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Clairol Nice n' Easy Root Touch Up

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    14 Reviews
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      04.12.2014 11:15
      Very helpful


      • "Easy to apply"


      • "Need more dye supplied"
      • Price

      Recommend for ease of use

      I have very dark brown hair and even though I am only 30 years old I have horrendous grey hairs. My grey hairs show up especially because I have such dark hair.

      My new step mother is a hair dresser and I hear all the time how bad it is to keep applying hair dye over hair dye when it is only really the roots that need doing. This is because it can make hair more brittle and hair gets saturated with colour such as keep adding different coloured paint to a pot and then it always just going a dingy murky colour.

      I have been buying full sized hair dyes and just applying them to my roots (with a little help from my husband as it can be hard to apply all over properly). I did always find this approach quite wasteful but as you cannot store mixed hair dyes it was my only option until I saw this 10 minute touch up advertised.

      After seeing this product advertised I purchased it in my local Tescos. There were a few options in colours such as light brown, medium brown, and dark brown. The boxes detail what other brands these colours match to which I think is a really good idea although obviously not all can be listed.

      I was surprised at how expensive this product is as it is very nearly the same price as a full sized bottle of hair dye. However, this does come with a really handy blue applicator. The applicator makes applying the dye really easy and I wish I had had one before when dying my roots.

      The dye is easy to apply and it really is like magic only needing to be left in for 10 minutes. It seems to cover my greys better than any other dye I have used in the past including standard Clairol dyes. However, the major down point is that there was not enough dye for me to cover all of my roots meaning I could only apply this to my most noticeable hairs such as at the front and in my parting.

      Overall a great product but I could just do with a bit more dye being supplied and I think it really should be cheaper.


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      07.03.2014 21:58
      Very helpful



      Perfect for in between colours

      I have been colouring my hair at home since last July when I had my hair coloured from its natural dark blonde with highlights to brown. I was finding that despite only applying an all over colour to my roots the mid lengths of my hair were suffering from a build up of colour leaving it looking darker than the rest of my hair. I decided to try this when my roots needed a touch up instead of a full colour.

      I got this from Tesco and it cost me £4.50.

      The root touch up comes in several shades which are designed to blend your roots with the rest of your hair. Clairol even promise that it will help to blend in not only it's own colourants but also leading brands including L'Oreal which is the most recent colourant I used.

      My hair is naturally blonde so my roots come through lighter than the rest of my hair. I normally buy the lightest shade of brown dye when I am colouring at home but because there was a build up and it looked darker I chose this root touch up in brown which the box states is suitable for medium brown colours.

      The back of the box shows you the expected results so I knew it would be a good match.

      Before I used the colour I read the instructions thoroughly. It does recommend a patch test but I didn't bother (tut tut). The colourant is permanent, covers 100% of greys and blends seamlessly.

      Inside the box you get a small mixing tray, a precision brush, some gloves, the colourant and the developer creme. You need to mix the colourant and developer into the small tray provided until the colour is thoroughly mixed you can use the end of the developer brush to do this. Then using the brush you need to apply the colour to the roots most visible including the parting and hairline.

      The brush is easy to use it combed through my roots easily and applied the right amount of colour. I used the whole mixture and then as directed left it to develop for 10 minutes. If you have grey hair you can leave the mixture on for up to 15 minutes.

      After the developing time you simply massage the scalp while rinsing with warm water until the water runs clear. You then simply wash your hair as usual.

      After using this my hair didn't feel damaged as it was only the uncoloured parts that were dyed. Once my hair was dry my light roots had vanished and they had blended with the rest of my hair. The colour looked good on my roots and you could never tell I hadn't done the rest of my hair. In fact several of my colleagues in work thought I had been to the hairdresser!

      I would recommend this kit it is so easy to use it doesn't damage the hair and it gives excellent results it also doesn't smell too bad!

      top marks for this product!


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      26.05.2013 16:17
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      A product I couldn't be without.

      I have been using this product for the last couple of years and don't know what I would do without it. I have been going grey for longer than I care to remember and colouring my hair for years. It's a real pain and something I could do without but the alternative is just not an option!

      *** What do you get?***
      The product comes in a box with a pictue of a woman with medium brown hair on the front. Clairol is printed at the top and just underneath it has a number 6 and states the colour matches other light brown shades. It is a permanent colour with 100% grey coverage. It states it works in 10 minutes and there is a picture of a little blue brush which is used to apply product.

      Inside the box you get an instruction leaflet with some plastic gloves attached, 15ml Permanent colour creme, 15ml colour activating lotion, a small tray to mix the products in and a blue handled brush.

      It's a good idea to look on the side of the box as it gives a list of other hair colouring products and their colours which the Root touch up product is proven to match.

      On the other edge of the box there are lots of safety warnings advising to do an allergy test 48 hours before using and advice about not using product if you have a rash, sensitive skin or have ever had a reaction to such products in the past. It may seem obvious but DO NOT USE ON EYEBROWS OR EYELASHES.
      There is also a help line number for any queries you may have.

      ***How to use***
      First thing I always do is to smear vaseline around my hairline and ears. This just makes it so much easier to remove from skin afterwards. Next mix the Colour creme and activting lotion in the mixing tray. I usually stand this on some kitchen paper to avoid any getting on worktop. Protect your clothing by putting an old towel around you.
      The brush provided can be used to ensure all the product is well mixed. Then you are ready to apply.
      I start at my temples as this is where my grey is worst and using the brush apply to all roots. Sometimes my husband will assist as it is easier for him to see bits that I have missed. The blue brush is a real help to target the roots.
      When I have used all the product I set my timer for twenty five minutes. The box and instructions say ten minutes but I find that ten minutes isn't enough to give good grey coverage. I then wipe away any small drips and wait for the timer to go off.

      Next I rinse off the colour until the water runs clear, then I wash, condition and dry as normal. I then look human again for another 3 weeks : )

      I like this product because as I only do the roots, I feel that I'm not drying out my hair as much as using an all over colour would do. It works out cheaper for me than either going to the hairdresser, or using a full colour.

      ***Price and availability***
      The product can be bought in Tesco at the moment on a 3 for 2 deal £4.70 each but can be bought in all the other usual supermarkets, boots and superdrug.


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        25.07.2011 11:59
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A great product for home dye novice and very handy standby if you can't get to the hairdressers

        Recently I have been ill and housebound so unable to go to the hairdressers. Once I was feeling a bit better I was horrified at the stake of my roots and facing the problem that I was too ill to go to the hairdressers but well enough to feel down about the state of my hair. A quick look on the Internet revealed my potential solution .... Nice n Easy Root Touch Up.

        I bought mine online from Boots where I found the pictures of the various shades helpful. I had heard that the dye can turn out darker than you might at first expect so having dark to medium brown hair with a hint of gold I picked the medium golden brown shade. Actually my hair is more hint of grey but that's why I colour it!

        As this was the first time I had attempted to colour my hair I carefully read the instructions which came on a large sheet of paper which had plastic gloves stuck on the reverse. I am glad I did read these as what I took to be packaging for the two small tubes of dye and the application brush was actually the mixing dish and I would have thrown this out.

        Dyes can cause allergic reactions so as recommended I did the skin test my mixing a little dye from both tubes together and applied this to the skin in the crook of my elbow. This later looked like I had left a bit of mud on my arm so don't do the test if you are planning a night out that night.

        All being well I then conducted the hair strand test to see what the end colour would look like and to see how long the dye should be left on for. Typically the dye is left on for ten minutes but can be left on for fifteen if needed.

        Next step was applying the dye itself. As suggested I styled my hair as usual. After this I used two clips to pull back the front of my hair to expose the hair line and roots. The best thing about this product was the application brush which made applying the dye to my roots very easy. I then left the dye on for fifteen minutes and then rinsed it off.

        The results were very pleasing as the dye toned in well with my existing colour and covered up the grey hairs too. I didn't use it all over so if I were to wear my hair in a different style then roots would be exposed again but as a touch up in-between hairdresser appointments I thought it worked well.

        As I am currently pregnant I will be buying this product again once the baby is born as getting to the hairdressers may be difficult! At only £3.28 it is a lot cheaper than the hairdressers and I was impressed at how quickly it could be applied, take hold and be rinsed off. Again a major plus factor when I have little time to myself. My only criticism is that it does seem to wear off faster than my professional dye but as a quick touch up does work well.


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          23.01.2011 12:44
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          Always read the box!

          This is a product that was recommended to me by a friend.
          Like me, she is brunette naturally but dyes her hair blonde.
          I always dye my hair myself at home but I have to use a pre lightener before using dye as otherwise the dye has no effect.
          To touch up my roots I usually just use pre lightener on them, however this takes ages to work and has an awful smell.

          The point of this root touch up is to dye just your roots quickly and easily.
          Because I usually have to use a pre lightener before dying my hair I wasn't convinced that this would work on it's own but my friend assured me it would.
          I also checked on Dooyoo but despite the many reviews of this product, I couldn't find an answer to my question: Would this work without a pre lightener?
          When I found the product in Boots I read on the back that even if your hair was dyed with a dye from a different brand, this root dye would match it.
          My hair colour is made up of several shades from various brands layered over each other over time, so I just went for Lightest blonde, as this was the lightest one there.
          I couldn't see anything on the box about it not working on dark hair so I decided to take my friend's word for it and hope it worked.
          I also noticed that if you are not happy with your results you can get a refund, which was good to know.

          The root touch up kit costs £4.29 from Boots, and is also available from Superdrug and some supermarkets and chemists for a similar price.

          I found it easy to mix the dye and application was fairly easy too, with help from my brother to reach the back of my head.
          It comes with a sort of comb that makes application much easier than it is just using your hands.
          I was also pleased to notice that although this has a slight odour it doesn't smell nearly as bad as the pre lightener I usually use.
          I did find that there isn't really enough of the product to do all of your roots, so if I was going to use it again i'd use 2.
          However, if you just want to do the front and parting it should be fine.

          This is supposed to take 10 minutes to completely cover your roots.
          However, after 10 minutes my colour still looked the exact same as before so I left it on a little longer.
          You are advised to do a strand test beforehand to see how long this should take, but I was eager to get my roots dyed and didn't bother.
          I ended up leaving this on my head for about 30 minutes, and it was during this time that I noticed a small bit of writing on the side of the box: 'Suitable for roots that are within one shade lighter or darker than your coloured hair'.
          This was exactly what I had been looking for in the shop, but I only just found it now.
          I pretty much gave up then, although my roots were starting to look as though they might be slightly lighter.
          It also says on the instructions that your colour may not look right at the moment, but it will when your hair is dry, so I still had some hope.

          It was easy to wash the dye out of my hair and when I dried it I was pleased to see that my roots were in fact lighter.
          They weren't as light as the rest of my hair but they were much better than before.
          So in the end I decided not to send my receipt off and get a refund, because it was my fault it didn't work as I wanted it to.
          However, I looked online and it is very easy to get a refund, so if you use this it's good to know you can get a refund if it goes wrong.

          I won't be using this product again because it wasn't right for me.
          However, if your dyed colour isn't too different from your natural colour this is definitely worth trying out.
          Although I would definitely advise you buy two boxes if you want all of your roots covered.

          Thanks for reading.


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            11.01.2011 18:35



            Good for touch ups and greys

            As much as I hate to admit it at the tender age of 26 I am getting my first greys! Being the vain sort and not lucky enough to have them form a Bride of Frakenstien style swoosh, I am dedicated to covering them up.

            Now as a result of dying my hair black to cover up bright red which covered up bright purple I am trying not to dye my whole head to give it a break and to let my narural dark brown colour see the light of day again. I had been dying my whole head with a 24 wash colour but this is messy and I only really wanted to cover the grey so I decided to give this a go, not to touch up my roots but to paint over the greys.

            I have used it about twice so far and have been happy each time, it is easy to apply and not as messy as dying a full head of hair. The little brush is very handy and aid application well and the smell isn't as overpoweringly pungent as some other dyes.

            The colour is good (I used 'dark brown') and it blends in with my natural colour well and doesn't look obviosuly dyed or stand out from the non dyed portions of my hair.

            I find application easy, though it is tricky to do round the temples and hairline as one can too easily 'splodge' things but then I am the clumsy type. What would improve it would be an applicator comb on the bottle, in the style of various 10 minute colours. Mixing things up in a little plastic tray feels a bit old skool compared to many other dyes where you pour everything into one bottle and shake, leaving less mess.
            I am also dissapointed in the price, it is priced at the same level of many full treatment dyes which considering this is marketed as a between treatment 'touch up' and contains less product as a result is far from ideal.

            Overall I would reccomend this as it does its job well, however it is not without minor problems.


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            23.09.2010 10:36
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            Give it a go

            If you have read a number of my reviews you will have noticed that I am desperately trying to save money by cutting down on my expensive cosmetic habit. Now this includes my highlights, I get them done 3 or 4 times a year at a cost of up to £120 per go (including a cut and finish) BUT damn maternity pay being so low I can't afford this right now.

            So a solution appeared in my local Boots branch - Clairol "Nice 'n' Easy" root touch up.

            Where to buy and how much?
            I paid a princely sum of £4.29 at Boots (well I lie - I paid with Boots points but who is counting). It is also available at Amazon and Ebay and Superdrug but Boots seems to be the cheapest place!

            What is it?
            Well it is a permenant hair dye kit which is intended to be used on roots only. You know - the annoying dark bits which grow through. It is also meant to be very good at covering grey hair. Unfortunately, due to my lack of grey hairs I can't comment on this.

            Now prior to using this, my only experience of home hair dying was an experiment with Wella colour mousse when I was 16 and blond. I stupidly used an "auburn" colour expecting my hair to go a nice colour. It went bright orange and did not wash out so, I was a bit nervous about using this!

            Who can use this?
            One of the great things about Clairol roots dye is that their colours are guaranteed to match all the major brands. So, for example I used Medium golden blond. On the box a huge list of "compatible" brands / colours were listed. THese included:

            So the thing to do is to look at the pack and match your normal colour to the Clairol one. I have highlights in my hair and know that they are medium gold (as I am a dark / medium blond naturally), the dye was perfect with this too!

            Basically the dye should blend with any shade that is one darker / lighter, so again it is easy to get the right colour. The pack does say that you should only use a colour which is one shade darker / lighter than your natural colour too.

            Follow those rules and away you go!

            how to work it!
            you are provided with gloves so put these on. It is suggested that you do a sensitivity test - put a little bit of both mixtures on your elbow or behind your ear and leave for 48 hours. If you feel any itchiness / burning or any other reaction then dont use. You can also take a bit of your hair and do a strand test. Now I must confess that I did do the sensitivity but didnt bother with the strand test.

            When you are ready to go mix the colour and the "colouring solution" together in the provided bowl. You are given a kind of razor shaped comb / brush thing which you use to mix the mixture. THen you use this to apply it to your roots. Your hair should be clean and dry, free from products such as hair spray is the most important rule. Using the comb saturate your roots that you want to colour. I have got really thick hair and one pack provided plenty of colour.

            Leave for 10 minutes and then rinse off.

            AMAZING - the colour was blended in beautifully and looked almost salon professional standard. My hair was left soft and silky smooty too which was another worry that I had.

            I found this product really easy to use - you could just literally mix it which took 30 seconds, then shovel it on and then wait 10 minutes and off you go. I was seriously impressed at how easy this was!

            Any downsides?
            The smell - there is, as with most hair dyes a horrible chemical smell, I would recommend leaving the window open!

            A fantastic product - great results and amazing value for money. Definitely worth a try if you want to save on hair dressers.


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              10.08.2010 19:43
              Very helpful
              1 Comment



              Great, reasonable priced product

              I am so happy I have found this product. I have been hightlighting my long hair for over 13 years, and I spent a fortune getting the hightlights redone every 5 weeks. But since Clairol have introduced this Touch Up product, I don't have to get them done so frequently.

              I used Clairol years ago, so I was familar with the different colours and shades available. My hair is light blonde, with golden shades going through, so I have gone for the Light Blone (9). This suits my hair shade, and tones in very nicely.

              The preparation is very easy, and full instructions are given. It comes with a a litte mixing bowl and brush. I only apply this to my T-Bar (my front hair line and parting), it says to leave it on for 15 mins, but I leave it on for about 35 mins just to insure the colour lifts. Half way through the time, I lightly brush the colour through, just so its evenly distributed. I also found it very important to rinse the hair properly just to ensure it is fully washed out.

              I would also recommend purchasing CLAIROL NICE & EASY COLOURSEAL GLOSS CONDITIONER, most big pharmacies stock this item. It costs about £1.60 for a small tube, but it adds a nice shine to the hair, and leaves it looking in excellent conditioner. Just use this instead of your normal conditioner, and you will be thrilled with the results.

              I have no disadvantages to this product. But please make sure and take time picking your colour, especially blondes, if you pick too light of a colour, you are risking a ginger tinge to your roots.

              Overall, a BRILLIANT product, and very resonable price approx RRP £5.99


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                06.06.2010 19:23
                Very helpful



                worth a try

                I use to used L'Oreal's highlighting kit to colour my hair every 6-8 wekks but since finding this Root Touch-up by Clairol I've found that I only need to use the dye every 8-9 weeks. As everyone who colours their hair knows, it's the roots that give the game away!

                There seemed to be a really good choice of colours which, say Clairol, match the most well-known brands of dye & I was lucky enough to find it today at Superdrug for just £3.

                It'd a permanent colour & takes only a few moments to prepare & once applied you just leave for 10 minutes (15 if you have a lot of grey) & just rinse with warm water.

                On reading the very clear instructions & perusing the equally clear pictures I'm aware that I should, I suppose, have done a strand test first. However, I'm an impatient person with no tattoos & an old scalp but skipped this step & just mixed the powder to the mix with the nifty little brush included & wearing the plastic gloves provided. It just couldn't be easier.

                The smell of the prepared paste is quite strong as you'd expect from most hair products but this is negligible when the hair is rinsed.

                It's easy to apply - although the brush doesn't look too strong it's designed well & allows you to put the root mixture exactly where you need it. It isn't sloppy or runny either so you don't get the product running down your neck or in the ears.

                It rinses out fairly easily (rinse until the water runs clear) & that's all there is to it!

                My hair always looks fine when I've used this & I'm confident that I can last another 2 weeks before buying my hair dye kit again.

                To be honest though, although the colour match always blends well I have to say my hair at my roots doesn't look quite so shiny as the rest of my hair but I'm sure this isn't noticeable to others & I'm too old to care even if they did lol.

                I'd recommend trying this if you're bothered by your roots & don't want to keep having your hair dyed for health/ financial/ time constraints. For the money I think it's a good product which has never let me down, it's easy to use & the results are good.


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                  10.07.2009 11:21
                  Very helpful



                  Suits me when the price is right

                  I'm not quite forty, but for a good few years now, I've struggled with grey hair, particularly around my temples and parting, and need to colour it on a regular basis - I estimate that my hair is 40% grey now. There was a time when I was better off and could afford to have it coloured at the hairdresser's, but those days are now gone and I rely on home hair dye kits. Clairol Nice 'n Easy is my preference, although I have experimented with one or two others on the market.

                  My hair is long, past shoulder length, and takes quite a lot of colouring. I am also concerned with the beating it must give my hair - it usually looks nicely conditioned after colouring, but the ends do seem to dry out quickly. I therefore like to use a root touch-up in between colours, just to take the stress off the ends of my hair without having to put up with horrible grey roots.

                  Why Clairol root touch-up? I'm sure there are other makes on the market, but this is the one that I always come across, and as usually I use Clairol Nice 'n Easy (natural dark brown, 120) to colour my hair, it makes sense to use the same make. I use number 4, which matches dark brown shades; there are three other colourings to hopefully provide something for every hair colour. There is, conveniently, a table on the side of the box which provides matches to other brands - for example, it matches the dark brown in the Nutrisse range and the deep brown in Preference. There are apparently other colours in the range available, but I have certainly never seen them for sale in the shops - checking online would probably be a better option.

                  I have used this product three or four times now and have always been happy with the match it gives to my hair colour. I was initially concerned that there would be a slight difference between colours, therefore highlighting my roots as much as if I just left them grey. However, it blends in perfectly. Should someone have a hair colour that is quite different, then the outcome may, of course, be different and it would probably be a good idea to do a strand test first just in case.

                  In the kit comes 15mls of permanent hair colour (I always check it before using just in case the wrong colour has slipped in the box!), 15mls of colour activating lotion, a small mixing tray, gloves and what the manufacturers call a precision brush. The instructions are well laid out and very clear - they do, of course, suggest that you do an allergy test 48 hours before using the colour - I don't do this because I've never had any problems, but a newcomer to hair dye should probably check first. I knew someone who had an allergy to hair dye and ended up in hospital with some very serious burns to the face, so do beware.

                  As with most hair dyes, there is no need to wash hair first; it is just a matter of following instructions, mixing up the colour and then applying straight to the hair, concentrating obviously on the grey roots. There isn't that much colour, so it really is important to do that, otherwise you'll have run out before the grey bits are covered. The brush that the kit provides really helps here. With the usual hair dye I use, the colour is mixed in a bottle with a long nozzle, which can be used to target grey hair first, but there is much more of a need to use (gloved) fingers. With the brush, there is no need to use fingers, which immediately makes less mess; it also means that individual hairs can be more targetted more easily. I wish the 'all over' dye kits included one of these brushes.

                  Unlike the 'all over' version, which needs to be left to take for 20-45 minutes (depending on the seriousness of the greys), the root touch-up only needs to be left on for 10-15 minutes. I always leave it on for the full 15 minutes because my greys are so bad. This is great, because it means that colouring my hair takes up a little less time - I would usually need a good hour as opposed to 15-20 minutes with this product. After the time is up, it is just a matter of rinsing it out until the water runs clear. I have never used a shampoo to wash the dye out; just water, yet my hair never feels dirty afterwards - I can leave it for the usual two days before washing again. I would recommend using fingers to massage it out, otherwise, there is a purplish residue left on the scalp until the next wash - not very fetching!

                  Anyone who colours their hair on a regular basis will know that it can make an incredible mess. I nearly always end up with splodges of hair colour up the walls, on towels and the floor - it isn't always possible to see them until the colour has set. And while waiting for the colour to 'take', I usually end up with a good few splodges all over myself as well, despite taking precautions (Vaseline around the hair line, old clothes and towels). That is one advantage of the root touch-up kit - it really is relatively mess-free and my bathroom thanks me for it.

                  As with most products, there is a major disadvantage, albeit only the one - despite the small amount of product provided, the price can actually be more expensive than the 'all over' version. When it first appeared on supermarket shelves, it was in the region of £3; now, it is often well over £4, when I can often buy the 'all over' version for under £4 if I shop around (Wilkinsons is usually very reasonable, and Boots often have a 2 for £7 offer). At the moment, Sainsbury's are selling the root touch-up for £2.71, which I'm happy to pay, but I refuse to pay full price.

                  On the whole, I am more than happy to use this product. It does the job in between all over dyes; matches my colour perfectly; it is a lot less messy and takes much less time. However, the price really does put me off and I always compare between shops - something that I am aware a lot of people don't have the time to do. If money isn't an issue, then I would definitely recommend you try it out. If it is and you don't have time to shop around, you may be better off sticking with your usual product.


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                    17.05.2009 22:37



                    an ok product but wouldn't buy again.

                    I have tried this a couple of times in between colouring but I have been a little disapointed as they colour is never quite as good as the proper dye. Its easy enough to apply and does make a difference to the appearence of the roots but i still feel i need to dye it after the usual 6-8 weeks. It is good if you want to quickly cover roots for a night out but i think it increases the amount of money you spend on hair colourant and doesn't really save your hair from any significant damage. I also find it difficult to find as it isn't as widely available as the normal hair colourants plus I don't think the colours really match that well but perhaps i didn't apply it correctly. It isn't really any cheaper than the normal hair colour so your not saving anything plus you could just buy the normal hair colour and only apply it to your roots that way you will get the same colour. It causes no irritation and the smell isn't too over powering but just make sure the room is well ventilated. Its an ok product but I wouldn't buy again.


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                    11.11.2008 09:52
                    Very helpful



                    Ideal for touching up those annoying roots in-between colouring.

                    Sometimes I wish I had never started to colour my hair. When I was a child my hair was a real white-blonde, but as I went into my late teens and early twenties it gradually got darker, to a dull mousey brown. Since then I've used all kinds of colours on it, which unfortunately do take their toll on my hair's condition. Most recently I've been using L'Oreal Excellence around every 5 weeks. It's such a chore, messy and time consuming, though obviously much cheaper than going for highlights or other treatments at the hairdresser's. A week ago my hair was due to be coloured again as my roots were beginning to show. The roots are mostly that mousey brown, but now also have quite a lot of grey strands too. When I was in Boots looking for my usual product I noticed that the Nice n' East Root Touch-up was on special offer, only £3.29 instead of £4.29. At that price I decided I would give it a go.

                    The idea of this product is, as it says, to just colour your roots so you don't have to do a whole-head colouring. This means that the longer sections of your hair do not get so damaged from overcolouring, and also it is a much quicker process to just do your roots rather than all your hair. The packaging says that the product will blend in with most of the popular leading brands and there is a guide on the side of the box to explain which shade you should choose. I found it hard to believe that the product really would match my existing hair colour, but I was pleased with the results.

                    There are detailed instructions including advice to do a skin sensitivity test before using the product on your hair. I found the instructions easy to follow. Mixing up the colour is the same as mixing for a normal permanent colour, except obviously there is a much smaller amout of the product. I found the amount contained in the Root Touch-up pack was just enough to do the most obvous roots along my parting, around my temples and fringe. The instructions said to leave the mixture on for 10 minutes, or 15 if you have grey hair. I left it for the 15 minutes, but still didn't get a thorough covering of colour on my grey strands. However the mousey roots were banished, and just as the blurb promised, the colour did match perfectly with the rest of my hair.

                    I would definitely use this product again. I cannot say the results are as good as my usual colourant because this one did not cover the grey. But when my roots were done, I did find that they grey tended to be less obvious so this was not a major problem. I think that if you have a lot of grey then you would either have to leave this product on a bit longer or choose something else. Also if perhaps you have a short style where the roots of your hair are visible across more of your head then maybe there would not be enough mixture in the pack to cover all your roots. I am lucky in that with my style it's mainly along my parting where my roots really show a lot.

                    This product is ideal for those in-between times when perhaps you are going out somewhere and want to tidy up your roots without doing a whole-head colouring. It's quicker, less messy and less fuss than doing all-over colour, and I am very impressed with how much it improved the look of my hair. Recommended.


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                      08.01.2008 04:29
                      Very helpful



                      Love it! Easy to use, but might not be practical for women with a LOT of gray

                      I am absolutely in love with this product. I used to go to salons to get my hair colored. I am naturally dark brown but since I turned 25 I've had an increasing amount of gray showing up around my temples and forehead. About a year ago I stopped going to salons and started dying at home (salons were getting too pricey). I would just dye my whole head because no matter how many shades I tried nothing matched my hair color close enough to just use on my grays. I tried this product after reading about it in magazines and I just love it! Not only does it blend with most dyes, but it also blends with your natural color. It is a bit messy, but if you've been dying your whole head at home it will seem like a breeze by comparison. I use it around my temples and front hair line and now I don't use any dye on the rest of my hair. Its nice to have my natural color and less damage since I am only using it on a small area of my head. There is a small amount of dye to work with so you need to buy 2 if you're planning on doing ALL your roots.


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                      21.08.2007 09:14
                      Very helpful
                      1 Comment



                      A worthwhile product if your grey roots aren't extensive!

                      Now that I'm in my late 30s and my hair grows so blooming quickly my ever increasing grey hair is showing through at a frightening rate of approx 3-4 weeks.
                      I have been colouring my hair at home now for almost a year, saving a whopping £40+ per colour at the hairdressers once a month.
                      Given that it’s actually only the roots that really need doing so frequently so I thought I would Clairol ‘Nice ‘n Easy’ Root Touch Up a go.

                      Clairol produce 12 colouring blending shades for root touch-up and it can be quite baffling when faced with them all but the box does have a Colour Result Guide on the side of it to show what result to expect depending upon your existing hair colour, a great help to us amateurs.

                      What I think is particularly good is that it gives you ‘matches’ with other brands:
                      ~ L’Oreal Excellence
                      ~ Garnier Nutrisse
                      ~ L’Oreal Preference
                      ~ Garnier Belle Color

                      For example the medium brown that I plumped for would match L’Oreal’s ‘Natural Brown’, Garnier Nutrisse ‘Medium Brown’ and Garnier Belle Color’s ‘Brown’.

                      - What do you get? -

                      Inside the box:

                      ~ Tube of permanent colour creme
                      ~ Plastic bottle of colour activating lotion
                      ~ One mixing and applicator bush
                      ~ A plastic dish in which to mix the crème and the lotion
                      ~ Pair of disposable plastic gloves which come in a card holder, very much like you get serviettes or hand wipes on the more expensive airlines.
                      ~ An instruction leaflet

                      - Step by step guide on what to do -

                      You are advised to undertake a skin allergy test 48 hours before each use.

                      If you get the all clear on this, i.e no itching, redness etc then do the following:

                      1. Put the gloves on and an OLD towel.

                      2. Mix the colour activating lotion and the colour crème in the plastic dish that is provided in the pack.

                      3. Apply it to your roots with the brush, dividing the hair to get in to every section.

                      4. Leave for 10 minutes. (I always use the oven timer as I tend to get very easily sidetracked)

                      5. Rinse the colour from your hair with lukewarm water until the water runs clear.

                      - How easy is it to use? -

                      Very...............The step by step instruction leaflet is extremely simple to follow.

                      I would strongly advise that you use an OLD towel as combing it through etc is quite messy. I also put an old dustsheet over my legs just incase as this stuff really does stain.
                      Although this is said to be a non-drip product the mixture is a lot ‘runnier’ than the full-head hair colours that I have used over the past year and there isn’t a great deal of it, so if you have lots of grey roots it may not cover the whole lot, in fact mine didn’t so I had to decide which to leave and opted for the ones at the back of my head right under the lengths that no-one hardly ever sees!

                      Unless you have eyes in the back of your head and are very supple I would suggest that you get someone to apply the colour so that you get every last bit of grey and an even colour.

                      Since my grey hair is extremely stubborn, I actually disregarded the 10 minute time given and doubled that so as to leave it on for 20 minutes. I know that through numerous other products that I always have to leave the colours on for longer than suggested so as to get to the real ‘root’ of the problem!

                      The smell was like many other colourants, quite strong but not as bad as some I have used which resemble cat’s pee, not pleasant. This was strong but not to the extent of having to create ventilation in the room when applying it.

                      The product also stains your skin slightly but it can be rubbed off. I have this problem as the majority of my grey is at the hairline on my forehead so I would rather get total grey coverage and put up with rubbing the colour off the skin afterwards.

                      As for grey coverage….. it worked as well as any other colourant I have used it just took longer than what the packaging advises. The colour blend was fine, not a really noticeable difference between the roots and the rest of my hair colour as I had used Nice’n Easy’s natural medium brown 4 weeks prior to this. However I could see that the root section was slightly darker but no-one else chuckled to themselves when they saw me. Perhaps I saw the difference because I knew it had been applied!?

                      - Precautions -

                      Apologies to anyone not interested in these but some may be:

                      ~ incase of a reaction during the process like stinging or a burning sensation, rinse immediately.
                      ~ Don't use to colour eyelashes and eyebrows
                      ~ Use a well ventilated room
                      ~ Keep out of the reach of children.
                      ~ Don't use if you have a sensitive, itchy or damaged scalp.

                      - Price -

                      I think that this is expensive for what you get.
                      Boots ~ £4.29
                      Tesco ~ £4.17 although they currently have an offer on. Buy two packets for £8 so a small saving can be made.

                      When you consider that the full colourant is only £4.78 or 2 for £8 it isn’t great value, that is for me, since it didn’t cover all of my grey roots as I have so, so many!!

                      - My Verdict -

                      I’m pleased I gave it a try although I won’t be going back to it for the reason stated above. However:
                      ~ It does cover grey
                      ~ It blends quite well and gives a natural like colour which does match well with your colour, that is if you have chosen the correct shade!
                      ~ It is easy to apply and far less messy and time consuming than the whole coverage of your hair

                      If you want to give this a try and haven’t got a head full of grey roots then it’s certainly worth taking a look at the website, www.clairol.co.uk
                      This is quite a comprehensive site with colour charts and advise about choosing the colour you need according to the brand you use. Saves a lot of time, browsing the shelves in Boots or the supermarket.


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                    • Product Details

                      As soon as your roots begin to show, usually 3 to 4 weeks after your hair's been coloured, apply Nice 'n Easy Root Touch-Up / The 12 shades of specially formulated cr¦me match with other leading brands, while the angled brush and non drip product gives you control over where you colour / In just ten minutes roots are gone!