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Clairol Herbal Essences Volumising Root Lifter

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  • Doesn't boost hairs volume at all.
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    1 Review
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      01.07.2003 17:59
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      • "Doesn't boost hairs volume at all."

      After recieving a free sample of shampoo and conditioner from the Herbal Essences website, I thought I'd check back to see if they had anything going free this month. They did - And this time it was a product from their new 'Natural Volume System'. There's 3 steps to this system - * Step 1 - Body Boost Shampoo * Step 2 - Weightless Conditioner * Step 3 - Volumising Roof Lifter (This is the product which I recieved free.) This system is of course designed to boost your hairs natural volume and body It's suitable for all types of hair. So, anyway... I never say no to a freebie, so I filled in my details and a few weeks later, it arrived. Okay, before we start, let me get this straight. I wouldn't normally go out and buy a product like this - Firstly I have no problem with the volume of my hair, and secondly, I wouldn't believe for a second that it would work, I'd think it was just one of them so called 'wonder products' which aren't so wonderful when you give in to the advertising which make you spend your money on them. But it was free and all that, so I could hardly say no, now could I? Anyway, I was suprised to see that they had sent me what looked like a full sized 175ml bottle - Usually they only send out tiny travel sized bottle - But this time, I guess they felt like being generous! *** Packaging *** As usual with Herbal Essences hair products, the packaging is really pretty. The bottle is see-through and on the inside of the bottle, on the back, is a picture of some flowers, which at first I thought were Sunflowers, but they're actually yellow Chrysanthemums, as I noticed when I looked furthur down the bottle. These flowers make the bottle look eyecatching, and the bottle would definitely stand out on the shelf among the usual boring packaging of beauty products. The front of the bottle has the names of the product etc
      , as well as a short description: 'With Chrysanthemum, Violet, and Mallow in Mountain Spring Water' It was at this point that I realised that the flowers on the bottle were not Sunflowers! On to the back of the bottle, and here we have the directions for use and a longer description of the product: 'With its patent pending technology, the Natural Volume System increases the thickness of hair for maximum volume and thickness' On top of the bottle sits the 'Specialised Applicator', which is really just a normal cap like you get on any other hair styling product, except there's a long, thin bit which is supposed to give 'Precise Application' Yeah, whatever. On with... *** The Product *** Now, the bottle says, for best results, to use this product with the shampoo and conditioner from their range...But I didn't, 'cos of course their gonna say that. I mean, they want to get more money out of me by making me think I'm going to get great results if I spend loadsa money on all three products. I wasn't gonna fall for that ;o) So, I just used my normal (cheapo) Alberto Balsam shampoo and conditioner before I applied the 'Root Lifter'. The bottle says that the product can be applied to either damp or dry hair, so I decided to use it in the morning when my hair had dried from washing it the night before. I usually need to put some kind of styling product on my hair in the morning after I brush it, else it ends up going all fly away and generally crappy in a few hours. So I sprayed the spray on to the roots of my hair, like the bottle advises. The first thing that I noticed was the gorgeous smell which hit me as soon as I had sprayed my hair. As with all Herbal Essences hair products (well the ones I've tried anyway...) it was a lovely, flowery scent, which was not too overpowering, just a delicate smell which lingers
      on your hair after application. Right then, what about this 'Precise Applicator' thingy then? Well...I've got to admit, it works pretty well. The spray comes out of the bottle and lands right on your roots, which I guess is the general idea. It depends how big your head is, but I found I only needed about 3 sprays to cover my roots. The spray, which is quite runny in consistency, and a certain yellow in colour :P The spray just kind of sat there, until I massaged it in to my head... I was left with shiny roots, which didn't really match the rest of my hair! So I felt I had to apply a little of the spray on to my hairbrush so that my hair wouldn't look darker on top than on the bottom. I found that when I applied the root lifter to all of my hair, and not just the roots, my hair was free of fly away strands of hair, and it gave my hair an overall more shinier, healthier look. Still...my roots looked a little greasy.... After about 10 minutes or so, the spray had dried, but to my disapoinment my hair didn't look any thicker than it had done before I sprayed the root lifter on. I don't really know whether I expected it to or not though... In fact, I think the spray seemed to flatten my roots down, rather than thicken them. Hmmm.... However, the shiny, healthy look the spray gave my hair did last all day, as did the gorgeous smell. The thing is, the spray is meant to be a root lifter, and it just hadn't root lifted at all. So...the next day, I tried a different approach. I sprayed a lot less of the spray on to my roots, hoping that this would mean my roots would be lifted this time instead of flattened...but no, the spray still seemed to smooth my roots down instead of build them up, and once again my roots were left a bit sticky and hard (That sounds awful doesn't it!) Despite this, the root lifter washed out easily when I next washed my hair so at least I wasn't stuck with hard hair
      ! The result the spray had in my hair was nothing like that of the model in the advert for the volumising products, her hair was full of volume, so maybe the root lifter didn't like my hair, or maybe Herbal Essences didn't really use this product on the model's hair....Ah well that model's got a face like a duck anyway ;o) *** Overall *** Overall then, this product doesn't do what it says on the bottle: It didn't lift my roots, it didn't give my hair more volume, it just left my hair looking a little greasy and hard, as well as being sticky when first applied. On the plus side, though, it does have a lovely smell which lasts all day, and if used in the correct quantity, it can leave your hair looking not greasy but shiny and healthier. I think it all depends on how much of the spray you apply to your hair - Too little will have no effect, too much will make hair greasy and sticky, but just the right amount will look naturally healthy. So much for the precise applicator which is supposed to give maximum fullness....In fact it didn't make my hair look any thicker, fuller or volumised at all, if anything, it had the opposite effect....Which means the packaging lied. Aww, and it was so pretty aswell :o( However, I think I will still continue to use this product (Well until I can afford to buy something decent!) because I'm working on applying the right amount! So far I'm doing pretty well...I've figured that if I apply the spray to my hairbrush first, it doesn't make my hair go hard and sticky! I'm not sure if Herbal Essences are still giving away free samples of this (though they were when I first wrote this opinion), but check their website and see! And fill in your details. A word of warning, though, is that the Herbal Essences website is full of 'He Only Wants Me For My Body' crap to promote the new range of 'Volumising' products. They make out like men
      are going to fall at your feet if you use their volumising products - which is dumb, cos they don't volumise anyway. After using the root lifter, I've not been tempted to try the shampoo or conditioner from the range, because if they're anything like the root lifter, they won't work anyway. From the reviews I've read about the other products in the range, they're not much better. Neither would I buy this product, or recommend you to buy it - It doesn't do what it says it will, so to waste £2.50-£3.50 of your money (depending on where you purchase it) on it wouldn't really be worth it. To find out more about the range or take the 'Are You Getting It Once A Day?' quiz, go to: http://www.herbal-essences.co.uk If you were wondering, no I'm not. In fact, the quiz results said I'm 'hiding my light under a bushel'. Er...Riiiiiiiight :P You know what I think Herbal Essences should do? I think they should get some new packaging, one that boasts a hair product that will make hair shinier and flatten down frizzyness, and fill the new packaging with the root lifter. That way, the packaging won't have to lie. As much. So, if he only wants me for my body, like the adverts say, he's not going to be very impressed with this is he? ;o)


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      Root lifting spray to volumise hair and leave it full of body /

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