the Charles Worthington Results range of styling products, and is called Light Control Finishing Cream. Charles Worthington is a famous hairdresser who has salons in London, and appears regularly on television to help people with their hair, he's very good at what he does. I've used his products before, so I hoped this would be as good. As mentioned, it is part of his Results Stylers range which all feature a gorgeous lilac packaging so you can easily identify the range on the shelf.

      The cream comes in a thin lilac tube, with Charles Worthington's name prominently on the front, with the product title and information on the lower half of the packaging, and also on the back. The tube contains 100ml of the product. It is dispensed via the bottom of the tube where you flip down the lid to reveal the dispensing hole. The cream is thick enough that if you leave it open, it won't run out, yet because the tube is intended to sit on its bottom, it comes out easily when it's squeezed.

      As suggested by its title, the product is actually for use when you've styled your hair, as it is a finishing cream. It helps to create glossiness to the ends of your hair, and helps with definition on your layers as well. Apparently, it also contains rice proteins which help strengthen your hair, and even a sunscreen to protect against those nasty UV rays. So you get a variety of good things from using this one product which I think is quite handy.

      To use the product, just dry and style your hair as normal, and then squeeze a small amount into the palm of your hand and rub it through the ends of your hair and also through the layers to create definition. It did feel quite greasy on my fingers, but the greasiness didn't transfer to my hair. I use a really tiny blob and then rub my hands togethers and just scrunch up the ends then release them, which gives a nice choppy look to the ends and layers of my bob. I find if I use too much of it, it can make the ends seem quite greasy and lank, so start off with a tiny amount and if needed, you can always add more. I did notice that the product had a nice scent, very floral and sweet and quite feminine.

      It definitely does help to define my layers, especially towards the back of my head where I have more staggered layers, and this can help to make them nice and choppy, and therefore obvious, which is the whole point of the haircut! I find it very easy to use, and a little really does go a long way, so don't overdo it! The ends of my hair now look really sleek and shiny, and not at all frizzy, which is sometimes how they end up if I blowdry it or straighten the ends too much.

      I've never really used these sort of styling products on my hair before, but this one was really simple to use. The instructions on the back are simple and basic, but tell you all you need to know to use the product properly. I had hoped that buying a Salon-branded product that it would be good, and definitely is. It does do what it says, defines your layers, and leaves the ends looking glossy and healthy. It's called Light Control, and I think this is right because by the next day, I do need to reapply to give me the sleek ends that I had before because it's all sticking up and messy! But it isn't a hassle because it only takes a few minutes to do.

      I got my 100ml tube from Savers for a bargain price of £1.99 but it's also available in Boots for £4.49. It's not that cheap, but I can see that my tube is going to last me a long time because I use so little of the product each time. For more information on Charles Worthington and his other products, visit his website at http://www.cwlondon.com/

      Thank you for reading.


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    • Product Details

      With rice proteins, this lightweight cream helps to strengthen and rehydrate hair, and contains a sunscreen to protect against UV rays /

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