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Clairol Herbal Essences Greasy Roots / Dry Ends conditioner

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2 Reviews

Brand: Clairol / Type: Conditioner / What it does: moisturizes, Nourishes / Suitable for: dry hair

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    2 Reviews
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      26.01.2009 02:40
      Very helpful



      Brilliant lightweight conditioner at a very reasonable price


      This is a regulating conditioner from Clairol Herbal Essences, designed to help to rectify the problem of greasy roots and dry ends. It contains cornflower, aloe vera and cherry bark extracts, and is supposed to lightly replenish the hair's natural moisture, nourish dry ends and enhance manageability, leaving the hair radiant and full of life.


      - It's relatively cheap at around £3 for a 400ml bottle, or £2 for a 200ml bottle.
      - It smells amazing, just like the matching shampoo. Flowery but not in a girly way, it's more of a crisp, fresh, outdoors kind of scent, but it really is beautiful.
      - It has a lovely texture to it without being too thick or heavy, but is smooth and creamy and easy to work through the hair.
      - You don't need to use a lot, so the bottle lasts a long time.
      - It is easier to rinse out than most other conditioners I have used.
      - It does exactly what it claims to do. It leaves my hair moisturised but not weighed down or heavy, and really smooth and completely tangle free. My hair has never looked shinier or healthier than when using this conditioner, or felt softer and smoother.


      - As with the shampoo, the packaging is not great, the lid being easily broken and a bit fiddly. The bottle is also opaque so you can't tell easily how much you have left.
      - It's not easy to find in the shops. Many of the major places like Boots and Superdrug don't seem to stock this variant even though they do have all the other Herbal Essences shampoos. I eventually found mine in Tesco of all places!


      A lovely, reasonably priced conditioner that leaves the hair looking and feeling amazing without being heavy or weighed down. Fantastic when used along with the matching shampoo.


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        28.03.2008 17:35
        Very helpful



        A great conditioner to go with the shampoo.

        I am just sitting here catching up on a few read and rates and I have just rated a review about one of the Herbal essences range and I remembered that I had done a review on a shampoo but had never followed it up with the review on the matching conditioner.

        I wrote the review on the Clairol Herbal Essences Regulating Shampoo as I started using the two products and as I have now almost finished them both it's about time that I wrote the review about the conditioner.

        Not unsurprisingly the conditioner in question is Clairol Herbal Essences Regulating Conditioner which I have used with the matching Shampoo.

        This conditioner comes in a pale blue plastic bottle, unlike the shampoo which comes in a clear bottle. It is easy to hold onto in the shower, with a green flip top. The top of the lid is circular but the underneath has a straight edge as though a sliver of the circle has been cut away. This means that flicking the container open in the shower is made much easier.

        The front of the bottle has the words 'Clairol Herbal Essences Regulating Conditioner - Greasy Roots / Dry Ends - Cornflower Aloe Vera Cherry Bark', together with a picture of a bunch of cornflowers inside the Herbal Essences logo.

        The conditioner claims to 'revitalise your senses in a world of botanical bliss, invigorating and luxurious, this fragrant shampoo, exclusively blended with 100% organic botanicals, will leave you feeling refreshed and your hair at its most beautiful'.

        I appreciate that this is advertising speak and, as such, somewhat over the top but to be fair this is a very nice conditioner and it works well.

        I use the conditioner after washing my hair with the matching shampoo and rinsing it well. The conditioner is very pale blue, almost white in colour and to use it I just had to squeeze a bit onto my hands and massage into my hair. It feels creamy and luxurious on my hair.

        The fragrance really is lovely. I can certainly detect the smell of aloe vera but presumably this one is enhanced by the smell of the cornflower and cherry bark. I can't say for certain what the blend is but it does smell really fresh and flowery.

        The conditioner washes out easily enough but then I do have a power shower.

        The results with this shampoo and conditioner were somewhat different from normal. I commented when I reviewed the shampoo how good my hair felt when I first started using them and the exceptional results have continued throughout the use of the whole bottles. To be fair my hair is in good condition as it is quite short and fairly think in texture but this shampoo makes it feels REALLY soft.

        There are the usual warnings on the back of the bottle about not getting the stuff in your eyes and washing it out straight away with cold water if you do.

        The list of ingredients is very long so there are a fair few chemicals in there!

        The 400g bottle currently retails at £1.75 in Boots and they are on offer at buy on get one half price. Boots often have offers on these products so if you like them wait for an offer and stock up!

        This is definitely one I shall be using again along with its matching shampoo.

        Herbal Essences is made by Proctor and Gamble UK of Weybridge, Surrey KT13 0XP.



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      • Product Details

        Infused with cornflower and cherry bark, the formula of this conditioner lightly replenishes hairÒs natural moisture, nourishes dry ends and enhances manageability ¦ leaving both you and your hair radiant /

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