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Chill Ed * Shape Hair Shaper

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Brand: Chill

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    2 Reviews
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      20.02.2011 05:50



      Well Worth the Money

      I've used Chill products for a few years now and have found the hardest problem with it is finding stockists near me as my hair dressers always seem to run out of it!
      Anyway I like because it is good for all styles whether spiked up or to add abit of texture and give a messed up look to your barnet. One of the best points for me is that it had a matt like finish so it doesn't look like a cow's licked your head when you use it lol.
      It costs quite a lot when you compare it with other products on the market but I've found that it seems to last longer than the others and doesn't seem to dry out like other products also.
      I also like the fact that it is easy to wash out and doesn't leave your hair all dried out like some do.
      If you can find a stockist....I'd recommend it!


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      13.11.2009 10:38
      Very helpful



      Good all round shaper

      I haven't half gone through some hair styling products over the years. In years gone by, I was a bit of a gel addict, favouring that "nobody move!" rock hard look that only gel can create. But, by gubbins, it dries your hair out and if you decide to try and style your hair a different way, forget it. These days, the choice and range of hair styling products is enormous and I think there are two sensible rules. Buy the most expensive that your pocket will accept. More expensive hair products are nearly always better at what they do, are kinder to your hair and are much likelier to create the effect you want without hours of salon styling. Secondly, always buy products that suit your hair and your style and that might need changing as your style changes. For example, hair gels are water-based. If you use them on straightened hair, you will undermine the straightening effect.

      Chill is a professional hair product manufacturer based in Norfolk. Their products are sold exclusively through hair salons or online and they currently sell a range of bright, funky products including shampoos, conditioners and styling products. I first stumbled across their stuff in a salon on Great Portland Street and it has to be said that they're not the most well-known of products in comparison to the likes of Tigi and others. If you're particularly keen to find out where your nearest stockist is, there's a useful link on the company's website here: http://www.chill.uk.com/salon-finder.htm

      Ed Shape is described as a 'medium density styling emulsion'. That means it's sort of somewhere between a wax and a cream. It's extremely pliable and workable and, like most good styling products, a little goes a long way. It's also one of the least messy and extremely kind to your hair. In terms of hold, it's really only a medium hold. Once styled, your hair will still be reasonably 'free' to move around and whilst you can continually re-style during the day, this is not the stuff for anyone who is looking for a seriously robust or sharp look. By its very design, it's intended to create an all round shape or style rather than individually defined spikes or swoops.

      It works best when it's at room temperature or should I say, reasonably warm. If your room/house is quite cold, this stuff will take more effort in the morning and I'd definitely recommend keeping it under your pillow or somewhere moderately warm ready for morning action (not, I should add, on a radiator). The pot is large, round and shallow and there are no hiding places so none of the stuff lurks in hard-to reach corners or crevices. The screw lid is very durable too and due to the density of the product, it doesn't leak during transit. It's smooth and creamy, rather than sticky and you can actually wipe it off your hands on a cloth or towel without even really needing to rinse with hot water. It's best to take a small amount on your fingertips, rub it between fingers and/or palms and then apply with the fingertips in the desired style. Work it from the roots out to the tips or simply 'scruff' it all over with fairly brisk movements. You need to use this on dry hair, preferably heat dried rather than towel dried and if you use straightening irons, you can apply this afterwards without interfering with the effect.

      So how does it perform? Well, you can achieve quite a lot with this. You can get a 'bed head' quite easily, with lots of scruffy spikes and tufts in varying directions (though not, I would say in a very precise fashion). It holds a parting nicely and gives a reasonably sleek finish to a 40s style military cut. With a larger quantity, you could achieve a 'Jedward-style quiff but to hold properly, you'd almost certainly need hair spray or other product to maintain during the day. The finish is reasonably glossy (but not shiny or wet look) and although you can tell there is product on the hair, it's not exhaustive or really over the top. It also smells really nice, a sort of fruity, slightly creamy smell that's totally inoffensive. As the day progresses, you'll find that Ed Shape's control weakens a little, particularly, I find, if it's hot or your hair gets even remotely damp. A more vertically-challenged style (such as spikes) can start to droop quite quickly and this isn't a product for holding extreme hair in place for any length of time. I've got quite thick hair that, even when straightened, wants to go its own way, and although Ed Shape gives a nice overall look and finish, it doesn't exert masterful control, it has to be said. But neither does it weigh down my hair in gloopy, gunky mess that rubs off on everything either. A moderate amount on your hair maintains the style you're looking for, without damaging collars, sofas or armchairs.

      As the control is only of medium strength, it's also no surprise to find that this washes out very easily. Indeed, it comes out with a normal shampoo and rinse as though there were nothing there at all. Even better, however, is that it has no drying or damaging effect on your hair and you don't really need a special kind of conditioner to care for your hair after you've used it. Also, if you do forget/can't be arsed to wash if off before you crash, it really won't mess up your bedding (in that way that anyone who has used Brylcreem will understand). The manufacturers make the standard warning about getting it in your eyes. Although you'd be hard pressed to do this, in diluted form (i.e. I got wet in the rain) it has got in my eyes and I can still see. Unfortunately, I can't confirm whether the product was tested on animals or not. It doesn't say on the packaging so I must assume it was.

      At retail, this will cost you about £15 for a 100g tub. I find this lasts me about three months. If you needed to use a lot more of the stuff, I would suggest you are using the wrong product anyway. All in, I think this is good value for money. It works well, smells great, is kind to hair (and clothes) and lasts well. There are no flashy gimmicks or claims about what it can do either - it basically holds your hair in place and looks after it at the same time. That sounds fair enough to me!



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