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Clairol Colourseal Gloss

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Brand: Clairol / Colour / Type: Hair Gloss

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    5 Reviews
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      25.09.2012 17:46
      Very helpful



      great conditioner

      Sadly, I've been colouring my hair for quite a while now. I'm not completely grey, just have that extremely unflattering splatter of silver threads which seem to collect mainly around my side parting and more recently a few around my temples. My hair is very dark brown and grey hairs are very noticeable, so I usually dye it every 4- 5 weeks. I find Clairol Nice 'n easy have a great range of very natural looking colours, but more importantly they always leave my hair feeling in great condition instead of dry & brittle and I've always believed this is due to the ColourSeal Gloss included in the box. Aswell as helping to seal new colour in, it also makes my hair super soft & really shiny. The only downside is that the tube contains six applications, it's meant to be used once a week so should last until your next colour is due, but for me, the results are so much better than any other conditioner I have used that once a week just isn't enough! Thankfully, Clairol have cottoned on to this and it is now also available to purchase on it's own.

      There are three types, Radiant Red, Beautiful Brunette and Brilliant Blond and the 30ml tubes look exactly like the 57ml one in the Colourant box, which is my only confusing point, as both are supposed to contain six applications. Each type is a different colour (i.e. red for Radiant Red) so it's easy to determine which one is for you and when stocked together it also makes the display quite noticeable on the shelf. The tube is designed to be placed on the white cap, so that the thick white cream is easier to dispense, but the rest of the tube is plastic and easy to squeeze so there is minimum waste. The tube is fairly plain looking, but it's also small, so too many pictures and type would make it look confusing and messy.

      The screwcap is easy to remove, my only problem Is that I almost always drop it in the shower and with it being white it's impossible to find amongst the soap suds and steam! The gloss feels silky on your fingers, it's probably not as thick as some intensive conditioners I've used and doesn't look anything spectacular, not pearlised, or glittering, just plain white. I leave on for at least two minutes, after shampooing and after I've squeezed out as much water as possible. I apply firstly to the lengths and ends, then back to use the excess around my skull. It is tempting to use a lot, but not necessary, it glides through the hair easily. The tubes have a handy guide on the back and as long as you squeeze the tube from the top (not the middle!) you can follow it and ensure you get the six doses. Using too much has never made my hair feel greasy as it rinses out well, but just wastes the gloss. The fragrance is lovely too, I'm not sure what it is, it smells clean but creamy, maybe of almond oil and is still noticeable when my hair is dry. It definitely helps to get rid of the chemical smell of the hair dye.

      Straight after rinsing, my hair feels silky soft and almost tangle free. I always towel dry my hair as much as I can before blow drying which can cause tangles, but they are much easier to remove after using this product. Blow drying doesn't take as long either and my hair is left still feeling very soft and looking a lot shinier than usual. My split ends are also greatly improved. I never have a problem with the colour fading either, but then I do colour regularly anyway. Ok, so I must be using far too much, it is a weekly conditioner after all, but using a standard conditioner just doesn't give the same results.

      My only concern is that I can't find the ingerdients anywhere, they aren't on the tube and although there is a link on the website they aren't listed. My concern was that it contained sillicone, which coats the hairshaft, dulling it after continued use and cannot be removed by shampoo. The page only states that it contains 'essential moisturising ingredients' and that the 'conditioning film lies across the cuticles to smooth and flatten them'. However, I have been using this product regularly for about three months now and I'm still very happy with the results.

      Now for the best bit, the 30ml tube at most costs just £1! I wash my hair every other day, so my tube usually lasts about a week. So at the most I spend £3-£4 a month on a great conditioner that gives fantastic results, which I think is great value.


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      20.06.2011 20:05
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      well worth a try

      For the past few years I have been having to colour my hair due to the appearance of ever-increasing white hairs at the roots. I'm saying white rather than grey as apparently those with orginallly ginger/auburn hair tend to go white if the hair is untreated.

      I have used many products over the past couple of years and one of my favourites is Nice n Easy because the results have always been good and especially as the conditioner is one of the best I have ever used. I was really pleased to see that the seal/ conditioner is available to buy on its own now because there was only enough in the dye pack to give 2 applications.

      The tube comes in 3 shades for the following -
      - blonde
      - red
      - brunette
      and is available in 30 ml tubes for around £1.29 from Boots, Lloyds and better known supermarkets.

      I was in a bit of a quandry which one to purchase as my hair is strawberry blonde - ie light ginger and blonde - but as it happened I've used all three shades and all with great results so I am wondering if 1 shade suits all.

      I initially chose the blonde because the red looked too harsh and that was fine. My daughter uses the brunette which I inadvertently used and that was fine too. Another time I picked up a red one by mistake and, once again, it made no difference to the colour of my hair. By using all 3 I have not noticed any difference in the colour and it seems to have sealed in my original one.

      Clairol claim that the lotion seals in your colour, conditions and prevents early fading - I agree with all this because it certainly works for me and I can get away without colouring for a good week later than I used to.

      However, although the lines on the tube are given as a guide to haw much seal to use, I tend to use almost double mainly because I love conditioner on my hair. The tube doesn't last as long but it is worth it for me.
      Also it is advised to use it on a weekly basis but I use it twice a week and people usually comment how shiny my hair looks.

      It is really easy to use - just unscrew the cap, squeeze out the desired amount and leave for 2 minutes on washed & rinsed hair, then rinse off. The cream is white and smells of coconut and although fairly thick it rinses out easily and leaves my hair virtually tangle-free.

      I love this product and would highly recommend giving it a try. I am awarding the full 5 Dooyoo stars for Clairol
      Colourseal Gloss.


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        20.06.2011 09:39
        Very helpful



        See review.

        I have blond hair and I have been this colour for many years and my friend usually dyes my hair now as she is a qualified hair dresser and so she can colour my hair on a regular basis for me so it looks good and all the colour is in the right places, unlike when I used to dye it myself and make a mess of it lol. When I did used to do it myself the dye which I used was the Clairol range and inside the packaging there was a tube of conditioner, one of which was extremely good and in a tube, one that lasted in a usual way of a conditioner. So when I spotted this tube on sale I decided to buy it as I had used it so many times from the hair dye range I had been using at the time. I do however use a different range of hair dye at the moment and with this range the conditioner is not included in the box.

        This conditioner I spotted in Tesco and it was priced at just £1.20 for 30ml, it comes in a tube without a box, the tube is a good size and just the same as the one that is included in the Dye product. It has a screw off top and the tube is a nice shiny, yellow colour.

        The conditioner inside the tube is white in colour, it has an extremely soft texture to it, I find that only a very small amount is needed with this one because the quality is amazingly good. Only a pea sized amount into the palm of my hand is well enough to condition my hair. I find that it does not drip from my hand and it is certainly not messy at all. Once it has reached my hair, I just gently rub it into my hair with very little effort needed. I find it works immediately it is on my hair. I can feel it working brilliantly on my hair and it certainly feels pleasant. I can feel it conditioning without even having to gently rub it into my hair. It is very easy to rinse from the hair and while rinsing I can feel it has worked really well.

        Once my hair has been dried with a hairdryer I find my hair feels amazingly soft, it feels smooth and silky just the way I love it to feel. It does not leave a residue on my hair and it does not feel all lank or dull. My hair really suits this conditioner and the results speak volumes with this one.

        The size of the tube is ideal for an overnight stay or for when you want to take a conditioner on holiday with you because this one is just the perfect size for those occasions and takes very little space in a wash bag and it nice and light weight too.

        I used to save the conditioners each time I used to buy the dyes for my hair because I loved this one so much, I often used to give some away to family and friends to use because I had so many and I couldn't recommend it enough for my friends who did not dye their hair.

        With this one a little certainly does go a very long way because only the small amount is needed to have a fabulous effect. It is one that people can still use even if they do not have dyed hair because it is one that is suitable for all hair types and one of which all family members can use for their hair.

        I was so chuffed when I spotted this conditioner because I knew it worked really well and for the price I grabbed it immediately.

        This conditioner is also available for different hair colours but this one is more designed for blonde hair but my mum and daughter are both dark haired women and brunettes and there is one available for their hair colour too for the same price and they tell me that it suits their hair well too.

        I just think this is an amazingly good conditioner. It is one that I will buy on a regular basis because it give me all the results for my hair and all that I expect from a hair product.

        I give it 5 stars.

        Also on Ciao under my username Pinky50.

        Thank you for reading my review.


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          06.02.2009 20:05
          Very helpful



          A good conditioner that gets rid of tangles but as for sealing the colour, I'm not convinced!

          I first came across this colour seal gloss when using the Nice n Easy hair colour as this is included in the pack.

          - Price -

          This can now be bought separately from a range of stores, including Boots, Tesco, Sainsburys and Asda.
          Priced at about 97p for the 30ml tube.

          - Packaging -

          This comes in a tube with a screw top lid. On the tube there are numbers running up it which up until recently, I didn't realise where actually there for a purpose! That is, they show how much should be squeezed out for each application though I have to admit I don't really stick to!

          - What is this? -

          ~ A colour seal gloss designed to work with each hair shade: red, blonde and brunette. This review is based on the brunette colour seal gloss.
          ~ It helps seal in colour and shine for up to 6 weeks.
          ~ Designed to be used weekly
          ~ Preserves the colour appearance and prevents it from fading.

          - My Experience -

          ~ Smell and Appearance ~

          I absolutely love the smell of this. It has a coconut based smell and is quite at thick, white cr retains this cream. My hair retains the smell for quite some time afterwards.

          ~ Effect on my hair ~

          Given that my hair grows far too fast and furiously for my liking, the grey roots shine through far too quickly, I don't think that this actually helps my hair to retain it's colour. However, it really does make me wet hair feel instantly smooth and shiny once applied.
          I tend to keep this on for a couple of minutes, if I have the time or the patience to do so and as it is washed off, my hair feels incredibly silky.
          My only wish would be that this silkiness would continue through the drying process but unfortunately the frizzy, coarse hair that I have, takes over.
          That said, it does calm the frizz down a little more than some other conditioners that I have used in the past which actually claim to be anti-frizz.

          ~ Overall ~

          As stated, this conditioner calms my hair a little more than many other products but not so much that the frizz disappears..... Only a miracle would do that!
          I've never had to buy this individually as the tube that I get in the Nice n Easy Colour Pack lasts me until the next pack.

          In short, I'm happy with the conditioner in terms of the 'treatment' it gives to my hair although as I've already said I'm not 100% that it aids in retaining the 'natural' colour of my hair.

          Not a rip-off product, given that a 30ml tube is designed to last 6 weeks for approx 97p!


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            18.10.2007 14:47
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            A great product for protecting your colour while softening your hair.

            I always used to be quite scared in the past of trying new things, why change what wasn’t broken right? My hair was one of those things I was particularly passionate about keeping the same after many requests by gentlemen asking me to dye it blonde, much to my annoyance. For years I refused to play about with it until recently when I became slightly less stubborn and fancied a bit of a change, after 2 pregnancies and a rather hectic family life my hair was a little neglected, so I decided maybe I would add some colour after all, no not blonde, that’s never going to happen, instead I added darker tones to my already dark hair. Deciding to take the new treatment of my hair a bit further and hopefully keep the colour strong for a little longer I picked up a tube of Clairol Colourseal Gloss.

            Clairol Colourseal Gloss is an intense conditioner for coloured hair designed to individually match 3 hair types, blonde, brunette and red, each with their own specific formula, providing essential moisture to dyed hair and protecting it from daily wear and tear such as brushing and blow drying. The Colourseal Gloss “conditioning film” lies across the hair cuticles, smoothing and flattening them, giving the hair a softer, silkier feel with the colour looking fresher and less faded.

            Coming in a 30ml tube and colour coded for your hair type, gold for blondes, bronze for brunettes and copper for red heads, the Colourseal Gloss contains 3 weekly treatments which are rather helpfully marked down the side of the tube, meaning all you need to do to get the recommended amount is squeeze the tube until the contents reaches the marker on the side.

            To use the gloss all you need to do is wash your hair as normal, with your regular shampoo, I’m sure Clairol would recommend using a colour protect product of theirs but I use Sunkist for curly hair and the gloss works perfectly fine. Squeeze out the 10ml of product, a thick opaque white liquid similar to most shampoos or conditioners and apply to your hair after you’ve rinsed out your shampoo. Immediately you will sense an almost luxurious feel to the hair, the hair feels immediately smoother as you work the gloss into it and your fingers cut through the hair, easing out any tangles. The gloss has a lovely smell of coconut to it, like that of sun creams and body lotions rather then the smell a real coconut would provide, it is a nice fresh smell adding to the clean, soft feeling of the hair.

            It is recommended that the gloss should be left in for 2 minutes, this is fine for those washing their hair in the shower however I have to wash mine bent over the bath, an additional 2 upside down so I don’t drip on the floor can be a bit dizzying and makes my back ache, it’s also mildly boring just hanging there for 2 minutes so I use the time to bring out a facial scrub or exfoliator and make the most of the time. When the 2 minutes is up you rinse out the gloss, staying true to its Colourseal claim I notice that the cream has locked in the colour I’ve previously applied to my hair, I’m a brunette usually and have added some darker shades for a bit of extra depth, usually when I wash the hair normally I see colour running from it, especially during the first few washes after applying the colour, when I use the Colourseal Gloss however the colour doesn’t run, naturally this means more of the colour stays in my hair keeping it vivid for longer and meaning I have to dye it less regularly.

            Immediately after rinsing you can notice the hair has become sleeker and has a glossy sheen, it is tangle free and still maintains a hint of the fresh coconut smell. My hair is quite thick and curly and is very prone to tangles yet even after wrapping my hair in a towel for 10 minutes I can let it down and comb through it with no problems at all, I would usually have a minor battle to work out knots but the Colourseal Gloss seems to leave me tangle free.

            I like to let my hair dry naturally, ok this takes longer then if I were to blow dry it, however, any other form of drying tends to leave my hair puffy and horrible, at least natural drying only leaves it a bit frizzy. After using the gloss I do find the hair is less frizzy then usual, the curls become more defined, for once behaving themselves’ and curling nicely instead of all over the place. The gloss doesn’t make the hair heavy which you might expect considering it is said to coat the hair smoothing down the hair cuticles, I always find my hair is bouncy and full of life, remaining softer for longer, in fact I could happily replicate one of those cheesy hair product adverts where the model swings her wondrous silky hair around, full of joy and abandon as she passes strangers on the street……………………. But I won’t.

            I purchased my tube of Colourseal Gloss from Boots at the cost of 99p for the 30ml tube, while it recommends you use it over 3 washes I’ve actually found that I can get 4 washes out of the tube, my hair is quite long falling some way below my shoulders but even when cutting down on the recommended 10ml amount I find that all my hair is still covered well in the gloss and I still achieve soft, silky and glossy hair. So people with shorter or thinner hair than mine could possibly get more use out of the gloss, perhaps even 6 washes. 99p over a minimum of 3 weeks seems quite a reasonable amount to pay, after all you are extending the life of your hair colour and what you are saving on hair dye you can spend on the gloss, while you might only be saving a minimal amount of money you are being far kinder to your hair, not subjecting it to as much dying as you would do without using the gloss and therefore cutting down on any potential damage.

            Naturally being a brunette I have only tried the gloss aimed at my hair colour and cannot comment on the effects of the blonde and red versions, however if they are anywhere near as good as the brunette version then I can highly recommend them.

            Colourseal Gloss leaves my hair feeling fresh and clean, soft and silky, prolongs my hair colour stopping it from looking dull and tired. It feels luxurious like you’re really giving your hair a treat and it makes dealing with hair after washing and drying easier. I will certainly be buying it again.

            Visit WWW.Clairol.co.uk for more info on the gloss as well as other products in their range and tips for creating a look and taking care of your hair.


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          • Product Details

            Colourseal gloss preserves your beautiful colour appearance and actually helps to prevent colour from fading / It should first be applied after the initial hair colour application, and repeated weekly to keep your colour looking vibrant /

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