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Charles Worthington Sensitive Shampoo

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2 Reviews

Brand: Charles Worthington / Type: Hair Shampoo

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    2 Reviews
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      06.05.2012 17:20
      Very helpful



      A fantastic shampoo from the ever great Charles Worthington!

      I like beauty products and I like to keep my hair in great condition. I dye my hair and use both straighteners and curling tongs on it too. This means that my hair can be in bad condition, however, when I have tried some premium brand products in the past I have had trouble with lumps and bumps coming up on my scalp and my scalp becoming incredibly itchy and sensitive. Obviously this is a big problem for someone who dyes their hair monthly and so I am always on the look out for a nice smelling shampoo that comes with a matching conditioner. I spotted this 'sensitive' Charles Worthington shampoo when shopping in Asda with a friend and I also picked up the matching conditioner. I paid £6 for 2 250ml bottles (1 shampoo & 1 conditioner) which usually retail for £5.00 and that was around 4 weeks ago. Looking on the Asda website it looks like this offer is either on again today or still running so I think that's great if you want to stock up!

      The packaging for this shampoo is the same as the packaging for the conditioner so I have to have a quick read before I use it to check which one is the shampoo. This is quite a high container (considering the 250ml of shampoo within) but then it is quite flat and thin in an oval shape. This particular shampoo comes in a light green coloured bottle and each of the different performing shampoos and conditioners in the Charles Worthington range have their own colour to make them easily recognisable on the supermarket shelves.

      I tend to use shampoo and conditioner on a daily basis. This is because I work quite often and I like to keep my hair healthy looking, shiny and clean smelling. I style my hair every day and I use lots of products and straighteners and curlers to improve my look so often I need to wash my hair to remove the product or get rid of curls that are starting to drop out before I dry my hair and start all over again with my styling. This shampoo contains cucumber and aloe vera and is designed to keep your hair easy to brush, clean, shiny and best of all it should be mild on your scalp, even if you are washing your hair daily.

      So using this shampoo is simple. I press the side and then this reveals a little hole for the shampoo to come out of. This is quite a good design actually and the shampoo pours out at a reasonable speed but not so fast that you get too much shampoo and waste it.

      This shampoo is clear but because it is thick it is easy to tell how much I have when applied to my head. The cucumber smell is not over the top and this just smells like a clean, fresh scent really. I feel like my hair smells nice the second that I start rubbing this in. When rubbing this in to my hair, from root to tip, I get a great amount of lather. This feels rich & creamy which is always a good start to using a shampoo. This is simple to rinse out and leaves my hair squeaky clean afterwards.

      After using this shampoo my hair looks fantastic. There is not a hint of greasiness and as it is simple to wash out this shampoo, or the accompanying conditioner. My hair dries quickly and easily but then I have it thinned regularly to allow for time saving when drying it anyway. My hair feels clean and healthy without being too thin. My sensitive scalp began to clean up within around a week of me using this and within two weeks my bumpy and sore scalp was looking and feeling back to normal.

      Overall I have been very pleased with this shampoo. It has been a God send for my delicate sensitive scalp and has left my hair looking beautiful. I would definitely recommend this if you have sensitive scalp, even at full price!


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      13.03.2012 10:13
      Very helpful
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      A great shampoo

      For those of you who are fed up with reading my reviews on shower gels received for Christmas we'll have a slight change today and go for shampoo instead.

      Last Christmas my sister saw some shampoo and conditioner on special offer in her local supermarket and decided to get it to add to my present. In fact they were trying to clear them and they were all in a dump basket for sale at £1 each! So she bought me a matching set of Charles Worthington Sensitive. She figured that, if I didn't like it, not much cash would have been wasted.

      As I have now used them both a few times I will tell you about the shampoo today.

      The Price

      I have taken a look online to find that this shampoo is currently on sale at Asda for £5 for 250ml which came as quite a surprise to me since my sister had only paid £1. I must remember and tell her what a bargain she got!

      The Packaging

      All the Charles Worthington shampoos and conditioners come in the same type of packaging with different colours for the different hair types.

      The containers are plastic and stand about five and a half inches tall. Each is a flat oval shape and the one that I am reviewing is pale green. Each one has a silver coloured band around the top with a black plastic top displaying the CW logo.

      The front of the container (I can't really call it a bottle!) has the CW logo and the words 'Charles Worthington London sensitive salon results shampoo for gentle daily care'.

      On the back there is some more information about the shampoo and what it does, instructions for use and a full list of ingredients.

      The Shampoo and its Claims

      This shampoo is gentle enough to use every day although I have never liked to wash my hair every day so I use it just a couple of times a week. It has been specially formulated for people who have a sensitive scalp.

      It contains cucumber and aloe vera and it is dermatologically tested to make sure that it will not irritate the user. Cucumber is naturally soothing and the aloe vera helps to hydrate and detangle the hair.

      The Use

      This is the important bit of the review! It is all very well reading about all the claims but the real test is in the use of the product and discovering whether it lives up to the claims.

      The black top of the container is also where the shampoo is dispensed. The side of the top has to be pressed and the whole thing rocks revealing a small hole on the opposite side where the shampoo comes out. Then you just have to squeeze the container and catch the shampoo in your other hand,

      The shampoo itself is clear and fairly thick. The fragrance is lovely in my opinion - I love the smell of cucumber and aloe vera. So many of these products are based on coconut and that is one smell that I don't like so this one is a refreshing change.

      When I use the shampoo the lather is thick and creamy and it feels lovely as I massage it into my hair and scalp with the fragrance surrounding me in the steam of the shower. It rinses out easily and thoroughly leaving my hair feeling nice and clean and ready to use the matching conditioner.

      And Afterwards?

      As I said I have used this shampoo with the matching conditioner and have used it twice a week for a couple of weeks.

      I have found that my hair is easy to blow dry and style although, to be fair my hair is in a fairly natural style. My hair has a lovely shine and it feels soft without being flyaway. The shine and softness created by the shampoo and conditioner last for a few days until the next wash.

      I don't actually have a sensitive scalp so I can't comment on this particular claim made by the manufacturer although I have no reason to suppose that this shampoo would be anything other than gentle.

      In Conclusion

      I would definitely recommend this shampoo and will be buying it again if I can get it at a good price.

      My hair looks great, feels lovely and smells nice - that'll do for me!


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