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Charles Worthington Results Stay Smooth Perfectly Straight Straightening Iron Protection Spray

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3 Reviews
  • Everything!
  • probably protects you hair
  • None for me!
  • pretty strong fragrance
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    3 Reviews
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      19.06.2014 22:55
      Very helpful


      • "probably protects you hair"


      • "pretty strong fragrance"
      • "leaves a sticky residue"

      results are not good

      I purchased this product soon after discovering the wonder of hair straighteners. Having always had fairly dry brittle and frizzy hair, hair straighteners came as a revelation to me. But no sooner had I found something new and exciting than in came the warnings. Friends and family tut tutted at my flagrant use of hot irons straight on my hair. " you must use protection" everyone said " your hair will snap off and fall out". So I dutifully went searching the shelves at Boots for the appropriate protective product. I found this Charles Worthington product on offer at the time. Buy one for 3.99 and get one free. The bottle calls it a perfectly straight, straightening iron protection spray and I had heard of the Charles Worthington brand before and believed it to be a premium brand name. My Impressions My impressions were not good I am afraid. this product leaves my hair feeling sticky and full of product. I have tried using more, or less but the results are never great. If I straighten my hair with no product at all I can expect my hair to stay in shape for 3 or sometimes 4 days if I''m lucky. With this product, my hair starts to look bad again by the second day because the stickiness has caused lots of particles out of the environment generally to stick to my hair, causing it to return to its naturally frizzy texture. Very disappointed. Packaging this product comes in a tall pale blue plastic bottle. It is semi transparent do yu can see how much liquid is left. The bottle holds 200ml of liquid. It looks very square sitting on the shelf, but it is actually lozenge shaped if you look at it from the top. Under the lid is a pump action spray nozzle. The product The liquid is clear and with a very strong after-shave type of smell to it, which linger somewhat. It comes out in small quantities with each pump. If you pump a small amount of it onto your palm and rub it in, you are left with a slightly sticky feeling on your palms, which is what happens I think on your hair. It is designed to be sprayed onto damp hair and combed through before drying and straightening. Conclusion I am afraid both of the bottles I purchased have remained on the shelf unused and unloved. I can see that I have used perhaps a one inch depth out of one of the bottles when I first got it ( I used it several times in an attempt to get used to it). the two bottles have now become just another piece of the clutter that I should really clear out!!


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      15.02.2010 17:17
      Very helpful



      Good for £1.99, but wouldn't pay anymore than that

      I wash, dry and straighten my hair daily, so you can imagine how bad it gets sometimes. My hairdresser advised me to start using a heat protection spray. It seems obvious, and I have used them before, but for me it is a case of remembering to use it. I have about an hour to get ready in a morning, and I am used to my routine. Adding something else into it takes a bit of getting used to. However, I could see my hair was getting dry from all the straightening, so the next time I put a heat spray on my shopping list.

      Whilst looking across the shelves in discount store B&M's, I came across this product, Charles Worthington's Results Stay Smooth. The product helps with straightening hair, as well as protecting it against the heat, two great products in one I thought. At first I was not sure about purchasing, I have tried Charles Worthington's shampoo's and they have not suited my hair at all. However, priced at just £1.99 I decided it was worth a try.


      As with most Charles Worthington hair care products, the packaging is quite sleek and stylish, with information and writing kept to a minimum.
      The spray is packaged in a blue square shaped container containing 200ml of the solution. The container is semi-transparent, meaning you can see how much liquid is left inside which is something I always like - you are then able to tell when it is time to restock. Blue seems to be the general theme, with all writing on both sides of the bottle written in different shades of the colour.

      There is very little information on the front of the bottle. There is the Charles Worthington logo, the name of the product and we are also told the product is suitable for all hair types.

      On the opposite side of the bottle there is much more information. We are told the product contains Kareflex, which is a breakthrough ingredient package. According to the information, regular use of the product makes hair up to 3x stronger, and leaves it looking healthier, shinier and smoother. It is also claimed the product calms curls and smoothes split ends, locks in moisture, maximises staying power of your finished style and increases hair's resilience to heat-styling damage.

      Other information on the packaging includes the barcode, ingredients list and contact information for the makers of the product.


      "Blow-dry hair smooth, spray onto sections of dry hair and run straightening irons from root to tip. Alternatively spray into damp hair and blow-dry with a straightening brush."

      My Experience

      As I mentioned previously, I had mainly bought the product to protect my hair from heat-styling damage, however I was also looking forward to seeing how effective the product was when straightening my hair.
      I first used the product after blow-drying my hair. I found the spray very easy to use. It is a clear liquid that feels slightly oily if it gets onto your skin. It does have a really nice fruity, girly smell which stays on the hair after styling. The smell is not at all overpowering in my opinion, just the right strength. The scent itself reminds me of a hair salon, which makes sense seen as this is a hair product...duh. After I had dried my hair I split it into smalls sections. I then sprayed each section individually with the spray before going over it with my straighteners.

      I was not that keen on the effect the product had on my hair. My hair was shiny, but no shinier than usual. It also looked a little limp. My main issue was after using the spray my hair felt slightly sticky and looked greasy at the roots, which is clearly not the look I was going for. It was also quite hard to comb through, like when you use a rubbish hair spray and your hair clogs up.

      I decided to try the spray on damp hair to see if this worked any better.
      I washed my hair, and then towel dried it. I combed my hair through and then put my head upside down and used the spray all over my hair. After this, I blow-dried and straightened my hair as usual.

      This time I was much more impressed. My hair was not sticky, and felt very soft.

      I have been using the product daily for a while now, and have noticed a difference. The ends of my hair don't seem to get as dry as they did when I didn't use anything on my hair. I haven't found any difference with straightening my hair, and the product is supposed to be designed for this. However, my hair is quite straight to begin with, slightly wavy but that is all, so maybe it would be more effective for those with curly hair. I have found the heat defence aspect to work very well though and I recommend buying the product for this use. For £1.99 you cannot go wrong. I aren't really amazed by the effects of the product, but I suppose it has done its job in protecting my hair from the heat. I am not so sure about the other claims, such as an increase in shine, but they aren't what I bought the product for. It would be interesting to hear about the experiences of those with curly hair that have used this product.


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      18.04.2009 22:57
      Very helpful


      • Everything!


      • "None for me!"

      Great product once again from Charlie!

      Straightening my hair with heated hair straighteners I do most days. I wash my hair every day (cos I'm a clean freak lol) and then I always use some heat protection spray and usually a few squirts of this type of product and blow-dry my hair. If a hair straightener type product doesn't work so well through drying and brushing alone then I need to rely on it being in my hair to continue into the straightening with as I really don't like to use more wet products and overly moisten my hair as my ghd's sizzle my hair and causes split ends and now I've just had a fantastic new hair style I'm in love means I don't want to wreck my do if I can help it!

      I bought this for £4.49 (it is widely available in many stores) and at the moment it is on offer at any 2 Charles Worthington products in Boots for £7.00 which is a real bargain!

      The Packaging:

      This product comes in a see through 200g light blue and almost see through squarish bottle with a lid that sits very neatly on the top of it and it has a see through push button plastic sprayer situated at the top too. In light and dark blue writing on the front of the bottle I'm told that it is Charles Worthington London, 'Results' Stay Smooth Perfectly Straight Straightening Spray for all hair types and the size (as I've given you already) is stated. On the back of the bottle all in very small dark blue writing I'm told a bit about the product, directions for use are given, cautions are listed as are the ingredients and contact details for Charles Worthington are given. Very, simple and stylish packaging... this is!

      A Bit About The Product According To The Back Of The Bottle:

      Perfectly straight straightening-iron protection spray-locked-in moisture + protection + shine.

      New generation results shampoos and conditioners were developed through dedicated research and advanced hair care science, which led to the new Keraflex complex - a breakthrough ingredient package. Regular use makes your hair up to 3 x stronger, leaving it looking healthier, shinier and smoother than ever before.

      Perfectly straight straightening-iron protection spray helps to:

      Calm curls and smooth split ends. Lock in moisture to improve manageability. Maximise the staying power of your finished style. Increase hair's resilience to heat styling damage.

      Directions For Use:

      Blow-dry hair smooth, spray onto sections of hair and run straightening irons from root to tip. Alternatively, spray onto damp hair and blow-dry with a straightening brush.

      Me Using It:

      Anyway you want to use this spray is fine because it's so mild and gentle. Feel free to use this on dry hair if you want to and then straighten it with straighteners or use it on damp hair and straighten and then re-spray and straighten with straighteners or whatever. It's your choice and a really versatile product to use.

      The spray comes out as a clear watery liquid smelling lightly fragranced with fruit oils to my nasal passages. It has an expensive smell to it and is pleasant enough. Alot sprays onto the hair and saturates it with liquid and hair feels like nothing is on the hair at all with this on it. Now as I said earlier I spray my hair with a heat protection spray first when freshly washed and conditioned and then when it is damp and then I comb it through and then I spray a few squirts of this on as well and then comb that through too.

      I then blow dry my hair as usual, slowly and on a reasonably warm heat, teasing my hair with a barrel brush to help shape and straighten my hair. When completely dry my hair has lost it's fluff and about 90% straighter than before I use this product. Hair is really light, soft, shiny and textured, smoothed and I can't find any product in my hair at all with my fingers and my hair doesn't feel controlled at all or greasy or dried out as it's so light.

      I then gently run though some straighteners through my hair and personally I don't find I need to use any more spray as a few drags through with my ghd's and my hair is perfectly styled, shiny and above all straight. Humidity doesn't affect this and once you've achieved your straight look it keeps it for hours. When it comes to washing it out and leaving no feeling of residue in the hair, once again this comes up trumps!

      I really like this cool, calm and collected spray. It quietly works, isn't too fragrant once it's on the hair and dried in and really does help you achieve poker straight hair and banishes frizz from your life!

      This review is also posted on Ciao under this same username.


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