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Charles Worthington Sensational Oil Free Shampoo

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2 Reviews

Brand: Charles Worthington / Type: Hair Shampoo / What it does: Cleanses, Protects

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    2 Reviews
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      07.04.2006 17:38
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      shampoo like no others!

      Oh my god this is the best shampoo EVER...I first got this shampoo for my christmas and i didnt give it the credit it was worth....I looked it up and down and thought to myself what a funny christmas present?..put on the bathroom shelf and thought no more of it, until one day i ran out of shampoo and had no other option to use it and my god it was amazing....

      This shampoo maybe slightly costly, but hey it lasts forever and its well worth it..

      my hair was a dry mop , i used everyday shampoo which dried my hair out and made my hair life-less...

      untill the day i used this my hair life changed, my hair was more shiny and not life-less at all....

      if you look in the right places you will find this shampoo cheap as chips, other places it can be costly....you can also get the matching conditoner too....you dont even have to use alot thats what i liked about it.....

      If you liked to straighten you hair this is the shampoo for you.

      well worth the price as you dont need to use alot...it has a nice smell and leaves your hair in ti top condition

      go for it i would say.....!


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        29.05.2003 09:39
        Very helpful



        Girls, you know how difficult it is to find a decent shampoo: One that makes you feel fantastic, and makes your locks look lustrous. Boys, count yourselves lucky that most of you have short hair, and therefore don't require a fantastic shampoo as we girls do. Ok, so it may seem as though I'm being sexist, but most of you males out there wouldn't even consider spending nearly 6 quid on a shampoo. At £5.95, Charles Worthington Sensational Oil-Free 'Cleanser' (sounds somewhat more appealing than plain old 'shampoo' doesn't it?) isn't cheap. But after using it, you will be so in love with it that you really won't care about the gaping hole in your wallet (ok, so it doesn't cost a fortune, but let's face it, it is quite a hefty price tag for a shampoo). The shampoo is from Charles Worthington's 'Dream Hair' range, which is supposedly a more luxurious range of products for your crowning glory. Personally, I found this product absolutely fantastic, and here's why: -How did I come across the product?- I came across the shampoo in Boots, where there was a '3 for 2' offer on all Dream Hair products. Boots tend to have these offers quite frequently on their designer hair care ranges, so I often take advantage. Whilst many of the other brands (such as the regular Charles Worthington range, Umberto Giannini, Nicky Clarke...) are also very good, I found that Dream Hair really does excel. So, anyway, back to my little anecdote: I'd heard about the Dream Hair range in magazines, and thought it sounded really good. However, I was slightly put off by the price, so when the Boots offer came along I was rather excited as it meant I'd get more for my money. I bought the 3 products, 2 shampoos and 1 conditioner (I thought it was logical to buy 2 lots of the shampoo so I'd have another bottle when I ran out of the first). -Appearance- I
        suppose you'd like to know about the shampoo itself? Well, being nearly 6 quid and all, it comes in a rather classy-looking bottle, with a gold-coloured lid. It is a pink shampoo, which reiterates the whole angelic appeal that the shampoo is trying to portray. When I was considering buying it, I was rather concerned by the size of the bottle: It's wide and shallow, and didn't look like it was holding much of the good stuff (the shampoo). However, on closer inspection, I saw that there was in fact 250ml of shampoo encased in this lovely bottle, which is average. I was actually surprised that this rather small bottle held the same amount of shampoo as its more hefty-looking rivals. -Using the shampoo- I was quite anxious to see if the shampoo lived up to its hype. When I first used it, I found that a little goes a long way, meaning the price of the product is probably worth it. Whilst using it, I was overpowered by the fragrance of the shampoo- in a good way. It has the scent of an expensive perfume, and most certainly doesn't smell like other shampoos. This gives the sense that the shampoo is special, which is really what the manufacturer is trying to make you think. Nonetheless, cunning marketing schemes aside, I was very pleased with the effect the shampoo had on my hair: It created a lovely, luxurious lather, and my hair felt thoroughly cleansed afterwards. The shampoo is designed for those with combination hair, and I felt very satisfied with the way it balanced my roots (which tend to get oily quite quickly) and my drier ends. Therefore, the shampoo both serves its purpose, as well as adding that little bit extra- you can't really ask for much more than that. -Conclusion- I have to say that the corresponding conditioner, which I bought at the same time as the shampoo, was fantastic also, and it really did prolong the wonderful effect that the shampoo initially had. I am now eager to try m
        ore products from the Dream Hair range, and recommend that you do too. Ok, so you may think it's a slightly expensive collection of hair products, but if you're after feeling like a goddess, this is probably one of your best bets. Thank you for reading.


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      • Product Details

        For bounce and shine sensational shampoo cleanses away dirt, excess oil and styling debris gently, yet effectively / A new-generation 'smart' cleanser, sensational shampoo avoids stripping and protects hair throughout the washing process, leavi

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