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Clynol Color & Care Reflex Silver Shampoo

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Brand: Clynol / Type: Hair Shampoo / Product line: Clynol Color & Care

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    1 Review
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      25.10.2012 20:10
      Very helpful



      there are slightly better silver shampoo's out there than this one! overall does the job!

      Yep, I am still reviewing all things hair bleach and associated so you will have to put up with these reviews a little while longer! As previously mentioned in my other reviews I bleach and colour my hair at home - myself - and now I am getting on to the products which keep my hair as white as possible whilst still keeping in good condition after bleaching! My favourite product after bleaching items and toner would be my beloved silver shampoo - which is an absolute godsend!

      Silver shampoo for those who know little about hair bleach, is simply a shampoo, and in contrast to its name its actually bright luminous in colour when poured out of the bottle. The idea is that the purple tones help to neutralise (take out) brassy yellow tones that you sometimes see after a bleaching session. There are many brands which sell silver shampoo's now, but today I will be reviewing one of the originals which I personally buy direct from a local salon - from the Clynol range.


      So, the bottle that I buy comes in 300ml and generally this is the normal size bottle you usually find on sale in salons although they may be able to buy them bigger directly but I have never seen this. The bottle itself is quite bland - white - with red and black font to tell you what the product actually is. Unless you were looking for this stuff you really wouldn't notice it.

      The back label confirms that the violet blue agent within the liquid helps to take out yellow tones from your hair and actually repairs the hair structure.

      You are advised to use this once a week on your hair and alternate with other shampoo's - for use you simply massage into wet hair and then rinse. However with white or grey hair you leave to soak into your hair for up to 3 minutes and then rinse. With me having white blonde hair I don't tend to rinse mine out straight away and sometimes I have been known to leave it on for 2 hours wrapped up in a towel at the longest that I recall! It doesn't damage your hair as such, but sometimes if left on too long can leave your hair looking a bit purple. However as it is a shampoo and not a colour it is easily washed off again if this happens and doing this still takes the yellow colour out of your hair!

      There is a total shelf life on this product of 12 months - which to me is more than enough, as one who uses this at least 3 times a week and literally lather my hair in it, a 300ml bottle lasts me around 2 months.

      The bottle itself is a hard plastic - but not hard enough that it causes difficulty in squeezing out the product when it starts getting a bit of an empty bottle! The lid you simply pop open and there is a quick opening in which you use to dispense the product.

      As previously mentioned the liquid is purple - BRIGHT LUMINOUS PURPLE - the scent of the shampoo is very pleasant and the best way I can describe the scent is like the shampoo you smell in a salon. Very nice. You can create a great lather with the shampoo if your hair is wet enough before you start. To me the shampoo is very thick when you compare it to regular shampoo's. However if you leave it on and don't wrap a towel around your head, waiting for it to work its magic, whilst doing other things around the house it can be a bit messy and leave a trail of purple bubbles behind you - no good!


      My thoughts?

      Using in comparisson with bleaching products and toners this shampoo does work very well at keeping yellow tones at bay in between colours.

      However a few bad points about silver shampoo - unfortunately it is more expensive than regular shampoo's - but you get what you pay for and I prefer to use this as opposed to big name brands selling shampoo's "specially forumulated for certain hair colours" as I know this works better. Another issue for me is how much mess it can cause - I have a white tiled bathroom which thankfully is a bit old and I am having the room done up next year which doesn't make it a big issue - but until you actually use silver shampoo you don't realise how much shampoo actually splashes your walls until you see flicks of purple everywhere... However if you wipe it away quickly enough it stops lasting damage... and if if flicks on your clothes a good spin in the washing machine sorts it out!

      I only have one qualm with this one as opposed to other silver shampoos that I have tried in the sense that it struggles to tone out yellow tones at the very top of your hair - just under your roots - and sometimes not even leaving the product on your head for a few hours does much use! Not sure of the reason for this, and it never happens after its been freshly bleached but it seems to take to the rest of my hair. It also claims to help repair your hair... but to be fair I don't see a difference using this one other than the colour it gives!

      In all its a good shampoo I suppose - however its a higher price than many others which do the same job at just a fraction of the price. So I am literally giving it 4 marks due to the still existing yellow tones under my roots and would recommend you hunt around for a lower priced product - there is loads of other brands on Amazon if you search for silver shampoo.


      As previously mentioned I purchased this from a local salon for around £8 for 300ml - and you can buy this on Amazon for £7.95 including delivery - so either way I buy it I would break even!


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